Arsenal must turn form on its head to beat Monaco! (Fact!)

Form is against Arsenal but we BELIEVE! by SB

Amidst the Gunners new-founded hope to overtake the league leaders Chelsea or a respectable first 2nd place finish in 10 years, Arsenal visit Stade Louis II with a difficult task and an uphill battle. Before the game on Tuesday comes to life, let’s put things in perspective from an Arsenal point of view.

Stade Louis II has received a lot of criticism from opposition managers and fans cause their car park is directly below the pitch. Though their car park pitch is of grass yet it has the appearance of a cabbage field. The Emirates has the one of the bestestly (sic) perfect pitchs if not the best. That pitch shall be our first problem.

Monaco Home Form
AS Monaco are now unbeaten at home in their last five games* and their biggest home loss was a 1-2 loss to FC Lorient in the opening week. Even PSG couldn’t score in their away match against Monaco, let alone win. Monaco’s biggest loss at home anytime in their history was to Girondins De Bordeaux in 2007-2008 season where they lost 6-0. But since Jardim Leonardo (who incidentally won the Second Division Champion in Portugal with Beira-Mar in 2010) has now steadied their ship. Despite losing their best players in James Rodriguez and Falcao they are sitting at 4th place trophy spot in Ligue 1.

Monaco’s last five home results:
3-0 vs SC Bastia
0-0 vs PSG
3-1 vs Stade Rennais FC
0-0 vs SC Bastia
0-0 vs Olympique Lynnais

Arsenal away form
Out biggest away win this season is in this competition against a clueless and toothless Galatasaray side where Gunners won 1-4. But looking back at the Premier league we have been poor in away games.

Everton 2-2
Chelsea 2-0
Swansea 2-1
Stoke 3-2
Liverpool 2-2
Southampton 2-0
Manchester City 0-2
Tottingham Thursday 1-2

These results highlight our season and why we should be worried on Tuesday night.

BUT, there are some positive boys, just some. Since January we have added much needed defensive cover, and look better defensively (Monaco at home not withstanding). Also Arsenal has 21 different goal scorers (yes you read it right- Sanchez, Giroud, Welbeck, Cazorla, Ramsey, Podolski, Koscielny, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Rosicky, Ozil, Arteta, Chambers, Debuchy, Gibbs, Mertesacker, Sanogo, Walcott, Wilshere, Bellerin, Monreal and Flamini) and we have players returning to form. Mesut Özil won Arsenal Player of the Month in February with 33% votes, tells you a story doesn’t it? Ramsey is looking like he might be bouncing back. Gabriel could be back from injury. And Giroud is in rampant form front of goal, while Sanchez can make the difference with his industry.

Wenger’s take on the Monaco tie was, “First you got to believe that you can do it, if don’t believe you can do it than you can’t do it.”

And I quote from Thierry Henry, “If you don’t believe you are the real deal, you might as well stay home.”

I believe. COYG. Go get them!


VIDEO – Wayne Rooney getting knocked out cold at home!

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    1. Drugs you may be on:

      1. Angel dust
      2. Qualuudes ( 80’s night)
      3. Mushrooms
      4. Meiow meiow

    2. Let’s start with beating Monaco,we can pull this one out,i have some hope left in me.if we get an early goal it will be all over for Monaco.after beating Monaco we can focus on the bpl and fa me my friends we will not finish fourth but the least 3rd.and we will defend our fa cup trophy.

    1. Victory is not enough gregory. 3 goal deficit
      We need to cook these fools
      Can u smell what le coq is cooking.

  1. Chelski dropped points 2day. Time 2 have faith guys. We can do it, lets start by beating dem at d emirates

  2. Monaco stopped psg an lyon scoring an are very hard to beat at home. Let alone by 3 goals.

    Im goin in to this hoping we play well.
    But not expecting much.
    Trynna be sensible

  3. Let’s keep our heads down and keep grinding out points in the PL. Hopefully we can get a goal or two in the first 30 mins. in Monaco to put a little bit of pressure on them. I would at least expect a good performance from our Gunners. Who knows? A good performance with a little bit of luck… anything can happen. Looking forward to the 2nd leg. COYG.

