Arsenal need a BIG favour from West Ham

Arsenal were the first Premier League team this season to fall foul of West Ham under their new manager Slaven Bilic, as we were left beaten and bemused at the Emirates on the opening day of the season. And although the Hammers then lost their next two games at home to Leicester and Bournemouth, they have proved themselves a real threat.

Winning comfortably away to Liverpool as well suggested that Bilic and his players have hit upon a great way of playing away to the big sides and everyone who follows Arsenal will be crossing our fingers that they can do the same thing today.

After our painful defeat at Chelsea today, we really need West Ham to do us a favour by taking some points off Man City and stopping their momentum. As the league leaders have a 100 percent record so far and are yet to even concede a goal, I may be clutching at straws here but West Ham are certainly a team that could upset City.

If they don´t though, Arsenal will find ourselves eight points off the top and that is just the situation that we were so desperate to avoid after last season. It would already look like a mountain to climb and with the Gunners not exactly firing on all cylinders, I would not fancy our chances.

So come on you Hammers and get those bubbles blowing, please.

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  1. Do you really think Arsenal has any chance of winning the PL,so you ask WHU a favor?Youmust be playing in the same league as Wenger not to ser the real world.This is what I think-we are not going to make the CL qualification seat as Everton,for instance,looks a lot better than Arsenal.If this is the price to see Wenget gone so be it.Looks like finishing on the 6th or 7 th place is the only way to get rid of this senile manager.

    1. Chelsea Fans Celebrating This Win & Trolling Arsenal Fans Is Like A MAN Boasting After Paying A Prostitute For Unprotected Sex..

      1. MoaningHO was boosting that Costa was his MOTM
        And we all know why!
        Surely he should face a ban too.

        Not only did he (costa) attack Koscielny 3 times,
        He also scratched the #### out Gabriel’s neck.
        and the ref and his fellow official’s didn’t see jack ?

        1. Let it go fellas, no point dwelling on the ignorance of others. You’re talking about a manager that publicly disrespects ours continuously, a team that follows his lead and cheats with no values and fans that kicked a man off a train in his own country for being black. What do you really expect? That place breeds ignorance in the most inhuman way imaginable…

        2. mourinho was just winding arsenal up
          costa wasnt really in the game besides that moment

          this is why we all hate mourinho, this is why we all hate chelsea.

          this is why today was so painful

          1. we could have knocked chelsea out of the title race today.
            with man city now 2 down to west ham

            there back- im so crestfallen

            dont give a sh*t about league cup on wednseday

    2. Favour ?
      Some people are still deluding themselves that we are capable of winning.
      Even Wenger is not as deluded . Once in a while , he does admit it . Like last year when he said that the UEFA cup is more suitable for a club like Arsenal .
      Even the Dynamo managers said we are average and predictable.

      1. How the mighty have fallen.
        So bad to the extent that we are seeking favours undeservedly from W.Ham.
        When Slaven Bilic was signing players for W.Ham, were Wenger and Arsenal sleeping?

  2. On days like these, I ask myself…what is more pathetic than the last two results, this current Arsenal season, the recently concluded transfer window and unforgettably Arsene Wenger………..

    **the only thing I can think of is AKB’s like The Analyzer**

    Today is dedicated to you all, all the AKB’s. I know its sickening of me but you deserve football days like this. And in all the little disappointment coming from whatever little expectations I have for Arsenal, I can still find lots of happiness in the agony that AKB’s get from days like this.
    Frankly, I don’t care. I did not even watch the game because I knew how it would end just like I have been stating all along in July and August pending what Wenger did in the transfer window how the season would end.
    I derive satisfaction from the fact that all the fake hype, fake optimism is DEAD like I said it would at some point.

    Now we are back down to earth. Now we have our feet firmly planted in reality. This I love.


    1. I usually chuckle at ur comments but 3 hours after being cheated out of a game to our biggest rivals. ..I have to question your motives.

      U should never celebrate in the agony of a loss that ur fellow gooner is feelin. We are still all arsenal fans

      Why would u by choice not watch ur team play there rivals…whats the definition of a supporter k?

      Todays game showed me that infact theres alot of promise here. We didnt capitulate…le coq and gab showed fire.

      Yes we werent streetwise an cheating like chelsea..but mike dean what?

