Arsenal must top Giroud’s salary or miss out on striker target

Arsenal have been told that should they want to sign Alvaro Morata this summer, they will need to stump up a tidy £6 Million per year salary.

The Spanish international is currently starring for his country at the European Championships, and netted a tidy brace to help his side to qualify for the knockout stages with a game to play.

Despite being on international duty, his club future has regularly been speculated on, and a move is believed to be very likely, with his former side keen Real Madrid keen on triggering his release clause before selling him on for a tidy profit.

Morata appears to be open to such a deal, and has talked up a potential move to the Premier League previously. Chelsea and Arsenal are now claimed to be the most likely destination should such a move take place, with our club most strongly linked with such a deal.

We lost Danny Welbeck to injury last month, which only firmed up the belief that we were in need of more striking options, although Gunners fans were adamant of such a need without the injury to the England international.

We have been linked with Jamie Vardy as an option to help lead the line, but the more his move stalls, the less likely such a transfer will take place, and the latest report claiming Morata has made his demands for a move will be welcomed.

The 23 year-old is claimed to have revealed that he will want £115,000 per week to make the switch to the Premier League.

Olivier Giroud is reportedly on £100,000 per week, which could mean that Morata is only willing to join with more importance to the side than the current striker, which could prove a problem.

The Frenchman has already been told by Arsene Wenger that he will be starting the new season as the club’s first choice, and could become an issue should the new arrival push to be prioritized.

Is Morata proven enough to warrant a higher wage than Olivier? Should we seal Morata’s signature before any of the other sharks prepare their own prospective swoops?

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  1. Morata again? No thanks. Massively over hyped..we currently have many over hyped British players in the squad already..

    1. And we have way too many young forwards in the ‘development stage’. We need someone who’s past that stage and showing signs of being reliable at the highest level.

    2. Agree completely. ENOUGH with the Morata hype.

      Morata is unproven and is therefore a big risk. You don’t pay top money for a big risk.

      1. Agree with you all. Morata is not a prolific goal scorer. The likelyhood is that, for us, he would score around 7 or 8 goals (half of what Giroud does). So if we get him for £20 (most unlikely) he deserves to be only on £50k a week. You can’t blame the guy trying but a bit of a cheek, may even believe in his own hype. It is even possible that some idiot manager will pay that obscene and undeserved salary. Not at Arsenal with such overblown ego.

  2. I dont want any gold digger in our team..we have lots of them already who are just raking our money…if you can’t sign cus you want to lead the team to glory, don’t sign for our money…I’ll rather take Lukaku or Chicarito over Morata

  3. Morata is definitely not what we need at the moment but frankly speaking, I’d rather him than no striker at all

    1. Fair enough. If I was desperate for food, like Arsenal fans are desperate for trophies, I would rather have smelly old bread then nothing at all.

      But Arsenal are NOT limited to Morata in their striker search. There are many far better choices from all over the world – not just in Europe. Why must Arsenal settle. I don’t see other big clubs settling for old smelly bread. They find and get good players. Must be magic or something.

      The only reason to get Morata at this point is if you have a solid belief/evidence he will become a great player. But the hype around him means he will cost a fortune. You don’t settle with mediocrity when you pay out top money. That is lunacy.

  4. Give us Lukaku! If he managed to score 17 goals backed by Barkley, Cleverley, Mirallas and Deulofeu, imagine what he can muster with Özil, Sanchez, Xhaka, Cazorla and Iwobi feeding him with chances! Also there’s Bellerin and Monreal (possibly Ricardo Rodriguez?) to aid with crosses. We could make Lukaku a f*cking killer striker! Drogba who?? (ok, Drogba might almost be on Henry’s level, so he’s extremely well rated, but you get my point!)

  5. The most overrated and over hyped player going at the moment.. Not worth any money until he has proven himself for at least a full season..

  6. Alvaro scored 8 league goals from 34 appearances last season
    Season before 7 goals from 29

    He is good enough for us

  7. Remember that chance Lukaku had against Italy, should have berried it but you could see the expectation on his shoulders. Id liken that a little to what he’d feel at Arsenal when games become very important. Against Ireland he knew he and others would get chances, the first match was more telling. Maybe he would be worth a punt, but a 50m gamble, that would be us putting all of our faith in Lukaku. We wouldn’t be getting another striker for a long time not after spending that amount. The biggest gamble though would be whether or not he can handle big club pressures. We’ve seen many over the years who’ve crumbled from it. Carroll, Benteke, Ba, Torres, Remy, these were all PL proven which is usually how you want them. Maybe Lukaku will be different, I don’t know, maybe he’ll be more like Sturridge who is the only similar one who jumps to mind which has improved. I wouldn’t say Lukaku is a better shout to handle pressure and succeed that Vardy would. Vardy has already held firm in a title chase, his exploits were simply amazing.

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