Arsenal MUST start winning at home

Arsene Wenger is preparing his Arsenal squad to face Liverpool at home on Monday, and he is aware that we cannot afford to have another slip-up like we did against West Ham in our opening game. If the Gunners have serious title pretensions this season then we have to turn the Emirates into a fortress for the rest of the campaign, starting this week.

“If you want to have a successful season you want to be strong at home,” Wenger said in the pre-match press conference. “Normally we are strong at home. This is an opportunity to show that.

“We missed our first game and we had to look at ourselves, and we responded very well. Now we need to come back to our usual strength that we have at home.

“Your confidence is linked with your last result and at Crystal Palace we responded well. You could see that we were a bit edgy at times but we responded in a very strong way. From that we should have enough confidence to go into the game positively against Liverpool.

“This is a very important game where the result will of course be vital. It’s not a result that will decide [our title chances] but in our heads we know it’s very important.”

We must hope that the West Ham defeat doesn’t play with their heads before the game, and they need to keep the confidence they had in the Palace game. Wenger may say this game will not decide anything but the pressure really will be on if we don’t take all three points, especially with Liverpool coming into the match with a 100% record so far.

I don’t know about the players, but I’m nervous as hell!

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  1. We have played one horrible game and one above average game, if we want to beat Liverpool we need to play at least a very good game. Be smart in defense and attack with width and speed.
    Arsene needs to choose between Cazorla and Ramsey and give the wings to Sanchez and Ox and play Theo up top.

    1. Cazorla hands down!!! Wouldn’t mind seeing Alexis, Theo and the Ox as the front 3 for the Liverpool game as I think pace is more required than height for that game but I could be wrong. I leave that to the manager to decide…

    2. our 4th place trophy is not in any danger because man c , utd and chelsea are stronger and are still strengthening leaving the number 4 up for grabs so congrats wenger, you will be in the champions league the season after these season…all we need to do is crash our top 4 opponents liverpool and cement our chances of lifting the WENGER TROPHY

    3. no matter how faithful we remain Wenger is a failure..have been a AOB but not any more..neveeeeeeeer..He doesn’t trust himself.he is afraid of buying and then fail to win EPL.was monreal/ Giroud/kosielny /welbeck quality and special that he speaks of? he says that he want players better than we have.Chelsea and mancity have far better players than where do they get these players they are buying from? cheap excuse of a failure.useless Hell with him.He is making us fans suffer for nothing

  2. We will. We have a very strong team now with a world class striker keeper and a couple of good dms.. Benzema is a gunner. Krychowiak is most likely going to be a gunner cech is a gunner. #Benzyfrenzy

    1. I second that lol. I’m reading that Goetze could be after Benzema and Krychowiak if Bayern accepts our bid. What a window that would end up being. Keeping my fingers crossed though…

  3. Ei for arsenal the next game is always a panic station because of one or two things.However i am always scared when i see a certain three players in the team.They are not supposed to be there yet keep being there.I do not want to mention names but just start from the defense to the attack and you might know them.By the way i hope Walcott plays we need someone like him to be inform because he can really help us.

  4. I am so optimistic and so relaxed.
    Our chances for the 4TH PLACE TROPHY are looking great. I have no doubts that with Ozil, Sanchez and Cazorla behind him, Giroud will lead us to the glory of the 4TH PLACE TROPHY. COYG!
    ….wow!, that felt good. Should try this more often. 🙂

  5. I wonder why Arsene is using both canola and Ramsey at the same time. 2 solid winger and a fast CF is needed in that team to scare the xxxx out of teams. Too many CM in a team will only allow you to pass pass pass pass and pass with no goals or shot on target recorded. It has happened often times with this team. Something has to change

  6. This is from Arsene
    “I stand on the fact that when the championship starts the transfer window should be finished. It’s as simple as that because it’s to easy to say, ‘We’ll play three or four games and see what we’ve missed, then after we’ll correct it quickly with a lot of money’. I think it’s too big an advantage for clubs who didn’t work well during the transfer window.”

    REALLY, REALLY??? Arsene, you do this more than Anybody. Arteta, Ozil, and a bunch of others I dont even remember were all last minute signings.
    Why dont you stfu and do your job and buy the talent on time instead of all this bs and double talk.
    Once this transfer window is over, we can go through all the players that were bought by big clubs and see if any one of them would have been an upgrade to our squad.
    Meanwhile Arsene, just do your effing job.

    1. He is as delusional as it gets.
      “I think it’s too big an advantage for clubs who didn’t work well during the transfer window.”…lol,
      Stones and glass houses coming from an inept that has rarely done anything in the transfer window to address squad deficiencies.

  7. There are a few players that changed clubs this window so far that would have immediately walked in to our first 11.
    Otamendi instead of BFG
    Vidal or Schneiderlin or Kongdobia instead of Le Coq
    And this is not even counting those in positions that we feel we dont need an upgrade.
    For example buying Vidal and Otamendi would have cost us 60M along with Cech that is 70M spent. The team would have two top keepers, a really world class defensive pairing, and a beast in the middle of the park, something we have missed forever.
    Now is that not money well, spent? Does it not bring us closer to a trophy?
    I think so, Heck, I know so.
    So why are we still waiting for Benzema? There was and still is so many options to upgrade this team.

