Arsenal must NOT concede first – and look to set-pieces…

Can Arsenal do it this time and turn the mess around?‏ by KM

Hi guys. So off the back of a nice win against the swans the big question tonight is – will we do it again? Can we actually beat Bayern away once more and give ourselves a bigger chance to go through?

It’s a monumental task, don’t kid yourself. Bayern missed some chances at the Emirates and our defense will need to be at its very best to deny Bayern who will have Robben back in the side. Him and Douglas Costa will give our full backs a nightmare and Joel Campbell (if he starts) and Alexis will have to do a lot of running.

I think we’ll be looking at set pieces. Mertesacker, Koscielny and Giroud will be key as . We’ll need to weather the storm. Survive the first half and frustrate Bayern. We’ll have very little of the ball and so we will need to make the best of it. Wenger outsmarted Guardiola at the Emirates, but we’ve picked up some vital injuries and they have some players back and regardless of our win at home, they still have the better side.

It doesn’t mean we cannot win, but I’d happily take a draw too. If we concede first, we’ll be in serious trouble, because if we go forward looking for a goal, we’ll get destroyed on the counter. Anyway it is what it is. Even if we win it’s more than likely that we will need to go to Greece needing a win anyway.

All I’m hoping is a performance that will make me proud. Cheers!


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  1. Its gonna be a tensed game………..I wanna be over the moon again after the game.

    WIN, LOSE OR DRAW, We are still the gunners. Please no one should come here cursing and insulting our players if we lose….Some fans just love to hate and they only come here to write thrash when we lose…

    Having said that, Lets support the team. A draw isnt a bad record but looking at our record at Allianz Arena, We can win this……..

  2. bayern 0 arsenal 4 confirmed
    All on the score sheet
    Team lineup
    chambo gab kos monreal
    coq cazorla
    campbell ozil alexis

  3. our injury problems are starting to worry me.. but im confident that Debuchy will do well just like what Cambell did against Swansea.. im sure he can handle Costa if he stays focused… COYG!!!!

    1. No one is cursing our players. I think it is understandable to be worried given how good Bellerin has been doing and missing him in our line up. Walcott also had a great game testing Bayerns back line. Also we are missing Ramsey. Debuchy and Campbell have not played much. We will likely be under more pressure and missing Walcott on the counter which worked well last game. Will be a big test for Giroud, Campbell, and Debuchy. Hope we can stay organized defensively. Anything is possible!

  4. Arsenal fans should be happy it was Bellerin and not Coquelin that got injured :D. Imagine Ozil playing DM against Bayern 😮

  5. OT some negative guys here talk as if the only work a manager or a club could do is in the tranfer market…
    the media and the stupid pundits have brainwashed you totally, :O you are following them blindly and simple-mindedly
    let me ask you something: throwing money at every problem, is that the meaning of work for you? xD
    buying a player should always be the last resort when a manager cant find an equal solution from within, if a manager is incapable of doing that, why have a youth team? and why even have a manager in the first place? a coach and an analyzer would be enough,
    Look i like new players too, but to equal transfer market to work and that to success is just stupid

  6. I think Coquelin and Cazorla are the two players that are absolutely irreplaceable. Maybe throw Cech into the mix as well (until Ospina finds form at least). Virtually all the other players can be replaced by another in the squad.

  7. We are Arsenal. We’ve played there before. We alway play better at away when the stake is high and nothing expected. I’ve supported this team long enough to know who we are. They will come out to revenge and we will shock them. I like Giroud’s head and Ozil will be supplying balls to that head. I believe in my team till the end.

  8. Not saying we’re great at set pieces but we’re sure are converting a lot of them recently. But this team against Bayern has zero pace no bellerin, theo or chamberlain and its sanchez vs lahm do we have a plan B?

  9. Arsenal’s biggest game of the season was against Bayern at Emirates. The players knew that should they loose the game they would be out of the competition and draw would not be good enough either. So we had to win which we did. Now that win gives us a decent enough chance to qualify even if we loose at Allianz (we just have to win the other two games and hope bayern wins the as well).
    But lets hope that we will get the result at least a draw and also the other game in the group ends in a stalemate.
    But really worried about the game….we just should not cocncede early.

  10. I think having Campbell on the right will give us balance. he doesn’t drift like ramsey and he defends with focus unlike oxlade. bellerin is a loss but dubuchy isn’t as bad as chambers and has Campbell there to help.

    Bayern will press high so having giroud as a passing out for our CBs is essential. merts and kos are our best CBs with ball at their feet. they are essential.

    we need 2 4/5 performances from our wingers to win and I think Bayern will be looking to get the better of giroud to win.

    looking at both sides Bayern have the far easier task but all our player have performed to the level required to win.

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