Arsenal MUST replace Walcott if he’s used in Van Dijk transfer

I am not sure that any transfer action completed by Arsene Wenger before the current transfer window slams shut would convince the Arsenal fans that this had been a good summer for the Gunners, especially if we see both Alexis Sanchez and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain complete their much taled about moves to Premier League rival clubs.

However, the signing of the highly rated Dutch international centre back Virgil Van Dijk from Southampton would certainly put a rosier tint on the transfer dealings of Arsene Wenger, and the Daily Express is reporting that our manager is trying to beat both Liverpool and Chelsea to his signature.

While that may seem unlikely, we do apparently have a chance because the boss is offering the Saints their former player Theo Walcott as part of the deal and apparently they do want him. If Walcott is to be our secret weapon in this deal, though, it is vital that Arsenal replace him because he has often been our secret weapon on the pitch and a player we can barely afford to lose.

A lot of Arsenal fans may not be too bothered if Theo leaves but we should remember what an impact he can have and not just against the lesser clubs as many seem to think. He was not used all that heavily by Wenger last season but still chipped in with 19 goals.

So if Arsenal use him to get Van Dijk I think Wenger must sign a replacement. Riyad Mahrez perhaps?


Updated: August 30, 2017 — 3:44 pm


  1. Walcott ain’t going. Van Dijk ain’t coming. Next article please.

    1. DIY stores all over the country have announced a surge in sales of pitchforks and sharpening tools in anticipation of arsenals next home game

    2. Agreed, no business other than sales at the AFC garage sale / clear out.

      There’ll be no new players, we have a stadium to pay for, we have enough quality, Wilshere is a new signing, team needs cohesion/confidence/rocket up their collective derriere’s….yadayada…zzzzzz

    3. I cant imagine Wenger seriously thinks we have a squad capable of top 4 let alone winning anything…
      Glad Ox has gone… what a joke after Wenger gave him so many minutes… players these days think theyre gods but see how much loyalty any other manager will show him when he doesnt perform..
      No idea what will happen at every match if Wenger doesnt buy 2 to 3 top players in next 24 hours… unikely to happen… !

  2. For attack, best move would be sell Ox get Mahrez with that money. Keep Sanchez and then you have somehting dangerous upfront. Defence will remain poor though.

  3. Forget about Virgil Van Dijk.He’s Liverpool bound.He won’t accept the move.
    JUST IN:Arsenal have accepted a Liverpool bid for Alex Oxlade Chamberlain.However,now the payment plan conditions must be met upfront,add ons(if there is),installment plans(if there is) etc.The Ox has even asked for permission from the England team to complete his move.The transfer is about 90% done.Liverpool have also missed out on Lemar.

    Arsenal are not close to signing anyone as I reported some few hours ago.They’ve pulled out of all possible deals and even the Jadon Sancho one.I hope I’m wrong on this one though.

    1. He agreed Chelsea deal at £190,000 a week but didn’t sign and rejected them and has now agreed to Liverpool’s terms at £125,000 a week.
      Sanchez update:You can say bye Sanchez if the £65m+ expected for him from Man City this evening comes in.He really wants the transfer.

      1. Chelsea offered better opportunity to win “major” trophies and more money, 75 f***king thousands more, yet he rejected them and choose Liverpool. I don’t believe that. It’s either the money part is made up or Ox is indeed brainless like i thought

        1. His ugly girlfriend is a scouser. He is under the thumb and has to do what she says as he is a cuckold.

    2. Ox fee now agreed at £40m.Personal terms agreed at £125,000 a week.Medical scheduled for tomorrow.Done deal for them.

      1. 48 million profit this window and counting. Yet our team is now WEAKER . I can’t wait for the transfer window to end fir this team to settle down and get theirs heads in the game

  4. Why would any top player come to a club that is rotten to the core.

  5. Goodbye Gibbs, thanks for the memories.

  6. Selling but no buying

  7. Thanks for the update, our hope is the hands of London fans to please boycott matches

  8. We have to force Wenger out of this club.we have to take our destiny into our own hands,leg come together and push Wenger out

    1. It is not just only Wenger but the f**king board, I heard kroenke wants to take out a loan to build a new stadium for his MLS team and Arsenal is the collateral ??

  9. Apparently there is a wide spread rumor that, Renacho Sanchez is close to agreeing a season long loan move to Swansea, ladies and gentlemen, I believe we will all agree that, that is a position we need to strengthen, but arsene is our coach..

