Arsenal must score first to beat Tottenham tomorrow

Arsenal have played 7 games this season with varying success, but there has been one common denominator in every single game. Our first three League defeats saw us fail to find the back of the net once. Our 2 League Cup games were won to nil, and our 2 consecutive League wins were won with clean sheets as well.

So, in every single game only one team has got on the scoresheet, and we will hoping to shut out Tottenham tomorrow to continue this run.

Strangely enough, in all 5 of Tottenham’s League games so far there has also been one team scoring and the loser has ended with zero goals, as evidenced strongly in Spurs’ last two 3-0 derby defeats to Crystal Palace and Chelsea.

After the Chelsea game, even Nuno Santo made that very point: “We have to find the balance.” He told the Standard.

“We have to find the balance in our game. If you want me to talk about the game against Chelsea, all the positives happened in the first half and we can share a lot of things that were okay and for sure the fans were happy.

“In the second half we didn’t do things. We opened ourselves. One concern we have is when we concede first we are not able to react. The team is not strong enough to go and give a good response.”

Thankyou for the advice Nuno! If there is one thing that Arteta has instilled in his new side is that if you keep a clean sheet you will win more games, and this is what we must do tomorrow. With the home supporters behind the team, it would be great to inflict the third 3-0 derby defeat on Tottenham in a row, wouldn’t it just!

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  1. Agreed. Nuno has been parking the bus in his last two matches, so hopefully we can pin Spurs down in the first half

    My biggest worry is Kane, who’s currently one of the best CFs in the world. He’d likely hold our CBs off with ease, so our midfielders must intercept Spurs’ passes to him

  2. The score at the end of the game counts most.
    What ever happens I will still trust the process.
    At Xmas after 19 games is when the first major assessment should be made.
    Should be a fun day all round.

  3. I don’t know about “Must” but scoring first will help towards meeting that goal (no pun intended) of winning

  4. Kane is renown for scoring against us we should put somebody on him close if he goes to the toilet he should hold his hand {no pun } that’s how close he should be marked

  5. OT.. So glad City won. I’ve had a Chav harping on all week about how crap we are; how we’re not seen as a big team anymore and beating Burnley/Norwich 1-0 was really poor.
    Followed by how great they are and how they’ll beat City as they don’t concede… 🙂

    Always nervous come derby day, but reckon Auba will bang one in COYG

    The Spuds have AJ boxing at their ground later. £24.95 paid, I hope it goes beyond the first round 😆

    1. Man City’s win is impressive

      They did it against a very strong Chelsea team at Stamford Bridge, with Foden as their CF and 60% ball possession. They also make Chelsea unable to produce any shot

      1. Agree Sue, much as we all admire AJ as a person, he never will be a complete boxer. He rarely looks loose and can be either too cautious or too aggressive at the wrong times. And whilst I know these guys are heavyweights, he is caught and rocked too easily to survive unbeaten at the top longterm. Usyk truly deserved the victory, but for me Fury is the best heavyweight in the world. You got your money’s worth though, and you have saved money not having to subscribe to an AJ/Fury fight in…2027?!!!!

        1. TBH I expected much more from him, Guy.. I’m devastated we won’t see AJ/Fury!! Looks like I’ll have to shell out again in a couple of weeks for Fury/Wilder 😉

  6. This Xhaka nagging is getting too much. It is not his fault we came out of another transfer window without signing a proper sitting DM, at least to compete with him. Our DM has been crying for a proper player for years, as Xhaka has proven not to be the kind of sitting DM we need. Xhaka is even the reason that position is not in a bigger crisis.
    I have watched partey in that position, he can’t survive there against top opposition. It is also too early to conclude on Lokonga, and no one should get me started on AMN. The last time someone aside Xhaka did something decent in that position is Torriera. Everytime bench Xhaka, and everytime the team cries for Xhaka.

