Arsenal need a MASSIVE shake-up!

Too Cosy at The Emirates. Things need to happen by KTB

I know we are all still frustrated as to what has been transpiring to our title charge over the last few games but take all feeling and emotion away from what has happened on the field with Arsenal and actually think as to WHY this is happening. Doesn’t this seem to happen over and over again at Arsenal? And why does the outcome never change?

It’s easy – Too Comfortable!

Wenger has been, and will continue to be, so comfortable at Arsenal that he knows he will not get the sack, not as long as he keeps us in Europe (top four finish) and makes the board money, it’s as simple as that!

Players have finally got the Wenger curse at Arsenal of comfortability. We see this all the time with players playing crap as they don’t have anyone behind them pressuring them to step up. Who actually do we have pressuring players in certain positions at the club? Also, other players that are not good enough or mentally ready for a title challenge!

For examples – Bellerin, Giroud, Alexis, Coquelin and Santi have nobody to challenge or cover. Giroud did have competition with Theo but Wenger managed to do something to ruin that challenge for each other but it did work at the time. Ramsey, Gabriel, Wilshere, Ox and Joel are not mentally ready yet (or physically most of time). And Theo, Flamini, Rosicky, Arteta, Per and Debuchy are simply not good enough. I won’t say Ozil hasn’t cover as I think Iwobi or Adelaide could be the man to step up and help out in the No 10 position when needed.

Lastly, The Board and Stan get it far too cosy at The Emirates and I, for one, am sick of the sight of this lot running our once great FOOTBALL CLUB into a very profitable American BUSINESS… for which the real Arsenal football fans suffer most! We have the highest ticket prices in world football for a stadium that has held success back from the club for over a decade and kept most of its proper fans from even going to a game since it’s been built. Why do you think it is quiet at games at the Emirates? That’s not a club repaying their fans, that’s forcing them to cough up a lot more or don’t bother… they don’t care if we win they care about money! No Ambition for the Club’s success, just ambition for money.

They are the most unambitious bunch of money grabbing clowns that give absolutely nothing back to the fans – and get away with it year after year! Gazidis too, as he is in charge of transfers, well what the hell is he getting paid for as I don’t see any improvements – as a lot is needed (and was needed) summer/winter windows passed!

Big changes are needed but nothing will change unless Arsene Wenger, Ivan Gazidis and Stan Kroenke leave Arsenal FOOTBALL club… not Arsenal BUSINESS club.

1) Stan OUT – Usmanov IN
2) Gazidis OUT – Not even needed
3) Wenger & Co OUT – New Manager and Staff
4) Loan Out – Ox, Chambers, Gnabry, Silva, Akpom
5) Promote – Iwobi, Reine-Adelaide
6) Gone – Per, Debuchy, TW14, Rosicky, Flamini, Arteta, Sanogo
7) 3 Big names – plus 2 for cover brought in,,
NEW World Class CB, ST & RW.
New DM & RB cover

I’ll not mention players we need to come in because it never quite works that way, so I will let the rest of you fill in the blanks for the positions needed. If this happened then I’d take Arsenal very seriously as a football club and not just a profitable business that it has painfully, but truthfully, become!

Koss The Boss


  1. With 14 games remaining we cannot afford to be complacent! Let’s get serious or time to get the hairdryer out! Coyg!

  2. agree on all but 2 and 3
    gazidis has won plenty awards, his business acumen is not debatable
    wenger shouldnt leave this club – stay on not necessarily as manager- but stay nonetheless
    hes too important.
    fergie left….the rest is manu coming 7th history

    all other points sound good to me cupcake

    1. I dont know man Gazidaz had did sweet FA. Players come to Arsenal for Wenger if we are being honest. He should be making bigger signings or maybe just a few more instead of the boards puppet. Yes a very smart man bt we want a football man who knows and understands what we need as a football club not a business making a aload of money and bleeding fans dry.

      Look at Liverpool fans this morning i was reading they are walking out on the 77th min of their home game because their season and match day ticket hikes have been released to them, already they are making a move. Arsenal supporter clubs should take notice of what they are doing. We let it happen with no fight, look at our prices ? thats the only way fans get their say in the football game nowadays!

      Wenger has to leave full stop imo! We need fresh new ideas from a young hungry successful manager to take us up to the next level along with the big boys and on my article here doing most of the 7points i suggested we could do it. A new manager couldnt have a better platform to walk onto to work and build a successful team, as a club we are great but as a team not their just yet.

