Arsenal “must sign” two established stars to keep fans happy

Despite Arsenal finishing second in this years Premier League, Arsene Wenger has had to endure constant criticism from the fans for not buying a top striker last summer, and there were even a small proportion of Gooners calling for his head if we didn’t end the season as Champions.

The Arsenal legend David Seaman believes that the Gunners will not get a better manager if Arsene steps down, and really wants Le Prof to waylay the protests by ending up on top next season.

“For me, Arsene’s the best.” Seaman said. “I’ve worked with him I know how good he is. I’m just desperate for him to win it again, just to shut everybody up.”

“A lot of Arsenal fans think that the pace that Arsene set is the standard but it won’t be, it’ll fall below that if you get a new manager in.”

Seaman goes on to suggest that theonly way to appease the fans next summer is for the club to show some real ambition this summer.

“There’s more and more [fans] getting on that bandwagon of ‘Wenger out’ and I think the only way to stop that is by signing at least two players – finished article players,” he said.

“Not young, up-and-coming players who we don’t know what they’re like – top quality internationals where you know what you’re going to get.”

Ironically this is exactly what the Arsenal fans themselves have been saying for the last few years. The mantra every summer is that we need a top top striker and another top level CDM. It looks like we are close to getting the DM in Granit Xhaka, so the next thingthe boss must concentrate on is the striker.

If Wenger does manage that, will it be enough to keep the fans quiet until the end of next season?



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  1. In other news Xhaka is coming to town tomorrow together with his parents to finalize the deal Arsenal according to his close friend. Hope its true.

    1. This is so funny when you think about it. Arsenal tries to be so secretive with their transfers yet when there’s a potential target everyone knows that players every move. Player X has agreed terms, player X’s club has received an offer and accepted it, player X is at dinner with friends, friends confirm player X is flying out to finalized deal on social media, player X just landed at London Heathrow, player X sighted at the Colney, player X recieved tour of the facilities, deal for player X should be finalized within 24-48 hours… Lol

      Everyone else all you hear is Club A signed Player X for this fee. Done! Boom! Next target… Lol

    2. His coming to London with his parents? ? ??
      What ?… His 23 not 16 ??? Whats with this PG ratings?
      And to Finalise what deal , exactly? ? The verbal agreement? ?

      1. @fat, so he can no longer travel with his family just because he’s 23?? What if one of them is his agent?? Just asking.

        1. The only time that the player will travel to the buying club is to go through a medical and then sign on the dotted line.
          The window isn’t open yet, it’s only verbal agreements at this moment in time, it’s not uncommon for medicals to be carried out in another country away from the buying club.
          Especially when there’s a major international tournament during the summer transfer window.

          1. Arsene Wenger is trying to secure No.1 transfer target Granit Xhaka on the cheap.

            While the midfielder’s German club, Borussia Monchengladbach, value him at £35million,Arsenal are believed to have offered just £19m.

            Switzerland international Xhaka, 23, has already agreed personal terms with the Gunners, but the clubs are still far apart on a fee.

            Xhaka said: “Whether there are talks or not, the clubs – Gladbach and Arsenal – know that, but as of now I am still a Gladbach player. It might change in the next weeks, or it might not change.”

            He added: “There will definitely be a decision before the European Championship [which kicks off on June 10].”

            So you see!… There’s no reason for Xhaka to be traveling to London, unless it’s for a holiday? As he has already agreed personal terms with Arsenal.

            I can’t believe that you are beliving news that was only put up on Facebook! ? ? by some old school friend, an Albanian wanna be journalist! ? why didn’t he use his companies tweeter instead? ? ? The joker!

      2. Maybe Xhaka parents are bringing the rest of their son’s transfer fee, to help wenger with the signing! ? ?

        The things parent’s do for their spoilt ‘Only’ child’s

        ?-” But mum, I want to play for Arsenal, Nowwww!”