  7. Yeah, scoring first will help. I am also on board with Campbell’s suggestion that we should warn Tottenham that we are not softies anymore with crunching challenges on Lo Celso and Son. Targeting those players will snuff out some of their creative outlets. Sad we don’t have a dark arts practitioner like Ramos with us, someone who can do the dirty job without being carded. Also, I fear Kane will dominate White, Holding anyone? Or keep the same lineup and have Gabi mark Kane while White looks after Son?

  8. AFC does not score first than Arteta and co will lose, full stop!

    Arteta has yet to prove he can make the tactical changes necessary to grind out a win when a goal down.

  9. can anyone tell me who when scouring the French league for attacking talent looked at Pepe and thought a must have 75m pound talent and failed to consider Raphina for a third of that and St-Maximin for even less … that amounts to criminal negligence in my books

  10. Would be terrible if spurs beat us,

    We can’t beat man city or Chelsea, shouldn’t we be better than spurs?

    Arteta should be out if he can’t ,

    I expect a Japan 🇯🇵 (Tomiyasu) Korea (Son) battle tomorrow,

    While Gabriel should handle Kane, a White should be free to make splitting passes,

    If we can shot more, we can score more,

    In our last 2 matches , Aubameyang has been absolutely absent,

    I would prefer Lacazette, he can hold back the spurs defenders,

    Hope we win tomorrow.

  11. Pls, moaners should talk about how man. U. lost at home to astonvilla….and how Chelsea lost at home to man city.

    Even if you buy 100m player for each position… is not 100% guaranteed
    Yes …. manager matters but moaners don’t seem to even give a chance to our coach or players……if arsenal had 50 shots on target and lost at home to astonvilla….. they’ll all come out and say none of our players can get into man u team…..but even Chelsea at home lost the game, manager lost the tactical battle, chelsea didn’t even get a shot on target.

    You know what arsenal moaners will do if it were arsenal.

    I’m not saying we are good enough but pls be fair with your criticism and be realistic with your demands.


    1. What you failed to realize is with those clubs you mentioned, it is just a bleep why in our case it is normalcies. Please tell me if you see us scored 3 against Liverpool as brentford did today or as acmillan did in cl. Let’s lose like Liepzig did against Manchester city or zenith against Chelsea and fight back like brentford did today and see if there would be any moaner

      1. What you fail to realize is that….”moaners” will come up even after that scenario you described.
        “Moaners” are what they are….you should get the point…..I’m not saying we are good enough.
        I said it in the initial comment that even if we had 50 shots on target…..meaning we must have played attacking football and created chances…….we will get the sticks not given to man u today….

        Thanks for the reply😜

        1. If man utd had the 2 year run we are on you can rest assured they would be moaning .., many are complaining now that solskjar doesn’t have what it takes to win the league … you my friend are just suffering the football equivalent of the Stockholm syndrome

          1. Well….. maybe not, my friend.
            I’m aware that we are not good enough and we should do better, which I believe we are genuinely trying to do, so the best I can offer is my support and constructive criticism when it’s needed which is only reasonable.
            I am voluntarily supporting this team and I know where we were and what has changed……not some syndrome
            Also this psychological thing is big, every one has one or more at some point in their lives. I can only imagine what our players will be going through when it’s not 100% their fault that we are where we are now.

            Thanks…. hoping we can celebrate a derby today

    2. Chelsea Champions of Europe.
      United still plays in the Champions League
      We finished 8th twice in a row

      Dont compare us to these teams or our performance vs how they perform. They are levels above us.

      1. And I agree…….my claim is that if we were swapped with man u’s position right now…..many will not see it the way you have seen it now…as just a bleep, they will point to the years of building the team, the price of players and even Ronaldo in the team……and say it’s unacceptable to lose to astonvilla at home.
        It’s football and it’s the premier league they forget…..

  12. Not only scoring, even if we conceded a goal. our players should have the mentality to be ready to win, we need the 3 points and most importantly, we need them from them!

    1. Agree Prof. At least we seem to be developing the mentality to stand up and fight. Next we need the winning mentality, hopefully accompanied by the ability to score and play entertaining football. Still – one out of four is a start!

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