Arsenal MUST start winning at home…..

Arsenal vs Manchester City: Early days, but Arsenal can’t keep dropping points at home by SE

Arsenal against Manchester City has become one of the top clashes in the Premier League. And Saturday’s meeting at the Emirates was indicative of what we’ve come to expect from these two beautiful Footballing sides in recent times. It ended 2-2 but, until the final whistle, both teams were in with a chance of nicking a winner from somewhere. However, Arsenal, being the home side, will rue dropping two vital points at home.

Although much is made of home advantage – and the subsequent urge to harness it – there is going to be the odd game that you fail to win. Arsenal endured an indifferent time of it at the Emirates last season, in which they picked up 46 from a possible 57 points in the Premiership alone. Picking up a point and avoiding defeat against fellow title contenders is not that bad a consequence, after all, even if you’re the home side. But, in my opinion, Arsenal can’t continue in the same vein this season, as like last season.

Manchester City’s game is the only draw this season, in addition to the opening day victory over Crystal Palace at home; but, with other Premier League heavyweights in Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester United, Tottenham and Everton to visit, Arsenal need to raise their game and get those 3 points, more often than not.

The Premier League is so competitive that the away fixtures – irrespective of the opponents – are going to be a difficult proposition, which is the reason you got to make the most of home advantage and win these games if we are to keep pace at the top of the table.

Final Thought
Arsenal will have to be consistent and get back to winning ways, after the opening day victory over the Eagles. More importantly, however, they got to win at home and stem this procession of garnering a solitary point, especially against the fellow title contenders.

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  1. I know this won’t go down well, especially in light of our good performance. But we have to win at home, we were lucky not to concede late on. Although it was funny seeing how pissed off Pellegrini was 😛 Worth it! 3 draws in a row isn’t good enough and away against the top 5 will be extremely difficult. Hopefully we destroy Aston Villa away, although they are looking really good right now.

    Hopefully Welbeck will get on the score sheet. Walcott back in a few games too! Looking forward to all that pace.

    The fans were awesome, but they need to keep it going the entire game.

    1. Am I missing someshing here? Start winning our home games? Three home matches played, 2 wins, 1 draw and 0 defeats.

      That is not the same vein as last season, when we lost our first match.

      Cant really understand the sensationalism

      1. 2 wins? You talking about Besiktas? League man.

        Also our away form… At least we exorcised the demons against Everton. Now we can crush them at home.

    2. And we were really unlucky to lose Debuchy and Ramsey to miss that volley. All in all, the game could swing either way.

      1. If Man City want him, then by all means take him. It would only hurt their title chances.

        Why want someone who does not want to be here.

        1. I see so many pathetic people here. Sell Özil to man city and you will know what you guys will miss. You guys criticise blindly fine he had a bad game but he created some chances , give him time and he will start dropping those assists.

          Someone here said Wenger doesn’t motivate the players but Ramsey is a living proof.

          Pls we need more positive thinking gunners dat can remember we are still unbeaten

    1. Sell Ozil??? No just play him in the right position and watch him unlock defences for Sanchez, Welbeck and Walcott… buy a master chef and turn him into a short order cook.
      What is it Wenger. Put him back in the middle…he’ll perform…fans will get off his back…and he’ll shine even more. Here’s a question…how much money is Wenger taking to hold Arsenals performances back?? Play Ozil on the wing…don’t but a DM or replace Vermaelen..Seriously time for an inquiry….We might not win the league this year …but we can certainly give it a shake as long as we play our limited squad in their preferred positions. WE’re just lucky Welbeck became available otherwise we’d probably be wasting Sanchez upfront (wasn’t he better against Man City in a preferred position?). Why play Ozil out there and ruin his career after paying 45 mil for him?? I just don’t get it..Inquiry needed? We need to know why Mr Wenger?? It doesn’t work and Ozil has even said he doesn’t work in that position. No wonder he looks unhappy….I’d be totally pissed if it was me…. So LETS stop blaming Ozil and demand he is played in his correct position before he has lost total confidence and we have poured 45mil down the drain

    1. Wenger is probably giving them a chance to prove themselves, especially Arteta as captain. I hope he goes back for someone like Carvalho or Khedira.

      1. Both our CBs , especially BFG have become lax in their games cos there’s no Vermalen waiting on the bench to take over if he fails to perform, Chambers is still only a back-up in Wenger’s eyes, no competition therefore no motivation, Wenger has to answer for that.

        1. Agreed. I wish we had gotten an experienced CB, someone like Ogbonna from Juventus, or Sokratis from Dortmund. And Arbeloa as cover for full-back positions.

    1. yes and then finally we can buy Cesc from Barca to replace him…. OOPS he is ALREADY at Chelsea!! sell Ozil and do what? he has to step up. the talent is there. formations, tactics and his own belief is more important for him to do well..

  2. Think we will come unstuck at bills they will hurt us on set pieces they caused Liverpool all sorts of problems and we are worse then them at conceding from set pieces think we will get beat!!

    1. lets see. hope the team has learned from dangers of set pieces. I remember Hull City goals for FA cup finals. they were from set pieces and they looking for them always

        1. Mertz wasn’t playing against Palace. And I remember with Everton he had nothing to do with any of the goals. I think the short pre-season is taking the toll in the first games. Performance increased from game to game so I do believe it is some kind of progression here.
          BTW, DeMichelis goal was the zone where Kos & Ozil were supposed to defend, not Mertz.

