Arsenal MUST spend to become a truly GREAT team again

Why Arsene Wenger must Spend now and reap the long term rewards for years to come by Ozzy AFC

Good Morning Gooners,
Once again we have something serious to ponder and I have no doubt that this article will bring an absolute plethora of negative comments from certain areas of the supporters of our glorious club, but Hey! Here it is…..

I read with mounting interest (as well as mounting trepidation) that Arsene Wenger has stated that he will be “concentrating on keeping his current squad together, rather than spending too much time in the transfer window”. Well if you guys are anything like me, I am both highly annoyed AND not at all surprised by this. Its these mixed emotions that make me realise that while its LOOKS like things are changing for the better at our club, in reality, nothing is really going to get any better at all!!

Before I get buried under an avalanche of derision and name calling, let me explain my way of thinking, We have in the second half of this season made what appears to be an amazing breakthrough, both in our mentality and in our physicality. We are on course to finish as runners up in the EPL and take away a second successive FA cup title. This, in comparison to the last decades worth of booty, is an improvement of gargantuan proportions.

While for almost all of us it’s a disappointment that we did not make it further in the Champions League, the improvements that the team has made cannot be underestimated. So, common sense would now dictate that we capitalise on this huge leap forward and add those last few key elements that we require so that we can challenge now at the highest levels of football.

We now have a squad that is rapidly establishing its credentials as a team to be both feared and respected, and all that it needs is two of three additions of world class calibre and we could easily go on to dominate in Europe on a long term basis, and who of you wouldn’t want to see that?

There’s an interesting article in the Daily Mail sports section today saying that we SHOULD go out and buy Petr Cech, Paul Pogba, Matts Hummels and Edison Cavani in order to put a spine up the back of the team that would make it a devastating force in modern football. Now, while I understand that a lot of this is just paper cobblers in order to sell the rag, I do also think that there’s a valid point here in this article, especially when you consider that in the same page there’s the suggestion that Chelsea will be looking to buy in Pedro, Antoine Griezmann, Raphael Varane and Fabio Coentrao. I know that this could be paper talk again – but if even half of it is true then we as a club that claims to be looking to compete and keep our fans happy SHOULD be looking to buy in our own world class crop of players to improve on what we have.

I know all the players aforementioned are over priced, but they are all proven players and if we do not spend and get in some more world class talent then we will again be left behind.

IF we were to buy in the two or three we need to strengthen the squad AND give us options in the way we play and to cover any potential injuries, the fact is that we could dominate both at home and in Europe, and we would not need to spend big again for a number of years. This would massively improve the ‘Arsenal brand’ across the world and win us trophies, which would bring in even bigger revenue and this would, over time, pay for the spending we initially outlay on the big names.

We are on the cusp of greatness again and if this opportunity is ignored due to the Board and AW’s financial reluctance and timidity, then we may just have to spend another ten years as the runners up or the ‘nearly but not quite’ team we have been over the last decade.

This is not taking away from what Wenger has achieved under finanacial restraints, but we do have money to spend now and we should at least be getting our noses into the trough to see how we can back up what we have. Arteta should be sold. Diaby should be let go. Flamini should be let go. Mertesacker should be sold. Perhaps even Walcott, and this again would generate funds added to what we have in our supposed war chest. By doing so we are making a massive statement of intent and adding to an already world class squad.

Its worrying that Francis Coquelin was considered excess to requirements until injury necessitated that we bring him back and allow him a chance (which he has taken and exceled in), but would this have been spotted had the injuries not occurred? We are not there yet. We have NOT yet secured 2nd place. We have not yet won the FA cup. And to say that we are the finished article at this point is still way off the mark.

Wenger, I hope, is laying down a smokescreen and will look to add to the squad with top class talent, and in my mind this needs to be another DM, another CB, AND a world class 25 goal a season striker. With these acquisitions we could challenge the top teams in Europe at the highest level, without them we could again hear all the old soundbites about “Next year we will be there” and “we are building a team for tomorrow”, we’ve heard all this before and the time is now, Arsene! Seize the day and reap the rewards! Give the fans back the pride and glory we have not only financed over the years but which we deserve.


