Arsenal must prioritise signing a backup for Tomiyasu – Who would you suggest?

Takehiro Tomiyasu is money well spent, but we need to start shopping for another right full back. By Sylvester Kwentua

Takehiro Tomiyasu, Japan international and Arsenal defender, is quietly but seriously making his name at Arsenal. Ever since his signing, he has over time, made the right full back his place to lose.
Hector Bellerin is on loan in Spain, and from what I have seen so far about Tomiyasu, Bellerin may never get to play for Arsenal again. If this does happen, I have no qualms about it, but I will surely be worried if we are not planning on getting another right full back that is ready to play in the first team straightaway.
Getting another right full back is necessary, so as to create a healthy competition for the right full back position, just as we have at the left back. If we find ourselves in a situation whereby Tomiyasu gets seriously injured, then the other right full back should be ready to slot easily into that position and do a good job; this is why I insisted that we go for an experienced right full back, who will be ready to slot in.
The good news is that the Arsenal management have also been thinking about this, judging by transfer rumours linking Arsenal to one defender or the other. If Arsenal didn’t leak their intentions to get another defender, the media won’t link them to defenders. The media work on the faintest of information, to figure out what a club may actually need.
Family, I am sure Tomiyasu would serve Arsenal well, but there are times he needs to be rested, so that he can function effectively on the long run, and this is why I suggest we start shopping seriously for another defender, just in case Bellerin doesn’t play for Arsenal again. So famz, can we suggest right full back options who are ready for first team football?
We are Arsenal and proud.

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  1. I think a right back is the least of our worry’s TBH .
    We have
    To cover ,priorities should be a CF and maybe an AM

    1. +1

      Chambers was shocking in Manchester and he isn’t as pacey as Tomiyasu, but he is still a good squad rotation system and he can still serve for another 5 years

      1. I swear he had some great games at the end of last year – Fairly similar to Tomi, slower but much better delivery and variety in attack. Was expecting big things but he was awful at the beginning of this season and I think that might have been his last chance given how long he’s been here.

        1. I reckon his ball control is better than Tomiyasu and his stature is quite similar to White. I hope he’s willing to stay, otherwise I’d understand if he’d like to be a first team player elsewhere

  2. I think getting meet muldur would be a good choice, he is 22 and can play both as cb and rb……this would be similar to what arsenal did this summer, bringing in nuno Tavares as a backup but it eventually led to competition and this would be a good sign
    If not muldur may be rensch.

  3. Don’t know why we bought Cedric. An average RB at 30 and given 4yr contract to be a squad player.

    Edu got him through his pal Kia Joorabchan. A dubious deal to milk the club.

    We need a ‘Tuvares’ type RB to compete with Tomiyasu not Cedric

    1. Some people here informed that Raul signed Soares and Mari on permanent deals, not Edu

      Please be easy on Edu, because he’s done a great recruitment job last summer as a novice director and he was an Invincible who must have some sentimental attachment to Arsenal

      Nonetheless, Soares showed some flashes of brilliance as an attacking LB last season, before showing his weakness on the left wing again. If he can observe how Cancelo plays, he could be a good attacking LB

      1. Soares is already 30 and average, his best days behind. Arteta should sell and use funds to bring in a new RB to work with Tommy.

  4. With 4 players in our pool who can play RB , I fail to understand your suggestion that we need another.Our priorities are clearly in other positions.

    1. Perhaps because Chambers and Cedric’s contacts expire the summer, Bellerin probably won’t play for the club again, and AMN looks to have moved into midfield permanently. That’s why a back up/competition are necessary.

        1. Wow, you’re right, i had it in my mind that he was into his last year.
          Perhaps a new right back isn’t as pressing then, although if Cedric could be moved on and we brought someone in to replace him it might not be a bad solution for everyone involved.

  5. To get another RB arsenal will need to sell players..Sores Bellerin and Chambers…..don’t think that will happen……best is to keep chambers as a squad player and sell the other two……..ANM can also play RB if needed…………….1 more midfielder and some forward players please….thank you Arsenal……..!

