Arsenal must STILL worry about Spurs in top four battle!

At the minute all the focus from Arsenal fans and players will be on the FA cup, as we prepare to face Manchester United at Old Trafford for the chance to get one step closer to defending the famous old trophy. Win lose or draw though, and the focus will swing straight back onto the fight for the top four places in the Premier League.

And what a fight that is turning out to be! There were articles in the media last week discussing who might claim the last two Champions League spots, with Chelsea and Man City assumed to be safe. All of the articles seemed to think it was a straight race between the Gunners, Man United and in form Liverpool, but as we have seen all season, things can change very quickly in this division.

There is still the matter of Southampton, who ended a poor run of results with a win in midweek. With the best defence in the league, the Saints could definitely still have a say. As could the spuds, unfortunately. Their win away at QPR yesterday may have been a touch lucky, with the Rangers boss unhappy that his side did not get at least one penalty, but it meant three points for our local rivals and kept them in the hunt.

They are now in sixth place and just four points behind Arsenal in third, so it is incredibly tight up there and just one or two bad games could see us dragged into trouble. We get the chance to increase our lead next weekend however, as West Ham come to the Emirates on Saturday. Another bonus is that Tottenham play Man United next Sunday, with a draw being a great result for us.

If we donĀ“t beat the Hammers though, we could find the spuds breathing right down our necks.

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  1. Matt says:

    Tomorrow United will play absolute shite but still beat us as usual.

    1. CraigZWE says:


      1. True.Gooner says:

        We only need to worry about how we can catch man city on time

        1. CraigZWE says:


    2. SoOpa AeoN says:

      “Top 4 is a priority” – Van gaaL

      should spurs be the only one to worry about?….well, there’s manure and there’s pool too

  2. Mick The Gooner says:

    We’re in third. We need only to worry about ourselves, shouldn’t distract ourselves with others. If we win all our games we can’t finish lower than 3rd.

    1. sevenitti says:

      Only losers worry about the others’ performance. I completely agree with you, focus on winning our own matches and we’re set. Other teams’ performances is something we cannot do anything with, and therefore it is only additional stress, which is something we do not need in the current situation

      1. jonestown1 says:

        Agree with the sentiment but the reality is that unless you do win every game you play then you are always reliant other results and rooting for other teams – it has been a big part of being a football supporter since the game begun and adds to the fun – shouldn’t be in denial over it. I recall some of my Chelski colleagues thanking us for beating City – they were well made up with the result and they can’t be categorised as losers.

  3. Greg says:

    not worried about the spuds, they were lucky to get 3 points against QPR, a lot of calls went against QPR! As the arsenal saying goes for them “forever in our shadow”!

    1. SoOpa AeoN says:

      stop being full of yourself for the Love of arsenal……. Spuds r not as shitty as they were seasons ago…..Lets be frank ……………… Plus u say they struggled to beat QPR? How bout us who couldn’t keep a clean sheet at Loftus road few days ago?

  4. Mick The Gooner says:

    Liverpool 0-0 still. Funny if Blackburn knock them out, can’t see it happening though.

    1. jonestown1 says:

      Bet you couldn’t see 0-0 at Anfield either Mick!

  5. muda says:

    if you are an arsenal, then spuds will definately be in your shadow!

  6. fred cowardly says:

    Right now we are in 3rd place which means top 4 is in our own hands.

    If we carry on winning our remaining matches we will finish 3rd place.

    Great considering at one point we were at 6th place.

    2nd place is not in our hands but not impossible.

    However, right now we should concentrate on FA Cup. Liverpool drew at home with Blackburn and they will replay at Blackburn which means possibility Liverpool could lose.

    A win against United will put us in pole position for retaining the FA Cup for two years in a row

    Come on. Lets WIN tomorrow
    Screw a draw. I want to Win at Old Trafford

  7. Robin Vanpayslip says:

    Dammit now I’m not going to be able sleep because I will be worried about Spuds

    1. muffdiver says:

      get ur missus to give u a nosh…usually helps

  8. Twig says:

    If you had a choice…

    Beat Man Utd in FA Cup semi final (Thumbs up)
    Beat Man Utd at Old Trafford in the League (Thumbs down)

    1. rools says:

      We’ll beat them both encounters. Happy days.

  9. Fab says:

    I hate to see Rooney in the lineup, he has the “fear factor”

    1. CraigZWE says:

      I think it’s cause he looks like Shrek, yes Ogers are scary.

      We should fear them kids, they like the boogey man and will get you in your sleep.

  10. fred cowardly says:

    I just watched Giggs famous goal against us in 1999 FA Cup. Man! It was a beauty.

    Singlehandedly, Running down the field.all the way from his own half of the field
    Weaving through our defense
    Great shot at an angle.

    One of the greatest goals in FA Cup history
    Great memory for United

    Winning at Old Trafford would be a great memory for us. We will remember it for years.

    I want so badly to win tomorrow
    So badly

  11. says:

    Spuds? Have Spuds ever finished above the Gunners in the Premier League table in the past 17 years since the boss has been incharge of the Gunners? In this wise, I don’t think Spurs are our issue to bother about. I think the Gunners are at the moment concern of binding 6 arch Red Devils right there in their dungeon called the Old Trafford and cast them into the deepest depth of the English Channel during the 90′ + of the Old Trafford battle on Sunday night. In particular, arch Red Devil Rooney will be double bound by the Gunners and cast him to the bottomless depth of the English Channel.

  12. Ks-Gunner says:

    Arsenal as a whole are bunch of big mouths. Always tlllking big and no action behind it. I am tired of this Shi*t. We need to smash manure into bits, and show them that the time where arsenal was manures betch is over.

  13. Hafiz Rahman says:

    utd will win sadly….we hv to move on from the Fa cup and concentrate whats remaining

  14. jonestown1 says:

    Amazing really isn’t how we get the piss ripped out of us for the UCL Qualification Trophy and yet clearly it is a massive deal for United, Pool, Spurs and a dream for the likes of Soton, WH. It matters to everyone – not just Wenger.

    Bit scary though to see the bookies have us as 1/5 odds on to qualify and United and Pool no better than evens – jeez we are only a point ahead of Utd and 3 ahead of Pool. Good to see the “all praise Rodgers, “Liverpool” are the team to beat media bandwagon” hit a little stumbling block yesterday – well done Blackburn.

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