Arsenal must win the title now as next season will definitely be tougher

Arsenal is performing at its peak once again; they are a sleeping giant that has awakened. However, can we all agree that their chance of winning the Premier League is now or never?

I say this because many top PL clubs anticipate having a significant summer window to change their fortunes after this season. If their midfield and other crucial spots are bolstered, Manchester City, Manchester United, and Liverpool would be fully prepared to compete for Premier League supremacy next season.

In addition to the three, Newcastle may have reached a point in their project where they want to compete for the league, and Chelsea may complete another blockbuster summer transfer window to bring honours to Stamford Bridge.

Tottenham may redefine themselves under a new coach if Antonio Conte departs. In the end, it’s not a given that Arsenal will be in this situation next season, where they are leading the league by 69 points, 8 points clear of second-placed Manchester City, with 10 games remaining.

Arsenal just need to take advantage of where they are, and the fact that Gabriel Jesus is hyped about what’s in store for him and his teammates before May 28th should indicate he is ready with his winning experience to guide this Arsenal side to greater PL glory.

In reflection on where Arsenal are, Jesus says as quoted by the Mirror, “Now is, I think in my opinion, the best part of the season. It’s a period when you have deciding games, big games as well, away and at home. Now is the time we have to play the same, don’t change, be together, and then we will see.”

With deals for Jesus and Zinchenko last summer, Arteta must have wanted to instill a winning and competitive mindset in his team. If there was ever a moment for this Arsenal team to be under their leadership, it is now, because winning the Premier League for Arsenal may come either now or never…

Darren N

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  1. man utd. and Chelsea are bound to be better next season
    AFC must prepare for that, and imrovw the squad accordingly

  2. No doubt ,we won’t have a better Chance this season where all the other top teams have been awful ,even the spuds will be up there if they get Julian Nagelsmann who is the best young coach in football .
    Let’s hope we don’t self destruct like previous seasons .

  3. Yes. But I won’t be disappointed if we can’t win the title, because Man City have easier remaining games in EPL

    In my opinion, winning the EL trophy was more realistic, unfortunately we blew the chance

    Hopefully the suspect in the sexual offence allegation isn’t Partey and Reuell Walters will be able to deputize White

  4. Nonsense!…we have the youngest average age in the league,. So we are only going to get better, we could do a similar thing as Liverpool have done over previous years, few tweaks here and there and we can challenge for years to come

  5. I don’t see it as now or never, we have a great chance to lift that big jug after 19 years and yes we must lift it at all cost, am convinced we are attempting exactly that, sending a Physio to accompany Partey to Africa speaks volumes the gaffer taking no chances.

    We are the second youngest team in the league blessed with the best crop of young talents and that argues extremely well for the future.
    That simple means if we should go on to lifting that big mug, we will be delicately poised to defending it also, that’s what causing a few nerves rattling in the league.

    But if Arsenal plays their card right even with our shoe string budget, we could dominate the league for the next three to four years without blinking.

  6. Agreed now is the chance to win thr league trophhy, but I must also say that am just frightened by our own potential, next season we could be unstoppable. Imagine the players will be more experienced, and on top of that we’ll also get a chance in the summer window to add more quality players


  7. 100% agreed on this being best chance to win the league and very unexpected also we can all agree on that. Though I do feel if we go on and win the league with the style of football we are playing more teams will be scared of what we do in the summer to reinforce this project.

    Man Utd with this takeover will most certainly be busy in the summer and are playing decent enough this season bar a few blips. Liverpool are fi ding their groove again for a Top4 push after an exhausting 3years challenging for everything and winning alot of trophies.

    City & Chelsea will always do what they do and buy the titles so no difference there plus now Newcastle with their Saudi Money will join that elite league of big spenders.

    Spurs under Conte is done and I think they will take abit of time to get things sorted again and the possible Sale of Harry Kane heading Into his last year on his deal is one to watch! Utd Maybe?

    10games to go to make history with the youngest manager and squad in the league 👏 either way we are back in the Champions League for next season which was the target but failed in Europa but maybe a blessing in disguise as City are stacked with huge games!

    1. NY_G, Are you sure its NOW? I was under the impression he turned forty very recently, but not right now!

  8. Wouldn’t it be epic if we win the league this season and Arteta then challenge his squad to go unbeaten next season, and we some how pulled it off? Stuff of dreams.

  9. From our current position, this may be the best chance to actually win the PL, but I still would have expected next season to be the most likely one in which Arsenal would challenge, due to having a projected stronger squad and with players now more assured & confident due to the success of this season, and fingers crossed not so many key players injured or unfit.
    Doing it in both seasons would be OK by me😉😏.

  10. Arsenal are not going to realistically compete with any of the other “big 4” clubs in the transfer market (I do not include Spurs & Newcastle in this) so we are left going for the players the others don’t want. Trossard and Jorginho have been great since joining but they weren’t our first choice targets and that’s what we need to improve. If we want a player then we need to go all out for them.

    1. @Ben: Why the defeatist attitude?

      Must a team has the BEST PLAYERS to always succeed? If that was the case Leicester City would not have won the league in 2016, and Manchester City should have won the Champions League at least twice by now.

      There is more to winning than merely getting the so-called best players [or managers]. Hello, people on this site who wanted the so-called INEXPERIENCED manager Arteta sacked in favor of Conte!

      What is wrong with second-choice targets? Nothing! Jesus and Trossard prove that.

