Arsenal simply can’t afford to lose ahead of Tottenham game

Despite the fact, we finally showed some character and fight against City, we still have to look realistically at our season, which even if we win the FA cup would still be bad overall. Our collapse this season was bigger than previous years. The way fans turned on the manager and the players has never been seen before.

But still there is a microscopic chance that we might reach fourth. The only way this will happen is if we win all our games, which do include Tottenham away and Man Utd on a good run with a certain Mourinho in charge, but it all starts with reigning Champions Leicester who’ve also rediscovered some better results and it will be a difficult one.

I reckon we will stick with the 3 at the back, because it worked and Arsene likes sticking to things, for example one formation for 20 years, late substitutions and complete power! But that aside, there is no real reason to change it, because it worked. For me the real issue wasn’t the formation, it was our attitude.

We were so sloppy in some games and the formation doesn’t defend corners or leave 3 West Brom players alone on the ball. Anyway, we are still in a huge mess and like every game from now on, we cannot afford not to win. Especially with the fact Tottenham are doing great, we really cannot afford anything but a win, before facing them.

And like I said before, if we dare lose one game all the hate will be back on. It was nice to see some smiles on fan faces after City, but we’ve not yet won anything and the Champions league is more likely gone than not, so unless we start producing winning performances in big games, and big games are coming thick and fast, we may find ourselves where we were just a week ago.

There at least some positives from our last game and hopefully with the right attitude, we will overcome Leicester, but we’ve been so inconsistent this season, you never know which Arsenal will appear. This weekend is the big one, but before that we need to beat Leicester so bad. Hopefully we’ll do it.



  1. John Ibrahim says:

    i wouldnt suprise if we lost the game….

    Leicester has heaps of rest and they have a world class finisher Party Vardy

    and winger Mahrez

    1. Juhi McLovin says:

      Welcome back Hafiz. I see you have changed your name

  2. keith jones says:

    At least the woolwich can make the europa league-twice

  3. i watch the fa cup two more just to concentrate on two arsenal players ox and ozil what i can say base on my observation is that ozil a below average player on more than six occasion he was in the box with one are two defender an lack of effort and determination gave up the ball very easy a lot of average players in this league would have done a lot better now for the ox not a starter for a top team like arsenal he can bring some excitement from the bench. what i see from the ox his three are four exciting dribbling with some simple misplaced pass you need quality when playing against Bayern Munich Barcelona Real Madrid Atletico Madrid Paris San German that we are being beaten five nill be of top quality players

  4. Jaydawg says:

    I think this article is spot on we are celebrating as if we have won the FA cup and have 4th in our pockets. Yes be happy but looking back at the season as a whole its probably been one of our worst yet under Wenger (IF we win the FA cup then maybe not). Our team on paper is a lot stronger than some of our teams in the past. Wenger is a very good manager but change is needed world class managers have come to the PL Klopp, Pep, Conte with Mourinho and Koeman already established PL managers. Wenger has been exposed and his team has been found out. I’ve spoken to a lot of old and young gooners in my work and social circles and it seems they have built a bitter taste towards Wenger but remain respectful for what he’s achieved at the club. Everyone knows deep down he must go and those who dont are simply scared of change. If you dont embrace change then you will fail!

  5. Janssen says:

    Whatever happens this season it is hard to deny that the gap with our competition widened both in the CL and the PL. We are currently 20 points behind first place (with 2 games in hand). That is not a gap you close easily or with the man who was the mastermind behind the gap.

    As to the PL we simply can not lose any game if we truly have ambitions of 4th (which is silly given our previous 30+ games). Normally in typical Arsenal behavior we should be in our late season rally now that we have nothing more to play for, having said that we also have the habit to disappoint after a false dawn. If the City victory was such a false dawn be worried about Leicester.

    Anyway we play Man U after Spurs and we can hardly afford to drop points before we play Man U. We simply have to win all remaining games and we can not tell ourselves a draw against any team is a decent result in any of our remaining games.

    But the impact of these last games on our future is nowhere near the impact of Wenger staying. If Wenger stays you only have to look at this past season or the one before that, or the one before that, to know what our future looks like.

    I know and have known, and I guess we all do, Wenger is staying but that makes me so angry. It is such a sign of weakness and lack of ambition, a sign that simply doesn’t belong in modern football at a top club or really any club. A sign that says “we are not in it to win it” (which is in fact what Kroenke has said).

    Is there a single manager in any of Europe top leagues who is and has been in charge for the last 10+ years without winning anything worth mentioning?

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