  3. In the summer release flamini, rosicky, arteta
    Sell Sanogo and debuchy and Ospina (if he wants to leave)
    Loan Akpom, Iwobi, Gnabry and others already on loan

    1. Top CB (ie Howedes)
    2. Top striker or winger (ie Greizmann, Aubemeyang, Lewandowski)
    3. Versatile midfielder (isco)
    4. optional top dm (but wenger wont get one)

    GK: Cech and Szcznesy
    CB: koscielny, NEW CB, Gabriel, Mertsacker, Chambers
    RB: Bellerin, Jenkinson,
    LB: Monreal, Gibbs
    DM: Coquelin, Eleney, Chambers
    B2B: Cazorla, Ramsey, Wilshere, Ox
    Wingers: Alexis, New, Theo, Welbeck, Ox, Campbell
    Striker/CF: New, Giroud, Welbeck

    No Theo up front unless emergency
    No Ramsey on the right unless emergency

    1. wenger’s the core thing standing in the way of significant change. it wont happen while he’s at arsenal.

    2. Would keep Iwobi… boys a good player and imo going to be great in the years to come! He will keep all the starting 11 on their toes he can play in a few positions no problem and looks hungry or unafraid of going at players. Love his confidence, for a kid too ?

  4. Okay, here is my wish list:
    1. Stiriker___________Aubameyang____£40m
    2. Winger—————Reus—— £40m
    3. CB……………………..Stones……. £40m
    4. DM——————–Lars Bender £40m
    5. R.B cover…………..Jenkinson NOT £40m
    I used £40m flat because I expect each and everyone of them to cost somewhere around that amount whether a bit less or more so it can balance its self except jenkinson for FREE. Which will probably cost a TOTAL of £160m. And we will get around £60m from player sells and loans. Meaning its just £100m invested. How bad is that for an ambitius team team?????? Man U spent more than £200m for average players.
    New manager a certain……..diago simone.
    Replacement for Gazidis______remember David Dein??
    What do you see???

    1. Forward we should aim for : Griezmann/Aubameyang

      Midfield : Cazorla replacement like Isco

      DM : Krywochiak, Wanyama, Bender or Xhaka, maybe a cheeky bid for Gungodan

      CB : there should easily be 5-7 options

      1. How about Elneny? Give him a chance 1st and let’s see what he can offer within that CM/DM sometimes price is deceiving, MM for less than £1m?? (Mighty Mahrez) lolz.

    2. Stones is over rated by the english media he’s an awful defender who’s made mistake after mistake this season,Everton concede lots of goals because of people like Stones!

      1. @Dee, stones may be overrated actually you are right but the kid is classic, I examine his game in some matches, he’s very calm and is not scared to make a tackle. In addition the only reason I want an english players is the fact that they normally stay long in one club, most of them can even be called a one team men. We might get a terry in him if we are lucky.

        1. With the right Manager, Stones could very well become like Terry! Has the lot just lacks reading of the game sometimes, still very young. A manager in the mould of Fergie or dare i say Mourinho could make him World Class imo.

  5. In my younger (and not so younger days) I was a great admirer of Frank Sinatra and Arsenal FC.
    Both held a magic for me when they were on stage. As the years passed I started to learn the truth about them both, and it`s not nice. I still enjoy Sinatra in concert, he was the best. Arsenal
    shone in a young mans eyes and I`m still looking for that glitter. Sadly, I have to say, I`m sorry I gave my support and devotion to these two bags of shit.

    1. Nice to get all that off your chest, I’m sure. Agree with you completely, but how can any of it actually happen. As far as I can see our board and management are a closed shop. There is no way in and apparently no way out. Problem, partly anyway is with us supporters, we never seem to agree about anything, so Arsene, Ivan and their cronies can sit back and hum whatever tune they chose. I think it’s called “Divide and Rule” I would love to provide a solution but there isn’t one is there. Because we are so awful at the moment, it will be like every season, in the end will be grateful for fourth spot. COYG.

  6. The day Arsenal lost 8 – 2 to Manure Wenger should of resigned on three counts. He ruined my Jamaican holiday. I’m still pissed about the embarrassment of losing like that. We’ve lost big since, Chelsea, Man City, Liverpool. Wenger out, that simple.

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