Arsenal must prove their ambition and go all out for Aubamayeng!

The Borussia Dortmund striker Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is available for £65 million right now, and after scoring an amazing 36 goals in 45 appearances this season in the Bundesliga he is definitely worth every penny, especially to a team like Arsenal who are crying out for a top hitman to complete our already talented squad.

According to the Mirror, Man City are refusing to pay that price, but as the Gabon international has just turned 27 this week he should be in the prime of his goalscoring career.

After being snubbed by Jamie Vardy this is the chance for Arsene Wenger to prove that he has the ambition to match our bank balance, and even better, to get one over our oil-rich rivals Manchester City. Wenger has been banging on that the Gunners’ finances are now at a level where we can compete with the sugar-daddy rich clubs, so this is his big chance to prove it.

Every Arsenal fan and his dog knows that the club would have won the Premier League last season if we had had Aubameyang as our main striker with Olivier Giroud as backup, and Mesut Ozil would have easily smashed Thierry Henry’s assist record with ease.

We all know that Dortmund will not reduce their price and would rather let him leave for free next season, so Wenger must stop thinking with his economical head and try negotiating the price down. He should just slap the money on the table and grab Aubameyang before anyone else realises heis worth the money.

Just think of the shirt sales Wenger, while the fans can relish the thought of seeing Aubameyang shooting us to the title! You know it makes sense!



    1. Would love to see Aubameyang at Arsneal. He could be our very own Suarez! But the way things are going, i think Wenger will sign a striker for worth 30 mil max (if any are available), maybe someone like Lacazette or Morata, but doesn’t look like he would splash the case on Lukaku or Aubameyang (fingers crossed though).

  1. Yes I agree with you, Wenger should offer the big money to Dortmund. He can instantly makes us title favorite. Not only that, we can even go distance in CL with him in the team, I am sure about that. But how serious Wenger is I really have doubt.
    Its hard to read articles that Arsenal will go for Levndosky after Vardy Snub. I mean how can you bid first for a palyer who just had one good season only and 29 plus and do not bid for the best like Levendoski or Ayunbangan.
    If Wenger alreday know that even if Arsenal offer big money, they are not going to come , then why bid now.

    Generally any ambitious coach if has money will bid for best first. Vard’s bid should come latter , if those big names deny move.
    In Arsene’s case reverse happened.
    Go for cheaper player first and if they do not join, then we have no choice rather then to go for big money.
    Is wenger still the same?

    1. But what if we bought that Auba or Lewa guy and they got injured for 9 months like Welbeck? We will be back to square one. Id rather we mitigate the risk and get 2 quality but cheaper attackers like Mahrez and Vardy than put all our eggs in the Auba\lewa basket

  2. Is Vardy waiting until the Euro’s end before coming to arsenal , to avoid drama during euros?kinda makes sense. I wouldnt mind if he comes, yes his old,”2nd tier”according to some fans and style of play different , but he has pace,determination and found a niche to score goals…on theeeeee other hand…..

    We linked to Veitto and Lukaku. I have always liked vietto when he was at the submarines, but i prefer lukaku. Drogba 2.0 written all over him. Young, Pace , finisher,EPL experience. Yes he lacks that 1st touch or pssing technique ettiquette, but where better to improve all that at a club that loves to play the beautiful game.

    I Wenger said three signings max? Granit in the bag, is he planning to get a str and cb? looks like it , according to our links. with all the tacticians coming in next season, wenger has his work cut out. I bet, if lukaku and another defender is signed, ozil and sanchez will sign extensions before going into pre season.

    Oh well, thats a semi dream…wake me up when its confirmed on…

    Good goal rambo…..


  3. If only, but we all know Wenger, and having actually spent 30 million on Xhaka..he is far more likely to try for Dembele who will be a free agent in July, than spend big for Aubamayeng.. History proves that after one decent’s either bargain basement or nothing…If you gave Wenger a billion pounds to spend on transfers, he still wouldn’t spend much more than 50 million..

  4. £65 M for 27 year old Auba? Gee I don’t know man that seems a bit extortionate. I’d rather we spend £30M on PFA player of the year Mahrez and be patient with the £20 M offer for Vardy. The retaining £15 we can secure a decent Mertesacker long as it is not some overrated English player like Chambers.

    1. I dont agree with you. Reason is forget about Giroud’s quality, now the most worrying thing is not that he can score more goals or not, the biggest worry is Welbeck is injured for almost whole of next seasons. It means if Vady snubs which I think he will, then we have Walcott and akpon to support Giroud. Do you thing we can win the title, even if we have Mahrez?