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  1. Just saw a bunch of videos on Depay. He’s got potential, sure. But not the football demi God that most people out here are making him out to be. Not yet, atleast.
    Plus dutch league, so can’t really tell.

    1. A) Never judge a footballer by a YouTube video(s)
      B) Who cares what United do, focus on us and we’ll do fine.

      1. Yeah but there was one tool on here who was obsessing about him, even after the transfer.

  2. Arsenal must spend.
    Two players short of
    greatness. Ha ha.
    We say that every season 🙂

  3. Arsenal must spend wise not just spend. Everytime I hear Manure or Tottenham and City bought 12 players for 100 million I am happy because I know that team will hit balance in one year time. More than 2-3 players will make the team unstable. You can add in January if you really miss someone due to injury or form but the start is essential just like the finish. This team we have is primed for success, OK we need a deadly striker but that’s about it. Why change something which works almost perfect? Take a look at the options we have (and bear in mind that we actually have to promote some of our young players as well).
    I don’t mind us spending on good players, the more the better but I am not sure this is right. Examples are all in front of us.

    1. Examples are all there, Manure and Tottenham spent big and did not improve, and on the other hand Chelsea did spend and that won them the league (Matic, Fab, and Costa) …
      It is always positive to bring better players and then it is about how you utilize them and get the best out of them …

      1. Matic came a window before. Costa and cesc were great additions no doubt. But the rest in that window weren’t great. Drogba failed and so did filipe luiz. As did Remy. Though Remy didn’t lose his reputation much due to the fact he wasn’t played much.

        So three meant as starters. Two squad players. And only two effecting their title challenge.

  4. Consider please the knock on effects of your proposition. While I agree we need to strengthen, your idea is for wholesale purchases at above the value of the players. In order to do this we’ll have to sell players, we’ll have to find cuts to our wage bill (because all of the above will be on Ozil or above money) and we have to navigate these signings while other big teams will try to bump the price up. It is unrealistic and detriment to what Arsenal is as a club. We are NOT mercenaries. We will not pay someone beyond their worth because we believe in stability and a club mentality instead of money. If you feel differently, go support Chelsea or City because THAT is what you want. Hell, better yet, go support Man Utd who will throw money at everything without having to answer to the money men for signing the biggest dud since Torres in Falcao. We CANNOT do those things, we don’t have the funds to make those risks. Do you want to be the next Liverpool who have 1 good season every 10?

    Of your proposed signings (or rather the newspaper signings) there is 1 common denominator. Money. Hummels will probably be around 30m. Pogba 60m. Cavani 30m+. Cech is the only realistic money signing…and he wouldn’t improve upon Ospina enough to drop the poor guy outright and give Cech the assurances he’d need to jump the Chelsea ship. Basically all those signings are WORTHLESS to an Arsenal team.

    Yes we need to make signings, but not wholesale changes and not beyond the means of the club. The last thing we need is signings that will destabilise the team spirit which is definitely what is getting our players playing well and turning us from 4th to 1st in terms of form. We are not terribly far away from the PL title and we went out of Europe because of 1 bad game. Can I point out Chelsea and City both did the same…in Europe AND the FA Cup. Cup games can be upsets. We flopped 1 game and you use that as a measure stick to say we’re not good enough. If we want to challenge again we need to add quality and depth, preferably with 2 quality signings and 1 signing for the future. 1 top quality signing and 2 depth signings would also probably be sufficient.

    People need to stop dreaming about players we can’t have. There are 3 factors to any signing – our desire, the players desire and the other teams desire. All the players people are mentioning either will not want to join Arsenal over other clubs OR are not going to be released to us by their club. This isn’t FIFA where playing good football means you can just buy whoever you like.

    1. At what point did IU say that these are the exact players we should get in? I used them asexamples to ,ake my point an cited the article from whre the names came fom, My ointwas is hat we do need to capitalise on our current form, WE ARE NOT the finished article and th only way to become so is by acquiring new playrs in the key positions mentioned, Yes we are not mercenary and we are not chelski or Manunure or Sh!tty BUT we are supposed to be a competitive football club that should want to win trophy’s and laud glory on both the club and the fans. THATS WHAT BEING A COMPETATIVE CLUB IS ALL ABOUT!!!

