Arsenal named as most serious suitor for Serie A star

Arsenal has been named the most serious suitor Dusan Vlahovic has at the moment.

The Gunners need to reinforce their attack as uncertainty continues over the future of Alexandre Lacazette and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.

The Athletic maintains they have a strong interest in Fiorentina striker, Vlahovic.

The report further claims at the moment, they are his most serious suitors even though several clubs also want to sign him.

Arsenal has told Fiorentina they will buy him for a while now, but it seems he wants a different club.

Just Arsenal Opinion

Sometimes, you have to be very persistent in convincing a player to join you, and that is what Arsenal is doing at the moment.

Vlahovic has been on our radar for much of this season, and his reluctance to speak to the club should be enough to discourage us.

However, Mikel Arteta has shown in recent transfer windows he knows who he wants and would do all he can to sign his ideal player.

Hopefully, Arsenal’s offer to the player and his club remains the highest, and he chooses to move to the Emirates.

Finishing inside the top four could also help persuade him to agree to a move to North London.

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  1. Jonathan David is better at holding up play, dribbling and assisting than Vlahovic. Watch their videos and compare.
    He is also more accessible and loves coming to Arsenal

  2. Persistence sometimes helps you see things clearly, Arteta’s persistence might help Vlahovic see the big picture, EPL seems to be the most entertaining league now and Arsenal is a brand, Vlahovic could profit a lot from.

  3. Something not right with the drum banging of Vlahovic. Arteta has said (rightly so) we dont want players who aren’t convinced or committed to Arsenal. Its very clear that he wants a different club to Arsenal. It doesn’t make sense.

    1. I kinda believe Arteta has an alternative, but he doesn’t want to let go of Vlahovic without a fight, getting Benfica’s CF would be good.

  4. If Vlahovic is the highest rated option on our board we shouldn’t pull the plug on our pursuit of this player simply because we might not be his preferred location…fact is, the vast majority of the best CF options and prospects with higher aspirations in the footballing world won’t have us high on their respective wish-lists, for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is that we’ve been a dumpster fire, organizationally-speaking, for quite some time now…if MA truly wants to achieve great things for this club, which isn’t a given, this is the kind of acquisitional pursuit that separates the contenders from the managerial pretenders…there’s no doubting the fact that this player is on everybody’s radar when it comes to blue-chip Striker prospects, so if we honestly believe that he provides us with the best chance to achieve greatness we should not be deterred by any negative chatter…if this isn’t the case and we rate another Striker higher then we should focus our attentions elsewhere…no matter whom our primary target may be, there’s no room for half-measures when it comes to addressing this vitally crucial positional need

  5. F Romano has twitted that Vlahovic is not for sale this Jamuary. Their new signing is rather a backup for their striker

    1. don’t make me do a deep dive and find ALL the times you agreed with me JF, as the length of that list will destroy any shred of credibility you may have left when it comes to your nonsensical use of capitals letters

        1. I get that might be the case Reggie, albeit we’ve never heard that come directly from the horse’s mouth, but if we were left to choose between only those “premium” Strikers, younger or otherwise, whom saw us as their first or second choice option it could be rather problematic, as that could lead to some serious settling issues…I would suggest that the only way we will ever truly reinvent our footballing wheel is by convincing those with supposed higher aspirations to take a chance on us…if our present manager and company can’t convince blue-chip prospects to come to North London, considering our history and our current youthful experiment, then maybe they aren’t the individuals that can take us forward

      1. CAPITAL letters denote emphasis, as you well know, having read my posts many times explaining why I use them.

        As for grammar, have you ever heard about a full stop ? Any proper ATEMPT at punctuation would be at least a start and WHEN you begin to use our language as it ought to be used and not before, only THEN can you feel free to moan about how I CONSTRUCT SENTENCES AND USE CAPITALS WHEN I WISH.

        Got that ??

  6. If he doesnt want to come and he has made it clear than what is the point in pursuing him. We could go in for Patrick Shick/Arthur Cabral/Jonathan David/Luka Jovic/Nesyri/DCL, so many options, but we must act fast.

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