Arsenal need a deadly striker like Mitrovic in January

Arsenal Need a Forward in The Mould of Mitrovic by Ayodeji Abdulfatai
I am a Nigerian fan of AFC and have been following the club since the late 1990s. I was particularly drawn towards the team based on the skillful, fluid and entertaining football philosophy that stands it out in the English premiership. Of course, my national and club legend, Nwankwo Kanu, was also here at Arsenal by that time.
Every fan is happy and delighted at the prospects that we may have turned the difficult bend about our performance fortunes since the era of the Invincible record and particularly the rather abysmal low of the last five seasons that meant we have been unable to rub shoulders, attract quality players and win big funds in the UEFA Champions League. Our pre – 2022/2023 drives, focus, and strategies had shown that we meant to turn the undesirable bend this season and move back to where we truly belong.
I cherish our policy of investing in players that are young or at about the middle point of the football age, probably between ages 20 and 25. It’s also not impossible that some highly talented players may continue to be outstanding in their physical ability and mental alertness to remain relevant till age 35 or even beyond.
Based on the foregoing and my evaluation of the club’s current needs for more impactful delivery at the forward segment of the field, I am of the opinion that we should suggest to management to consider talks with Aleksandar Mitrovic for possible services at Arsenal. In my non-technical mind, I think Mitrovic is suitable to our needs in several folds.
He is a player that has a knack for scoring goals, he has scored 9 already after playing just 12 matches in the current campaign. We all have agreed, as said several times by our manager, Mikel Arteta, that we need forwards who are masters at the art of converting opportunities into goals at the opponents’ goal mouth. It’s evident that we possibly haven’t solved this issue despite our heavy investment at the summer, given current statistics at the ongoing season i.e. none of our players is amongst the top nine highest goal scorers despite the fact that we are topping the table presently. It shows we possibly don’t yet have that key pointman who can be relied upon to score in almost every match he plays.
Mitrovic has a very huge ability to use his head to score and despite his build, he’s strong and fast in contesting the ball, even regularly going back to the defense to support the team to ward off attacks. He has a great build that ensures he can’t be physically intimidated by any defender and is well positioned to win the ball when a contest ensues. He is  presently 28 years of age.
In conclusion, there may be so many players that fit management’s statements of expression of our needs, but I think Mitrovic is a stand out possibility to consider in the immediate future.

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  1. I agree that Arsenal need another forward but I do understand all the clamouring for Mitrovic. He is a very capable striker and his ridiculous haul in the Championship last season has demonstrated how proficient he is in front of goal now but he is completely wrong for Arsenal. He has a personality issue that clashes with what Arteta seems to be trying to employ and I just think he is hugely overrated.

    We can and should be doing better. If you want to be the best you have to buy the best unless you’re Man Utd in 1992 or have the time and foresight of late 90’s Arsene Wenger. We can do better than Mitrovic. Vhalovic is an undoubtedly talented boy but has already demonstrated similar temperament issues as Mitrovic and has already turned us down. So let’s focus on the right mentalities to go along with the ability. Jonathan David would be ideal as he is a similar mould to Gabriel Jesus. Or Cody Gakpo seeing as he run us ragged last night and has some size to him.

    1. Strange you should say that, before I read your comment I was just thinking that when I look at Mitrovic playing and celebrating… there’s something about him, something in his make-up that warns me off him.

      1. He has probably moderated his temperament a bit since his time at Newcastle, and I’m sure scoring 40+ league goals last season in the Championship has done wonders for his self confidence, but he is always just one or two bad tackles away from headbutting someone. We’ve had enough of that with Xhaka in the past and now have Gabriel seemingly want to fight someone in every game. There are better players out there who fit us better and don’t carry this kind of baggage.

  2. Mitrovic still has a long-term contract at Fulham and I don’t think he has forgot Xhaka’s provocative celebration against Serbia in World Cup 2018. After watching that event, I believe Xhaka wouldn’t like a Serbian teammate because he is of Albanian descent

    Mitrovic will offer physical abilities that our CFs don’t possess, but I’d prefer an affordable one or the one who can gel quickly with our players. The ones with expiring contracts are Marcus Thuram, Moussa Dembele and Ben Brereton Diaz

    1. By the way
      Talking of striker’s
      pool paid 80m plus for Nunes
      Think he has 5 in 7 which isn’t a bad rate but not considered In my opinion top notch at the mo and will probably need a season more to settle I to the prem
      We were linked to him at the start of the season but price tag was to much
      Would any of us have swapped him for GJ
      Not me ..

