Arsenal need a new spine to challenge Chelsea

Every single summer the old adage that “Arsenal are three signings from winning the title” crops up, and this season it has come up a little earlier thanks to the Arsenal legend Ray Parlour.

Speaking n the Express, the famous Gunner was asked what positions Wenger needs to buy in and he said: “Straight down the spine of the team.”

“Arsenal need to look at signing a new centre-half and definitely a central midfielder because people like Mikel Arteta may leave in the summer.

“They’ve got to look at their goalkeeping situation, whether Wojciech Szczesny is moved on and replaced with Petr Cech, who has always been mentioned.

“He would be a great signing for Arsenal if Chelsea will let him go there.

“If Wenger can add a bit of quality, I think they will have a really good run next year, progress, and maybe get a bit closer to Chelsea, or whoever it is next season, to win the Premier League.”

So an you imagine Wenger seriously trying to but THREE top-quality signings to make Arsenal favourites to win next years title? It would be fantastic if we brought in Petr Cech to replace Szczesny, but who would be the other two signings we need to take us to the next level?

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  1. haywill says:

    if coquline is injured, were done 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

    1. Hafiz Rahman says:

      the same can be said for the others…..

      1. haywill says:

        but coquloine is the only def mid we have….. 🙁 🙁 🙁
        and hes kickin ass 😀 😀

  2. jermaineBryan says:

    Chelsea this season hardly any injuries season
    In comparison to; Debuchy,arteta,Wiltshire,Walcott,diaby,gnabry were hardly used this season with debuchy making 10apps the highest out of the lot.
    some of there quality squad players will move on (cech,Felipe luiz,mikel,Ramires?)
    (Ivanovic,terry,drogba, Cahill are in decline )

    What stands out for Chelsea in comparison to arsenal is their threat from wide areas (hazards individual brilliance ) and there ability to protect a lead. (££RUES ££ or emphersis on Sanchez talents will balance the threat of hazard)
    Out:podolski ,yaya, ryo

    I think we need to work on defending counter attacks, stopping opponents creating chances,protecting the lead and stop opponents playing aggressive against us. With an injury to coqulan we would be exposed
    (this points at an athletic, emposing dm/cm type addition ; a fit diaby or schnederlin/kondogbia type player)
    Out: arteta,flamini

    Anything else is a bonus
    Eg Lacazette > theo,Joel
    fekir >Rosicky

  3. ArseneIsYourDaddy says:

    The flavor of last week was Paulo Dybala; is he old news?
    I bet a fiver that none of you ever heard of Santi, Giroud or Gabriel before Wenger bought them.
    Stop repeating gossip from the Daily Star. Wenger has cash and his own 2 million stats package. He will find us talent.

    Seasons ago when he had to sell are far behind us. Forward Gunners !

  4. jonestown1 says:

    The “always short of 2 or 3 players mantra” trotted out every year happened to be true for most of the past 8 or 9 seasons. And it is easy to see why, we spent no money and consistently sold our best players. Only the blind or stupid could not notice a gradual shift since Sept 2013 when we signed Ozil, started to banish the deadwood and stemmed the flow of good players out of the club. If we tweak and add quality this summer then we will need different excuses next season if we are not mounting a convincing challenge on the PL title.

  5. jonestown1 says:

    Not sure where the new CB bandwagon has come from? Wenger just spent £11M on Gab, spent £16M on Chambers (and he didn’t spend that much to make him a 3rd/4th choice RB – he is a CB) and with Hayden on the fringes. Some of you can hate Mertesacker all you want but him and Kos have formed the best pairing we have had for years and years, and as CBs go are both youngish and have 2 or 3 years left. Over 30 games unbeaten when they both played in 2013-14 and our recent good form coinciding with them being paired on a reasonably consistent basis.

    I look at CB and think we are well covered now – certainly not the position most in need of bolstering. Perhaps some of you should look at City, United’s, L’Pools and Chelsea’s CB back-up for a benchmark and certainly in respect of the PL competition we are not lacking imo.

  6. GoonAR says:

    I would buy Lacazette and either Schneiderlin or Kongdobia if available. I’m also a big Sissoko fan as a B2B for us if the price is right.

  7. FFFanatic says:

    CB issues are sorted. DM needs cover but not necessarily replacement. Goalkeeper needs work sadly I fear. If we could get a top draw goalkeeper (I’d love to nick Lloris :-P, can’t be assed with Cech) then I think we’d just need to focus on a DM challenger (kondogbia/schneiderlin) and looking for some cheap hot prospects. Whether this be youth or foreign unproven I don’t see any huge gaps in our squad now. Striker is our most threadbare position other then those mentioned but Theo/Akpom could easy step up next season and looking for a hot prospect would be my preference. Giroud is number 1 and suits our style perfectly – I don’t think we need to spend £80m on a risk. Unless it’s Kane. I’d love to see us nick Spurs’ one hope 😛

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