      1. Well SUNNY we did go like the whole of last season without Welbeck and with only a half fit/half motivated Walcott to call upon in yrouble and we finished 2nd in the league. If we add Mahrez we certainly can win it..even if we get a striker slightly better than Giroud Vardy.

        1. What if Giroud get an Injury? Can you name any team which will go the entire season with only one recognized striker?. You can find a team who have injury crisis later, when the transfer window closed. But i do not think any team in the world now will do that knowing well in advance about the injury of the second striker.

          I have not yet mentioned ” Arsenal Injury record”,


        2. We may have come second last season but were 10 points behind the leaders and effectively out of the race when we lost to swansea at the beginning of may.

  5. OK Aubamayang has more than 1 year left on his contract it is Miki that has 1 year left.

    This is newspapers speculating but I doubt he is for sale. Imagine you are Dortmund and you have lost Hummels, Gundogan and are about to loose Miki. Can you sell it to your supporters that you also let Aubamayang go. They will go nuts. Dortmund does not have to sell. Auba is under contract for 3 more years.

    No lets nring it down to more realistic targets. Jovetic anyone……….

    1. I wouldn’t be surprised if there is truth to that Jovetic story..
      Maybe he comes in and does a ‘De Bruyne’ at the Emirates. Imagine that!

  6. Oh And about the Miki transfer. Arsenal enquired with Dortmund about buying him for 20 mil. Dortmund said no. Miki’s agent suddenly changed his story about how Miki always loved ManU, while there are old videos about him saying how his dream club was Arsenal.

    Fickle agent and Players, they hope ManU will pay the 35 mil required to get him. That is a lot of money for a contract with 1 year left.

  7. We should, but I think Auba himself was very clear about his transfer direction, which is a bit more south from England.
    But there are ways to benefit from Auba’s transfer to, let’s say, Real Madrid. That means that if Lewa really wants to play somewhere else, we’re almost the only proper destination for him. He can either go to PSG or Arsenal. I don’t think he’d go to City to compete with Aguero, plus he already worked with Guardiola, I don’t think he’d play for manure, since they’re not in the UCL, same goes for chelski. BUT, he might fancy a switch to PSG, he’d get a huge salary there, he’d live in Paris and possibly a better go at the Champions League, but that’s debatable, since Arsenal with Lewa could do wonders, plus Arsenal is a bigger club than PSG in all the footballing matters, period.
    It’s big time conjecture, but it still could happen.

  8. just go all out for Aubameyang…
    Gabriel ll learn English and with more games will develop an understanding with Koscielny at the heart of defence.
    Ramsey will be our RAM. he can support Bellerin defensively and he could resurrect his 13/14 form.
    If he doesn’t do well Campbell will.
    signing Aubameyang now will not only be a statement it ll also secure the CF spot for years and he holds more guarantee than Vardy.
    . and it’s €65m thatz about £50m.

  9. Darren lol.
    Vardy is not a done deal
    to stay at Leicester.
    Arsenal scored just 3 goals
    less than Leicester and conceded
    the same number as Leicester.
    Wellbeck is no loss. Bring back
    Akpon he would get a dozen
    EPL goals easy for free.
    Sanchez is a top striker.
    Giroux is our most consistent
    striker since Henri.
    Surely Ramsey Walclott and Ox
    can cobble together 20 between them.
    Raineri had half the talent Arsenal
    had and won the EPL.
    Is Wenger good enough?
    Do the players want it enough?

      1. Leic spread their goals out and held onto their leads. We do have purple patches and even then are not guaranteed to hold onto a lead. Sometimes we were going down from one shot on target.

        Fine-tuning at both ends needed, and there must not be a huge gap between both ends (shape). Wingers were very poor defensively last season. Still allot of work to be done if we are going to claim a PL title.

  10. If sheik mansour or abramovich said “i want to win the PL next season” we would all believe them.

    Kronke says “I am not involved to win championships” and we do not believe him and talk anout needing this player or that player to win the PL.

    We need to be realistic an talk about which players we need to stay in the top four, in other words ahead of tottenham, leicester, west ham, pool, everton etc. Then hope to be ahead of one of chelsea, manu or manc. That is the way Wenger will be looking at it because his orders are top four with minimum spend.

  11. What about Higuain? Anybody seen his performances at the Copa? He’s been kicking in with Argentina and playing full of confidence…the point is there’s options out there hopefully Wenger makes something apart!

  12. Another way to wonder if he’s worth the money would be say, hypothetically, we know you we get two good players for that amount of money. Not two strikers but two positions filled. Would it be better to have one position filled with one of the finest on the planet. Or would it be better to fill CB and striker with good players who you hope can improve you’re team. I would say filling that one position with what looks like a lock, would be more beneficial.

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