Arsenal need a BEAST to give us the Fear Factor

Hello fellow Gooners! What do you think of Tottenham? Just joking, I hope the media don’t rape me because I asked you in public. Can you believe how much fuzz is coming out of this Jack Wilshere chant? I mean the smoked cigars were bad but this is pure entertainment.

A few Tottenham managers came and said they are bigger than Arsenal and nobody makes a joke of them when we finish above them every year. I like it when the players are also fans of the clubs. That makes you think they will give that 10% extra rather than just play for their paychecks which are already huge.

Now that the dust is settling down and the waters are becoming clearer we need take out the magnifying glass and Sherlock our way into the players that will cut the gap to the top. Twelve points equal four wins and a draw to turn them over and the final league table shows we’ve lost 7, they’ve lost 3 – so there they are those damn 12 points.

We lost quite a few points by shooting ourselves in the foot this season. We dominated a few games like Man United, Hull City and Swansea, all at home! Simple mistakes cost us 8 points which is more than half of the distance. Throw in Szczesny v Southampton and they become 11.

Winning the title is about consistency. Avalanches start small but they can inflict massive damage at the end. A grand finale to a poor show at the start almost made us title challengers. If we can maintain the focus we had in the FA cup final throughout the season we’ll be in the mix. Water destroys a rock with persistence not power. We need to balance it out.

We’re a bit like a super hero, our biggest strength is our biggest weakness too. We go for the spectacular, the flair, the talent. You could describe Arsenal and Chelsea as Beauty and the east, if you throw out the love story of course!

We have to shelter ourselves a little bit more. Make ourselves difficult to beat. Teams come to the Emirates knowing that they’ll either be outclassed or they’ll have a sniff at the game. Fear factor is what helped average Man Utd. squads beat the opposition on a day where they don’t play well. The Arsenal of 10 years ago was the same.

That’s why I would welcome another great striker signing. Defenders hate playing Sanchez and they’ll have even more trouble if we add a Cavani/Jackson Martinez or a “you name him”, monster striker. We’ll have them mentally beaten before the game starts! Still, we need to cut the simple errors and that alone would drastically improve us.

Come on Arsene, make us happy this summer.

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  1. At the end of the transfer window, I think wenger will come out saying we were not interested in ST as we believe we have the attacking power in Giroud, welback, walcott, and Podolski … Typical wenger will always come short

    1. Well many Arsenal fans were crying out for a marquee striker signing last summer and Wenger surprised me and many fans by going for Alexis Sanchez. With Campbell having a good world cup, i thought he would avoid getting that type of player and trust in Campbell.

      You never know with Wenger but from his interviews he says he won’t get a player for the sake of adding to the squad but only if that player is world class. We won’t expect to see alot of signings like last summer but maybe 1/2 signings as the squad is big enough already but he has said he will be active this summer.

  2. I would take Cavani over Martinez, not that he is going to leave PSG like he said the other day.
    But if Benzema comes to the emirates, we are destined to be champions. 😀

      1. Vish, yeah id have to say of all the players maybe available Cavani is the one who many people wouldnt be too surprised if he went and tore the league up. He has done it before and in a defensively tough league playing in a team that at time wasnt too dissimilar from our own brand of football.

    1. I agree bezema is a world class player imagine him playing 1 touch with our players then running behind i tell u he can hit 30+ goals a season with us

  3. Exactly what we need.
    Since Coquelin has come in we’ve started to see combative physical challenges which have almost surpised our opposition.
    If you look at Chelsea and Man City they both have a number of physical players who can mix it up, we have Coquelin and maybe Giroud in frame but not mind only.
    I’d personally like to see both a CB and a DM player come in that have prescence, Sol Campbell, Kompany or Alex stature comes to mind.
    For the DM role the player doesnt have to be huge but should be hard! 🙂
    We want someone who’s phyiscially aggresive on the pitch but inteligent with it.
    If we cant get top notch targets even Cattermole and Jedinak would do a job, (both better than Flamini). I personally like James McCarthy of Everton as well.
    We should be able to get a DM player that will do the same job as Coquelin for <20m, IMO.