      U need to take alook at urself k. Uv had a mare with that comment

      1. The definition of a supporter is to support his/her club rather than blindly support a manager that keeps holding the club back from becoming a European elite again.
        The club comes first not the delusional manager.

        So yes, my sentiments stand.

        What we saw today is just a continuing variation of the capitulation for the past 8/9 seasons we have come to expect every season under Wenger. NOTHING CHANGES. We are not contenders for the title and are a constant JOKE in the UCL.
        Trust me, we will also be eliminated from the CL in February as usual. Maybe December this time if Wenger pushes his luck. We have already been knocked out of the EPL and its just mid-September.

        Btw…I missed the game because I was sleeping. I really needed my sleep. And if I had to do it all again my friend, I would sleep longer. 😉
        Don’t worry muff, my post was not aimed at you. You are realistic and measured with your optimism. I sympathize with you. However, I do not sympathize with AKB’s.

        1. I agree with you k-ool.
          As much as I love Arsenal, it’sgood to see such things happen so people know that we need to be involved in the transfer window.
          I unfortunately watched the match…and I’m still awe struck how the so-called ‘the analyzer’ still makes excuses for Wenger and Arsenal with long boring and baseless arguments…when the writing is clearly on the wall. I guess the analyzer is actually Wenger in disguise.

  3. Yesterday I said our strongest team for the Chelsea game is:

    Bellerin Gabriel Koscielny Monreal
    Coquelin Cazorla
    Walcott Ozil Sanchez

    I said if Wenger deviates from this and pics players and puts them out of position then he is clueless and I cannot make any further excuses.

    We have only ONE striker at Arsenal and Wenger started him on the bench. Instead he placed our right winger up front where he proved again he is not cut out to play as a striker except against the weakest of opposition. He had zero chance to to do anything in this role against the Chelsea defence – so Wenger made us start with 10 men.

    He placed Ramsey in the team out of position. As a result he was wasted and played under par, not contributing much in attack because of this but was good at tracking back to defend.

    Our ONLY strker should have been on and Walcott should have been on the Wing which he has admitted himself is gis best position – a position he regularly scores from.

    Oxlade Chamberlain has had poor games everytime he plays this season except the Charity Shield, so why put him on the pitch?

    As for blaming the REF for Gabriel, the tactics of Mourinho were perfect and they worked. He did his homework and saw from his previous games Gabriel was a tempermental firebrand who is lucky to not have another red card this season. So he instructed his players to get in his face and it worked.

    How come somebody they call ‘The Professor’ cannot do his homework about opposition players like Costa and tell our players to EXPECT players to provoke them with the aim to get them sent off?

    Once again I see no team management at all, not with the team selection, not with the positioning of players, not with the Substitutions and as always not having a plan B or any tactics to speak off.

    What purpose does Wenger have at the club? I have no confidence in Wenger having a clue about how to beat the Spuds. If he could not find the answer against a Chelsea side on the ropes who had to resort to getting key Arsenal players sent off to stand a chance, what chance does he have against players riding a wave and chomping at the bit, straining at their chains trying to get at us.

    With Giroud going through a Fernando Torres spell which might continue for months and Walcott who is worse than useless as a striker, we have nobody to score.

    Sanchez hasn’t scored yet this season and might not for a long while.

    The goals are coming from nowhere – so with Wenger failing to buy a striker with almost 200 Million in the transfer kitty, and us free-falling down the table and crashing out of cups ….. this Wenger is in for some serious stick. He hasn’t the players to dig him out his hole this time. We all knew Giroud cannot be relied on as an only striker, it just needs a long term injury. As it happens Wenger is making it easier for our rivals by putting Giroud on the bench which simulates him being out injured and proving us right. Lest we forget … Walcott is due his regular 7 Months out as a sicknote.

    Squeaky bum time for Wenger. His delusional and stubborn idea of team management in 2015 as an almost 70 year old man is laid bare for what it is, toxic.

    Some of us are even hoping West Ham do us a favour.

      1. Simple solution. Video replays with managers allowed to call for it or throw a flag. Like they do in the NFL, the game might drag on longer but it’s worth correcting issues on the spot than after the fact especially if the undeserving team wins unjustly.

        1. Boy am I with you on that!! 100%
          What’s funny as the ref was talking to Gab he asked he ref to look up at what just happened.