      1. Nunez is better aerially, but I’d also prefer Jesus because of his skills

        In my opinion, Nunez and Gakpo are similar to Aubameyang, who tends to play on the shoulder of the last defender. We’ve got the pacey Jesus, Nketiah and Martinelli who can play like that

        I believe we need someone in the mold of Giroud, who’s dominant aerially and can hold off the CBs easily using his strength

  3. You’re living in the past! Mitro has no ‘personality’ issues now! he is a consummate team player. His positional awareness in the box is second to none, his hold-up play is excellent. He scores inside and outside the box with head and both feet. He has what all good strikers have; the quality of being in the right place at the right time.

  4. I like that kid Xavi, he tore our defense to shreds with one curled ball and ran amock among our backline, though he is not yet considered a striker, however, he sure does look dangerous. If he can play on both flanks -he would be an ideal signing. Everyone will have taken note of him that is the only downside, his price. He’s going places. And the work ethic not just from Xavi, was electric from PSV in winning back possession, it surprized the heck out of me.

    Not sure yet of the type of striker that I want rolling up, haven’t put much thought beyond the need for a second to Jesus. Maybe some different tools to what Jesus gives us, you might be right about that part, something a little different but not too much different as he will need some work rate and pace with some tackling/pressing or holding up abilities. No name yet though.

  5. Jesus just isnt good enough tbh. Fans on here slaughtered Giroud for his hold up play but becasue jesus can do some fancy footwork he seems immune to the critism of not being a goal threat.

    1. Probably why Pep played him as a winger. Of course he did score 4 in one game when he got a shout up front for Man City but yeah sure he isn’t a goal threat. Maybe it’s the fact that he is having to do all the work and because of that he isn’t getting an opportunity to be in the right place to score more often.

      The way we play doesn’t really seem to lend itself to a poacher getting on the end of anything because we don’t cross the ball in. It just seems to be Saka or Martinelli trying to walk to the ball in or belt it from the edge of the box. So with that in mind is really that surprising Jesus hasn’t scored more.

  6. Arsenal cannot rely on Nketia as a second striker. There is need for a quality second striker to support Jesus up front.

  7. Mitrovic , Scamacca and Osimhen are just the types of strikers Jesus needs to partner up front.

    Am afraid only Osimhen has the personality that would fit the team as the other two carriers huge baggage.

  8. How funny things turn so quickly
    1 draw 1 lose and all of a sudden we Need better players.
    We have a few more games to go before the wc kicks in
    We need to understand who will go, who might get injured and who will sit at home and get a well earned rest. Then we will have to spend the money on the areas where we might be weak.
    The boys have done fantastic to date.
    Top of the tree
    3 points to secure top spot In europa
    We would all taken that at the start of the season.
    A lot games crammed in a short space of times so it was inevitable we would drop off a bit
    Top 4 was the objective and possible cup
    We are still on course for that so keep the faith
    Onwards a d upwards

    1. Ah!
      Well said Alanball08
      Even I got twitchy after the PSV game so perhaps a wee bit of chilling may do us good
      There is no stand out team at present. If there was then that team would be ahead of us. I’m not suggesting that we are sooper dooper, but nor is anyone else so far
      Months and months to go yet

  9. He do need a tall and built target man. One who can take the knocks, Jesus is not that guy. Bet some are missing Giroud right about now…😂

    1. They called him lamppost,some called him donkey and a certain Jon fox hated him in our club the same way he does to Xhaka…Xhaka this season is by far our best midfielder this season,he has been very good since 3 seasons now but only intelligent fans could see that

      1. Terreh
        No one hated him but he lost his desire for us
        He stopped trying
        All of a sudden he goes to chelski and he finds an extra gear.
        Some players need to move on
        As for xhaka I also wanted him out and I stand by what I have said
        Great Bench warmer
        I dont dispute he is having a great season but there is a mistake I him
        On big occasions and we need N upgrade at some stage
        MA is playing him further up top so if he makes a mistake it doesn’t hurt us so much.

        1. @Allanball08
          Olivier never gave up when he played for us. He always gave his all from box to box and whistle to whistle.
          The fans/supporters turned on him when he wasn’t up to their standards of play.
          Many on here, even ex players, denigrated him going so far as saying we’ll never win anything with him leading the line. Yet, look what he’s won since leaving us…IJS

          1. Sorry NY
            We will agree to disagree
            He did go to win honours after us and still turning out now
            I just felt we under sold him and when he went he looked a bargain as he stepped up

        2. @Alanball08, lots of fans like you always turn on your players when things are not going right, just like many of you are turning to Gabriel Jesus just because he hasn’t scored just in few matches, that’s pathetic. Xhaka has been our most consistent and reliable player yet you don’t believe in him? SMH

          1. Have never understood the love for Giroud.hon show here. Slow and ponderous he always seemed behind the eight ball when playing alongside the wider trio of Carzola, Ozil and Sanchez who were on a different wave length from the French lumber jack. I guess the scorpion goal, a thing of wonder made up for a lot of missed chances and clumsy moments.

