Arsenal must use our pacey wingers NOW

Wenger Must Show More Flexibility If We’re To Use Our Current Options Throughout by SO

We enter the final 10 days of the window and despite four new faces at Arsenal, the same concerns over weak positions remain. A defensive midfielder and centre forward are the two positions that have needed improvement since the summer of 2012 when both Song and RVP departed.

No doubt quality has certainly been added to the squad which we can’t complain about. however our team’s improvement is minimal. Debuchy was effectively Sagna’s replacement, whilst Ospina was Fabianski’s I’ll let you decide whether they are upgrades or not but further on I suppose you’d have to consider Chambers as Vermaelen’s replacement until a new defender is brought in.

Alexis does remain the luxury buy that has of course given us something extra in attack however even he is replacing Theo until the man himself returns. Our first XI hasn’t dramatically improved going off our recent selections but it most certainly can!.

Now while I’m keen for the club to bring in a new CF, a powerhouse of a midfielder and a new CB. These positions actually can be improved from within if Arsene was to decide on no more transfer activity. For me Arsene needs to start switching it up as soon as possible.

We don’t quite have a new identity, our sluggish play going forward is still occurring.

So what kind of changes am I talking about? Well maybe bringing our commanding defender Mertesacker back in to the line-up and pushing Chambers further forward. Arsene has already claimed he sees him being deployed there in future, but with Arteta out there’s not a better chance to do so.

Flamini is the obvious option but throughout a season we’ve seen it won’t be enough, Flamini is not top bracket in his position hence his role as Arteta’s back-up. Chambers has massive potential said by many before he even played a game for us, all he’s done is prove such statements correct.

His defensive awareness demonstrated whilst playing at the back would be beneficial in the holding role, he’s mobile, brave and smooth in possession which are good ingredients for the role.

In attack, it was hard watching Arsenal play with a severe lack of pace last season when Theo and The Ox were absent but I tell you what’s harder…… watching Arsenal play with a severe lack of pace when we actually have the option of pace in the squad.

Oxlade-Chamberlain is fit and has already made heavy impact in what I think you can round up to 30 mins of football so far this season. Joel Campbell is also sitting on our bench waiting to make his league debut for the club. This makes you wonder why we persist with Santi on the flank, he’s ineffective there and you would’ve thought he’d get the chance to play centrally before Ozil was ready to come back into the team but it hasn’t been the case.

Giroud needs to be relegated to a back-up role if we’re to really show serious intent for a title challenge but if we’re going to use him at least compliment him with what he thrives off…. pace and runners beyond,! We should stack both flanks with quick direct players to look more convincing going forward.

To conclude, I am in full agreement that we still have to strengthen in a few areas but until then Wenger should mix the team up using our options to full effect as I’m sure you’d witness a more dynamic team if Wenger utilised our more mobile options in weak positions.

The supporters are keen to see a new look Arsenal team and we have the personnel to do so! Who knows if we did use our suggestions some just might believe we’re good to go.



  1. line up
    deb chamber kos mon
    diaby(if fit )/flam ramsey
    ox ozil alexis
    mert is too slow for everton attack
    pod and alexis can change there position according to match.

  2. I’m not a professional football coach, but…
    when I see Ox and Campbell on the wings, it just seems we play with so much more pace.
    Let’s try Sanchez in the middle.

    Can you imagine Ozil feeding Sanchez/Ox/Campbell ?
    they’d run behind like we cannot do right now (actually we are running behind on Sanchez’ side but when he looks up to pass, Giroud is puffing, lagging 2 yards behind the defenders)

    1. GIROUD is slow , cant use both feet , cant turn to take a short and him being fat counts against power to trouble the opposition defence every target man does hold up play but they also fast you wouldn’t know there do the hold up , as well the scoring does a great deal of covering it up as well.

        1. he has the ability to loss 15 pounds of fat and again 7 pounds of muscle that can make a huge difference in his game just ask cazorla he earned his place as a squad player with a new contravt don’t underrate/overlook him losing a lot of weight it will pay dividend both off and on the field com may not that I care we have already won a cup completion am fine with that qualifier for ucl and my season is over

        1. HEY THE CELLPHONE I USE HAS A WAY TO disappear and reappear letters on different burtons some times especially btwn b and p ,n and m, a and s ,q and m ,p and z and f and t as well it does not help I write half awake sometimes and that I don’t real care to check my comment before posting or care to correct my spellings with another post .Also when typing and some letter I don’t notice goes in btwn a word or two that’s messed up.

  3. Tactics are very important in big games,Atletico Madrid and Diego Simeone keep showing the way for how a team can be hard to beat!

    1. YES set up a team not to loss ”had to beat” that can press the opposition well as a team and as individuals like sanchze does it not pretending to press lolh while playing position football with purpose and counter attacking football that has a well balanced squad in terms of age, wclass talent +above average players who improve every season

  4. Looks like Podolski is going to be sold…What do you guys think this means? Is Arsene after another striker?

    I am really hoping that we see Campbell on today, I was hoping he would come on at Bekistas

  5. Judt wanna throw this in there, rumours are javier hernabdez & danny welbeck r up for grabs. Wat do ppl on here think of either one of them at Arsenal, personally for anything under 18mill, say 10-15mill, id take either one preference would be hernandez but I like welbeck aswell .

