Arsenal need a Naby Keita in our midfield!

Naby Keita- the answer to Arsenal’s spineless and weak midfield by V Pillay

Hello fellow Gooners

Whilst watching Red Bull Liepzig vs Sevilla at the Emirates Cup yesterday, I became aware why Liverpool want to spend 70 million on bringing Naby Keita to the Premier league. He is an archetypal midfield destroyer. His power, pace and energy is something that is sorely lacking in the Arsenal midfield. He is a stronger, more destructive version of Kante, continously bustling about breaking up the opposition play, and driving through their defence to help create goals.

Sevilla are going to be a handful for the Arsenal defence with their brute strength combined with some brilliant interplay. One can’t see Xhaka and Ramsey (or Coquelin) being able to dominate this team into submission. If the deal for Lemar is done and dusted Arsenal need to seriously consider strengthening the midfield. We all need to leave sentiment behind, we all love Cazorla, Ramsey, Wilshere etc but they are unfortunately not capable of being the answer to Arsenal’s title wining spearhead .

Every team that has won the league in the past has had powerful, dominant, skillful players with guts and energy to drag them onto the winners podium. Arsenal possess mentally and physically weak players that shyour game down and pass the ball to death going sideways. We need to learn from our mistakes like Mikel Arteta and build a strong centre with players like Naby Keita, Geoffrey Kondogbia or Naingolan….



  1. amb98 says:

    Naby Keita is a fantastic player. Although he is good defensively, he is best as a box to box midfielder or as a number 8/10. He is not a more destructive version of Kante. Would be perfect for us but Leipzig won’t sell him, but he does apparently have a £48m clause that becomes active next summer.

  2. Zimbo says:

    I saw Keita yesterday against Sevilla, he was brilliant and will definitely excel in a team like Arsenal. He will be worth every penny. The way he defended and attacked was out of this world. He should definitely be our priority signing.

  3. John Legend says:

    IF we are able to get back into UCL next season, I believe we can be a favoured destination over Liverpool(if Leipzig manage to hold on to him this season). With AFCON to be held in June from 2019, it would be safe.
    I have not watched him though, but I have not heard/read anything wrong about him.

  4. LL_cool_gunner says:

    Liverpool were willing to pay 70million for him, Leipzig rejected it, and apparently he wants to play for klop/liverpool, he will be a good signing for us, but I doubt it will happen, he has almost the same ability as seri, they are both box to box players that can defend, my problem is no matter who we sign, wenger will not bench Ramsey, when he’s fit and playing rubbish..

  5. Uwot? says:

    Yes “nobby” Keita would be the perfect player we need.but two things explain why it will never happen.1st.the thieving scousers are after him & the ditherer won’t get involved in a bidding war & 2nd the ditherer would still prefer a midfield of midgets & tika there you have it.or you don’ to speak.

    1. Abel says:

      Try get your facts right before you spew crap.
      “the ditherer won’t get involved in a bidding war & 2nd the ditherer would still prefer a midfield of midgets & tika takka”
      ‘Midgets’ really? Naby Keita is all of 5’8″ while our midfield midgets are; Ramsey 5’10”, Coquelin 5’10”, Elneny 5’11”, Xhaka 6’1″

  6. Abel says:

    @ Vishaad, I take it that you’re a fan of Godfrey Kondogbia’s fantastic own goal yesterday. He has been a flop since moving to Inter from Monaco. Radgar Niangolan whilst a good DM for Roma, is a liability to any team due to his reckless challenges.
    Keita has had one great season and as usual everyone thinks he is the next best thing since Makalele.
    Do all remember when you all clamoured for Wenger to buy Etiene Capoue ( flopped at Spurs and average at Watford), or more recently Rio Mavuba and Yann Mvila (hasn’t set the world alight since his move to Russia)?

    1. Abel says:

      The grass isn’t always greener on the other side. Besides you’re not a paid scout so I doubt you’d know better than those whose jobs are to watch all the matches played by these players and not just the YouTube compilations you click a button and watch!