    1. The Renato Sanches deal is already done.Paul Clement used his influence to finish it.

    2. Renato Sanchez was overated. He had a total of 0 goals for Bayern Munich in League and UCL last season.

      1. Renato Sanches was 18 years old when he bossed the park all summer on road to being crowned champion of Euro 2016! The kid is unreal! Do you want to know why he didnt score for Bayern? He made 17 appearances (majority as a substitution) as a CM… not exactly the platform to score goals… if you dont think he is class you will find out soon enough for Swans. i would love to see him play for us but he might be a little too raw for Arsene’s liking…

  10. Liverpool agree to sign Chamberlain for €35..
    just pray arsene use this money to sign mahrez or draxler …..

    1. Liv must have tapped him up the same way as VVD.

      1. I think a move to Liverpool would be the most unpopular amongst the fans, given our previous transfer dealings with them, although the circus was largely our fault. Ox has managed to go from the most to the least popular guy in the club in a matter of days, and I think it’s a really bad career move for him to boot. I don’t see him getting his preferred position there, which seems to be what this is all about, and Liverpool just aren’t in Chelski’s league. He seems to be getting really bad advice from somewhere.

        1. Well that is his problem to deal with now not ours. My worry is how these players fool Wenger time and time again into thinking he has everything under control. Ox just need that sh..t performance against Liverpool to tell Wenger you can’t hold me down. In between, some of us here need apology from those that that believe Sanchez will give his all because he is a professional. What is professional about his performance and conduct against Liverpool.

        2. His preffered position?? Do u think a proper manager like klopp will lose his time pretending that ox can develop an awesome football brain and a nice touch on short passes? No my friend, no..he will play him on the wing and will use the dynamism of the ox…i will not miss the ox too much but klopp with his heavy metal style is of course the man who can let all the ox potencial out…only wenger think in the ox like cm, ramsey on the wing, elneny cd, walcott cf or zidane like lcb

  11. Why was emirate stadium burglary, any reason behind that ?

    1. Because people realised Kroenke and Arsenal are robbing hem every week so why not switch the tables;)

      1. It’s funny but that is what i think exactly. Those guys are getting back what has being taking from them in the name of ambition.

    2. The story of the break in is it was arsenal fans returning arsenal shirts and other arsenal merchandise not stealing anything

  12. With Gibbs gone, our squad is 26 strong without counting Macey, Akpom and injured Campbell.

    Perez, Debuchy, OX and Sanchez out the door, our “large squad” will be 3 players short.

    Imagine that Swansea and WBA signed better midfielders what we currently have. How low can one man sink this club?

  13. Maharez, Lemar or Seri

    1. Goretzka Nzonzi and VVD, then Stirling and Lemar/Draxler to replace Walcott and Alexis. Never gonna happen but that would be my wish.

  14. Arsene could be creating a situation were we say, can someone please take that shovel away from him already. He wants Mustafi to go, but getting that money will be tough, so he could end up staying. Same with Walcott, we need VVD to agree to it, so Walcott could be staying. That will be two players who were put on the market, and we might need them at some stage. This along with Alexis and Oxlade, then the timing of it all. It has a bad look about it, I’m fearing the worst.

  15. We may still sign some die minute panic players

  16. Let’s use the power of social media to our advantage to push Wenger out.that is the most important transfer for AFC

  17. Reiss Nelson > Walcott

  18. Remember Resource?

    My source said that Gazidis wanted wenger gone last year and he feels like he’s made to look like a fool. He’s angry and might be off.. He meant what he said “catalyst for change” I mean gazidis has said one thing and wenger the other. And i recall gazidis saying his kids give him a lot of shit being arsenal fans. apparently major dressing room issue after liverpool. Major shit wenger could be off at the end of the season. And one thing is for are he’s not staying past this contract. Kroenke and board apparently said since you want to keep alexis you cannot utilise the budget because we have to take the hit. Who is to blame that players want to leave? who is to blame that contracts are run down? WENGER. apart from the budget wenger decides everything at arsenal. We all know that.

  19. Southampton are not stupid enough to pay Theo’s 140K a week. And what makes you think Theo will take a pay cut to go to them?

  20. Walcott was referred to a winger who can only run straight line by Petit. That is exactly what he is.

    Chris Waddle is right afterall.

  21. The problem is leadership and persistent Arsene Wenger…….Economic coaching…

    It time for change….Even the superpowers replaces their presidents.

