Arsenal need a fast start against Palace to relieve the pressure

Can we dominate a game from the start and make it 12 against Palace? by Konstantin Mitov

Hello, lovely Arsenal people from wherever you may be! We are playing Crystal Palace in a huge game on Sunday which could see us extend our successive winning streak to 12 in all competitions. This run we are on puts more pressure on every upcoming game as people now expect us to win and the moment we don’t, “same old Arsenal” talks will be back on the table.

I am interested if we’ll be able to get to a fast start. We’ve not had the lead at half time in any of our PL games so far, with Fulham being the closest we’ve gotten and ironically Chelsea, which is the only game where we’ve scored two in the first half.

It’s very good that we manage to win in the second halves of games and it says something about our fitness and mentality but I’d love to see us win a comfortable game for once. Our rotation policy will be put to the test again.

Xhaka will likely return to CM as Monreal will hopefully pass the late fitness test. Up front I expect Laca to start with Ozil behind him and then I would put Iwobi and Auba on the two flanks. Of course Torreira will return in midfield, but the two CB will be interesting. I reckon we will go for Holding and Mustafi to ease Sokratis back in from his injury.

It is not clear though and this feeling of not knowing what the side will be excites me. Will it be Cech or Leno? Who knows? And since we don’t know, then our opposition will not not either, making it harder to prepare.

The main threat of Palace will obviously be Wilfred Zaha. We’ll need solid full backs, and I won’t be too happy to see Lichtsteiner or Xhaka having to deal with him. Up front I want to see Laca back with the goals as he did miss some chances lately.

All and all, I will take any win. Spurs welcome City on Monday and we should try our best to take advantage of that. I want focus on this game. We all know the big test is coming, but in a league where every game gives the same number of points, we should care only after we’ve done our job against Palace and Blackpool.


  1. Sue says:

    I’m also hoping that Everton win today & City tomorrow

  2. gotanidea says:

    I’m confident that we would win, even though the scoring might start in the second half

  3. kev says:

    Luck has been on our side and may it continue to be so.When Unai Emery fully implements his style of play on to the team we will be very hard to break down defensively.He has a way of overcrowding the midfield such that the opposition team can’t drive through them easily.This is his version of pressing.However,he should learn to stop persisting with certain players and play some in their right position.Even though Ramsey is leaving I’d have like to see Ramsey(CM),Torreira(DM) and Ozil in the same team in their right position.

  4. ken1945 says:

    Good analysis of where we are and what we need to do.
    PLEASE take note Jon Fox, not a mention of our ex manager!!
    If Konstantin can do it, surely you can?
    Are we really now starting to move forward as a fanbase and not keep picking at old wounds?
    Really hope so, because Emery is doing fantastic things at our club and we all should be applauding that.
    Onwards and Upwards… Victoria Concordia Crescit.

    1. Admin says:

      Ken! Who mentioned him???

      1. ken 1945 says:

        Admin, EXACTLY!
        First post I have ever read from Konstantin that did not mention AW and that was my point.
        I could actually digest his thoughts without having to defend the never ending AW references.
        That’s the point I was making…. what a welcome relief to the never ending AW references.

    2. jon fox says:

      Ken, Please don’t, try to act as my personal censor. Much as I respect you and your personal views and you right to express them, the fact remains that I wanted WENGER OUT FOR TEN LONG YEARS, NOT JUST THE TWO YEARS YOU , RATHER BELATEDLY, CAME TO SEE AS DESIRABLE. Therefore – and as an older fan yourself, as I am , you will understand that ten wasted years, AT OUR TIME OF LIFE IS EASY TO RESENT. Rather like being put in jail for a decade FOR A CRIME YOU DID NOT COMMIT; THEN BEING RELEASED INTO FREEDOM. You would still resent those ten wasted years , And I do. And Ken, a “fanbase” is not a single entity with just one view. It is made up of many millions(in our case )of fans with varying views, all of whom have the right to freely state them. Or do you disagree witb this last sentence?

      1. kev says:

        “Yes , it is obvious esp from 11 straight wins that Emery knows nothing whatever about football! Perhaps you would like to order my book called “How to destroy stupid comments with best sarcasm.” You have just read, for free,one of its best lines!”

        This was your reply to me about Ozil ineffective at RW and Ramsey poor at AM.I never even said in my comment that Emery knows nothing.Common sense will tell you Ozil at RW and Ramsey at AM won’t work.Tell me this season in which have both impressed in this position?Quite unsurprisingly Ozil had his best match this season at AM which goes on to prove mount.Also, just because a player is played out of position this does not mean a team cannot go on a winning streak as football is a team effort.That player will however be a weakness for sure.Perhaps you would like to order my book called “How to sound intelligent but make no sense at the same time”. You have just read, for free,one of its best lines!”

      2. ken1945 says:

        Jon, not being your censor as you put it, rather suggesting that we could/should all move on.

        I don’t actually see three fa cup wins, ten years of CL participation and top four finishes as wasted years….but everyone to their own opinion!
        Let’s hope Emery can equal or even beat it!!!!

        Your wonderful use of the English language is a credit, but”being released into freedom”is a little over the top when discussing footballing matters.

        I don’t resent AW, far from it. The most successful manager in the club’s history SHOULD be given the respect he deserves… but that is part of the history of our great club.
        I want to move on with Emery and his tenure at the club.
        What relevance AW has to Emery I fail to understand, two different people who have acknowledged the others strengths, with NO tirade of abuse or personal attacks.
        Why SOME fans cannot do that as well is hard to understand, but if you want to keep on doing it Jon, that’s your perogative.

        Our fanbase is made up of so many different opinions, cultures, age groups and nationalities.
        Let’s not assume any one of us speaks for the majority, something that you have so many times before claimed as a fact for your views.
        The”tens of thousands” quote springs to mind as part of your posts.

        I always read your posts with great interest, because I know you have our club at heart.
        Our respect for each other is not the issue as you well know.
        We differ on AW that will never change, but I am looking for more from you Jon.
        Not this incessant tirade against a man who, apart from anything else and in all honesty, probably never reads what you think of him.
        So what’s the point???

  5. Ayuskol says:

    That we as fans don’t know who to parade in every match is itself so funny that I pity our oppositions, they plan on mirage ?

  6. ozziegunner says:

    As I stated in a previous post, Leicester City have suffered a tragedy and our thoughts should be expressed to the Club, their staff, players and supporters on the death of their owner and others in the helicopter crash at King Power Stadium.

    1. Sue says:

      ?? very well said

      1. ken1945 says:

        Ozziegunner, totally agree with you, it puts football into its true perspective…… it’s only a game.

  7. Okiror says:

    OT. Who is Victoria Concordia Crescit?

    1. Khadii says:

      means … Victory Through Harmony

      1. ozziegunner says:

        “Victoria Concordia Crescit” Motto of the Arsenal FC.

  8. Okiror says:

    Administration are you a woman?
    Looking at your photo

    1. Sue says:

      Okiror what are you on??!! ?

  9. ozziegunner says:

    I am interested in how Max Meyer performs for Crystal Palace on his return from injury; hopefully not well.

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