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Arsenal MUST sort out our defence before crucial Tottenham fixture

Yet again Arsenal conceded a goal against Bournemouth and we have the awful record of just two clean sheets in our 13 Premier League games so far, despite Unai Emery tinkering with his choices of defenders and different defensive formations. But the fact is that Arsenal do not lose games any more, and they win most of them, so if you wanted to you could pick Arsenal to win every week and showcase your tips against OLBG’s tipsters in their free-to-enter tipster competition and see how your choices compare to all the other experts.

Although we are still getting great results, our extremely experienced Greek defender Sokratis is well aware that we still have a long way to go to get it right. He told “We are around 70-80 per cent [of our potential],”

“We need to improve sometimes to not lose the ball or when we have the ball to finish the action and score.

“That is the difference, we need to improve and we know this. We work every day and I am happy that I am part of a team that works very good together.

“We have confidence [we can get into the top four] but it is not easy. Next week is very important, it is good that we didn’t lose points because we go full of confidence and we will see.

“Of course we need to improve, of course we would like to put Arsenal in the top teams in the Premier League – we try every day for this.

“It will be difficult against Tottenham. You have a lot of games, everything gets changed – a lot of players. It is difficult but what can I say? For now we are not bad, we are good.

“It will be a very important game – but I don’t think it is a game that can give you the Champions League. For example, if we win against Tottenham and lose some other games, it is the same thing.

“For me, it is very important that in every game we look different, we go for the win in every game and in the end we will see how it is going. But of course Tottenham is a very important game.”

I think that sounds like Sokratis is a bit worried about the North London Derby next week, which is only understandable considering the way the Spuds blew Chelsea away in the first half last week. We either need to defend like hell right from the off and try to frustrate Tottenham until we up our game in the second half, or we could be in trouble.

Is Sokratis right to be worried?

Darren N

22 thoughts on “Arsenal MUST sort out our defence before crucial Tottenham fixture

  1. Sue

    I would say It’s ok we’re at home, but I thought that against Wolves 🙄
    Everyone knows how important this game is… we can’t lose, we just can’t.
    I’m going to a concert in London… so am going to have to go to the nearest pub I come across to watch it….and keep calm 😂😂 although that’s easier said than done!! COYG

  2. gotanidea

    Defending is all outfield players’ duty, no matter what the player is

    If you see how Barcelona play, their attackers are their first defenders and their defenders are the first attackers. This applies to Messi, Iniesta and Xavi too, when they were at their peak

    If Arsenal can enforce this concept to all outfield players, I think they would be able to press and defend better

  3. Declan

    The way Sokratis played yesterday I predict he will give away a pen against spurs and get sent off. He’s slow as it is but with Kane, Son, Ali and Ericson bearing down on him, you know it’ll happen. The only thing we have over spurs is home advantage, but that’s because we actually have a home, unlike them………

  4. ACE

    Last I checked Arsenal scored….

    2 against Palace
    1 against Pool
    1 against Wolves
    0 against Sporting
    2 against the Cherries

    All this incessant over exaggerating of
    Arsenal bleeding goals on a weekly basis
    is a little ridicolous. I personally have been underwhelmed with the Gunners recent
    offensive form and considering the defensive
    frailties at the back believe the likes of Laca,
    Auba, Ozil and co. need to start creating and
    converting more quality chances. This team,
    regardless of the progress Emery is making
    with the defensive structure will only remain
    in the hunt for Champions League football if
    the offensive stars start scoring goals for fun
    against the teams Arsenal are supposed to beat.
    This team is simply not equipped to consistently grind out 1-0 scorelines.

    1. Cliff

      I agree with you on this one at @ACE
      The best form of deffence is attack.We have average players at the back yes,but our offensive players aren’t doing us any good.It is clear we need wide players with technique to give us an edge over our opponents.If you don’t exert pressure on the opponents the opposite happens and that explains why Leno is doing so much to save us matches.For Unai to turn to Bellerin and Kola for our attack says a lot on the players we have in this department.