  22. Why Wenger stays? Because a new Manager want new players! Arsenal want spend money for new players. Where is the money? In the pocket of the bosses!

    1. really true. New managers will need new players. So board cannot tolerate that kind of spending. Thats why they love Wenger…but the a strong wind is coming to blow off their card game.

  23. A lot of money coming in (still more to come) for selling players, doesn’t appear that any of it will be going back out to secure new players. The only conclusion I can draw is Stan-the-man-K needs to shift the money to one of his other sub-par sport teams in the USA . . . . (or his pocket).

    1. Other clubs spending their big TV deal money, while AFC keep all of theirs (or move to USA sport teams).

  24. I hope you guys will get a hold of yourselves when the transfer window shuts down! Three major players will be going, while nobody will be coming! Typical Wenger for you folks!

  25. So maybe this is all a ruse to make the club more attractive to our next manager. In an act of selflessness, Wenger agrees to sell all our best players, not buy any replacements and run down contracts.. He steps down after leading us to a 14th place finish and the new manager has no players over 21 but a war chest of £400m to shape a team the way they want. Yes I’m grasping at straws.

  26. Reiss Nelson Is Better Than Walcott Anyway. Even If We Sign Mahrez, Lemar, Draxler Etc, I Wouldn’t Say He Is A Walcott Replacement Because Dead-Woods Don’t Need To Be Replaced. We Would Just Be Signing Them Because We Need Them.

  27. Worth a read, for those who are in any doubt this is the worst transfer window even though we have had so many in recent years;


    As a side note, The Ox’s sports company put up a twitter saying ‘done deal’ with a Liverpool badge before swiftly deleting it!!!!

  28. Already last day of transfer. Why Perez, Debuchy, Wilshere, Walcott still at arsenal ???

  29. JUST IN: Are Offering Ozil To Barcelona In Exchange For Turan Plus Barca Paying 40 Million Euros To Us. Plus Arsenal Have Just Offered Jack Wilshere To Real Betis. Inter Milan Also Remain In Talks For Mustafi’s Signature. The Two Clubs Are 10 Million Euros Apart In Their Valuation Of The Player, Although It Will Be A Situation Where Inter Will Pay A Loan Fee, Then Sign Him Permanently A Year Later. Arsenal Want The Deal To Eclipse The 30 Million Euros The Milan Side Are Offering. Meanwhile Our Chances Of Signing Julian Draxler Looks Slim Because German National Team Coach Joachim Low Just Confirmed That PSG Doesn’t Want To Offload Draxler, Plus The Player Isn’t Pushing For A Move Away. Meanwhile Lazio Are Considering Making A Move For Lucas Perez In A Bid To Replace The Departed Keita Balde. Levante Also Want Him Now. In Other News, Southampton Might Want Walcott But They’re Not Willing To Match His Wages. Lucas Vazquez Of Real Madrid Is Being Considered By Arsenal If Walcott Departs.

  30. For us the transfer window should be renamed ‘GROUNDHOG DAY’ I’m just getting sick of it all.
    But the bad news is, it is going to get worse the lunatics have taken over the asylum and they don’t give a s**t.

  31. Arsenal Have Relatively Remained Quiet Concerning Incoming Transfers. They’re Just Intent On Offloading Dead-Wood And The Players Who Are Not Dedicated To Playing For The Club Like Oxlade Chamberlain And Alexis Sanchez. At The Moment, They Are Just Focussing On Outgoings. Though That Might Change In A Few Hours.

    1. Thanks Kev

  32. I do no know what is going on at the club but let’s hope for some new players in tomorrow ,but I doubt it.But one thing I can say is let’s pray that Sanchez and Chamberlain are gone possibly Ozil as they are a poisonous pair who must be got rid of.But remember how ever the season ends it will still be better than watching the Arsenal in the mid to later 70’s watching great players like Ray Hankin and the best of them all Terry Mancini,Strepenhov would have been a true great in them days.

  33. I feel if we have a bad season then kroenke will lose money might have to do a Milan in order to get back where we belong
    the board and wenger are selling deadwood and use it to post a huge profit to line their pockets
    What is going on with mustafi why are we loaning him out, why did we sell Gabriel
    After Sunday why would any of our targets come to us
    The players have stopped playing for wenger and are leaving for ambition not money
    This is a new low for wenger and he ruined his Leah’s you by extending your in the summer

  34. Wenger doesn’t care about your feelings he even abandoned his wife so the guy careless about us all

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