      1. Why on earth would anyone thumb down this comment???? don’t you want us to win anything??? if that’s the case why do you watch football?? or any competitive sport?? that’s totally insane !!!!

      2. You didn’t read what I said either. I specifically said that these are not necessarily your signings. I said that your highlighting them is the wrong kind of thought process because you are highlighting wholesale changes for big money, over the top signings.

        Note I actually say we need to strengthen, need to buy depth and need to add quality if possible. What you want is to just go buy finished articles when the power is with the owners of the players, not with the buyers. Adding quality is important but you HAVE to be realistic about it and your title sums it up – you want Arsenal to go beyond their means to do it. THAT is making us Chelsea/City/Utd – buying a player to improve the team at a fair price and having them give 2 damns about Arsenal is the way we’ll go. People aren’t disagreeing that we need added strength – who wouldn’t want great new players – people are disagreeing about going beyond our means to do it.

        1. Totally agree with what you say. I too get the same squirty sensation when Wenger pre transfer window, announces his usual debilitating excuses for offering his hands to be tied. Yes we have been better and played some happy football. I believe that this is precisely the reason that we should move smartly into the market and strengthen that spine. Don’t worry about the thumbdowners ,I recently made similar assertions and was thumbed into Hades.I was also told to be happy with what we have and to “recalibrate my expectations”. Not likely, if you can’t dream about winning everything in football sight then buy yourself some knitting needles and a budgerigar for company. Why did we build a super state of the art stadium if we didn’t believe.

        2. I’m not being rude,but everything you say is waffle @FFFanatic,appropriate name

      3. Why mention those examples at all then? Anyone can say spend big money and find some hypothetical superstar. It is much harder to find real players who warrant their price tags. Three of the four guys you named are ridiculously overpriced.

  5. I don’t understand when people say we need a saurez,aguro type player. WE HAVE ALEXISSS!!!. did you’ll notice the commentator saying Monday night ‘sanchez is the closest player to sanchez’, so please stop saying we need a ‘suarez,aguaro’type player.

    On the contrary, we do need a world class forward or winger. prefrences – (rues, higuain, lacazette,) to seriously put the last pieces together.

    People are already putting sniederlin in their squad. You guys do remember all the previous transfer window, the player we linked with the most does not really join us. I do have a sneaky feeling that Wenger has an interest. If we bring him in GREATT!!!.

    We don’t need a keeper. Schz n OOOOspina are creating healthy competition between them. Ospina I rate highly, and a humbled, focus schz is quite good.

    Walcot should stay. If he works on his defensive weakness, he’ll be a MONSTOR. Yes walcot to me is our 2nd/1st deadliest player when it comes to scoring, assisting. Ox (if improves his finishing) will be sanchez 2.0. he has sooo much potential.

    Im fine with our CB’s. Iv said to much as to why I am. there is 4. and + 1 if hayden is added.

    Lets finish this season well…….. focus on winning alllllll our games.

    Sahko’s gf is hooott!!!… dammn.

    Id like to visit London some day, seems like a kwaaai place. An ofcause the stadium aahhhhhh!!

    Shout to my fellow SA gooners.
    Wenger looks weird when he smiles, like one of”em conniving professors.


    1. Never mentioned any of those players you’ve cited I said we need a striker and your statement above agreed with me .

  6. Yes Arsenal needs to Spend but not very big, wise spending is what we need
    1. Peter Check-10mill
    2. Morgan Schliderine-25mill
    3. Benteke-25mill(Can go for Cavani also)
    Total 60 million spent

    Sell Poldi-10 mill, Cambell-5 to 7 million,
    So Net sepnt is around 40 to 43 mill and thhis team is really ready to compete with Chelsea.
    Dominating Europe is a distant dream . Next season we have to win the PL first.
    Step by step we need to improve


