Arsenal must think HARD about selling England’s MOTM

It has been looking increasingly likely that Arsenal would be allowing the transfer away of our on-loan right back Carl Jenkinson. But maybe Arsene Wenger should not be so hasty in letting Jenks go, especially after his Man of the Match performance for the England under 21 side tonight.

The defender is a boyhood Arsenal fan but lack of opportunities forced him to join West Ham this season to gain some valuable Premier League experience. And he has become a key player under Sam Allardyce and is now a regular starter. Unfortunately for him though, Bellerin and Chambers have stepped up and with Debuchy almost ready to return, Jenkinson appears to have lost his place.

But we should not forget that he also had good spells in the team and impressed when Sagna was unavailable and has now improved and has proven himself in the Premier League. If Jenkinson is the better player then it would seem strange to sell him and we know that Jenkinson would love to stay and have a career as a Gunner. How did we end up with so many good right backs anyway?

He was in great form for England tonight as he usually is and ran the Germans ragged down the right, setting up the first and last goals as England won 3-2. Jenks is a real athlete and has improved his defending and positioning, so just as he starts to prove that Wenger was right to sign him in the first place, would it not make more sense to give him another chance in the Arsenal team?

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  1. Honestly people just pull stories out of left field, there is 0 evidence to suggest we are selling jenks. Since when has wenger EVER given up on a promising young player?

    Not to mention the fact that he is 21 and improving (not at the rate everyone is raving about but he is improving no doubt) but he is a gunner through and through and I really like that.

    1. Jenks is 23, Bellerin is 20, Debuchy 29.

      You don’t have 3 RB’s competing for a spot. Debuchy is hands down our best RB, he has a ton of experience on his side too and a further 4/5 years at the top. So which youngster has a greater upside? Bellerin.

      That’s why you sell Jenks. 8-10 mil is good business for Arsenal. That’s why NOBODY is advocating we buy Cech and keep Szczesny, it’s accepted you need an experienced player and youngster per position. Move on guys, he’s just another player passing through, and we have 2 better players in his position. Enough already.

        1. The left where Monreal and Gibbs play? Struggling to see your point…..take the RB situation and make it a LB one?

  2. Seriously,this is a very serious situation,our right back position is overloaded.buh personally,I don’t consider Chambers as a right back as I think he should replace. Mertersacker.Maybe we should aslo send Bellerin on loan nd bring Jenkinson back for close evaluation then we can choose between them
    Personally,i really love bellerin and I want him to av a great career with us

  3. No joke since the summer ive been wondering why we bought 2 RB
    i wanted Jenko to stay and maybe buy one
    and i was always hoping bellerin broke into the team
    cause ive always been a fan and im glad he did
    i say play chambers as a CB becausse i dont really think he has the speed to be a RB
    bring jenko back and either loan or sell debuchy
    or loan bellerin but id hate if that happened
    honestly dont know though it’s gonna be a crazzy summer for wenger

  4. Chambers and Debuchy can play CB, What a lovely situation. A managers dream, players that can multitask.
    Oh by the way,I told you Liverpool would pull a stroke withdrawing players from the international .Sturridge might play Saturday. Miraculous recovery. Woy fell for it.

    1. Yeah, a genius off play strategy by a manager called Brenda, when we look like to miss Wellbeck during international duty.

      1. Cheetspotter, Roy in my opinion happily obliged… he was liv manager and isnt the first time he helped them out… that said he does have a good relationship with Wenger and others also.

  5. Goonsquad
    That is where the problem lies,all our right backs are relatively young apart from Debuchy and unfortunately one has to go,chambers is definitely staying so we av to choose between bellerin and jenkinson.Like I said Chambers should be groomed into a CB and he can stil play rb for us when needed.then we will either debuchy and jenks or debuchy and bellerin and in case of injury to any of them chambers can deputize

      1. Goonerboy, what if Debuchy is finished in two seasons time. Thirty two/three i think hell be, fullbacks generally dont last as long as others due to their pace being a necessity. Loan jenk for two seasons.. getting two or three mil in return would be fair in my opinion.