  8. it is to my belief that a sound manager like wenger has sat down to analyse the squad…how long the numbers would last the EPL, UCL and local cup…at least till january.
    And it is to my belief that winning a big game like liverpool and topping it with a ‘necessary’ signing would sky rocket the team’s confidence.
    Remember tottenham, wenger’s post match smile and Ozil?

    1. It is my belief that a sound manager, would have done his business early. A sound manager does not start a season with only two CDs which he did last year. I dont think Wenger is no longer a sound manager. I think he is too cautious.
      The equation is actually very simple.
      High risk – high reward
      low risk – low reward

      1. Agreed. Some of risks wenger takes baffles common football sense. That wenger is not a sound manager cannot be questioned. For crying out loud the man hailed as one of the best in this generation spent 30 mill quid on cuadrado? You don’t buy players to wet the fantasies of football manager binge players. You buy after analysing the squad to plug deficiencies.

  9. Hmm. I think something is actually wrong with either Wenger or the board. In fact both. Ozil wss bought when the club realised serious fans revolt was drumming if nothing happened in that particular window. The reason Sanchez was bought is to give some players hope that the club is actually serious. The fact is they are not. We need top top players that are better than what we have and if we found them, we will buy. That’s a joke. There are so many top top players that have been bought by clubs in this window alone. Are you telling me the club is blind to those players? Common,!! Arsene and the board are actually taking we fans for a ride. I hope I am wrong

  10. If Wenger is able to win the league with THIS team and sticking with Ramsey on the wings, no CF and no Coquelin backups, then he must be the greatest manager ever liveth.

    1. But he is not going to win the league with this squad is he? This is not Germany where if Bayern is sh*t that year, some other team can slip through. This is the EPL, two Manchester teams and Chelsea are always up for it,if one of them stumbles there are two others to beat, Then you might get Liverpool to have a good year like they had a couple of years ago, and the others are always getting stronger too.
      This is a tough, I mean motherfracking tough league, there is a lot of money and a lot of ambitious teams, not upgrading a squad is just not feasible.
      We all know some transfers work and others dont, there are no guarantees. People are talking about other teams’ bad transfers as if we dont have any.
      We need to try to upgrade, if it works great! we become a better team. If it doesnt, at least we tried.Sitting around saying, its hard, doesnt make it any better.
      My rant wasnt to you Twig, I am just upset with this old fart. He has no excuse to do this to Arsenal. We arent broke, we are in the CL, we have as much pull as any team in the EPL.
      Screw it. We just need to wait for him to leave and bring in someone with common sense and ambition.

  11. I was just thinking. A lot of fans, past players and even pundits are asking for us to sign Benzema and if we do that would be a big F**K YOU to either Theo or his agent, whoever was holding the club at ransom for a pay raise and back to the wings you go… Get a feeling now seeing Pedro going to Chelsea whom has won everything there is to win and to me is on a different level than Theo could have been ours if 1) Walcott wasn’t homegrown to make up that number and 2) to prevent him from going to a rival. If Theo wasn’t English he probably would have been gone 2 contract extensions ago. I could be massively wrong though.

  12. Kills me when we keep losing at HOME. Villa, Swansea, West Ham and most disgustingly last season to Man Utd. How many wake up calls will it take? Bad business and a terrible habit we need to rid ourselves of. Hard to see a team becoming champions if they keep losing on their home turf every season. When was the last season we completed without a single loss at home? Serious question and if you can’t win then at least don’t lose…

  13. Just typed ‘arsenal transfer news’ in Google and the response was ‘your havin a larf “

    1. Holy sh*t you just made my day, that was f**king hilarious. Keep the faith though fellow gooner the window isn’t shut yet…

      1. Appreciate your words but ‘faith’ is in short abundance in my camp.


    2. @Admin please color @ArseOverTit’s comment yellow, it was too good and now I have to go clean up the beer I just spat all over the place…

  14. You people tllk about winning the epl but i bet that most of you cant even remember the last time we end up in the second place.

    Arsenal must this and that but we are all tllk and thats it.

  15. When will the Giroud bashing stop? Seriously people its getting old.I bet you can’t even remember the last time Mertesaker’s lack of pace cost us a goal. Monreal has been one of our best Lbs for a while and don’t even get me started on Ramsey.
    People always slating Giroud because he isn’t Aguero. I’d rather have him than that despicable Costa. He’s a disgrace to football. Everyone talking how great Rooney is but a coach like fergi would never buy RVP if he had confidence in him.
    Now I don’t agree with Wenger on some of his decisions but what kind of fan Insults half the squad? This I don’t understand.

    1. He earns 130k a week if i am not mistaken and facks hookers before games, so something like being reminded that he suck should be no bigy to him. Right? Right!

    2. Amen to that. Let’s get behind the team. The window closes in a week so let’s wait before drawing premature conclusions, the big merry go round has not started.

      In the meantime it’s Giroud for me this week end because Pool will close spaces. Plus he has something to prove.

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