    1. I don’t get what Benteke can offer above Giroud. They are very similar players with the notable distinction that Giroud scored significantly more. And what’s more important is that none were tap ins so that you can credit the assist just as important as the goal.
      Schneiderlin is a good signing but the fact that everyone talks about this makes me think Wenger is fishing somewhere else. My money are on Schweinsteiger as he is leaps and bounds above Scheiderlin and even cheaper. Besides, Coq can learn one trick or two from a WC, UCL winner.
      Bayern will offload this summer. I think Wenger eyes this.
      Secondly I know Szceszny is young and potentially insecure but he is EPL class. A very good GK. Yes, yes, I feel that empty stomach when I see opposition charging towards his goal but I believe experience will make him a great keeper. Do you guys really think Cech will come here to stay on bench? He does it at Chelsea very well.

      1. Benteke is a better finisher, passer, and dribbler than Giroud and may even in this sh*t hold up play afc fans keep taking about (Watch him against so called big teams)… regarding stats, Benteke plays for AV for football sake, so he gets far less support and chances … Mind that I’m not criticizing and I’m not taking anything from Giroud improvement this season, it’s plain comparison …
        Though, I want someone better than Benteke

        1. What makes Benteke a better finisher/passer/dribbler? Let’s get some stats!

          Benteke App (26) Goals (12) Shot Accuracy (46%)
          Giroud App (23) Goals (14) Shot Accuracy (52%)

          This suggests Giroud is the better finisher.

          Giroud Pass Acc (68%) Chances Created (26) Per game (1.13)
          Benteke Pass Acc (66%) Chances Created (29) Per game (1.11)

          Not much difference on passing but Giroud comes out top.

          Giroud Take ons (6/15) Success rate 40%
          Benteke Take ons (16/44) Success rate 36%

          Benteke dribbles past FAR more players, but is slightly less efficient with it. Can easily be stated though at almost 3 times as many dribbes that Benteke is the better dribbler.

          As an added stat:

          Benteke Duels won: 49%
          Giroud Duels won: 46%

          This is almost completely down to aerial duels won where Benteke has almost DOUBLE the balls to win and comes out at 55% compared to Girouds 50%. Says more about Arsenals game then anything but Giroud comes out clear winner on fouls and tackles made.

          Stats show Giroud is a superior player in all regards except he is not a dribbler. Arguably from a qualitative assessment Benteke has an extra level of quality he sometimes draws on while Giroud rarely scores screamers. Benteke is more mobile but is not as accurate with passes and has not been shown to work well in tight situations in and around the box.

          Giroud wins the face-off and for the price of Benteke, we are better going for other players who would work with or in competition with Giroud while offering an alternate style.

          1. i don’t want Benteke i’d prefer a real world class finisher(Higuain),but those stats you gave if they are true don’t take into account the fact that Arsenal are a far superior side to Villa.And i would suggest that if he was playing for a better team his stats would exceed those of Giroud.Benteke when at his best is a superior player to Giroud in terms of his ability in the air and the fact that he has pace which gives him an extra dimension for balls over the top.

        2. I am absolutely no fan of Giroud style but when it comes to hold up play I can’t see any other striker in EPL doing the same stuff Giroud is doing. And the stats are the ones showing Giroud is miles ahead of Benteke. How many medium-long distance has Benteke scored? Yeah, that’s right. None.
          Yes, that’s my take as well, we need to add another striker type so that we can change the tactics and style according with the team we play against. Benteke is no way an upgrade to Giroud.

          1. Didn’t you see him score that freekick the other week?that shows that the stats are wrong

            1. Set pieces. Not real action but hey, I am ready to acknowledge that was a distance scored one.

        3. I heard someone describe Benteke as “Heskey with slightly better finishing” – a little harsh maybe but whether you like our system or not I don’t think CB would be that great in our current system, nor is he good enough to change the system to suit him. I don’t see Benteke as a suitable partner for our second striker Alexis. I watched with interest when City bought Bony to partner Aguero and had my doubts. Maybe they spent £25M for an impact sub to try the bulldozer route if all else fails but can’t see us splash £30M or whatever for an impact guy.

