Arsenal must show ambition to keep hold of Alexis and Ozil

Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez are no doubt Arsenal’s two biggest stars. They are the fans favourites at the club and Arsenal are extremely lucky to have such players in their side, when quite frankly we haven’t been all so ambitious in the market since their arrivals.

Arsenal showed great ambition to the players in order for them to sign with the Gunners, as I’m sure Alexis and Ozil haven’t exactly joined for the money, when there is plenty more elsewhere. They joined to win things with Arsenal, but the ambition we showed to them clearly hasn’t become a reality. There comes a time however where they will begin to consider if they will be able to achieve more with Arsenal. Both have plenty more years left in them on the world’s most competitive stage, however footballer’s careers don’t last forever and so both will be wondering how much more time they can dedicate at Arsenal, before feeling the urge to move on.

This will be Ozil’s fourth year at Arsenal and Alexis’ third. During that time they have won 4 and 3 trophies respectively (that’s if you’re counting the Community Shields). It’s not a bad achievement, especially the FA Cup(s), however they are both winners having played for Barcelona and Real Madrid and so both will be wanting to go all out in the domestic league and the champions league.

Their lack of agreement to new contracts has led to rumours that both are considering potential exits from the club come the end of the season. Both players are entering the final two years of their contracts, meaning next June they will have a single year left. With one year remaining, the ball is very much in their court for the club to either sell up or risk losing them for free if we haven’t already secured them on new terms by then. The rumours suggest that both will wait and see how Arsenal finish this transfer window and what ambition the club shows during the course of the season, despite not bringing in a new striker. However if they aren’t impressed, I wouldn’t be surprised to see if they make it known that they are on the lookout for a transfer away from the Emirates.



    1. Too true!
      I wonder if the Yanks will invade the Emirates, nick all the Oil and drag Wenger off to Guantanamo Bay or whatever it’s called? ? ??

  1. Ambition? By Arsene? Have you not heard this guy?

    It’s the same guy who’s fielded a player who has only once in his career scored more than 20 goals, as our main striker for 4 YEARS. And 5th season looming ahead.

    The same guy when we were still leading the table in January, brought in an already INJURED player.

    He has no ambition, he cares none for the fans. If we get humiliated, it doesn’t bother him. At the end of the day, he can fail as much as he wants. Difference is, when Arsenal’s embarrassed, it’s US who will be ridiculed by media, rivals, our friends and who not. But when Wenger leaves the match and goes home, he has just earned himself a week’s pay, +150 grands to be accurate.

  2. Really hope both leave, massive believer of great talent should not be wasted and at Arsenal they both certainly are, the only reason Ozil didn’t absolute smash the assist record and guide us to a league title was that donkey upfront who we know has been shown unwavering faith by the biggest fool in football, Sanchez overplayed and literally sent to the treatment table by that Fool again.

    Both are class acts and deserve to be managed by someone who just doesn’t talk the talk but walk it’s aswell,

    Oh yh holding & chambers to start on the weekend what an absolute thrashing we are going to witness, arrogance and delusion has been taken to an unparalleled level at Arsene FC…….


    1. I’m not too bothered about losing Ozil, it took him longer enough to get his act together, his third season infact and to top it off, he was advising his German teammates to join City… Kinda reminds me of RVP lol. We now have Elneny and Xhaka who have a good eye for a pass, even Bellerin chips in with the assists.Anyways, moving on, Sanchez is a different beast all together, he hit the ground running in his first season at Arsenal and it was only because of wenger taking a gamble with him that lead to him missing two months through injury, which dampened his form, on his return.
      IMO, we need to do everything possible to keep Sanchez happy and as for Ozil, I hear that he would jump at the drop of a hat, to return to Real Madrid… So its a adios amigos from me to him and thanks for nothing you➡ ? ?

  3. Wenger gave up ambition long ago
    No need for ambition when you have £9 mil per year job, job security and love from the Board
    The Board just wants to maintain Top 4 and low spending

    1. Wenger let slip that he would have been sacked if Arsenal didn’t win the Fa cup final against Hull City and even though his doing a great job in keeping the clubs money mainly in the bank, earning more money! His job isn’t as safe as it was in the past, since old age has caught up with him And from what I understood, the board and Kroenke gave Wenger the go ahead to Spend big on whatever was needed ? but No! Wenger knows best! ? therefore he is begging for the sack if and when the ? hits the fan’s, who pay good money to watch Wenger ? it up!
      I am sorry to say but I can’t see anything to be positive about the new season and it’s beyond a joke why Ozil, Koscielny and Giroud were given extra time off, it’s ridiculous! ?
      I can only see us gaining 1 point in our first 3 game’s and by then it will be far too late for Wenger to do anything constructive about it!

      For God sakes, the deluded one had a front seat row at the Euro’s, He Watched all the talent thats available in Europe, Yet None of them were the RIGHT player for Arsenal! ? ?
      Please pull the other one.. it has bells on it !! ?