    1. Arsenal Need:
      Back up Keeper,
      Back up Right Back
      Right Winger (Pepe too inconsistent & not prolific enough re: goals)

      2 Central Midfielders (Partey too injury prone & lose to African Nations at key time of season) to be honest, if AFCON keep playing this stupid tournament mid season then Arsenal should avoid African players altogether no matter how good they may be i.e. Onana & Kessie.

      2 Forwards (Lacazette off, Aubamayang 18 poor months, I know he had Maleria but he’s at latter end of his career + Nketiah, Balogun & afraid to say it but Martinelli not taken chances when played bar Chelsea & that was ages ago)

      Get Rid:

      Bernd Leno (Only German Keeper that can’t save penalties, not vocal & poor at crosses)
      Pablo Mari (I liked look of him but last few performances were extremely poor & showed up bad weakness in his play)
      Sead Kolasinac (Poor)
      Cedric Soares (inconsistent)
      Calum Chambers (Hit & miss defending)
      Rob Holding (I like hime but i’d prefer Saliba back at club)

      Mohamed Elneny (I like Elneny but looks like he’ll be off to Turkey)
      Matteo Guendouzi (Too opionated & disruptive)
      Lucas Torreira (I liked him but not given chance & treated unfairly)
      Nicolas Pepe (Too inconsistent & AFCON)
      Runar Runarsson (Why did we sign him at all?)
      Hector Bellerin (Can’t defend for toffee)
      Konstantinos Mavropanos (Always injured for Arsenal but playing well in Germany, probably not suited to Premiership Football)

      1. Good list of those we must get rid out.

        But why no mention of Xhaka on that list though? He would be the second name, after only Bellerin , that I would be glad to see the back of. Today preferably!

        I find it a disgrace and an astonishing debacle that a rank immobile, slow and hot headed lump like Xhaka should still be here, EVEN NOW, after all these useless years since Wenger first and disastrously, bought him.

        I admit that three managers, AW, UE and MA, have rated him enough to make him a regular and that foolishness astonishes me. As it does to many other Gooners too.

        I watch Liverpool and Man City and see nothing but pace and speedy passing throughout those two massively successful teams .

        And THEN, I look at statue XHAKA and I say to myself, ” WHAT ON EARTH DO ALL THOSE MANAGERS SEE IN THAT DISMAL LUMP?” I have seen cream turn quicker!

        Perhaps he knows where all the bodies are buried(so to speak!). There can be NO OTHER POSSIBLE EXPLANATION!!!

  6. it’s clear that we need someone similar to Nuno patrolling the RB position, at least on occasion…right now, we’re too easy to defend at times, as we telegraph the fact that we’re more aggressive up the left side of the pitch…what we need to do is stretch opposing defences by threatening them with width, on both sides, thereby opening up some of those more direct channels…in those few games this season where we’ve actually performed well we’ve displayed considerably more balance and pace when it comes to our attack

  7. Totally wrong, again.

    Soares will suffice for the rest of the season at right back.

    We really really need to spend our capital on a top DM.
    Partey is injured too often, to rely upon for the whole season.

    Then we need a goal scorer. However, he cannot be just a goal scorer. He will need to press, and defend, especially set plays.
    But most of all he needs to have some guile (Not like Werner at Chelsea).

    I really do not think Jovic will work!!!

    NOTE: Some Bundesliga forward players who have recently failed in the EPL.

    Josh Sargant at Norwich
    Sebastian Haller at West ham
    Timo Werner at Chelsea

    The last two scored copious amounts of goals in Germany, but found the EPL a different proposition.

    So, a TOP DM and a Top goalscorer.

    A new number 10, if we can afford one. Sell Odegaard to Seville!!

  8. I think Soares and Chambers will do well as back up RB. If either of them is sold, we have AMN to come in as back up RB. The most pressing requirement is DM, CAM and a CF.

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