      2. Whatever makes you think you are older than me to call me your son is your one understands English better than you do yet you can’t type without writing in bold letters,you must be the yelling type

  10. The fans on here are the most irritating set of Arsenal fans there is….not all of us here but some certain set..just a draw and a loss and Gabriel Jesus is suddenly not good enough???clowns y’all are.thats dude has not done too badly,the goals have not been coming recently but man works his socks off every matchday..his priority is clearly the team’s success and that’s affecting his goals return but doesn’t mean we should focus on what’s he’s not doing thereby turn a blind eye to what he’s doing,so fickle…if he could get us 15 goals this season and we end up in second or dare I say win the league,I’d take that over a striker scoring 30 goals and getting us fifth to go play Europa League again.

    1. Name me a striker, who never had a lean period scoring goals?
      For example, Haaland is on fire at the moment, but……..?

  11. I don’t have issues with Jesus, cos he is class, I think few games ago, he was injured and for lack of strikers we kept playing him, he isn’t 100% fit yet.

    My worry is Nketia, yep only a dumb Fellow will expect a bench laden player to perform wonders upon given a chance to, the sharpness will be gone, this is evidence even in our once shinning player viera….these players need game time.

    Sure back up striker is needed …….can we look at a temporal signing till the end of the season, to enable us go all out for Osimhen.

    I say we look at Paul of Genk, that guy is a phenomenal….I think he is on 8 goals now in 5 appearance, and once finnished on 30 plus goals in the Belgium league , two seasons ago

  12. Though January isn’t the best time to look for players but we might be forced to get at lest one forward or midfielder to back up the team. How do you see Gapko for PSV?

  13. Jesus was never going to be a prolific scorer ,first off our system does not allow him that comfort of being able to stand around waiting on balls like the strikers of old ,that is fine by me as his work rate and team play are second to none ,he as that little bit of class about him when he as the ball .
    It cannot be all bad as we sit top of the league so something is working ,I do agree on a second striker coming in though ,something alittle bit different to what we have ,Eddie for me just does not cut it and keeping him on made no sense especially for what he’s earning a week .

    1. DK
      Define prolific
      Jesus will get 15 this season barring injury
      Only 2 teams comes to mind where there striker’s will hit 20 plus a season and one has already achieved that target
      Our ethos is based on pass and move and unlike haaland who by the way is an animal in front of goal and will have 4 touches and 4 goals.
      You are co
      We can’t be all bad
      We are top of the League with our Style of play

      1. You have pretty much just repeated what I said Alan .
        Prolific would =20+ goals per season ,i wasn’t putting Jesus down ,quite the opposite.
        I think he’s been a breath of fresh air ,but 15 goals is what I said at the start of the season .

  14. Osimhen … anytime any day…that guy would score tonnes of goals for us…but the competition for his signature would be fierce and Napoli would always want huges fees for their star man…

    1. Agreed mate
      He’s a beast ,someone (won’t mention names )suggested the other day he’s another Auba 😂
      What the same Auba who’s strike rate is top notch .
      Don’t think they engaged their Brain when the commented that.

    Ayodeji’s choice is Mitrovic and he makes out his own reasons for his choice.

    But to me it seems a 100% certainty that Mitrovic will not be sought by Arteta nor Edu.
    He is wrong for us in every way . Firstly, he is already 28, not esp pacy, , his temperament is not healthy and he is not known for being the sort of team ethic player that MA always demands.

    His goal record at Fulham over this short early seaon period is good. Two years ago though, when also with Fulham,in the Prem, he hardly scored at all though.

    IMO he is not anywhere near a good enough technical player and is really used as a battering ram.

    I cannot envisage such a player interesting our manager in the slightest bit and am relieved that I know he won’t be coming.

  16. Nketian, have glimpses at the end of last season that there might still be room for improvement and a possible Premier league striker in the making. However from what we have seen this season he remains the same not so old lumbering journey man with a limited skill set and not quite fast or sharp enough to trouble the opposition.

  17. Jesus needs support and he is not getting it from Xhaka. Actually it’s the other way round with Jesus making Xhaka look good. Arteta needs to reconsider his line up options. Either a double strike force but not Eddie or perhaps an injury free ESR playing one twos with Jesus and freeing up the other forwards from their markers.

  18. Osimeh from Napoli will be suitable but will also be expensive. Though the deal is doable as the player in question will surely want the club.. Mitrovic will be a stop gap but not what we need in the long run.

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