    1. Stature doesn’t mean a thing if the opposition will run rings around you eg kompany this season.

      I agree with your dm options i see McCarthy as a matic type player and a very good one at that he wouldn’t demand a starting place but would be a great addition to the squad.he won’t cost more than 15m

      I’m glad you said jedrinak I’m a big fan and think he is the most underrated player in our leauge for the last couple season. This guy is immense at tackling and has an excellent engine. I would gladly give them sanogo for another year (loan)and chuck in flamini. That’s a fair enough would be an oppurtunity he can’t turn down as he is already an international and wouldn’t threat is place playing as a squad player here. His price would be cheap 2m+flamini

  4. Sorry just read the article again and see that we are talking about a physical striker not DM/CB.
    CB and DM still are priorities for me but one striker I always liked who is strong, fast and a menace to defenders is Tevez. Tremendous player with a work ethic like Sanchez.

  5. I liked your Water destroys rock… Bruce Lee, become water my friend.

    You must be shapeless, formless, like water. When you pour water in cup, it becomes cup. When you pour water in bottle, it becomes bottle. When you pour water teapot, it becomes teapot. Water can drip and it can crash. Become like water my friend.

  6. what do you guys think of Grzegorz Krychowiak,. Top lad . One of the best Dm in Europe. And i think he is massively underrated .

  7. With Arsenal building around their strikers in our 4-2-3-1 system, i think we won’t get the Soldado-Spurs or Falcao-United effect where strikers are in wierd systems.

    If i was a confident beast of a striker and pictured myself at Arsenal, you’d have Ozil and Cazorla with their magical creativity, aswell as a partner of Alexis and then creative wide players like Theo and Chamberlain. Then you picture Arsenal being a creative team with the foundation of football already in place…… why would you not join?

  8. Rafa Benitez going to Real Madrid will see changes in and out of the spanish club. So, if Arsenal are looking for a centre forward, I’d put my money on it being from Madrid, or Napoli now he’s left the club
    Also, the fact that he’s left Napoli opens the door for G.Higuain.

    Different managers, different opinions bla bla bla, but I can see it benefiting us this summer.

  9. This season
    Chelsea 87
    Manc City 79
    Arsenal 75
    Man Utd 70

    Last season
    Man City 86
    Liverpool 84
    Chelsea 82
    Arsenal 79
    Man United 64

    Last year Arsenal was just 7 points behind the winner yet finished 4th.
    This year Arsenal finished 12 points behind the winner yet got 3rd 🙂
    UTD were shite yet closed the gap between us by 10 points.
    Hard to tell if we progressed or not.

    1. Our performance this season has been roughly the same or worse, thats correct however the squad is much better.

      Last season we were being crushed by the big boys, 5-1, 6-3, 6-0…..even 3-0 to 5th placed everton. We were easy to play against. However in 2015 we haven’t lost to the top6 except Spurs meaning since that assembled squad (Coquelin, return of injured players, …) the team is difficult to beat. Injury list before January was shocking.

      Our champions league performance was also a downgrade (from Bayern to Monaco) but i blame Wenger’s preparation/poor individual performances for the 1st leg, we are better than them.

  10. @davidnz. Agree, the points dont lie.
    I think we started horendously poor post WC and got off to a very slow start.
    We have however finished strongly and the team/formation has finally clicked.
    We go into pre season in great shape to start the 15/16 campaign with no CL qualifiers to contend with, and the side seems to finally have balance and inteligence on the pitch, (no gung ho defending). I see this as progression and a lot of credit should go to Coquelin.

  11. We’ve needed a decent DM since Wenger put Gilberto on the bench to bribe Flamini into signing a new contract and failed to do this.

    Since Flamini left, who was good during the last season of his first time with us, we have only seen attacking midfielders made to adapt to DM. There was the centre-half Alex Song who was made to adapt to a DM, but he spent most of the time thinking he was an attacking midfielder along with William Gallas the centre-half.

    At this present time and for the last two years the best player who fits the bill as an out-and-out Defensive Midfielder who completely bosses the midfield with huge aggression and the technical skill to not be booked is Ricardo Carvalho. This guy is a more physically built Paul Scholes. He also has the engine of Ramsey. With this guy in midfield the defence improves dramatically with his cover and the attack improves dramatically because they can all go forward.

    1. Ricardo carvalho use to play for Chelsea and is in his late 30’S no thanks ….he is a cb aswell

      Lol scholes was a migit like Xavi

      William carvalho is well built, but slow in Possession I prefer coqulan to him.somone low cost and wages like jedrinak or de Jong would offer excellent compertitition to coqulan

  12. Lacazette or Benzema are the true answer and while I doubt that wenger will go for either Id like to see it …….het ho I live in (forlorn) hope.

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