Arsenal must win silverware this season after last season’s disappointments

Should Arsenal be going all out in the Cup competitions? by Daisy

Last season Arsenal had an unbelievable season, spending most of the year sitting at the top, competing with the likes of Manchester City for the entire season. Arteta looked to be primarily focusing on the Premier League and winning the title and didn’t really seem like his priority was to win any of the domestic cups, will and has this changed for this season?

Personally, I think we can’t look past any silverware this season, having gone so far last season and putting in so much work, only to fall short and come away with nothing was heartbreaking for myself and I’m sure every other Arsenal fan. Although we had a great season and proved to those around us that we could compete at the highest level, ultimately, we walked away empty handed.

Being so close to City last season, I understood why Arteta threw everything we had at the Premier League and not so much at the cup competitions. Getting knocked out of the Carabao cup in the third round to a 2-1 defeat by Brighton, knocked out of the FA Cup in the 4th round to a 4-0 defeat to Manchester City and knocked out of the Europa League in the round of 16 by Sporting on penalties.

A lot of Arsenal fans blamed our focus on the Title for our losses in the cups, saying Arteta was focusing only on the league title and maybe missed an opportunity for silverware. Arteta who has only won the FA Cup since becoming manager, surely wants to add more to his collection but with the Premier League Title being so prestigious, one can understand why he wanted it so badly and threw everything he had at trying to get it.

But this season feels different, Arteta and his side should be walking away with at least a trophy and needs to be putting everything he can into bringing silverware home to The Emirates. Although keeping up with City should be a focus, we should also be able to compete for more than one honour. Competing in four competitions this season, including The Champions League, won’t be easy, but with squad rotation and a bit of luck, hopefully us Arsenal fans get to see some silverware back at Arsenal.

What’s your thoughts Gooners? Should we be focusing on every Competitions this season?

Daisy Mae


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  1. Arsenal’s system isn’t stable enough to focus on four competitions, so they’d better focus on EPL and UCL only

    I believe Arsenal will only take Carabao Cup seriously if they manage to proceed to the semifinal phase

    1. It is a must for Arsenal to win a silverware this season. If not questions will be asked and Arteta would be under pressure. Own ers don’t invest in a team in vain without meanful results and trophies. Arsenal hiarachy got tired of just being in Champions league and began to want more. That explains one of the few reasons Wenger had to go.

        1. Mr. Wenger’s record
          Europe 0/22
          EPL 3/22
          FA 7/22
          LC 0/22
          Success depends on each one’s definition of success.
          For me its not success.
          For billionaires and club owners, its not success.
          We thank him for his efforts and services and wish him luck and good health.
          As for Mikel, he has 1 FA on his CV in nearly 4 years and wish luck this campaign. The season is early and there could be twists and turns. New year is the best to judge and reason out where we are heading. Till then enjoy the ride.

          1. It’s a success to me, although he could’ve won more EPL titles with his huge influence at the club and the relatively-low competition level in England at that time

            As for Arteta, I think he could get sacked if he doesn’t win anything and finishes outside top four

    2. gai, you just mentioned two competitions we’re very unlikely to win with current situation of things. Why not attack the four competitions and see where the comparative advantage lies at end.
      I think we’re highly likely to win a League Cup and/or FA Cup than the PL or UCL.
      The bottom line is that we can’t afford to end this again without a trophy.

      1. We need to prevent the injuries of our key players, so we’d better play our fringe and squad rotation players in Carabao Cup and FA Cup

        1. That’s what we did obviously and as we all saw they were’nt far off, i dare say it they are good enough to win us at least one if not both cups.

  2. As I said before winning a trophy is an absolute boost for the team and definitely an encouragement to want to win the next one and the next one.

  3. I would be disappointed if we didn’t as we were told to trust the process and 10 phases .
    Surely the owners will also want to as they aren’t as naive as some fans are and will want to see a return on the massive outlay which gets bigger transfer window after transfer window .
    I’ve read comments lately saying he’s a GREAT ,TOP and EXCEPTIONAL manager ,maybe come season’s end those comments will hold true ,let’s hope 🤞.

  4. I see it differently – the CL is where the revenue fills the coffers, along with the PL title.

    If MA keeps us in the top four, further investments from the owner will be forthcoming.

    Let’s face
    it, our domestic cups will mean nowt to a top foreign player who can choose any of the top clubs in europe… the “in europe” being the carrot to dangle.

    It’s great to boast about our fa cup wins, but CL and it’s money is the holy grail… in my opinion.

    1. Agree ken but the investment has to be for trophies and major titles. Asxwe kniw with Wenger, top four alone, is not enough.

      1. Top 4 does not keep you competitive Ken if you don’t make any money off player sales ,our wage bill as started to go back to normal,Havertz on 330 mil ,Odegaard apparently on 300mill on his new deal ,without trophies you do not get the new fans buying merchandise and sponsorship money gets less .
        The club at this moment in time is an also run ,process that some like to call it ,but without those cups the club will continue as it as for the last 15 years .

        1. DK, if one buys the right players, train them to perform, encourage them and don’t hang them out to dry, then one doesn’t have to sell them at a loss or as a giveaway.

          I can’t think of one city player under Pep, who has not flourished, or been sold / given away at a loss.
          Pool and Brighton have also shown what shrewd buying and selling is all about.

          Now, back to the article and, if you were a player from, say, Brazil, who is being chased by the top clubs in europe, do you believe that said player would be swayed by CL football, or the fact that the club had won a domestic cup?

          Of course, the revenue from CL football will also help a club to offer said player a more attractive salary and the chance to play the elite clubs in europe (in most cases).

  5. Only a fan (that is a child) would be disappointed after last season; the best season since the year of the invincibles. From 8-8-5 they finished 2nd, with a clear touch of victory. Shame on you, child.

  6. We should concentrate on winning the EPL, which would automatically bring UCL participation anyway. It’s about time we became champions again!! I’m not really bothered about the domestic trophies, we’ve won loads of them. Anyway, unlike City, we still do not have a strong enough squad to compete on 4 fronts – just my opinion.

  7. Had Arsenal stick to their original plan and not made an impulsive signing, things would look a whole lot better.

    But it is what it is, top four is a must with one of those big ears jug as a minimum for this to be a successful campaign.

  8. Last season Liverpool, MU n Tottenham not at their best yet we won nothing. This season all bulking up. Honestly, we just focus on FA n Caraboa Cup. Truth hurts…

  9. I would rather have the team focus on game by game basis and do better than last season. Granit Xhaka finally proved to be an indispensable member only after his departure. He had vacated that left no8 role wide in a gaping hole. The main aim should be to create that unbreakable team chemistry we had last season. I can’t wait for Partey to come back and let Rice to be tested there. Massive October month to come.

  10. One or both cups and a UCL or league tittle will do just fine. Nothing should faze us this campaign i reckon.COYG!!!

  11. Certainly, Arsenal must go in for all titles possible. There is no guarantee that only focusing on the PL title will give success as last season showed. If we win the League Cup and the FA Cup it would not only add to our trophy cabinet but also boost confidence in our players to win more. We have got good squad depth this time and Arteta should wisely rotate his squad to get the best out of every player. That said, was impressed with Tomiyasu, Ramsdale, ESR and Jorginho in our win against Brenford, we have got players to compete in all competitions.

  12. We do like most big clubs do, rotate and still play a good team until you get to the semi. That’s when teams really start taking it seriously. 2 additional games in January and a final in February won’t overburden a squad. Hell winning it gives you a boost for the end of the season, remember the majority of this team haven’t yet won a trophy at Arsenal.

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