  4. The cherry on top of the cake is going to be Wednesday when we going to lose against Spurs.Already waiting for Wenger excuses .

  5. Looks like BFG will be back into the starting line up sooner than expected.

    Interesting times await us…
    No Gabriel
    No Cazorla
    No Coquelin
    and no Giroud in the champions league+

  6. I know this isnt FIFA 15 but would Arsenal be in this situation if Wenger would of splashed the cash and fielded this starting 11


    And for all you Ramsey and Carzola lovers, both are quality squad players but unbalance and slow down the side in my humble opinion.

    1. today was bollox so i dont count that sorry but

      honestly on the cheap sissoko or imbula for 12-14 if kondogbia is too pricey at 25 mil pounds
      and a cf on the cheap like luiz adriano for 7-8 mill or llorente

      so 20 million could have literally changed our season

      that window is the one main reason i believe wenger is not who he was

      1. Muff,

        Totally agree with the minimum $20M opinion.

        Wenger should be embarrassed and ashamed for buying one player in the window that honestly was surplus to the requirements @ the position.

        Adding Sissoko, Wanyama and Martinez would have provided pace, power and physicality to a side desperately lacking those necessary attributes.

        Arsenal munchkins we are. Lol

    2. Agreed. I had mentioned Martinez and Wanyama but got told to wise up they wernt good enough. Wouldve did the job for the gunners no doubt for little money they wouldve cost. Kondogbia wouldve been great also too, box to box replacing santi and playin alongside Coq esp away to teams like chelsea

      1. Yes certainly Martinez is strong, fast and a good goal scorer esp his last 3seasons in portugal and champions league. 29yrs old but could he have not scored as many as giroud/walcott does considering the chances we create?? Just my opinion man.

        Torres is golden boy at athletico everybody knows that and hes played decent to be fair so pretty hard to replace him but i know what u mean by that because Torres isnt great bt is at home so hes settled with the squad.

      2. He would start in front of Walcott, Giroud, Welbeck, etc.

        Simeone is as dumb as Wenger for relying on Torres.

      3. “Martinez who cannot start ahead of Torres? Are you for real?”

        How does that comparison even reflect that he cannot perform better than giroud.

  7. Well good start. Wont last long City will come back. As for today and our attempts to win the premier league is laughable. Its getting bad we are hoping for favours from west ham who also beat us 2-0 also, we need to be winning not relyn on other teams! Arsenal are not equiped well enough to play in all the competitions they do and win them! League cup next and a loss to the spuds… well then wenger has well a truly messed up our season, no transfers needed he thinks well hearing Coq out now with a knee injury! That makes Coq,Wilshere,Welbeck,Rosicky out. Santi/Gab banned in league, Giroud in Europe. No cover for an obviously tired/outta form sanchez.

    Hard times at the club

    1. This is you at your usual best. I am yet to know of a season where the title winners did not rely on others dropping points to become champions. Last season Chelsea won with 87 points, that is they dropped 27 points. The runners up had 79 points which were 8 points behind the winners. Clearly Chelsea had to rely on others taking away points from City, 8 to be specific for them to be crowned champions.

      In 2013/14 Man City won the league with 86 points with runners up on 84 points that is 2 points behind them. They lost 28 points in the season but become champions because some teams took three points from Liverpool. I can go on and on but the point is no team becomes a champion without relying on other teams taking away points from nearest rivals.

      In the context of this post, the writer is correct to pray that West beat Man City.

    2. And its 0-2 to West Ham I guess you are gutted to the core now. First because Man City may not be able to extent their points tally over Arsenal and Second because you always used our defeat to West ham as a sign that Arsenal were not good enough to win the title.

      1. Wouldnt say gutted would say suprised they were 2-0 up. I said city would come back. City dont rely on other teams they are setting the standards of the title race atm. If im not wrong chelsea took a big lead at the start of last season, set the standards then basically cruised to the title tbh. Imo i dont think we can win the league but would love nothing more than to be proved wrong.

  8. I am still of the opinion that it was extremely stupid for Gabriel to get in to the Costa trap..He should have known better..In any case it was Koscielny who was fouled..There was no reason for Gab to react the way he did..His reaction first diverted attention from the Costa foul on Kos..Costa too did not pick on Kos coz he new he is usually too cool to get drawn into his antics..Had Gab maintained his cool like Kos then I feel the ref would have had no option but to send off Costa

        1. IF Dean wanted to send off Costa, he would have done it straightly without giving him yellow card, Gabriel getting a yellow card would have been dealt with somehow…

          Costa allowed to stay on the pitch started it all….

