Arsenal named fifth most valuable club in the Premier League, number one is a shocker

Tottenham has beaten Arsenal and other top Premier League sides to become the most valuable club in England.

The Gunners have been brought into the limelight in recent weeks after they asked their players to take cuts to their wages to help the club.

This plea might just be because the club isn’t as financially wealthy as we all thought.

A recent report from the University of Liverpool Management School as cited by the Mail shows that Arsenal is only the fifth most valuable team in England at the moment.

The Gunners were pipped by Tottenham, Manchester City, Manchester United and Liverpool to the top four places.

While city counterparts, Tottenham is valued at £2.6 billion, they value Arsenal at £1.2 billion less with the Gunners scoring a total value of just £1.4 billion.

The Gunners did, however, beat Chelsea by £200 million, and they also came before Leicester City, Newcastle, and Wolves, as well as Burnley, in the top ten table.

The researchers had an original study in 2018 and only use a comparison model to see how the teams have appreciated or depreciated.

The key to Spurs dominating the standings was attributed to the low wages that they offer their players and the fact that they have a very commercial stadium that rakes in money for them, well it once did.

I have to say that I find these figures very strange, I mean, Tottenham the most valuable club in England? I just do not see it.


  1. I can hear it now – all their fans spouting how they’re top of something – unknown territory for them 😂

  2. It can’t be related to wages alone.
    The stadium, although I haven’t seen it, but I know people who have been, say it is incredible. They were in a prime position to capitalise on their investment prior to the current situation. That must be a huge factor. They still have the debt though

  3. I believe it related to their success on the pitch, investment and players recruitment the past few yrs, let’s remember that this is sport business, arsenal did not take the opportunity to trust themselves into the mega club status that was conceived with the new emirate stadium due to poor management by gazaridis, stingy owners, poor players recruitment and let’s not forget that arsenal was once more valuable due to those aforementioned factors and I doubt they will ever get better, for them To get better however, there must change of ownership with a new vigour and ambition, And clever people that can transform that to success outside the pitch

  4. Most of the value is in the new stadium which is one of the best in the world. The club without the stadium is trash and would not be in the top 10.

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