Arsenal MUST NOT sign Man United defender!

The signing of Petr Cech signaled intent to the transfer market that Arsene Wenger is looking to mount a serious challenge to the Premier League. Now, the next step is to strengthen other areas that require immediate attention.

Okay, this isn’t something that can have a direct or straight answer. Ask 10 supporters and you are bound to get different views. Let’s not get into any discussion on which position to strengthen because it is as sensitive as Jack Wilshere’s fitness. So, let’s look at various options at different positions. With a new goalkeeper already in the bag, Wenger can heave a sigh of relief for that position. Next up, defender?

Possibly! Per Mertesacker and Laurent Koscielny created a wonderful partnership at the back end of last season. It looked like a partnership that can help the club win matches with defence. And of course, they require competition and Wenger would want to sign another centre-back. The manager would want to look at someone experienced, someone who can step up and someone who already played at the top level.

All these boxes can be ticked simultaneously if Wenger can go for Johnny Evans, which is what the latest transfer rumours talk about. The 27-year-old defender could not manage to cement his place in the starting XI at Old Trafford under Louis Van Gaal. There were times when he looked out of sync with the rest of the team and so, it looked only natural that the defender would be shipped out at the earliest opportunity.

But, is it going to be an acquisition that will lift the club? Or even something that is required by the team? Not entirely so. The Northern Ireland international hasn’t been great at Manchester United. If he switches to London, it could only mean he is sitting on a different bench. There is no way in the world that in the current scheme of things, Evans will start for any team, let alone Arsenal.

True, that United is trying to offload the experienced defender. True, that Evans could be a nice addition with his experience. True, that Arsenal has past experience of buying from United. But, that doesn’t mean the club can just jump at the first available opportunity to sign an outcast. Think about this – how many United fans will be worried at the prospect of losing Evans; and think how many Arsenal fans will be sad if he doesn’t sign for the Gunners.

For many the answer to the above question should settle the discussion on Evans. If it doesn’t and Wenger goes on to sign him for the Gunners, there could be more groans from the supporters than applauses. At least, as of now!


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  1. This is what Wenger is good at….funding rivals by signing their deadwoods….

    time for a change…time for a new manager

    1. Ridiculous reaction to a story which isn’t even true Hafiz, even by your standards!

      I don’t think there’s any chance Wenger is looking at Johnny Evans, or any central defenders for that matter.

      These guys will keep writing stories like this while you’re reacting luike that.

      Wenger is a great manager, and this is the real football world. I know you’d like him to sign Messi, Ronaldo, Pele etc etc etc, but this isn’t champo!

        1. Welbeck signing was pure (panic) reaction to Giroud’s injury with Walcott still out – it was not a planned summer transfer. A striker was needed at the time.

          Arsenal already have 4 CBs so any CB acquisition will be well thought out and planned. Evens is not needed.

          1. Never worked out what a “panic” buy is. As a reaction to a major injury – is that “panic” category. Buy too early before the market pans out – panic? Knowing your targets and playing the waiting game is a long way from panic – only the fans panic. Did you see SSN trying to troll Wenger this morning with the recent City and United buys – if he could give a s**t he hid it well. Are you panicking when you start clearing the supermarket shelves as soon as the shop door opens and buy whatever is available (Rodgers). Is LvG in panic because he realises how they cocked up the last 2 transfer windows and knows his job is on the line? Wenger, whatever his worst detractor wants to say, is not a “panic” merchant.

      1. Hate to say it but I agree… I find myself visiting the JustArsenal website less and less because of articles like this. Most of us know there is nothing to this story, it’s just not worth writing about. Instead, why not focus on putting out quality transfer articles that are based on quality information instead of Metro-esque drivel that not only wastes your time as a writer, but our time as readers. I have to say I fully appreciate the writers taking the time to give their thoughts but at this rate I’m seeing more common sense and articulate writing in the comments section than in the articles themselves.

        1. Guys, the article is only amplifying what other articles on other sites have said, and the writer is looking at it from a “personal” perspective since he is also entitled to his views.

          Who likes Evans??? I don’t. I see an article like this and I just laugh. It’s no biggie. There are stupid opinions down here worse than sh*ts on Caughtoffside.

  2. I would of expected that a few years ago but not now.personaly I don’t reckon he’s premiership standard anyway if he ain’t good enough for
    Man utd he definatley ain’t good enough to play for us

      1. I think Basti is better than Ramsey and Wishere. I think Morgan Schneiderlin is better than Arteta, Flamini and maybe slightly better than Le Coq.

        1. Not at this time. Schweini (one of my favorites which I thought Wenger would sign to be honest) today can’t sustain the pace Ramsey is capable of. Not to mention versatility. But I would have had Schweini in a deep lying position, even DM with the killer pass even today.

        2. Granted, they will have a solid looking central midfield – but taken them £300M over 2 years to get that. Formidable defensively – not “ooo that’s scary” offensively imo. But what about the bigger picture? They still need a striker, likely to need a new GK, need to work out quickly if AdM is going to make it or should they off-load to PSG. Still have Phil “could become United’s greatest ever player” Jones shuffling around in various back 4 positions, Smalling as their best CB, haven’t got a LB to rely on yet, Young just signed a new contract – how does he stack up against Alexis? £100M of midfielders in Mata, Herrera and Fellaini whose places now threatened – do they stay/can Utd keep them?

    1. Whether we like it or not, a midfield of Bastian and Morgan will be almost unbreachable.
      If we don’t go for quality signings, we’ll struggle to gain 4th place again.
      Rumour is that Chelsea are going for Pedro…This will be a big loss to Arsenal.
      If we play this new season with Cech as the only new signing, we could as well say goodbye to the BPL, UCL, FA Cup.

