Arsenal must play to strengths v Liverpool – All out Attack

Even if Arsenal do manage to secure the transfer of a centre back this week, something that is desperately needed after Gabriel joined Per Mertesacker in the Arsenal treatment room, the new player will have little time to train with and get used to his new team mates.

So whatever happens I think it is fair to say that defence will not be our strongest suit when Jurgen Klopp brings his Liverpool side to north London on Sunday. This is clearly a problem for the Gunners, but not necessarily an insurmountable one if we play the game right.

In order to do that I think we have to make the most of our own strengths and they are definitely on the creative and attacking side of the game. Our passing ability will help, of course, as we can limit the threat to our goal by limiting the amount of ball the Liverpool players have.

As we have seen many times in the past, though, possession without penetration is pretty pointless, so I think we have to go for the jugular and try to give Liverpool’s defenders a torrid time. I think we must expect them to score at least once so the minimum required from Arsenal is two goals.

With Ramsey, Cazorla, Walcott, Alexis and all we do have the players that can do some real damage going forward but the tactics are important as well and I think that Wenger must take the risk and go for all out attack. Do you agree?


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  1. I understand not paying 100 million for a player because no player is worth it but when you have West Ham Everton or crystal pl out buying Arsenal then there is a big problem. Players should have been in place now but nothing that we so badly need. I’m sorry the squad is thin and we need 2 cd a RB LB and a CF. I no Man U have paid stupid money but he has players they need but AW just won’t spend or is it players just don’t want to play for him anymore. He should get TH as his number 2 to take over in 2 years 200 million to re build. We won’t win anything not even 4th place cup with AW

  2. If Liverpool play with the conviction they showed against Barcelona we are gonna suffer a good beating. Not enough reinforcements by Wenger can only have this as a result.

    Of course I’ll be so happy to get it wrong!

    1. Arsene has screwed up this window, no doubt. Having said that there are very few Liverpool players that would make our squad. Elneny, Xhaka and Cazorla are extremely solid in mid field and Sanchez, Iwobi are scoring threats. Walcot has his ups and downs.

      My point is based on last season and the preseason we as fans must take into account how good Elneny, Iwobi and Xhaka have looked. Our team has genuine size and steel.

  3. Going forward is not the problem!
    We have always been pretty good at that.
    The main issue is when we get to our opponents penalty area! ? It’s like … “What do we do now? ” ?

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