Arsenal must retain FA cup the HARD way! Fair enough

Bring on the big guns by Sam P

I think that most Arsenal fans, along with Arsene Wenger and the players, were really hoping that Blackburn Rovers could take advantage of Liverpool´s slump in form and a few suspensions to some key players to do the Gunners a big favour in our quest to retain the FA cup this week.

As we know it did not happen and Liverpool narrowly managed to book their place in the Wembley semi-final where they will face Tim Sherwood´s Aston Villa, on the day after we face the Championship side Reading. Wenger and the players must focus fully on getting to the final first rather than who we will face if we get there, but the clear favourites to make that final will be us and Liverpool.

With Villa under real threat of relegation it is clear what their priority will be, while Brendan Rodgers knows that he needs a miracle to somehow manage a top four finish. So assuming things go to form, Arsenal will not have won the title but should have improved on last season´s fourth place and on May 30th will run out to face a Liverpool side desperate for a trophy to rescue a disappointing campaign.

This will definitely be a hard game for the Gunners, as Liverpool will have the likes of Skrtel and Gerrard back and Sturridge could be back to his best by then. But there is a saying that things are better when you have to really struggle to achieve them.

If Arsenal do retain the famous old cup it will make us the most successful side in the competition and Wenger the most successful manager, so it is worth a little extra effort. And although we would rather not face Liverpool in the final, won´t it make it all the sweeter to win it against them?

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  1. arsenal369 says:

    Jumping the gun a bit! First we got to focus on reading, can’t take nothing for granted (Monaco!!)! Then we can focus on who our next opponent will be!

    1. Redsoldier says:

      Fans are allowed to dream and get ahead of ourselves, thats why we are Fans. That doesn’t mean our Arsenal players will dream as well. And from wat i have heard from the manager and team this week, i’m confident they are taking it one game at a time and their focus is a win tomorrow at burnley. So lets dream on fans….Arsenal all the wa to the TOP.

    2. SoOpa AeoN says:

      “Hard way, the onLy way!”

  2. fred cowardly says:

    Agree. Reading can beat us if we don’t turn up.
    Also remember we lost the League Cup final to Birmingham (a team that was relegated same season).

    Actually forget Reading right now, lets hold on to 2nd place by beating Burnley.

    It’s amazing that a few months ago we were 6th place and now 2nd. We MUST fight hard to finish 2nd at the very least if not higher.

  3. Raja Danish says:

    helo dear guys so nice to be here again after long while.We will again win fa cup INSHAA ALLAH and become the most successful club to win fa cups and i have a feeling that if we win next 2 3 games and chelsea lose or draw few games and also without costa we have a slight outside chance to win the league after long 11 years i hope so we win and become a top notch club again after invincibles and so far so good things are looking well.. COYG!!!

  4. AlanFrank says:

    You want to come up against good teams in cup competitions otherwise people will say you were handed the cup. Last year despite beating Spurs, Everton and Liverpool then a good hull side in the final some said we were gifted it thanks to Wigan beating Man city even tho the draw was made before that and we all thought we would have to play man city. This season we’ve had a easier set of fixtures but anything can happen in a cup game so you still have to go out and win. If we beet Liverpool in the final then having already knocked out Man U no one can say we didn’t deserve it if we do win. Also what a fantastic run in the FA cup that would be beating a lot of great teams and a 12 game winning streak to claim the FA cup for a second time.

  5. cramer says:

    We should beat both villa and liverpool. It would almost be preferable to have liverpool because it means there is no doubt that the players will turn up for the game. It was also be a better game of football hwich is always more enjoyable.

  6. Bravox says:

    The writting is already on the wall,retain fa cup finish above 2nd(if possible)anyway u look at it itz been a positive end to a very crazy begining.

  7. unjonzeable says:

    What kills us mostly is being ahead of ourselves….what is before us now is the league game….let’s take it one at a time…when FA Cup semis come around…we take it on too…for now, we should be all Burnley…..keeping the pressure on chelsea won’t cost us a dime!

  8. jt says:

    Costa out for a month. Don’t like looking for injuries to other teams but losing you’re top scorer can be pretty debilitating. Remy is capable of causing us problems but I think costa would have been a bigger threat.

    Chelsea might have a good squad on paper, but I think mourinho only trusts abut 13 maybe 14 of them enough to rotate them in on a regular basis, so really I think if one of their key players goes missing like fabregas, terry or matic at this point it could have an impact.

    Clutching at straws I guess, but I don’t see chelsea dropping points unless they lose a few players, because they know how to set up not to lose games.

    1. Goonsquad8 says:

      Chelsea really don’t have much depth. They have 2 defenders remy and cuadrado which aren’t bad players but after them there’s really no1

  9. Ozil John says:

    As the headline says, we must retain it the hard way and not take any team for granted. Hard way does it! COYG!

  10. fred cowardly says:

    Yes. A trophy the hard way is still a trophy.
    If we win a trophy I will also get hard. I always get a hard one when we win trophy

  11. GoonerInstinct says:

    Hi guys, I’ve visitied justarsenal regularly for the past year. Mostly to read the comments and see what other fans are thinking. Currently in doing my coaching badges and have a dream that one day I will be able to manage the mighty Arsenal.

  12. Redsoldier says:

    On anoda topic, Costa will miss Arsenal game. Also fabregas and matic one yellow card away from missing 2 games. I hope one of them or both miss both ManU and Arsenal games. That increases the chance of Chelsea losing points in the Arsenal and ManU games. And if that happens u never know. Arsenal suffered with injuries early in the season. I wonder how Chelsea will cope if they lose key players like fabregas, matic and costa….Chelsea has more depth?? yeah right.

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