  4. Am an optimist but arsenal can’t win the league dis season.

    2nd position and F A cup would be great, I mean dat means we beat man shitty in every way

  5. It doesnt make for good reading.. thats for sure. I really do believe that an Arsenal goal in the first half will put the wobbles amongst a few of there players, and even if it didnt our lads will get confidence and with that confidence we know we can play exceptional at times. COYG

  6. Mind games…Mourinhou says we can win the league..wenger says NO!..we cant..If we progress ahead of Monaco,i’d rili fancy our chances in d cud rili b one of dose lucky years.

    1. When Chelsea get beat comprehensively at the Emirates it is going to destroy Maureen. I can’t see them getting many points after that.

  7. Considering we need a minimum of 3 goals, I imagine the 2nd leg will be the same as the 1st, no tactics and defensive organisation needed, just attack, attack, attack!

    We nearly did it against Milan, but Monaco away is much harder, but I hope we can do it.

  8. Thank god this MU side didnt turn up on Monday. It would be foolish to underestimate them. We were lucky against them . I think better focus on winning each game and try to go as high as possible in the table.

    1. @wayne barker
      They did turn up on Mon. We just cancelled out their game, with ours. Spurs could not do that so they payed for it…
      We were not lucky. We were better. There’s a big difference…

      1. I dont agree, if we were that better then we wouldnt have depended on a lousy back pass to get the lead. MU were doing fine but that back pass killed the game. And we were much better in November when we faced than compared to monday. No way that was the best arsenal performance.

        Isnt it funnt the whole media only talked about Di Maria’s red card and the dives and the backpass but no one mentioned about arsenal’s performance. Even our legend henry said the same, we were fortunate to get the rub of the green that day.

        1. @wayne barker
          You’re putting too much weight on the impact of that”lousy backpass.”
          Just as Rooney capitalized on our defensive blip, we did the same.
          If they were better, they would have won. Their play would have negated ours, but it did not. They had home advantage, which should have spurned them on to be bigger and better. It did not.
          Luck has no real bearing on reality son…

  9. We should never have been in this position at the first place against Monaco. But now whats done is done, let us give a fight and hope to get maximum from the game.

  10. Xo cus they won today nd u say we were lucky huh??..remember witowt de gea,dat game wud av bin mre dan 4-1..spurs were shit today,u cud c their armour against chelsea.

    1. Whether we like it or not, the back pass killed all their confidence that day. The moment that happened and we scored I knew we wont lose this one and I Said to my wife MU wont bounce back today. Di Maria’s red card , Januzaj childish dive was all symptom of that one back pass mistake. The chances we created that forced de gea’s save were mostly after they were 10 men and were committed to attack.

      I am happy we got rid of the bogey of not beating them at old trafford but I wont write them off. My best bet would let them beat Liverpool next week so that the top 4 is fixed. I dont want a situation where we are just a point or two ahead from a top 5 side and face at Oldtrafford on May 16th. I want to avoid that situation.

  11. Why can’t we win our next nine games in pl. This is our chance and the reason we support arsenal to win every game we play. Coyg!!!!!!!!

  12. Whats with Jose keep on making a dig at Arsenal and Wenger. Grow up Jose and behave like a professional. I hope we just beat them when they come here to park the bus.

  13. we are on the up this summer get 2nd and automatic c/l qualification and we are going to be rolling in the cash, as we will have the £35 million puma money £35 million emirates plus c/l monies £30 million thats £95million in the transfer pot.
    before you add the big profits will will post in the may time accounts we have made £11 million profit up to now in the November accounts, so we should do that again in the second half of the year we should be on track for a £20 million profit in may that will be put towards transfers, also so wenger could be looking at a transfer jackpot of approx £115 million pounds that could buy one world class player and a couple of great squad players. plus with the higher in the league we finish we get a larger cut of the t.v rights money most likely well in excess of £100 million) which will drive our revenue through the £350 million mark this year, by the time the spuds get to £250 millions in revenue we will have smashed through the £400 million mark by this point and running the league there wont be player we cant buy then up the gunners

  14. We have won 5 PL games in a row. No reason why it’s impossible to win the next 9 games.

    Next week will be tough though. Away@ Newcastle

    Newcastle v Arsenal
    Hull v Chelsea
    City v West Bromwich
    Liverpool v United

    As for our most immediate concern: Monaco

    Most worried about Mertsacker. Monaco’s attack will be much tougher than West Ham’s. Mertsacker had a difficult time last match.

    Also, none of our players can start slowly. We need to have a top performance from beginning to end.

    I have no concerns in terms of scoring. I know we can do that. My only concern is stopping them from scoring

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