      1. Well if they are “unbreachable” then no point us buying anyone is there? So United have won the league then? What is your plan to enable us to breach the unbreachable? Which of the teams “buying quality” are not going to win the PL? You see the problem don’t you – 5 teams spend big and 4 teams fail.

        What a load of nonsense. Wenger didn’t give off the air of a man cacking his pants when SSN tried to troll him about United’s and City’s recent buys.

    2. OK, they will have a good midfield. But it is NOT as rosey as it may seem.

      Fans ONLY seem to see the players that have signed for other clubs and do not consider the very good players sure to depart.

      Falcao, RVP, and DiMaria are all likely gone. By any standards that is a powerful attacking force that ManU will no loner have. Who have Arsenal lost? Only players not needed and not used by Wenger. All the really needed gunners are still with us.

      A little perspective here.

      1. RvP, Falcao, and Di Maria performed poorly, that’s why they’re leaving. They are trying to get quality replacements.
        I agree that non of our players have left…buy where did that get us last season? 3rd position (Thank God we won the FA cup).
        We cannot win the BPL with this same squad. UCL is a far dream. We need additions.

        1. Are you seriously claiming that Falcao and DiMaria are not top players because Van Gaal managed to screw up one season? Seriously? If so, I would stop your attempts at football analysis. You are not qualified.

  3. Evans is sub par. Chambers is already a better defender on 9 out of 10 days. He would be fifth choice CB. No point. Next.

    1. Evans has played better recently than I would have predicted but….. You are right – he is still not the caliber of defender Arsenal need. He is the weaker link at ManU.

    1. Arsenal are quite complacent with the transfer window.
      Until we start getting ruthless, the BPL drought will continue…and don’t even get me started with the UCL.

    2. It is impossible to LOSE something you never had. And there is ZERO evidence Wenger was seriously interested.

      I am more concerned about Arsenal LOSING a top player they already have. THAT would be devastating and THAT would be a LOSS.

      1. I think his interview this morning suggested he didn’t give a monkeys about BS/MS and RS – it was all to be expected, no surprises – move on. His subtle point was “well what would you expect United to do after f**ing up the last 2 transfer windows and splashing £200M in the process?”. Not a single clue that he was EVER interested in MS.

  4. Johnny Evans is not good enough to make it at Man City or Chelsea…why on earth should he be quality for Arsenal?
    If this rumour is true, then I’m very very very very disappointed.

  5. @007, you mean been ruthless bv buying the fans flavour of the month like capoue, lamela,paulinho,mvilla, jovetic, negredo, falcao, cuadrado, soldado etc?

    1. @Tope, I’ll like to believe you are being sarcastic.
      If you don’t understand what I mean…and would rather hold on to some lame understanding, I really can’t be of help. 🙂

    2. No, he just wants the players someone else has just bought. Forget the 5,000 odd other guys plying their trade in the top leagues around Europe. If my neighbour buys a new shiny car I couldn’t give a toss – but some will go inside and kick the cat around and sulk.

    1. Just another made up rumor. It could be true that ManU would like to pawn him off on Wenger – nothing more.

  6. Evans is NOT good enough

    I’m worried that we could lose Koscielny to Real Madrid to get Benzema. I read rumour that they will only sell us him if we give Koscielny. That’s why Wenger is searching for CD

    I would rather we keep Koscielny and get lacazette if that’s the case.

    1. Benz is a quality striker but if Wenger would allow us losing our best defender in a bid to get him
      I would personal fly to Singapore or UK to assassinate him.

      Closest player we have to the like’s of Sol and Adams at the back and we all see how much we struggle at the back when his not on the pitch. We just bought a new golie, we should aim to keep stability at the back. I’m all out for getting a new ST though, its the only way we can win major titles. Just hope Wenger has realized this

  7. I hate to say this but Van Gaal is doing a better job with transfers this season then last season

    I’m impressed
    1. Schweinsteiger
    2. Schneiderlin
    3. Depay
    4. Garmin

    He got rid of Falcao and RVP so will be searching for a TOP striker like Benzema or Cavani

    Even more reason for us to pick up pace to get a new CF.

    Dybala, Jackson Martinez, Mandzucic, tevez are gone. Higuain is too expensive. Ibrahimovic is going to Italy. Not many left.

  8. Does it means if Jonny Evans cannot make it well at Man Utd, he won’t do well at Arsenal? I think a player’s football performance on the field of play is not fixed but can improve. If not, how did Tom Cleverley who didn’t cut it at Utd is now making the grades at Everton? Rhinosacker’s pace is said to be getting slower and Kosceilny is believed to be Achilles suspect. While De Abreu is sahd to lack proper Premier League experiece but with time can gain it. And Chambers is seen to lack a yard of pace. So a possible signing of Evans by the Boss while Chambers could be sent out on loan, could be a well thought out proactive security measure that could be employed by the Boss. However, I will like to believe that the Boss could announce his signings of the necessary LB and a RW for us soon. And testrun them in the coming 2 Emirates Cup games. A signing of a CDM Will be hanging in the balance as long as Flamini is around.

  9. @fredcowardly.
    4. Garmin. LOL was this your humour or a typo?
    I’m pretty sure MU signed Darmian not a Sat Nav 🙂

    Oh to be a fly on the wall with Arsenal transfer negotiations.

  10. In other news our Polish keeper is at it again this time round nitrous oxide is the excitement. Ohh Blimey!

  11. What BS!
    if u have a chance to sign a WC player, u take it.
    And at the quoted 10mil fee he’s a BARGAIN!!!

    SIGN HIM UP!!!!!

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