Arsenal must really want this midfielder after yet another scouting mission

There has been one constant over the last month and that is that loads of players are being linked with us. We are talking a LOT, I even did a post about 20 players linked with Arsenal in March and that was not a comprehensive list.

With so many players being linked with us it is easy to be dismissive of every rumour, I mean, how do we know what is true and what is not? That said, when an individual player’s name keeps on coming up, time after time from multiple sources, then you have to start thinking this one could be true.

That is the case with Cagliari’s Nico Barella.

According to reports in the media today we had scouts watch the youngster last night in Cagliari’s Serie A clash with Juventus. That is apparently the third time that we have sent our scouts out to monitor the 22-year-old claims Talksport.

We need to bolster our midfield now that Aaron Ramsey is leaving us for Juventus in the summer and it really does seem that Unai Emery has set his heart on Barella.

However, in the same report it is being claimed that Chelsea and AC Milan are also interested in the youngster and that Liverpool, Tottenham and Man Utd were previously keen on the £43 Million rated star.

For their part, Cagliari President Tommaso Giulini has admitted that they will struggle to hold onto their prized asset.

“It would be marvellous to keep him with us and grow together, but I don’t know how realistic that is as things stand,” he said.

When you add all the reports together you have to think that we are very serious about signing Barella and you can expect more reports linking us with him in the weeks and months to come.

Is he good enough to replace Ramsey?

Sam P


  1. From reliable sources on twitter, Arsenal are in talks with Norwich for their RB and LB.Jamal Lewis and Max Aarons.The fee being quoted is around £25m.Personal terms are not expected to be a problem. Martinelli’s deal was correctly reported about two days before the media too from the same twitter.

    1. It doesn’t make any sense if Arsenal are getting another LB, since they still have Kolasinac, Monreal, Lopez and Bramall

      If they really want to replace Monreal, they had better chase Grimaldo

      1. Grimaldo won’t accept a backup role so we are looking for a young player since kolasinac is good enough as 1st choice LB.

        1. Kolasinac isn’t good enough as a left back only as a wing back, he’s terrible defensively, he reminds me of moreno at liverpool although kolasinac is better in attack. If we want to compete next season, then upgrades to certain positions are necessary with left back being one of them. But under kroenke, we wouldn’t spend whats needed so we will continue to settle for our limited and deficient players because we have no money to buy better, this has happened for as long as i can remember and it’s why we wouldn’t win a title for many years to come. So me personally, i accepted that reality a long time ago and i’m just enjoying the ride especially with what emery is doing right now.

          1. Kolasinac is improving defensively (since the Utd game) and by next season he ll be better like Bellerin improved.
            A top class LCB at his peak would be very useful and is highly needed as well to reduce the defensive frailties down that p
            Wing and possibly a more mobile LCM than Xhaka to rotate with him.

            Marcelo is also poor defensively but his offensive contribution is so good and that is why no club will reject a chance to have Marcelo. Madrid curb his defensive gaps with Kroos drifting wide left and Ramos doing bits too.
            Same is the case with Mendy(when fit)-Laporte, we need to get a Koulibaly/DeLigt/Skriniar in LCB and leave Kolasinac in the XI.

      2. Lopez and Bramall are not even first team considerations, Kolasinac is poor as a LB (excellent as a LWB though), and Monreal is ageing. So I can understand why we’re looking at a LB. Monreal is still very consistent, and can play as a LCB in a back 3, at LB and LWB, so I’d still keep him for another season though.

      3. Who is Lopes?!?

        Bramall?? Another Wenger dream once he succumbed to believing he had become Midas himself!!!

        Nacho is 33 years old and believe produdent to get another one in….don’t want to hear about AMN again as option on the left!

  2. If Barella comes, Suarez might have to return to Barcelona and Maitland-Niles’/ Iwobi’s chances in the center midfield would be limited

    Since Barella is of small build and similar to Torreira, I hope he has the ball control level of Cazorla and Verratti

    I wish Arsenal focus on a winger like Chukwueze instead of getting another CM

    1. Emery style demands a huge workrate from the central midfield players thus we need another cm with ramsey leaving to be able to rotate our midfield without losing quality. Torreira, xhaka, guendouzi and Niles is ok but adding another quality player is better. But we better buy a good winger as well.

    2. As Suarez hasn’t done anything but for a good run about against an Arab team believe better to let him go back instead of wasting 20 millions…

      No we need to be careful as unfortunately I do believe our budget is 50 millions even if we would qualify for CL?

      First priority must be a commanding first choice CB!!!

  3. I’m high on uncle jack Daniels but if we are ready to meet the 43m release clause then this club is ambitious.We are finishing third that I guarantee you the lady luck is on our side.Belief in the arsenal you know

  4. I have not been able to comment on this forum for a long time I was an akb but have seen Emery has hunger is passionate and energetic to move this club foward sometimes his decision are questionable but you know we can not all think the same brains are different but results so far prove that the manager is up there with the best. Having said that the only person I had missed is @phil we will have to meet one day even if its at a police station if at all you doubt my motive

    1. Counsel, glad to see your opinion of Emery has changed and your courage to admit it. Those who disagree with Emery’s decisions, if they had their badges and were able to coach as well as Emery, would be being paid well to do it.

  5. He will be great addition for us, We need that kind of player in our midfield. Plays cm, am, dm, he have guick feet and agility, he is a fighter, can drible, pass, great vision, similar to Veratti..the problem is he wants to stay in Italy.. I hope Arsenal can change his mind..

  6. So the toilet is officially opened tonight…. how great would it be if Palace turn up & spoil the party?!!!

      1. I think they changed the roof a wee bit. It was round in the pictures, but it looks like they were changing it more to our shape but then adjusted it slightly or something, it looks lopsided. People should’ve just let them think the round top was fine, and it being white is fine, and then gave them the punchline after they built it.

  7. A lot of Arsenal fans seem to be keen on the Fraser links. Looking at his stats, he is actually one of the most dangerous players in this league. Short but he has a lot of fight in him. He created more chances than everyone bar Hazard I think, but he created more big chances than everyone. His crossing stats too are very good. I was surprised reading his stats. He and Wilson have also made more goals for each other than any other striking pair.

    1. Fraser has impressed this season IMO, I think he would suit Emery and the pressing style he likes, I think he can use both feet very well which is a bonus. I like this rumor as he isn’t a massive name for a record fee, it’s believable and desirable.

      1. He also impressed in Bournemouth’s 4-3 win V Liverpool, couple of seasons back… he came on won a penalty, assisted & scored!! Brilliant & not just because I detest Liverpool ? I’d be happy if we got him!

  8. Barella is a non starter as he will move to one of the top Italian clubs or PSG.Our interest in the Norwich full backs may however lead to a signing .They are both very promising young players who were recently selected in the Championship top eleven team which in itself is quite an achievement.Whether they can step up to the Premier League is another matter but in the case of Lewis in particular it could well be a risk worth taking.That said Tierney of Celtic would be my preferred left back buy as I know he is on a par with Andrew Robertson of Liverpool.

  9. Funds are a problem. If we take Fraser than twin him with Alaba, and trenghen the cm with Dacoure. Left back must be Wan-Bassako, SB Umtiti. Holla! Sell LAURENT, ELNENY, GRANITE, MONREAL, RAMSEY- Problems solved

    1. I dont think we have an offensive problem on the left wing at all.. in fact that is our strongest wing offensively thanks to Kolasinac-Iwobi understanding.
      However we need a CAM that can deliver the goods in d final third and a RW more.

      Ziyech and Zaha or at least one of them.

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