Arsenal must not sell ANY players to Man City!

Arsenal’s days of allowing our big players to leave and join rivals is over as far as I’m concerned, but with a number of underachieving players linked with exits, I urge the club not to sell to any close rivals.

Pep Guardiola has today been linked with a move to sign Theo Walcott this summer, but as much as I think it is the right time for the 27 year-old to leave, we cant risk him reaching his potential with a league rival. The forward has a record of around one goal for every four appearances since joining from Southampton, and if we do sell, I hope it is to AC Milan, or at worst, West Ham United.

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Aaron Ramsey have also been claimed to be of interest to the incoming City boss, and while I personally think neither can be sold, the former looks like he could be keen on a move this summer.

The Ox has failed to reach his potential since following Theo from the St Marys Stadium, and at 22 years-of-age, he is most likely eager to be playing regular first-team football, something he has not been blessed with in recent seasons. Injuries have played a part in his struggles, and I would personally try and secure him a loan deal for the new campaign, as opposed to selling.

Ramsey is one player who has been a regular in our side over the past five years, despite his own injury problems, but the recent emergence of Alex Iwobi and the inclusion of January signing Mohamed Elneny has limited his appearances over the past couple of months. The Welsh star has been linked with Barcelona previously, and he would no doubt be perfect for Pep’s style of football. For me, he is one of the most underrated players in the league.

Would you really allow any of them to join City? Do you think Ramsey is replaceable?

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  1. I would let Man City buy any of them.
    They always pay over the odds because they need HG players in the squad, but I doubt very much whether any of them would play very often.

    1. The money we could get for Ramsey would buy Kante, HG Tax adding to Ramseys value.

      Ramsey or Kante…

      Let them have Ramsey if we can buy Kante to replace him.

  2. Is Ramsey replaceable??. REALLY?? Don’t let me diss u. Elneney and Carzola. Our problem is not selling players. Its replacing the ones we sell with better quality. (Which we hardly do). Check the Arsenal social media sites. There are still videos of the Invincibles. When did they last play?? 2006 or when? Can’t remember when. It only shows us that we have not progressed. Let’s be honest. No striker of Henry’s caliber or close. No defender like Adams or Keown. No Vieira or Petit like midfielder. We are not a complete team. Our quality is not good enough. Period.

  3. Do you know that it is a good omen for other teams when Arsenal sold their players to rivals and the Spanish league. Atleast Arsenal can help other teams win major trophies if the gunners can’t.

  4. “Do you think Ramsey is replaceable?”

    Yes, he has potential but like a lot of Arsenal players, he hasn’t reached it. His main problem is his mentality, he is good enough on the attacking side of his game, just pathetic at desire to defend.

    Should we replace him?
    Depends on money for me, if we was offered enough and that money was made available to spend… and not just BS comments made by the board!
    If so then yes, we should sell him. To Man City? If they are willing to pay the most then why not? He might get his form back but he isn’t going to with us at his current rate and we could end up with a couple dedicated players.

    Buy both Kante and Xhaka, Kante has proven to be capable of handling the EPL and lets face it, he has done a better job in CM than Ramsey has done for us in the past few years.

    I agree with loaning Ox out, he is only 22 and could still make it, If I was Ivan Gazidis I would be asking Everton how much they would knock off Lukaku if we was to loan them the Ox… and then ask them how much if we added Theo to the trade.

  5. Why not take Man City’s money? No other club would be more likely to pay over the odds. In my opinion, if we are looking to improve quality-wise then these 3 players are all expendable, they are British internationals commanding large fees which could be reinvested, they are also perennial underachievers- symptomatic & representative of the club as a whole, in its current state. In order of who I would rank most “sellable”: 1/ Oxlade-Chamberlain. 22 league appearances this season has returned zero goals & one assist. 100 total appearances, & just 7 goals, 7 assists. These numbers are abysmal. He gives the ball away ridiculously in almost every match. He has youth on his side, but let’s be honest- he’s an athlete who is masquerading as a footballer. On top of that, he’s reportedly seeking a huge pay increase!!!!! 2/ Walcott. He’s about 1 in 4 in terms of goals a game. His shooting accuracy is actually really good- shockingly on a par with what Henry’s was & what Aguero’s is now- but in every other area he has failed to improve & wont create shooting openings for himself in the way an Sanchez will for example- nothing like it, so this renders his finishing/shot accuracy ineffectual. He has shown up in some big games against top opposition and caused meyhem, but less & less & he’s lost his place to a teenager. All in all, his contribution- especially as our third highest earner- is nowhere near good enough. 3/ Ramsey. On one hand I really like him. I remember that half season when he looked like the reincarnation of Zidane. I don’t think he’ll ever let us down, but I’ve started to feel he’ll never reach the benchmark I want for players in key positions at this club, with consistency. If selling him meant we would bring in Xhaka who looks world class- a hybrid of Mascherano & Xabi Alonso, or it meant signing Kante & taking the chance he would match this season’s form- I’d probably say go for it. We have 3 young, capable players vying for those 2 deep CM slots: Wilshere, Elneny, Coquelin- & also Santi Cazorla- so that would help offset the risk of a gamble on Kante.

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