        ?- “Oh dear, but their manager has only offered half of your transfer fee, son.”

        ?- “I don’t careeee about that, if you really loved me, you would sell your house, car, jewellery and get an extra cleaning job, to make my dreams happen! ”

        ✈ – “Thanks mum, your the best”

        1. Couldn’t agree more with Seaman..
          A CDM would be nice (I can live with Coquelin/El Neny)– we could definitely use one but I really think we are dying for a striker. If we get a dynamic striker, Sanchez stays. If we don’t I think he would much rather play with someone like Dybala or Aguero

    3. Need more than just the two considering the outgoings…

      Bellerin – New CB – Kos – Monreal
      Xhaka? – El Neney
      Alexis – Ozil – New LW
      New ST

      New GK
      New RB – Mertesacker – Gabriel – New LB
      Ramsey – Coquelin
      Ox – Cazorla – Iwobi

      Thats a new GK, LB, RB, CB, LW & ST. Realistically we’ll probably end up getting 2 or 3 of the 6.

  2. If we have learned anything over the past few years is that Wenger feels absolutely no obligation to:

    A. React to the desires/demands of the fans.
    B. Sign players to fill obviously vacant or weak positions.
    C. Follow the advice of pundits or former players to sign new players.

    In other words – there is no such thing as “must sign” in Wenger’s transfer world. So we will need to just sit and wait and hope.

    1. Last season the fans were crying for the following established players: Morgan Schneiderlin, and Jacksan Martinez. Morgan Schneiderlin is probably a contender for the worst signing of the season right now, while Martinez scored 2 league goals in his 15 appearances for Atiletico Madrid before running away to China, where he has scored 3 goals in five appearances. Ironically the fans are not thanking thanking Wenger for dodging the bullet in those transfers but are now coming up with names of players unknown to them before the last of last season. Kante, Maharaz, etc being examples.

  3. It’s not about who the fans think will get the job done. It’s about who AW feels is the right fit for the squad…

  4. It would be a good start, that’s for sure!
    As what he did or didn’t do in the last summer transfer window, was nothing short of a liability and negligence.

    We need At least 3 proven players at the club and a Striker is the main priority.
    Add to that some tactics and motivation from our manager and some genuine effort and I’m sure that the fan’s will show their appreciation.

    By the way… Koeman has rejected a new contract extension at Southampton, aswell as turning down Everton’s offers and stated that he is prepared to wait 12 months for the Arsenal job.
    Barcelona are also keen on Koeman.

    1. Oh! Koeman should better forget the Arsenal job cause he aint getting anywhere near it,as Wenger will surely extend his contract when we are on a good run next season….

      As for signing two established stars,I sincerely think Wenger will do that, or at least I have faith he will….

  5. Arsenal Transfer dealings remind mi of a series with so many episodes…You know it will take sometime to end. You know it will end someday but you keep guessing how the end or final episode will pan out….

    I hope the episode will land us a Striker!

  6. @Jamerican, but sometimes it really use to be true. Like in santi’s case and Alexis when his barber said he came for the last barb and wave goodbye. So with arsenal you never know.

  7. Xhaka is in switzerland I guess,I think Fatboy is spot on!
    He can’t come to London now,only his medical will make him come….

    Arsenal transfers…….it can drive you crazy..

    1. What makes me laugh is that the news about Xhaka traveling to London tomorrow was done on Facebook! ??
      By some Albanian ‘supposedly’ journalist, not tweeter but Facebook lol ? ? ? ffs!

  8. We’ve all been here before, where hopes and expectations are built up by the things written in the media and posted on twitter etc. prior to the transfer window….And we all know that 99.9999999% of what is written and tweeted is bullchit… Many years ago when i first started work (in horse racing) of the lads that had been there for years told me..”Believe nothing that you hear and half of what you see and you won’t go far wrong” ..I suggest following the same advice with regards to football transfer rumours…to avoid disappointment.

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