    Its all opions , Bug game today COYG COME ON

        1. the thumbing down was not for me fellow ,was referring to @MO1’S COMMENT ps nothing wrong with giroud in general you the one who chose to interpret things wrongly skysport can be off handy for you .I don’t thumb down or up yet as my phone is to small to carry those requirements and frankly if I had that option I would only use it on bad trolls the down the up thumb only for lol comments or maybe to real talk as NY GUNNER. PUTS IT YEAH sometimes you can’t argue with stupid.

  6. I hope ox gets a start today he deserves it,the only way to beat this Everton side is pace ,would love to see sanchez up top with ozil and ox either side…

  7. scezz
    debuchy koss mert monreal
    chambers ramsey
    sanchez wilshire/cazorla chamberlaine

    with chambers as a dmf we can defend the high balls better , and ox can help monreal down the left

    1. With the form giroud is in and the fact that most of our attacks will come from counters today it would be better if he was just left in london and no where near the starting XI.

      1. The key to competition for places is that if your first choice player isn’t performing, the second choice player will take their place. This encourages the first choice player to work harder to maintain their place in the team… Giroud isn’t performing. We have quite a few that want his place…

  8. Only an idiot would call alexis a luxury signing.
    Apart from theo He’s the only other player in our whole squad who plays on the shoulder and is an intelligent runner.

  9. Ox is awesome on his day, he has pace, power, dribbling and can shoot from both foot. Wenger should give him more chance this season. He will be great for us.

    He is still 20, sometimes gets lost. It happens. But I have high hopes on him.

    1. Ox would’ve played a lot more last season if he wasn’t injured as much. This season Alexis and Campbell will make it harder for him to get games though, but he should play more..

      1. I agree with you. It ll become even harder when Walcott comes in. I think Wenger will use him as impact player as he can play anywhere in the attacking positions.

  10. Dunno why Wenger is conserving Campbell!! Give him chance Wenger. Sanogo is nothing infront of him except height..!

  11. All we need is Reus for that left wing!
    Just imagine Reus – Özil – Walcott/Ox and Sanchez in front of them 🙂 🙂

    1. People would actually be worried about facing Alexis. Worried that he’ll make a run and get in behind them, worried that he’ll dribble through them and worried that he can actually shoot.

      Giroud doesn’t scare any defence, he’s easy to mark, can’t dribble past people, is an average finisher, can’t run away from people.. All he can really do is hold the ball up and compete for headers.

      1. Even IF he dribbles past defender, anybody can catch him!!
        No one should be worried if ball is 5 yards away from goals..he simply can’t shoot
        (man city goal is just pure luck)

  12. Which would you pick
    1. Giroud + 35 m for Cavani (already rumours r circulating)
    2. Poldi + 35m for Pogba(Juve r in for Poldi, why can’t we try this option)

    I would go for both.. Plus Manolos/Reid/ with Vaemalen transfer money.

      1. Chambers is being groomed
        to play DM and we have Arteta
        + Flamini so it is a CB we need.
        Buy Vertonghen.
        Quality CB and good LB.
        EPL ready.Wants ECL football.
        Use Verms fee.

  13. I’m getting a bit worried now that we’re not signing a proper DM, I think callum chambers could play there as has been solid in defence but as I haven’t seen him play there for us yet I still think this is a void that needs filling. Also a striker. Giroud is our only real option for a proper striker. Sanogo is not a real option he is just a potential future player. Come on wenger …. Don’t let me down

  14. I’m a UEFA licence coach but obviously not at the level of wenger, but this is a good thread.
    We have two issues
    No pace on the left and a slow sluggish play, watch Sanchez how he presses all over the park but he does it alone which is no good.
    We need to play a front three of Cambpell,Sanchez and Ox
    The Ozil and Ramsey just behind and Chambers as a DM, the back four is what’s left , then we get the guys to press all over the park, when in possession one touch and move the ball quick

  15. Interesting to see all the clamour for an all-out wide pacey attack against Everton. If there was one thing I was hoping against hope that Wenger would change this season it was to not try so hard to win the big away games with overtly attacking formations and a gung-ho attacking creed. “Attack is the best form of defence” and all that jazz – but that is patently not true all of the time. I liked the compactness of the Community Shield formation – a sort of 4-1-4-1 and the wider players dropping in and back a little to help out. We are always good for a goal on the break – rather play for a 0-0 and perhaps sneak a 1-0 than go all out again.

  16. I personally can’t see any more big signings until we confirm our CL status,Manolas may come before then but any big names like Khedira,Carvallho will not come until it’s done.
    As for the Cavani rumour I can see it happening but not involving Giroud as far as I understand he’s now cup tied in the CL so PSG would not want him now,Khedira looks a done deal just waiting for the CL confirmation then we will get him,Maureen believes a deal is already in place so isn’t bothering to try after speaking to the player,Real have even dropped the asking price so we can pay him the wages he wants just to get rid of him

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