Arsenal MUST start winning – Other teams are getting too close

Two draws against West Ham and Crystal Palace has put Arsenal in a precarious position in the League. We are now in 4th, behind Man City on goal difference with a visit to the Etihad still to come. Also the extremely erratic Man United are only 4 points behind us as well putting us under even more pressure to start racking up some more points.

Arsenal dropped two more valuable points today and Petr Cech saw the Gunners fail to increase their lead before being hit by a sucker punch counter attack towards the end of the game, and he was not very happy. “We should’ve seen the game off,” he said. “This is obviously two very important points that’s we’ve dropped.

“We’ve been talking about the situation where if any of the teams ahead of us slip, we need to get three points but unfortunately we’ve not been able to do that. It’s disappointing.

“We created enough chances to score the second goal, but we couldn’t get it. That would’ve killed the game off. They were still waiting for the counter-attacks and set-plays, and they were dangerous from those. They managed to score from a counter-attack at the end and it’s very disappointing for us.”

Cech then went on to explain that rather than the race for the title that they expected to be in, they are now too busy looking over their shoulder at the chasing pack. “We were ready to push on, we tried to win all our games and we will try to win all the remaining games too.” he concluded. “Other teams are coming very close now and there will be an interesting fight until the end of the season. Let’s see if winning all our games is going to be enough to get higher up in the table.”

Higher than 4th? We have been saying we need to win all our games for a while now, but instead we are going lower in the table. If we go any lower could Wenger be in the position of missing out on the Champions League for the very first time?

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  1. Champions League qualification…who cares! As fans, what are we really gaining from being in the competition? All it means is: more money for Kroenke, more job security for Wenger as this season will be deemed a success, watching Arsenal struggle, but qualify from an easy group, only to get knocked out to any team in the last 16, and more games, resulting in more injuries!

    All one can say is, the regression continues!

  2. Right now, in as much as i want only the best for my dear club, i think the worst has to happen for a revolution from the garbage-in garbage out Wenger has given us for the past 12 years to change.

    I really glad Wenger will not use an FA cup to blind us this year again.

    If he has to stay through the last year on his contract, let him at least spend some money and get quality players for next season, to be able to at least give it one last try, of course we fans have to push him to spend money, and we really need to prevent the disaster of last season when he failed to sign one single player (minus gk, Cech of course)

    We know we need to push him, i’m right here in Africa, i only get to watch Arsenal every week for over 15 years on TV

    Fans in the UK need to boycott matches, pre-season friendlies, reduce purchase of Arsenal merchandise etc.

    The people, the fans have power, and it takes protests like this to bring the change we desire.

    We must put pressure on Wenger and the board and make them get quality players next season while he runs down his contract, we must also make him start preparing for retirement, he must accept the bitter fact he doesn’t want to accept, and start preparing a successor

  3. Start winning???
    We won’t win against Westbrom..lolzzz
    Top4?? Who cares??
    Am not even bothered an inch…

  4. To look at the stats it`s hard to believe the result. It`s even harder to realise Arsenal have made a
    habit of doing the same thing for nine years. The Kroenke/ Wenger combination is the death knell.

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