          Ok – lets say you are right and that CB is a better passer, dribbler and finisher than OG and that hold up play is overrated (or sh*t as you prefer to say). There is still the awkward fact that CB is 230+ games in to his career and has a lower goals/game ratio than OG. So we then re-organise our team and make CB our focal point, putting ball after ball in to him, secure in the knowledge that it won’t come back or get passed on to another Arsenal player because hold up play is “sh*t”. He has never scored 20 league goals in a season, but even if he did for us, you can rule out a fair few goals from our other sources with him in the team. Last season AV had an average of 8 chances created per match – we had 9.25 so hardly day and night on that measure.

          Having said all that – think he would be a good buy for United, could see him be very effective there if LvG persists with his “philosophy”.

  7. What about snatching Kane from tottenham + Lacazette/Dybala ! would be really awesome attacking force … This guy Kane looks like a real deal, he did destroy chelsea defense single-handed … he can play with his back to the goal, good target man, fair dribbler, great fighter, awesome finisher and on top of that we thrust tottenham right in the heart …

    1. Tottenham will hold onto Kane for dear life. Looks to me like he has dried up though. Don’t expect 2 stiker signings when we may not even get 1 – especially not for 2 hot prospects at above the 30m mark.

  8. #realitycheck.
    chelsea will strenghthen this summer also manu and city, so if we are to win the epl nxt season, it will require a miracle like the one chelsea had in uefa. watching barca, juve, knowing madrid, bayern, i say we have no chance even with all the luck in the world in the uefa. its all down to wenger i know him know this

    1. Wish we could have a pre season friendly against 1 of these top sides (Barca, Madrid, Bayern).

  9. Arsenal MUST EVOLVE. The spending thing is here nor there, the fee we pay for a player is arbitrary and it’s the effect/contribution that player has that makes all the difference.

    Must spend big? Nah I’d be happier with 2 unknowns that come and boss it for us than splashing 30mil twice on names that don’t deliver. As long as we’re shrewd we stand to be in a terrific position for next seasons title fight.

    Very excited gooner potentially.

    1. 30mil player have more probability of delivering than 10mil player (I know there’s no guarantee)… and in top of that signing big name lift the whole club, Sanchez as an example

      1. I’m not advocating we be frugal….I’m simply highlighting the greater importance in finding a player that makes the team better. Price is not a dictating factor in that probability wise or other.

        Often a player has a large price because of hype, youth, or a financially secure club that can afford to play hardball. I don’t care how much we pay as long as the player is what’s needed and performs. My comment is aimed at those simply satisfied with a guy who costs 25mil.

      2. Giroud, Monreal, Ospina, Coquelin, Koscielny, Ramsey and Bellerin cost around £35M in total. A bit more than Herrera. Half a Di Maria. Or 1.4 Lallanas. Or one Mangala.

  10. I don’t believe spending alone is going to be our key to success next season..(look at Man U and Spuds)…
    Its about buying the right players and using the right tactics according to the games/opponents. Another important factor will be how well Wenger Rotates our squad players giving even our bench players enough game time and starting 11 enough rest time.

  11. I think AW has already said that he’s after top world class players and indicated that they will be buying 2 (maybe 3).

    Depay is NOT a world class player – so kids should stop getting their knickers in a knot about Manure already signing players. LVG and Manure have to show their supporters they are working quickly to fix their broken club.

    Imbula or Schneiderlin – a top world class players? we may not think so, but perhaps AW does???
    Bender, Gundogan, any of these would be welcome.

    Do we need to desperately upgrade our GK? Nah. Ospina, Szc, Martinez…we’re solid there
    Do we need to add to our CB stocks? Nah…Gab will partner Kos and we’ve got depth in our stocks there…does Hummels want to join us? if he does, we should secure his signature

    Full backs – we are good there..maybe a Left Back if a young top player becomes available..

    So now we get to Attacking mids – does Walcott stay or go? Would we prefer Draxler or Lacazette over Walcott? Would they be upgrades? Possibly….but we’re stacked in that department.