      1. John Ibrahim says:


        Mvilla, Capoue, Sissoko, Kodonbagia, Schnerdelin, Bender and etc….

        so many must signed DM and so call DM converted by fans

        All of them are bench warmers or gone to lower leagues or clubs

        1. frank says:

          Just becoz they flopped in other teams doesnt mean they would have flopped in ours…thats just an excuse for not wanting to sign!

      2. Vishaad says:

        FYI I watch the Bundesliga, Serie A and La Liga thus I make informed comments based on watching players Throughout the season . If our paid scouts had half a brain why did we miss out so many players that have come to the premier league and excelled , our scouts said Costa was too slow and not equipped for the premier league , they overlooked Suarez who signed for Liverpool , Wanyama and Virgil Van Dyk . It’s easy to see why Arsenal have stagnated and regressed for so long, when people would rather put down ideas to improve and become title winners instead of looking for ways to evolve into title winners

    2. Vishaad says:

      Naby Keita and Kondogbia are EXAMPLES of what we sorely lack in midfield . Every Gunner wants to see this team evolve into the something better , Wengers project of replicating Barcelona’s style of play is flawed due to the physically nature , pace and brute strength in the Premier league . We need to adapt and evolve , become the iron fist in a velvet glove ie play beautiful flowing football but also dominate your opposition with strength power and physicality .I still believe it’s a mental /psychological issue that needs to be rectified with our as we are simply to nice , we need to get stuck into the opposition from the 1st minute till the 90 , , let them know they are in a for fight and thus team will not be bullied. Look at the change in Liverpool and Spurs , both posses a team full of warriors . That mentality emanates from the manager and radiates from the players controlling the midfield

  7. Jack reacher says:

    With Ramsey , wilshere , le coq xhaka ozil and santi to cum back Jesus he’s even pooping elneny into defence to make him feel part squad there’s one more coming in there be no defender coming no midfielder it prop be lemar or whoever one more player guys he said 3 players tops we could be even finished as it is but I do think one more is on way so I don’t get people who say get sari get Kieta get van diik get mahrez haha it’s all rubbish wenger to loyal I love wenger since I was 15 I’m now 35 he’s being major part my life like my grandad but let’s be real I wouldn’t be surprised if he brought diaby back it is wat it is not FIFA we got good squad lemer prop coming if we’re lucky Sanchez prop going out

  8. ManU4Gutter says:

    Arsenal will announce the signing of Mahrez when Leicester complete the deal for Man City KELECHI Iheanacho as his replacement. After we capture Mahrez, let’s focus on getting Seri or Goretzka.

    1. Abel says:

      And who is your source for this info seeing as we are yet to even make a bid for Mahrez.

  9. Who said Arsene can't do grime? says:

    Pardon me kind sirs but isn’t the whole reason we have a three man defence because we have a weak central midfield?

    Why would we need three defenders in the centre if we were going to buy a midfielder purely for power?

    1. Vishaad says:

      We can use it to have flexibility in our formations , play 3 4 2 1 or 4 2 31 etc . If your midfield are stronger and are able to protect the defence then we can revert to 4 at the back . The problem with Arsenal has always been that every team knew our formation , we changed to 3 centre backs to stop leaking goals . I’m sure by now most EPL managers have been devising tactics to counter Conte’s revolution of 3 centre backs . Better to be innovative with out tactics and less predictable whilst still be solid in defence

      1. Abel says:

        You make a lot of conjectures based on assumptions. I’m sure you think you would do a better job.
        Who knows you may actually make a good coach. But first, you have to do the hard bit which is to earn the opportunity by getting your coaching badges. When you’ve done that, you can then make your bold claims of knowing better than the professionals.

        1. Abel says:

          Similarly, I cannot claim to know better than my doctors who have medical degrees, simply because I can browse the Internet for diagnosis and treatment of most ailments!