  11. How depressing to see a few Gooners, including this article writer, being more gloomy about next season than they are about his one. I FEEL QUITE THE OPPOSITE!
    Darren, rather timidly in my view, tries to make out a case for all our other top six rivals, including Chelsea and Pool (who languish further down right now) all being stronger next season. His so called reasoning is very scant however and does not go into any detail whatsoever, as he plainly is in no position to have an informed up to date opinion about those other teams As a Gooner though, HE , and allof us will easily be informed enoughtto see that we will be a better team and a deeper squad next season than in this one.
    What i AM prepared to say though is that NEXT SEASON, I do NOT envisage atwo horse race, as we have this time.

    Relative to each other, I see ourselves and City both being stronger still next season, though gaining fewer points. A levelling up of many more traditional top clubs, IF that occurs, will mean a far closer race with us having as good a chance, and IMO, a better one, than all the others next year.

    We are still the youngest side of all those listed and will improve MORE THAN THEM ALL.
    I am firmly of this opinion!

    1. I think that is a pretty fair assessment Jon although I think this year is an amazing opportunity to top the league.

      Just because the most recent successful teams have struggled this year does not automatically mean they will burst back into life next season. We were top4 and went off the boil and look how long it has taken to get back.

  12. Definitely our best chance given that we have lead the table for pretty much the whole season with 5-8 point leads at different stages and that is unlikely to repeat next season when you would also expect the competition at the top to be even more fierce next season with Chelsea Man Utd Liverpool and Newcastle being In the mix for the title however that doesn’t mean we won’t improve too and should we strengthen adequately in the summer we can expect another title tilt and making a good account of ourselves in the Champions League campaign as well as going a lot further in the domestic cups.

  13. I agree that it is our best chance in a long time but I also agree with many others on here that the article is too pessimistic. Yes other teams are going to spend but it takes more than spending. We have a young team that we will probably keep together and add to – so we will likely get better. But more importantly is the coming together of all of the necessary components that money doesn’t buy you – i.e. A coach with a good philosophy of playing that the team buys into, unity on the team, fans buying into and contributing to the project, good players, we will add more good players – etc.

  14. This is our best chance of winning with a 5-8 pts gap going into the run-in. But it is ridiculous to ignore that we will also reinforce our squad. The 2nd youngest squad in the league will have another year of development and accumulated experience so we should be better next season. Add to that a winning mentality if we end up champions this season and i don’t see how this side won’t challenge for the title for the years to come. Remember it is the 1st time most of them are in a title battle.

  15. I must state clearly that I can’t help concurring with Jon. The one thing I admire most about Jon is that he suffers no fools and will always call a spade by its name without mincing words.
    I am often perturbed by the perverted arguments of some of our supporters. Why do they imagine that Arsenal is incapable of improvement? Why should anyone imagine that all the other teams will improve except Arsenal? Is that logical? This kind of mentality is due to either irrationality or cowardice or a mixture of both.
    The one thing I admire most about Jon is that he suffers no fools and will always bring it to their faces. He never fears to engage in any discussion provided he is convinced that his line of thought is the correct one.
    Going back to the essence of this article I wish to categorically state that this is not a make or break season for Arsenal. Even if we don’t win the trophy this season we have the chance to win it another time given that ours is still a young team with players that will be more mature next season. So this season is not the end of our ambition but rather the beginning.

    1. David, Thank you for recognising that truth is paramount and saying it loud and clear is the right and proper thing to do.
      Others are fully entitled to disagree , just as I am with them and to say so.


  16. Why do we care or keep going round and round in circles regarding what Gary Neville thinks. The guy is parochial and has anti Arsenal vibes in his DNA. Plus what does he know? He is entitled to be right or wrong half the time like the rest of us.

  17. Also I have to concur with Darren. This has to be our year, all or nothing. I doubt we will get Rice or any similar top quality player and will have to struggle on with the dregs as usual

  18. Yes, teams are getting stronger but in most people’s mind, they are buying expensive players, thus their team is getting stronger. Football is not that simple. Player recruitment is not as important as team management. That’s Arsenal is riding high and Tottenham is in a turmoil. One club was given no chance beginning of the season and another won the summer transfer window according to the media. If spoken out of topic, imagine the media’s unintelligible coverage of right wing politics while you get drowned in it.

  19. We have a great chance this season and obviously the team will their best to win it.
    However stating that it is “now or never” is not logical. Arsenal have a young team with some great players who are yet to peak. The squad will likely be strengthened in the summer.
    We are likely to be even stronger next season.
    We have no idea how good some of the other highlighted teams will be even with their financial clout.
    The only thing now which is obvious is that we are in a great position to win it this season which should be the focus.

  20. You have started mind games again! the very people who say who believed Arsenal where unable to compete in the top four.know that every team & the Coach has tactics if you reason like that how comes Napoli,Bacelona including Arsenal are thriving well at the moment ?

  21. Utter nonsense, with all due respect to the OP.

    if other clubs are stronger next year, Arsenal will be right there with them! Others have eloquently said why, and that is good enough for me.

    Whether Arsenal win or not this season [THEY WILL], they will be undoubtedly stronger next year!!!

  22. “Can we all agree it is now or never”?
    What a silly thing to say. Just think what that actually means . It means we either win the Prem this year OR we never win it ever again.
    In fact, the first option (this year) is likely and the second( never again) CERTAIN never to happen/.
    NB: Remember that two negatives( two nevers) make a positive!

    1. I agree, that sentence is obviously not from an Arsenal fan. Cause if we eventually fail to win the epl does not mean we cannot in the future.

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