    1. Roy

      Off topic. RI would like the Arsenal contract negotiaters to get together with Torreira’s agents and maybe discuss the earnings and length of contract of this gem of a player for the future.Having let to many players run down their contract in the past.

  5. Samuel Akinsola Adebosin

    Well, Sokratis may sound worrying ahead of the NLD at the Ems on Sunday because Tottenham Hotspur is a good side that’s currently in top form winning games against good and top teams with some easy in the Ucl and in the PL of late.

    But despite that Tottenham can defend very well not caving in to drop points in the PL when put under pressure by the opponent team in their recent past games when they’ll defend a goal lead to end to win. But at the Ems on Sunday, it will be a different thing altogether for Tottenham. For, I foresee Arsenal upping the Ante in all aspects of the game to not only match Tottenham prowess in the match but surpass them in the game with superior game playing beating to it in the match and carry the day as winners over them. Arsenal have the home advantage which is the key that will give the Gunners a huge confidence to edge past the Spuds in the match as the Gooners root out in total rousing support for them.

  6. Sal

    very worried about a team that presses better than us, playing from the back will terrify me this game torreira and granit have a huge part to play no mistakes no slow passing ,quick transitions and relentless in our approach, i want them played off the park!!!….similar approach to liverpool we need to be in it fighting for every ball, very worried about the left again with trippier injured, would rather have him starting over aurier as the latter will cause us more problems, not the main starter as rb but don’t want him facing saed, he has alot of pace and power equal to the bosnians, saed is gonna have to learn a trick or two from sokratis and keep him at bay early, we don’t want him providing width by pushing up and Son cutting in

    we have a better midfield than they do we should edge it there, sissoko get the hell out of here waste of money, dier can’t dicate tempo can defend that’s about it, wanyama remember when he was what we wanted as a DM i say we we are the victors by not buying him , and winks i’ll winks at you when we get the 3 points!!

    only alli, erkison, son, kane, lucas moura that’s the spuds threat, watch out for those runs and early crosses they have air superiority, and with that goal machine being the most dangerous our defense needs to be vigilant, i want a holding sokratis pair to answer back all those crosses!! i don’t trust mustafi in this game even if it’s tailored for him, yes he is suited for a derby!!

    I want 3 points nothing less!! nothing but tears in their eyes as i watch them heading home muttering he is one of our own, COYG !!

  7. Innit

    Spuds have excellent defenders and attackers. It will be a tough match for sure. Actually every match is a tough match.
    Spuds took Chelsea apart
    Our defensive line scares me every match.

    Hope we win but a draw at home to Spuds wouldn’t be a bad result
    Draw against Wolves at home WAS a bad result

  8. David Rusa

    This article distorted Sokratis argument. He was not in any way worried about the defence but rather he was concerned that our forwards were not scoring enough goals. He was actually urging our forwards to start scoring more goals. The Spurs game is not as worrying as the Liverpool game was. Despite all the hype the Spurs team is not anywhere near Liverpool or Man City. The truth is that Spurs is very beatable and I strongly feel Arsenal will beat Spurs. In fact I am more worried about Man U than Spurs. There is a way Spurs gets intimidated whenever they meet Arsenal that they lose focus. We have a similar scare when meeting Man U. That is the reason I am more concerned about Man U than Spurs. We are at home against Spurs which gives us an advantage. Besides there is very little to choose between Spurs and Arsenal; the two teams are actually balanced. Many people give Spurs the edge because of Harry Kane and a few other forward players but Arsenal too has its own weapons in form of Auba, Laca, ozil and the rejuvenated Iwobi. This will be a hard game to call.

  9. Gooner 4 life

    If Arsenal have another slow first half like they’d had for nearly every match this season they’ll go in at half time 2 may be 3 nil down and no way back from that but just hoping they’ll surprise us and play for the whole 90 minutes

  10. Joe

    Bellerin mustaphi. Holding. Kolasinac
    Torriera. Xhaka
    Miki. Ozil. Iwobi

    My formation for spurs game

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