Arsenal must not let William Saliba’s injury ruin our season

The loss of Saliba has clearly affected our team! by Shenel

There is no denying that in recent games we have been missing something. Despite clawing out three draws in three games, it is just not good enough!

The turning point in our season that I believe has made us lose so many points in recent games is down to a number of factors be it tactical, mental or physical, but I believe that right now it is mainly down to the injury of one key player, William Saliba.

And for any fans that say it isn’t part of the cause of our downfall in recent games, they are wrong!
One man does not make a team but one man can surely affect a team in a positive way and there is no denying his partnership with Gabriel at the back along with other members of the team has helped us to get to where we are today.

Yet the boys must not rely on just one player and must learn to trust those that come in, even if it is Rob Holding. Even he needs the experience and the game time, and feeling that his teammates may not trust him will not do his confidence any good.

As hard as it may be, we shouldn’t let the absence of Saliba affect us as much as it has!

We lost Gabriel Jesus and everybody thought that we would capitulate we would be impacted deeply, yet we rode the storm and got through it, and surprised a lot of people by doing so.

But since we have lost Saliba, we have definitely taken a downward turn and lost that passion, character and concentration that we had so well at the back up until Saliba was forced off injured.

It now does seem that Saliba probably wont play again for us this season, given that he is not where he should be physically and given that we only have a handful of games to play, there would be no point rushing him back just to get solid at the back. So, we have to learn to live with his absence, as we cannot guarantee all our key players will remain fit for a whole season.

But it can be said that if we do go on to lose and finish second in the league then it would be clear to say that the loss of Saliba has affected us in some way, but we cannot blame it all on one player, and the team should learn to do much better without one of their key players.

The boys need to change their mindset and stick together now more then ever, because Arsenal is not a one-man team and they have definitely shown that this season.

Now is when we need the whole team more than ever to stick it out for the remaining games to give our club what we have been lacking for the last 20 years!

Heres hoping hey Gooners?

Shenel Osman


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  1. Saliba played in all 3 of the PL defeats this season & 3 of the draws. He was also on the pitch when Man City scored to knocked us out of the FA cup with a 1 : nil win.
    Is the team better with him playing, yes, but way too much emphasis has been put on the team underperforming due to his absence.

  2. If you have an injured player, you work round it, that is what great managers do. I remember Man utd years ago coming to Arsenal with most of their team out and, played us off the park and won.

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