Arsenal name 45 players for just 6 group games in Europa League!

Arsenal have registered a massive 45 players from the First team, the reserves and the Academy, for our six Europa League games against BATE, Koln & Red Star Belgrade, which would seem to indicate that he is going to give a lot of our youngsters a run-out in the competition while our senior players attempt to get back into contention for the Premier League.

Surely we should be able to beat those teams with a second string squad?



  1. Darwin says:

    Let’s get this clear. The teams in Europa League might not have super talented players like in the CL. But they will be tough teams, super gritty, extra defensive maybe, and extra motivated to face Arsenal. So, I don’t believe in playing any 2nd string players at all. Last thing I want is, taking Europa league for granted.

    1. Segun says:

      Submission of the squad list doesn’t mean every player named plays! It is merely a requirement to do so (just as clubs did for the EPL); it also shows respect for the competition. If you have players available and eligible, it will be foolhardy not to name them in the event you wish to use them.

  2. Akaymoney says:

    I hope coquelin comes back and work hard to retain his place in DMF. I so much miss the “POLICE” in that position.
    IMO, if the team’s best players give their best to the team when playing. the little product we have in Afc can still make us proud a little back about the team. but am just tired of the manager’s inability to realize he is getting the team backward by his old method…

  3. ZA_Gunner says:

    Personally I would focus on the Europa League more than the Premier League because record has shown we cannot go the long mile in terms of a full season plus we haven’t strengthened by any margin with this team with a lot of the same problems still existing. Europa League would be something refreshing for the players and we are unexpected in the competition so there’s always the element of surprise like Leicester was that year winning the league. Mourinho did the same last year with his Manchester United team when he knew early on that there wasn’t a chance they could win the League, but it is also a good thing for players who are going through fractional times to find the space and room to get a breather from the League while focusing on Europa League in order to reconcile with each other, perhaps a few players would then be happy to sign new contracts. But all is well said than done, we still have major issues with all the top brass at the club, including Wenger himself.

  4. Jerick says:

    Where is Jeff-Renne Adelaide? ?

    1. Atid says:

      Not sure where u got the list? But directly from is a 42 man list, listing the same 25 seniors we have named for epl duty, plus 17 under 21s including Adelaide.

      1. Tas says:

        cannot remeber which overseas team but his been asked to play season loan but Arsenal have not responded yet

  5. omotosho dare says:

    i would like us to win th europa league Manchested united,chelsea won it liverpool got to the final,it will be disastrous and disgraceful to get disqualified in the last 16 or last 8.

  6. ArsenalMan says:

    Europa league should be our focus in getting back into the champions league. We all know winning the Premier league is a difficult task so is the top four. Anyway Arsene is too stubborn to acknowledge that.

  7. Atid says:

    Another drama queen post. In previous seasons we have named up to 70 players for European football. This is just another post to have a dig at the club.

  8. Arsenal needs massive revolution.I.e,from the management to the players needs partial or complete displacement .#9jamosters.

  9. Arsenal_Girl says:

    Because of Wenger’s dithering in the transfer window we should take Europa League seriously if we want a trophy, just like Mourinho did. Mourinho and Ibrahimovich were extremely happy to win both Europa and League Cups. FA, League and Europa are the only trophies we have a chance at. We have never won Europa so it would be cool to win it.

    These teams may not be Europe’s Finest (neither are we lol) but they are definitely capable of beating us. Don’t put them down. This trophy is far from ours

    Top 4 will be very difficult this season with Spurs, United, Chelsea, City and Liverpool all possibly finishing ahead of us. We could finish 6th place. It’s not impossible. Btw I see United running away with the PL trophy this season. Matic could be a bigger signing than Lukaku (also Ibrahimovich returning is a major bonus)

    1. Fedi says:

      Arsenal has won Europa once

  10. Sue says:

    I hope Arsene does take the Europa league seriously. Yes it’s not the champions league, but we all know how that pans out year after year! It will be really embarrassing if we don’t reach the final! I would love us to win the premier league, but 3 games in & 2 losses…. not much has changed.. plus no one has ever lost away at Stoke & gone on to win it. Oh well keep the faith hey!



    1. ALBERTOGUNNER says:

      … 6 dislikes is so sad… ok new team(vs easy team):
      ………..Bielik.Wilshere(Last chance).
      …Walcott…Adeleine… Iwobi
      If you don’t like it, please advise who would you change and remember is against a weaker team so give chance to the academy guys.

      1. ALBERTOGUNNER says:

        My first Change Debuchy Out Tafari In

  12. Mikekobi says:

    AW will definitely screw up cus he is really good in screwing things up.

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