Arsenal must take risks to get rewards in Bournemouth

I really hope that Arsene Wenger sends the Arsenal team out with some licence to express themselves on Sunday, even though the pressure is on for us to pick up a first Premier League win since the Gunners beat Newcastle United in the first game of 2016.

That win was only a 1-0 and we have been a bit goal shy ever since. We would all take a narrow win over Bournemouth, of course, but I think the boss needs to get the spark back into the side and the best way to do that would be to get the old Arsenal fluency flowing again.

A thumping win would be great but even a 4-3 with some good goals would, for me, give us all a big lift. The problem is that when you put a lot of focus into going forward and scoring goals you risk a bit of solidity in defence. I think it is worth it because another draw, especially with no goals, would be just about as bad for our title hopes and morale as a defeat would be.

Playing Kieran Gibbs instead of Nacho Monreal would be a step in the right direction and maybe even the direct and dynamic Oxlade-Chamberlain instead of Walcott on the right.

Do you agree that Arsenal have to take some risks now to give us a better chance of the rewards?

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  1. On paper we have plenty
    of goals in us. Giroud is a
    20 goal every season man.
    Sanchez tore up the league
    for 4 months last season
    Ramsey and Walcott were on fire a couple of seasons ago.
    Ox has scored a couple of scorchers in his time at Arsenal.
    Ozil is the best assists maestro in the league.
    3 games no goals. So what has happened?
    We have a top top keeper and a mean back 4 and Coq is back.
    The league is the weakest in years, it’s there for the taking.
    We can attack at will so should have goals coming out our ears.
    The fans have every right to ask what the hell is going on.
    We are creating enough chances but not converting.
    A draw at Bournmouth is as good as a loss so I think we
    should shoot on site. Every one rain in shots on the Bournmouth goal.
    Anythings worth a crack right now. We’re gonna do this.

    1. in the epl, for 3 seasons giroud is a 13 goal per season striker, 20 is all competitions at best, that means 1 goal every 3 matches, that will not win any leaque, henry scored 27 when we last won, unless we get production from somewhere else, no way to win it…

      1. giroud goals in epl, 11, 16, 14… average 13.8 per season in the epl, or 1 goal every 3 matches, for center striker, that does not win a league, need at least 19

    2. Ramsey got to sit his a** on a bench……… We must not always find a way to accommodate him into the team

      He could be rotated if need be….

    3. I don’t think our problem is scoring goals the problem is we always look for the perfect goal trying to pass it into the net this is what wenger trains them for but we are not Barcelona

  2. I am sorry, but Walcott needs to improve for us to win at Bournemouth.
    He controls the ball like a Dung beetle carrying a ball of cra&p and shoots like a zip22 pistol(Worst gun ever made)..
    I would have vardy over him in our ranks any day now. Can’t understand how and why he gets 140KPW… We had the doubts about his best position. Well his best position is on the bench or 69. But neither a striker nor a winger. Sell him asap and get Vardy asap..

    1. the damning info about walcott: always plays well when his contract is up for renewal. that means to me that he always has the top gear to pull out when he absolutely has to. so maybe he’s just lazy. wenger cannot motivate his players.

  3. I wouldn’t swap Nacho for Gibbs unless he’s not fit. It’s an away game and Nacho’s been our most reliable defender this season. However, I’d rather risk playing the Ox ahead of both Walcott and Campbell any day.
    Walcott’s convinced himself he’s a number 9 and as such doesn’t execute the winger role at all. And Campbell who admittedly played well for a while there but frankly, in my opinion he slows down the game too much. You’re talking risks here and the Ox is always a risk but he gives us entirely something different. It’s been more a miss than a hit but the potential is clearly huge and I’d love for Wenger to start him more frequently.

    1. campbell’s made some filthy passes. i’d keep him. if wenger can talk to walcott and get some positive vibes, maybe play walcott.
      we absolutely cannot play ox given the importance of this game.
      monreal > gibbs; gibbs’s defense sucks.
      bellerin gabriel koz monreal
      coq [pls no flam or arteta!]
      ramsey [sub in elneny at some point]
      campbell/walcott ozil sanchez

  4. and they should shoot on sight. no more of this f*in pass-to-death.
    ramsey in front of coq means ramsey has license to go forward more.
    basically arsenal is backed into a corner like we were in EPL (and many times in last few years) and we HAVE to respond. in fact we often respond better in these situations.
    it’s when we’re ahead that wenger is totally unable to motivate his players: thats when we falter.

  5. Am not underestimating Bourmemouth or overlooking them, neither am I supremely confident of our squad but the fact is any team that plays like Bournemouth are very very beatable for us unless we get extremely unlucky…..they are a club who likes to play the game on the ground, passing movements and always going forward and we can deal with that all day, that is why we always have a chance with City unlike clubs like Man u,who will will their traditional free flowing game to stiffle us and then attack on the counter…or Chelsea with their traditional park the bus approach….take away teams like Barca, Bayern and maybe Madrid and some other clubs I doubt of there is any club who can live with us on our day with positive football… am quietly confident we cam do Bournemouth…..and yes, Leicester too…..mind you am not saying we can win the title, am nit that delusional after what I have seen in the last few weeks

  6. Nacho starts all day everyday over gibbs esp away from home! We had better comp with T14 &G12 battling for no9 spot so start Walcott up top this weekend as Giroud isnt scoring, called rotation and the two can fight it out. Welbz&Jack both back soon so Ramsey, Elneny, Walcott and Giroud will have pressure on them and not the god given right they think they have to start for the gooners. Wilshere can replace Ramsey alongside Coq if they both stay fit and Welbz can play no9 also and RW.

    Bournemouth is a must win and we will win as one of the two in City&Leicester wil drop points this weekend and then we play the foxes next weekend it battle for top.

    Bellerin Gab Koss Nacho
    Coq Elneny
    Ox Theo Alexis

    Ramsey, Walcott and Giroud can come off the bench when needed, probably 70m or so with the way Wenger works.

  7. If you want Olivier Giroud and Walcot to score goals, set them into competition. I mean play them one at a time in their favoured ST position.

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