Arsenal MUST not panic and play into Leicester’s hands

After Arsene Wenger and the players were jeered off the pitch by the Arsenal fans after the home defeat by Liverpool last weekend, the pressure is obviously on for the Gunners to bounce straight back and take all three points from our next Premier League match.

The problem, however, is that this next match is also a tough looking test of our mettle, with an away trip to face the reigning champions Leicester City. We all know that Claudio Ranieri and the Foxes thrive on playing a counter attacking style of football and I worry that we could well play into their hands on Saturday.

If Wenger feels the pressure to win too much he could opt for a very attacking approach and that could be a mistake. We must not forget that Ranieri and the Foxes are also under pressure themselves, after their shock loss to newly promoted Hull City who are supposed to be in crisis.

Being the champions and being at home should mean that they cannot just sit back and soak up our attacks, so I think we can be a bit less gung ho and take fewer risks at the back. Having done the double over them last year should also help our players go into the game with less pressure, but will all this help Arsenal get back to winning ways?



    1. Big game alright.
      A loss and one team goes 0-2.
      Is a loss or win better for us?
      If we win there might
      be no more transfers.
      If we lose we might get the CB and striker over the line.
      The best would be to win and still get the CB and striker 🙂

      1. If we lose we can kiss the league goodbye my friend because there we will be left with only 3 more loses till the end of the season and Man utd, Chelsea, Stoke, Swansea and possibly mancity will beat us, chelsea, swansea and utd home and away. You can’t win the league with more than 5 loses.

  1. I almost thre the plasma thru the window window when I saw ramsey in the starting line-up last sunday but when he limped off, I said, great what a stroke of genius by wenger lol

  2. “There are great players. I train with them daily and they have got the mentality and the desire to win but we lack hunger, the mentality that we are winning 1-0 when we go out on to the pitch. Sometimes we lack this hunger to believe that we can be champions.” – Alexis Sanchez questions the mentality and hunger of Arsenal’s squad in March.

    You have two weeks Wenger, two weeks to redeem yourself. Sign the players we need and even if we fail then, we will respect you because it shows ambtion. It shows you tried. If you don’t sign any quality players and just panic buys it shows you have already given up.

  3. Sky’s Arsenal season review for last year By Charlie Nicolas

    Arsenal scored an average of just 1.6 goals per game at home this season in the Premier League, their lowest return since 1994-95.
    Olivier Giroud went 881 minutes without scoring in the Premier League between January and May.
    Mesut Özil has created more chances in a single season (146) than any player in any of Europe’s top five leagues since Opta started recording data in 1996.

    All in all it’s been disappointing and that’s been reflected in the greatest ever pressure on Arsene Wenger.”There was obviously high expectations with Petr Cech coming in to follow Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil but there are still problems at central defence and up front. There haven’t been enough 1-0 wins and when they do concede they’ve fallen to pieces too many times.”They still need a leader but not just a good speaker, one of real substance that can lead by example. All in all it’s been disappointing and that’s been reflected in the greatest ever pressure on Arsene Wenger. I’m happy for him to stay but he needs to realise where he’s made mistakes and address them now.”

    Why does Wenger not realise this ??

  4. i don’t think Arsenal will win at Leicester and by the looks of things fitness of squad is really low. 15 first team players are yet to start their rigime of new season. Arsene left almost no tall player on the pitch or any midfielder with passing ability. I feel that Xhaka should been tested at home rather than playing him against the foxes .

  5. Look IF our english core (Walcott, Welbeck, Wilshere, Ramsey, Ox, Chambers) would be delivering on there much lauded talent and raw abilities we probably wouldn’t be asking for fresh blood and change to some level.
    But if that was the case we would’ve probably one last season EPL title and maybe also the one before. We probably would’ve gone deeper in all competitions and look like a BIG club not only OFF (revenue) the pitch but ON (trophies) too. Consistently contending for titles each season.

    Walcott & Welbeck would be hitting 20-25 goals a season each. Wilshere would showcase his amazing left foot week-in-week-out. Ramsey would be performing every season like he has 3 seasons ago now and we would see the Wales version (tactical set up doesn’t help him either). Ox would be our own but younger, more athletic version of Mahrez on the right wing. And finally Chambers would have played so much more games last season that we would’ve been ok and safe with the idea of him starting the opening game last week.
    But none of what is mentioned is true of course. And that’s why the team is weak is some key areas. We have depth but quality, experience, leadership & consistent production are to be questioned!

    Your not changing has the manager, the board either. But the players, you can move them (in or out) & “force” them to change or out. It’s your call to make and there’s nothing wrong in refreshing the team and pulling the plug on players you deem haven’t produced (not the ones mentioned above in particular). Showing everyone that this club is here to contend & win major honours when may comes calling. It also breaks the monotony and the comfortable place players think & find themselves in.

    Some of them have been given far too many chances. Again not targeting anyone specific but Walcott even after his good performance in our opening game would be an example.

  6. the same people who were asking wenger to play koss,ozil,giroud….now are asking why he played ramsey,am i missing something??

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