Arsenal must put the Anfield Hoodoo to bed on Saturday

Should Arsenal be worried going to Anfield?

As most football fans would know, going away to Anfield has never been easy and is always a tall task of any team, even when Liverpool aren’t at their best, their home record is incredible. They haven’t lost a game at Anfield in years and until this weekend, they haven’t faced anyone who they haven’t been able to score against there either, so coming to Anfield on the weekend and getting a result is going to be hard for Mikel Arteta and his Arsenal squad.

Arsenal managed to leapfrog over Liverpool this weekend with our win against Brighton, Liverpool dropping points at home to Manchester United in what was a massive win for Arsenal points wise and a massive boost for Mikel Arteta and his side. No offence to United but they haven’t been great this season, and to go to Anfield and get a result was decent and tells me that it can definitely be done and why can’t we do it?

If we manage to win away at Anfield, I think it could be the fire under the rocket that sets us off, an away win at all the “top six” clubs is necessary for us this season if we want to win the title and Anfield would be a perfect start. Liverpool also has a mid-week game against West Ham in the EFL Cup on Wednesday and that could work in our favour completely, with Klopp focusing on the Cup but also with one eye on facing Arsenal, we couldn’t be going to Anfield at a better time.

Due to the EFL cup Liverpool will need to rest and prioritise what they want more and with them already facing a few injuries, it leaves fans wondering what Klopp will do. West Ham aren’t going to go down easy and, in a competition where they know they’ll have to throw the kitchen sink at, Klopp will be left with some big decisions to make that could ultimately go in our favour.

It is Anfield though and Liverpool’s home record isn’t something to take lightly. Although they are competing again with those at the top, in my opinion they’ve also been very lucky to be where they are and that the teams around them have dropped points, because for me they’re still not at their best and if our squad shows up on the weekend, I think we’ve got more than enough quality to walk away with the three points and put a proper mark of dominance down on the table, as we look to finish this year on a strong note.

Should we be worried? I don’t think so, if we go in playing the football we have been, were in with a good chance of walking away with a result. Records are made to be broken and for me, it’s our time to show what we’re made of and truly put the Anfield Hoodoo to bed once and for all.

What’s your thoughts Gooners?

Daisy Mae

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  1. Think it was 1989 the year of the Hillsborough disaster,I became an Arsenal fan, the gunners went to Anfield and needed to win by two clear goals, took us days after to know what happened in the dying seconds of the match.

  2. Arsenal against Liverpool on Saturday is Massive, it’s the ultimate test for the last season runner up outfit.

    Arsenal is the least flawed looking outfit of the battling top four contenders, we will never have a better chance of finally winning at Anfield.

    The new and mighty midfield assembled by the gaffer is beginning to get and should head to Merseyside with tails in our back.
    Rice was impervious at the base of midfield on Sunday , breaking up play and driving the team forward, Odegaard was back to his creative best; and the big German is on fire, equally impressive is his willingness to do the dirty work.
    The big German and Rice have provided Arsenal with a physicality presence they lack in big games, but Anfield will be the ultimate test if you ask me.

    But the same goes for Arsenal back four, Saturday will see the two best defense slug it out like the gunfight at the ok Corral.
    Surely the protection from Rice and the big German has help our defense, but the much maligned Magalhaes and Saliba have nonetheless looked incredibly dominant.
    They bullied the Seagulls striker Evan Furgeston, who spent much of the first half on the floor, before being hauled off.

    The Frenchman has earned much of the praise in defense this season, but Magalhaes has been a monster in the backline what he transmit is absolutely incredible.
    Am predicting a bold 3 : 1 : 3 : 3 formation to Merseyside as London top dog fear no one.

  3. This is pretty much the biggest test of the teams mentality because when it comes down to ability without a doubt we can beat them but it’s the psychological side they must overcome. Can they handle the atmosphere? Not make silly mistakes or cheap errors, hold their nerve when under pressure from the Anfield 12th man?

    With the added leadership of Rice and Saliba being available this time around I believe they now can and will prove that on Saturday evening. Coyg

  4. We have dropped points when playing against Fulham, Spuds, Chelsea, Newcastle and Aston Villa, so we must win at Anfield

    Liverpool are also our closest EPL title rival, so we could damage their confidence if we defeat them at their own turf

      1. Liverpool are very consistent lately. Someone must stop them and I doubt other teams can defeat them once they extend their winning streak

    1. I think Arsenal has a chance especially if Salah can be kept quiet but will do the job? Inchenko or Kiwior? Unfortunately Tomi not fit. That’s the only wing that worries me. I am excited our midfield players are in form and should compete well my worry is our full backs against their deadly wingers.
      Arsenal has what it takes to beat Liverpool or at best not lose. Anfield not a new place to the players again.

      1. Maybe Kiwior will man-mark Salah. Unfortunately, we don’t have a right-footed LB like Timber and Tomiyasu to prevent Salah from cutting inside

        White got skinned by Mitoma several times, so I’m worried about him playing against Luis Diaz. Saka could track Diaz, but it would worsen our right-wing attack

        We should at least draw the game

  5. Just worried about our fullback scenario. Can Zinchenko hold Salah? No choice, considering how thin we are at the back. White seems little lost in form. Seems like he is not at his physical best. Rest of the team picks on merit.

    1. I wouldn’t focus much on that. Just like we have Zinchenko vs Salah, they also also have Alexander-Arnold vs Martinelli.

      1. Salah more “deadly” than Matinelli our full backs gives reason to worry because it’s an away match. Firminho scored against us last season at Anfield because Zichenko couldn’t handle Trent Anold. (Watch the video again) and White faultered against Firminho. I think White should sacrifice his marauding runs down the right for defensive duties.

  6. We have to beat them to enhance our chances for Title. But 3 things can be issue for us.
    1. Our full backs, specially Zinchenko
    2. Mistake from Raya
    3. Efficiency in front of goal

    But as Liverpool playing midweek and we are resting. This is the best chance we have. So no excuse, we have to win it.

    If we mess with this then no hope for Title

  7. I recall vividly how we had turned Anfield into a good hunting ground until about 2016. Perhaps the most memorable match was in 2009 when Andrei Arshavin scored 4 goals against Liverpool at Anfield to give us a draw. Prior to that we were almost guaranteed of either winning or drawing at Anfield. The man who began to turn tables against us was Peter Crouch because of his height. That was the time when Arsenal was greatly lacking in height at the back. We had good technical players but height was always our Achilles heel. I believe now is the time to show real intent by beating Liverpool at home. Last season we very nearly did it but we were let down by lack of quality players and confidence. We capitulated instead of capitalising on our two goal advantage. Anyone who saw how Man U pegged back Liverpool at Anfield should have confidence that we can do it, given the quality of our players.

  8. It’s predictable isn’t it? Liverpool players gonna smash Arsenal boys up and down with the referee’s help and will rile up their crowd when we retaliate. Newcastle did that with a tee. Maybe the referee gonna book Arteta this time for being shorter than Klopp perhaps.

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