Arsenal MUST start Ramsey but with Ozil or Cazorla as CAM?

Even though Arsene Wenger and the Arsenal team will head north to face Newcastle United with great confidence and fully expecting to come back to London with all three points, we must still take the game seriously and should not underestimate the Magpies.

So I think the Gunners have to start with Aaron Ramsey not Santi Cazorla in central midfield. The Spaniard has done really well to fill in but the Welshman gives the team a much better balance between defence and attack and we know he can chip in with goals and assists as well.

The big question for me is who to play in the number 10 role; Santi or Mesut Ozil. Our Germany international has been much better since returning from his latest injury and has added strength and work rate to his game, with a bit of bite as well. But Cazorla has also been in great form so I thought a look at their stats might help.

I have used and the stats are adjusted to an average per 90 minutes as Cazorla has played twice as many Premier League games. To be honest there is not a lot to choose between the two.

Santi´s overall and attacking score is better, as are his goals tally, shots per game and shooting accuracy. Ozil comes out on top on possession, assists and chances created but you have to consider that our little Spaniard has been playing deeper quite a bit.

So it is a matter of choice really as there is no clear winner. I would pick Cazorla but I suspect Wenger will go with Ozil. What would you do Gooners?


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  1. Do you nwed any stat to decide between ozil and cazorla?
    Cazorla is a complete player and deserve to play cam but he came cheap not 42 m, that is his problem…. Ozil is an overpaid lazy player and i would rather sell him before his prize drops more than it is now

    1. No Giroud, I normally disagree with most of what you say but this time ur spot on , anyone who would play ozil over santi , hasn’t got a clue and clearly choose on reputation , santi has been superb recently and has to start end of

    2. Well personally I would rest alexis and welbeck to the bench.

      Bellerin Gabriel koscielny monreal
      …..Ramsey cazorla ozil
      ……….Walcott Giroud

      Szczesney Gibbs mertesacker rosicky alexis welbeck chambers or flamini

  2. Wenger said Alexis needs a rest, looks like he needs a rest too. He hasn’t been on the same level recently as he was earlier in the season. He hasn’t been bad, not at all, but he’s been bad by his own high standards. Whether it’s what’s right or not, I’m expecting Alexis to be rested and Özil or Cazorla to be on the left wing/No.10, Ramsey CM, I’d hope Walcott on the right but I suspect Welbeck will start ahead of him. We can probably get away with Welbeck on the wing against Newcastle, so I wouldn’t mind that much for this one. Good to see Welbeck get some playing time, but I could say the same for Walcott.

  3. We can’t get through one article without people bringing up Ozil’s price tag. And yet, people scream for more world class players. Maybe we should go out and splash 60 million on a world class ST like Falcao so he can end up on our U-21’s. Better yet, let’s splash 70 million on Cavani and watch him miss sitters like it’s his routine job. In fact, let’s spend 300 million on Ronaldo so we can see what a real lazy player looks like.

    1. Agree – the fascination with price tag is a wonder to behold. It has an undeniable connection to FIFA15/Fantasy Football obsessions. It is a shame that we didn’t buy Coquelin for say £30M from an elite European club – he would be so much better.

  4. we need to score an early goal …krul is so good at time wasting should they score first. 🙂

    1. And not the usual 10 we start with, already making excuses.

      Must be Wenger in disguise.

      Hope Ozil gets hatrick

  5. Happy day gooners, if we win all our games we can end up second place or even 1st if chelsea lose some n draw some

  6. Honestly, for me, Rosicky starts if healthy. He was ill and missed the Monaco game, however he gets the start if he’s feeling up to it. Cazorla, Coquelin and Sanchez all get rest, along with Ozil if Rosicky is healthy enough. New castle, while not to be underestimated, are missing key members with an injury list bigger than ours and a depth much shallower than ours.

    We must take advantage of this and not only come out with 3 points, but this is also a fantastic chance to get our guys returning from injuries some games under their belts as well as allow some of our every game players a chance to rest and relax. Ideally, we get up by 2 or 3 and can bring in Akpom for Giroud around the 70th so that he doesn’t get burnt out like last season.

    Barring any injuries that I am not aware of, here’s my line up:

    Bellerin, Gabriel, Koscielny, Monreal,
    Flamini, Ramsey,
    Walcott, Rosicky(Ozil if Rosicky is still sick), Welbeck,

    Szczesny, Gibbs, Mertesacker, Cazorla, Coquelin, Sanchez, Ozil(or Akpom if Rosicky is unavailable)

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