    Striker – Edison Cavani for me…Dybala as well. Ryo, Joel Campbell and Poldi have to go..
    Who else is available? Reus?

    There will be more to come from Sanogo – he’s young and still learning the craft. Like Coquelin and Ramsey…he will have his break out year. Same goes for Welbz…they have a strong will to succeed to go along with their’s just experience they lack.

    5 more games – 5 more wins please!

  12. Sell.
    Wilshere 30m Wallcot 30m
    Cazorla 12 m Giroud 15 m
    Mertesacker 10 m Podolski 10 m Jenkinson 12 m Campbell 6 m
    Monreal 10 m Chambers 15 m Szcz 10 m Gnabry 5 m
    Release. Arteta Flamini Rosicky Ryo Diaby sanogo.
    167 mill.

    De Gea 25 m Ospina Martinez
    Bellerin debuchi Gibbs Alaba 30m
    Kos Gabriel Hummells 30m Hayden
    Kondogbia 20 m Coqelin Ramsey Coutinho 20m Zelalem
    Sanchez Ozil Chamberlain Wellington Fekir 10m
    Cavani 30m Lacazzette 25m Akpom.
    Loan. Bielik.

    190 mill.
    Net spend 23 mill.

  13. I really don’t understand the fans sometimes.why do we understate the quality of players because other club sign them? Depay sign for Man Utd, everybody that has been saying he is a great winger is now dished all the quality the player has.Yes Man Utd signed him but that doesn’t decrease the quality the player has. I like the player, he is young and he has potential.So good for Man Utd.Koeman said he has quality and it’s a good signing for Man Utd.Wenger said that he likes the player but we had seven or eight players who played in the same position.we don’t have to be bitter about, I am sure there will be two/ three quality signings for Arsenal.

  14. H ha ha ha Wenger has just stated that “he wont rush into any signings” lol what this means is he wont spend hardly ANYTHING and that’s exactly the point of my article .
    He is looking to keep it the way it is and hope we don’t get any injuries this season coming, and that maybe we can win the EPL because the opposition are in disarray. JESUS CHRIST Arsene while your NOT rushing in everyone else will be and you get no one of any quality .

    1. true,but Wenger and alot of the fans on here are lying to themselves because once again we’ve had a good run at the end of the season

    2. Ozzy – We have spent close to £200M in the past 2 calendar years. Why are we continuing the trash talk about Arsenal not spending – it is simply untrue with no attachment to reality.

  15. My only fear is injuries. I suspect highly we have played ourselves into the injuries corner with Sanchez. my suggestion is we need to sign players who will help relieve the core players of the team so that injuries and burn out do not happen. The plan would be rotation where a player plays 60-70 minutes for a month and then the other plays the same for the next month. We need Someone like Martinez who will still be equally or more effective in Girouds shoes. Dyabala or Reus to help out on the wings and relieve Sanchez. We need someone like Schneiderlin to help out in the centre so Conquelin will not suffer burn outs. The defense we need some one who can slot in just about any of the roles. We need another top class keeper so that we can give much needed rests to Ospina…If the 4-5 players are signed up…we will be invincible again – possibly

    1. You can’t rotate a player like sanchez. He will not maintain his sharpness and will feel like he has done something wrong and unsettle him. Example terry and benitez.

      Rest him only if he is showing obvious signs of fatigue even he himself can see it.

  16. 1st point is if we get 2nd place and win the fa cup we should unequivocally be considered the second best team in the country. the priority should be on bridging that gap on Chelsea and we will not do that by trying to do what they’ve done or becoming like them.

    2nd point is we will only close the gap by finding where to improve on our own team. Take the poor arsenal of the start of the season and compare the team to the later part of the season. Ospina and coquelin hadn’t yet broken into the team and giroud and koscienly were both injured. That there is a whole new spine.

    Coquelin was a find and a massive improvement to the team and ospina improved the team because szczesny was so poor.

    Wenger needed to buy a CB before the summer window shut. He didn’t so we suffered. But he brought Gabriel who looks as good as koscielny.

    So buying one or two target players would be wise.

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