  4. SHOW AMBITION who Wenger his only ambition is to go season after season without a trophy to show for it and keep as much money as he can in the Bank. If he had any Ambition he would have signed a Top Class Striker by now. He is a failure he has let the Fans down again and again.
    Time for a change he has to go now.

  5. Last summer transfer window ozil and sanchez had three years to run on their contracts and it was known that welbeck was injured. A new striker was required then as well as a defensive midfield as cover/competition/rotation for coquelin, as many on this site said last summer. The purchase of such players would have improved the team in key weak ares, shown ambition to everyone at the club, shown ambition to us fans and probably we would now be champions.

    Last year there were deferred payment due to existing players old clubs. Buying players would have required dipping in to cash reserves. So the players were not signed.

    Roll on one year and we are where we are now. Unless we have a very good season and can convince ozil and sanchez that we have ambition and will win things then I can see them both leaving.

  6. These two have Wenger over a barrel. This year more than ever we need a big big name marquee striker signing to appease ozil and sanchez. Also if it’s to be wengers last season doesn’t he want to leave with a bang and also ensure these two superstars are secured for the future of arsenal? If the window slams shut and we’ve not signed the big name player, then we lose a couple of games the booing and signs for Wenger out will appear again very early on. I cannot imagine the disent that will ensue, surely Wenger gazidis and kroenke must know this?!

    1. I’m beginning to think Wenger wants to leave the club in a mess so that his successor can’t show him up for the failure he has become. It’s cynical i know but when his actions defy logic and reason what else are we to think.

      1. I can understand the conspiracy theory in your comment, because I thought the same thing… But 3 years ago! ?
        Wenger has simply lost the plot.. Big time!
        The pressure has got to him and his response in dealing with it, is to do nothing! By ignoring it, his hoping that it will go away! … like a kid that shuts his eye’s and thinks you can’t see him, because he can’t see you! ?

        Wenger has already stated that he is scared of retiring!
        And also that his future at the club, depends on this season’s team performances.

        *Old age comes in different ways!

  7. Man Utd are showing real Ambition by signing a TOP Class PLAYER and not being afraid to spend
    big on Pobga while old money bag Wenger counts his money and laughs at the Arsenal Fans.
    I hate to say this but I hope Liverpool wipe the floor with us then the board might sit up and Question Wengers Transfer Policy’s or better still sack him.

      1. I am a Arsenal supporter since 1960 so don’t tell me I not a supporter. I have lost all confidence in Wenger and it seems the only way he will go is if he is sacked. This is only going to happen if Arsenal get poor results so I can put up with this if it means Wenger get’s the Sack.

        1. Well in that case I’m glad that Wenger will carry on getting good results to piss you off.
          A real Arsenal supporter wants the team to win whoever is playing and whoever is the manager.

  8. Ive been saying for weeks that not to sign a quality striker and in doing so show the team and the fans that the club have no ambition, will result in the club having to sell Ozil and Sanchez next summer with 1 year left on their contracts. The folly of this is mind blowing. In order to save a few million pounds they will lose their best players for way less than their market value not to mention koscielny who is already in the last year of his contract and who will leave on a free. It’s beyond stupid, it’s unbelievably short sighted and downright negligent.

    1. Nicw, koscielny contrct ending in 2017 has come out of the blue and is more media hype, made up by german media to sell advertising to arsenal and bayern fans.

      Basically you have to be very sceptical about any facts given in the media.

      This is what I have found,
      In 2014, he signed a 3 year extension to his current contract. That means he was extending the duration of his contract. With two years remaining on his 2014 contract, he was basically signing a new 5 year deal.

      And this is what is key. In 2014, Laurent Koscileny was not signing a new 3 year deal that would take him through to 2017, but a 3 year extension on his current deal that would take him through to 2019.

      So Laurent Koscielny’s current contract runs out in 2019, not 2017.

  9. @jonm. Not to mention sold a ton of arsenal merchandise! This club needs a shake up, the likes of Walcot, wheelchair and a few others sold to make way for new and hungry players. Everyone including Wenger are way too comfortable at arsenal. Looking forward to the grit and fight that hopefully xhaka will bring. # future captain.

  10. @nickw. Sagna all over again? I understand the 30 plus rule but surely we must go all out to keep Kos as there is a learning gap to bridge between the upcoming young cbs and the older heads. Maybe there isn’t well find out this weekend. If holding plays a blinder will Wenger sign a cb or will he decide bielek is good enough as cover?! 🙁

  11. Ozil would have smashed the PL record for assists last year with games to spare if we had a decent striker he is world class and arsenal don’t sell world class no more!!! but wenger waited years to find a striker on the market when there was strikers everywhere then sold podolski our only ruthless finisher now he wants to spend when there is no strikers on the market all worldclass strikers are tied down to world class teams looks like we have to make our own striker lads buckle up boys it’s going to be a bumpy season

  12. Chants of you don’t know what your doing ring out around the Emirates. Did anyone really expect anything less than this result today? I didn’t.

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