        2. Everyone keeps saying how he reacted, how did he react? He walked backwards, slowly – Costa could’ve got out the way, or put his hand out to stop him. It was nothing like the deliberate attacks of Costa, and looked like something that might happen on a tube train, nothing malicious like Costa

    1. Gab and Costa are both Brazilian, Costa knew how to pull his strings with no language barrier, which Dean probably couldn’t understand. Wasn’t a straight red card in any case, not even a yellow.

  9. We need some good damned leaders in the team bec this current Arsenal is not good enugh. Wenger years ago had Dain alongside him and players like Patrick Vieira who lead this club, now we have f*** nothing.

    We have Santi mr nice guy, with all due respect to him, has no presence whatsoever, speaks also not the best english to speak to reffs and opposite players to shut it and be carefulll what they start to do against our players.

  10. Wait for a January panic buy-a bunch of Arteta-Flamini’s “caliber players” just to make the numbers.And next year,after we demolish Bate Borisov in the Emirates Cup we are going to be convinced(12th year in the row) that we are great. and “ready for glory”.Same old,same old…the immortal Wenger is going to retire at 125 years old,waiting,for 65 years to win the BPL…

  11. Teams like Leceister, West Ham, Swansea have shown more team spirit than us this season. All of Wenger’s talk of “cohesion” and “team spirit” is so bull. On the other hand, all the big teams Man U, Man C, Chelsea just seem expensively recruited relicts than a proper football team. No team looks European quality like Arsenal or Man U of old. The depth in the league is good but quality at top so bad. Something is wrong with the English football system. The ineptitude of FA at international football seems to creeping into the PL as well. Mr Dean and a lot of other ref’s should be serving bans for pure incompetence at their jobs. The no of wrong offside decisions, cards, prima dona’s at the pitch is such a farce. The PL makes so much money, why isn’t it using more technology and still living in the stone age? Sports like Tennis, cricket are so far ahead than football to be honest in this regard.

  12. TBH I think Santi, as captain, should’ve spoken to Dean about the continual harassment that Gab was getting from Costa. It was not right, and deserved a yellow card. He will keep doing it until he gets penalised.

  13. The only favor we need is the board telling WENGER to leave and Klopp OR ANYONE taking over doing something with the current team maybe adding a few players in the January transfer window…..what was different today from the last 8 years NOTHING this clueless man shows up with pretty much the same team and expects different results……. It tells something when WEST HAM who beat us merciless in our own stadium is giving City a run for their money…..Any manager is better than this Clown

    1. So WHam beat us because we are useless then they beat city but again this says we are useless. Respect to Hammers who beat liv as well as city and AFC, it’s well deserved.

  14. Listen up fellow gooners, lets not be delusional. Arsenal are not “big” anymore. This has been clear for some time, we are a great club but at this rate, with this team we are a 4th placed team and always will be unless we have significant change. Yes We will miss Wengers stability and legacy but we are in need of fresh strategy. Heres hoping for better soon

  15. regardless of today’s result I think we should all stick together n hope for de best.I can’t support any other team other than arsenal.#4peace2reignstickwithdeakbs

  16. Congratulations to West Ham.
    They beat us 2nil away,
    Beat Liverpool 3nil away,
    and now they beat City 2-1 away ?
    who up until now had a 100% record without even conceding a goal!!
    We can’t say that they (West ham ) were lucky.

    So what does that tell us?
    Does West Ham have a better squad than Us?
    *No I don’t think so!
    Do they have a manager that is more experienced than ours?
    *No way!
    But they have a manager that knows how to motivate and get the best out of the players, that he has,
    A manager that studies his opponents before hand and makes the right tactical adjustments to compete and even beat them at their own game!

    We can’t blame Wenger for today’s result,
    The Ref definitely played a very big part in that!
    But Wenger should have instructed his team before hand, not to retaliate to malicious contact from the cheating chavs!
    But instead to react in way that plays them at their own game! And that would have been to overexaggerate each and every foul committed by them.

    When Lessons are never learned,
    it means you are either severely dyslexic, arrogant
    or just too god damn lazy to learn!

    I let you decide. .

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