          1. Vishaad says:

            Agreed neither of us are professional coaches but we both are ARSENAL fans who want this team to join the football elite that have multiple UCL trophies and league titles in their trophy cabinet. We both may be divided in our opinions on how that is to materialise but one thing is certain Wenger and his team have failed miserably in the past 10 years in doing so . Perhaps Wenger has not had the back up from the board , his team and the players or his players are not capable of fulfilling his master plan . It’s an open discussion and I’m merely giving an opinion as to how we may turn the tide finally to become champions .

            1. Dalinho says:

              You don’t need coach badges to be a good scout tho! Iv proved that to myself for 2 decades

  10. A great performance yesterday, with Nelson exceptional. Problem was that our midfield was often alongside our attack with a gaping hole in front of our defense. A soft centre that better teams will continue to exploit, so we need someone like Kieta as a priority.
    We have great players, but still need the right ones to make us complete.

  11. John says:

    Nelson…….Maitland-Niles……….even Bellerin can be just as good as Keita……….or just as good as Kante…..especially winning the ball in the opponents half……..

  12. Waal2waal says:

    If there’s any diamonds to be found among those playing against arsenal during the emirates event -be sure somebody from arsenal will find time to hav a quiet word and make our interest known. I’m sure most players would think seriously about playing at the emirates for arsenal if approached with an offer.

  13. Gooner Craig says:

    None of our current midfielders are good enough to win the title! If we go into the season without another addition, I’m just going to sit and wait for the inevitable ‘annual collapse’ because we all know that it’s coming! AW is playing a dangerous game! He should’ve walked away after FA cup but now he’s risking his legacy big time and seemingly making the same amateur and delusional mistakes as the previous 10+ seasons!!

  14. Gooner Craig says:

    I love AW as much as the next Gooner and that’s why it hurts me to see him falling from grace but he’s bringing it upon himself! We all want to see a midfield of Ramsey and Wilshere bossing games and playing beautifully Arsenal football and cruising to 3 points per game but it’s never going to happen unfortunately! Ramsey too inconsistent and isn’t even that good anyway and Jack is never going to stay fit for the season! Coq and Elneny are squad players at best, Santi isn’t coming back from that injury and Xhaka is just one man with a lot of promises but also a lot of flaws! I could say the same things about our defence and attack and even Cech in goal! Sorry to be such a negative lil b!t¢h but we all know it’s true! We are still a long long way away from winning the league, even with Lemar coming in (if he or someone else does?) and Alexis staying (if he does, which he won’t)

  15. ZEN2OH says:

    We have to offer RB Leipzig Elney and wilshire but buy back clause for wilsire and £30-40 mill for Keita.
    1) Wilshire will be playing in a less rigorous league away from EPL
    2) Wilshire can re-invent himself at RBL
    3) Maybe playing away from England can make him injury free.
    4) Keita would be a Force along side with Xhaka in the Midfield, the two no-nonsense Midfielder is good for us . They will compliment Each other.

  16. BOBBY-EAZY says:

    Nice Opinions Guys. But I Think Idrissa Gueye (Gana) Of Everton Is Arsenal’s Best Option In Midfield. He’s Strong, Fast And Has A High Level Of Energy As Well. No Wonder Ronald Koeman Compared Him To Kante. He’s Also A Proven Premier League Player That Improves By The Day. Remember He Did A Man-marking Job Against Hazard Last Season At Goodison Park. His Discipline Is Second To None. Xhaka And Ramsey Is A Disastrous Combination. Neither Of Them Are Good Enough For The Dirty Job Plus Ramsey Who’s Supposed To Be A Deep-lying Playmaker Is So Unconcerned And Indisciplined Such That He’s Always Found In Opponents Penalty Box Rather Providing Assistance To Xhaka. Idrissa Gueye Is The Unnoticed Gem Many Teams Especially Arsenal Need To Add Steel, Grit And Discipline Infront Of Our Shaky Defence.

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