  6. If another defender is bought this summer,chambers should b moulded into a DMF…but I think he shud b back up for gabi n kos,n hez most likely kos’s replacement. I like chambers @ CB cause he makes think of john terry. I hope he ends up that good

  7. Loan Jenkinson for another year to West Ham. If he is that good we can take him back after that. We have great competition for the RB spot which is fantastic.

  8. don’t sell him (jenkinson) never know when bellerin will leave arsenal & join barca. we have seen this before loan him out for another season

  9. Sagna was getting paid 60 k the
    same as Diaby who never plays.
    Podolski 90k Sanogo 50k Ryo 20k
    Campbell 40k Wilshere injured a lot 90k
    Ox hardly plays 60k Ozil 8 months injured 150 k
    Sagna was treated like Sh#t.
    We did not need Debuchy 12 mill.
    Did not need him at all.
    Chambers was bought to play multiple
    positions because Wenger decided
    not to buy another CB. Then when Giroud got injured
    he did not trust his boy wonder Sanogo so had to pay out 16 mill
    for Wellbeck which meant no new DM.
    We just got lucky with Coquelin.
    Jenkinson and Bellerin to succeed Sagna
    was obvious but Wenger played hard ball with Sagna
    with calamitous results early on.
    So we did not buy a CB when Vermaelen left and lost our chance early in the season. Then we stumped up 16 mill for Gabriel in January which we could have done in June!!! We saved no money and lost too many points.
    How dumb was that.

  10. Keep Jenkison. Either loan him again or put him on squad as 3rd RB and make Chambers concentrate on CD/DM

    Jenkison is good young talent. We shouldn’t sell him.

  11. if Bellerin or Jenkinson either 1 has to be sold or loan…..

    2nd choice hardly get any games prob around 10-15 max if theres no major injuries…same for every big club……

  12. Loan Jenkinson for another year…
    Flamini and Diaby should Leave Arsenal Make room for New DMF, Sell Podolski and Campbell, bring back Wellington Silva the guy has the Quality to play @ Arsenal, if Walcott Leaves, bring Pedro! As for Sanogo, he has to wait, Apkom will be our 3rd/4th choice Striker!

    1. I agree with you.

      We can’t keep everyone
      Loan Jenkison with a clause that allows us to bring him back if needed

      I love Podolski but time for him to sold
      I haven’t been following Campbell on loan but if he isn’t improving then sell him.
      Sanogo same or loan.

      Diaby is just using up £60,000 per week (not sure exact salary) by being injured. most of time.
      Flamini has lost it sadly, so release him

      Lets get a top DM to shore up our defense and either a top striker or versatile forward like Reus or as you said Pedro (I read somewhere he is quite cheap £15 and plays with both feet)

      We really are only 2-3 players away from being the best in PL.

      1. Ps. Also backup LB.

        I don’t know how good our lb in Academy is
        Wish Jenkison could play LB
        Wenger should get a young, promising LB.

  13. For me Jenkinson is now very far from Debuchy or Bellerin. And being a starter for West Ham doesn’t necessarily makes you a starter for the Gunners.
    I see him very close to Chambers: they are still both a bit tender and sometimes even slow.
    But, we bought Chambers for a very high amount, partly because he was a more versatile player: we somehow need to capitalise on him.
    2 players better than him and 1 more versatile: there’s simply no room left for Jenkinson. What other option do we have than selling him?

  14. i think that arsenal will need jenkinson cause he is taller than invanovic who is the best RB in the country and times like this where we need height and power we need him and he has become more defensively minded and really helped west ham in the early season form, as far as Debuchy goes i am surprised that 2 injuries have really made him bad in the season which shows a bit of inconsistency that has not come forward. Bellerin is going to stay at arsenal for foreseeable future and then may decide leave or not cause then jenkinson value and form will come into limelight.

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