Arsenal must sell before they can land their midfield target

Arsenal has plans to return for Lyon midfielder, Houssem Aouar, this summer, but they have to sell before they can sign the Frenchman.

They were linked with a move for him in the last summer transfer window, but couldn’t seal the deal.

They signed Thomas Partey from Atletico Madrid, but it wasn’t enough as they finished the campaign outside the European places.

They want to do better next season and have already started targeting a few top players and Aouar is one of them.

ESPN says they want to add him to their squad this summer, but they must sell another midfielder before that.

Arsenal have sent Matteo Guendouzi out on loan to Olympique Marseille while Granit Xhaka is a target for AS Roma.

The Gunners has also declared Lucas Torreira surplus to requirements and the Uruguayan could fetch them some money if he leaves this summer.

Creativity was lacking at Arsenal for much of last season before Martin Odegaard came in on-loan in the last transfer window to help out.

The Norwegian has returned to Real Madrid at the expiry of his loan spell and leaves a huge void at Arsenal.

Aouar can fill this void and the earlier he moves to the Emirates the better it is for all parties.

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  1. Administration you have a near impossible task during transfers. Trying to keep readers up to date and getting hammered for rumors, while simultaneously questioned why other rumors aren’t reported.

    Anyway, on with the opinions.

    Have to sell before buying another midfielder for £25 million?

    Yet can chase a £50 million CB when Holding, Gabriel, Mari, Chambers, Saliba on the books?

    Have I missed something here? Or is ESPN just trolling, because I don’t believe ESPN have any inside source.

    Transfer season gets silly at times, and this certainly has to be that.

    1. Durand, one really wonders about Arteta and Arsenal’s priorities. Every man and his dog can see the defiencies in midfield, yet Arsenal loans two CB”s and spends £50 million at least chasing another.
      Someone needs to send the management a copy of the EPL table and Arsenal’s progress in the Cup competitions, to show the current level of this squad.

      1. Does it fit “the process?” Err I mean “the project?” I can’t keep up with talking points.

        Out of curiosity, could you define either for me? The lack of transparency makes it easy to move the goalposts and claim “progress” though, doesn’t it?

        Here’s a thought, why are most focused on “deadwood” Arteta inheirited, yet never mention the gold he inheirited?

        Auba, golden boot material his 1st two seasons, Laca has to be one of the best backup ST in the league, Saka, Martinelli, Pepe had a good year, Tierney, and Leno has been better than many goalies in the league.

        Asking for a friend.

        1. Durand, on another post I have asked Gotanidea for an explanation for you and me both. He appears to know the details of the “process” and/or the “project” in Mikel Arteta guiding Arsenal forward.

  2. It is a well know fact since last year that Arsenal needed to sell / Release before they can buy due to FA law on numbers of foreign and homegrown players you can have . We all saw how some players are left out of been registered for the season due to this fact. So It’s not a new finding, ESPN are just creating another avenue for themselves to have a dig at Arsenal should we not get Aouar for a reduced price or fail to get any of the numerous players that has been linked to Arsenal or people we have in proverbial talked to and ta led bids for.

  3. Mmm arsenal must sell to byt 25mm aouar but they wanted to buy odegaard at 45-50mm…
    In the midway we sent good prospects like mavropanos and guendouzy on loan with ridiculously cheap obligition to buy in 1 year Gap…
    I’m starting to lose my already low hopes in arsenal, their owners, Edu and arteta

  4. Now that Ozil is gone out of Arsenal forever, can Edu, Arteta & co convince their royal mistake Willian to leave the club and make way for Aouar? Unlike Ozil, he was their own signing.

  5. Sell first before we buy! Does this rule apply to the preposterous 50m Ben White too? If not, I wonder why. One rule for central defenders; another rule for midfielders. But who cares. We’re still on track for the most perfect transfer season.

  6. Hasn’t this been the situation since kronkie took over the club?
    What’s new? Absolutely nothing!

    What makes me so incensed with some of our fans, is that they cannot see what our managers are up against…. here’s a perfect example :
    It’s being reported that Chelsea are prepared to bid up to £150,000,000 for Haaland (? correct spelling?) while we are watching manure spend a reported £72,000,000 on Sanchez…. yet they expect us to compete?

    Vent your anger in the right direction – and if AW (Mustafi) or MA (Willian) make signings that do not work out, then that is when we should be blaming them… but not when they lose out due to money not being made available, or being completely outbid by oil money and Russian roubles.

    1. Ken, I too don’t want Arsenal to spend what they don’t have like Leeds United, Blackburn Rovers, Nottingham Forest et al in the past.
      The point is priorities. The transfer fee Arsenal is reportedly committing to chase Ben White would buy Aouar or Pereira or Sabitzer and another midfielder. In addition Arsenal let two international CB’s in Mavropanos (full Greek) and Saliba (U21 and French Olympian selection) leave the Club on loan.
      No right minded person is expecting Arsenal to compete financially against the Manchester clubs or Chelsea, with the current owner, but one expects available funds to be spent on the highest priorities. If someone can explain to me why £50 million on Ben White is more important to improve Arsenal than an ACM and a DM, I sure would like to hear the rationale?

      1. The most rational explaination you’ll be getting from the fans who bat for Ben White signing would be “we need a new ball-playing CB to play out from the back, since David Luiz is gone”.

  7. @Ken1945 well illaborated thumbs up! ESPN have no inside information just jokers. 🤔

    1. That’s what they said during SL and takeover talks their own words”we have no intention of selling and are planning to invest significantly in the club coming the summer”

  8. AFC will sell by the year 2025
    El Neny

    Oh wait they will all be out of contract by then, so, business as usual I see.

  9. Its not a question of finance here, we all know we cannot compete with the Russian roubles or the Arab oil money. But what is frustrating is that time and again MA and Edu do not understand our priorities. Our defence was the third best in the PL last season and yet they want to buy another defender, and that too for such a ridiculous amount and loan out 2 international defenders, it doesnt make sense. Another thing, we are so bad in midfield and attacking midfield, the transition from defence to attack is so bad, we lack goals. So where should the money that is available be spent, definitely in the CAM and DM positions. This is not Cronks fault but purely the fault of MA for not getting the priorities right. Utmost priority must be given to a top quality CAM and DM.

  10. I know the effects of the pandemic but last summer we offered around 45M for Aouar but this summer with Luiz Mavros MG Ozil… and Ceballos Ryan MO… being off the books and having already bought TP (because apparently it was one or the other)we can’t come up with 25M i wish someone could explain it to me!

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