          1. ah ok, fair enough. I don’t want to put too much of the blame on Mert. But against City he was not up to scratch. And Monreal was poor as well, although a lot of that has to do with the full backs bombing forward so much. They should be a little more conservative, while launching some early crosses. Maybe it will take a time to shake off the hangover and get back to form. The team are performing better from game to game though.

            1. It is always the little details. Go over to and see the interview with Mertz. He’s talking about zonal marking as well.

  3. OX Welbeck Sanchez


    Is our best XI if we want take 3points for now, “FORM” matters, Santi for Ox won’t be bad

    1. I promise everyone on this site this guy was probably telling the whole world that Jack wasn’t good enough last week. So when Özil has a good game and maybe Santi struggles, I’m sure we will see sellsanti pop up. Fans like this are pathetic. Go support city, or Chelsea but don’t come back when the billionaires get tired of losing money and bail. You’re an absolute idiot if you think özil isn’t good enough. 2 shaky games to START the season and he is no good.

      I hate people like you. You’re not good enough for Arsenal, you’re an embarrassment

    2. @Sell Ozil, bro remember that criticism and support can go together and are not exclusive. I had criticised Jack last year for some games, but I always supported him. you can always criticise (constructive) any player but always remember to support him.

    1. Monreal is improving though, as for par he’s getting slower and slower am clueless what we should do. Flamini is not what we need but he need to sit deeper so that we can play with something like 5 defenders, he’s probably the best we have now, WENGER?? Yh

  4. “Flamini, Coquelin and Bellerin can cover at RB or even CB for some”…!!!
    It seems that some people have already read into Wenger’s mind rightfully and exactly.
    It also seems that they are not bothered by the fact it is shocking a supposedly “top club” find itself with the smallest squad with Burnley…!!

    I am not surprised it took us almost 10 years to win a small meaningless cup…!!

    Win the CL???
    Why not the quadruplet since we are there????

    You need the tools to achieve the dreams (same things in real life).

    As long as Wenger is at the club we will in a limited ambition/aims mode. He is, fair to him and the board (and may be to the fans), just a “paper work” administrator making sure we are safe in our books.

    Until we get a proper coach, not a manager, A COACH (like Diego Simeone, for example), a motivator, tactically acute and who can get the best of/from every players, we will win nothing.

    Top four at best…!!

    We won’t win against the top teams in the league (again), it is clear and easy to see already… So we have to make sure to get results against the teams we are “supposed” to win against (Leicester… Pathetic management !!) and not drop too much points at home.

    1. Exactly!
      Can you imagine Fergie or Simone if a player had went onto the pitch for a grumpy afternoon stroll Ozil style?
      He would have a boot wedged up his arse!
      That is the issue with Wenger, doesn’t motivate players, zero tactical awareness.

  5. Lockay yu are right bro Wenger is taking our rivals for granted we cant win against a big team at hom and ppl think a draw at home is ok and as long as wenger is therewe wont win anything.

  6. I will be in total support of selling Ozil to Bayern Munich, if Ozil continue with his below average performance up to December without changing gear to high performance level, that is expected of him. But a word of caution here! Arsenal must recoup all the £42.5m they paid for him. from whichever club want to buy him.

  7. @SELL OZIL… Enough of the Ozil talk, we have highlighted our concerns about him now lets get some reaction from from the guy..

    I am behind Ozil again for the next few games, he just needs to show some fight and an courage, show some passion for our club, even if we all know he does not want to be at Arsenal, he just needs to pretend as if he care about our club and we will all get behind him, at least pretend as if you have some bit of passion for my club..

    That’s all we ask for..

    I say for now, GO OZIL..

  8. Not buying an extra CB/DM will come back haunting Arsene. When the news broke he bid for Sokratis I was so stoked, that was a great signing for us filling at both position, but in the end it was the same old story, Wenger not wanting to pay the full price for quality.

    1. The criticism on Ozil really needs to stop. He wasn’t that bad vs Manchester, it’s just people are still expecting him to perform at Madrid when he hasn’t got Ronaldo and Di Maria to play to. The change will come when Walcott is back and we have Welbeck now, but Ozil is truly a world class player, he proved that at the WC. Ease up.

  9. Hey I got a wacky idea. Place Ozil in the middle behind the forwards or in the middle just behind the striker.

  10. wow, these days arsenal are so negative, i mean really, let us put our season to perspective, we have only played 4 games. This is not enough time to criticize players or managers. I feel we could do better but at the same time, i feel this season we are more steady than previous seasons. this is good for us because the media are ass licking Chelsea and now Man utd so we can just go with our business without too much attention. we should support players we are just fans, we do not know what actually happens in the dressing room, people saying that ozil wants to leave but honestly we do not know and proof is not looking at his body language. Ozil has always had a languid style so we can only support our players. I respect constructive criticism but we must not as arsenal fans condone abuse. One of my friends who supports Chelsea saw the Just arsenal site and called the arsenal fans fickle who posted negative comments and this Chelsea fan only supported Chelsea at 2010. This means he just supported football as a whole in 2010.

    1. No Debuchy, Flamini as DM, Per even slower than last year, and no alternatives in these positions. OMG, I am panicking even more…

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