Arsenal still need a strike force to compete with Chelsea’s or Liverpool’s

Arsenal’s worrying strikers cannot compete with other top EPL teams! (Opinion)


Now the worst thing we can do is compare our club to others but in this day and age you just cannot help but do so, as everything in football is down to comparisons.


Stats, results, team depth and strength, management and more. 


So I will be honest here and say that none of the forwards at our club fill me with positivity. Although on their day they can be amazing it is not consistent enough.


When I look at our team and our forwards overall compared to the likes of Chelsea and Liverpool, we have the weakest front line. There is no doubting that.


Our players are individually talented and when it comes to certain players if they played in a lesser club maybe they would shine but when it comes to donning that Arsenal shirt they are poor.


We will never have the days of Thierry Henry, Robin Van Persie, Dennis Bergkamp and Ian Wright to name a few, that is a given, well maybe not for a few years if the right work is put in. But something as close to that would be nice.


Pierre Emerick-Aubameyang and Alex Lacazette had a great partnership that looked to be building in a great way. And then something happened and like always with Arsenal things went down hill.


I look at the Liverpool front three of Sadio Mane, Mo Salah and Roberto Firmino and add to it Diogo Jota and I am jealous. Even if they have a bad defence they are strong in goal and have a solid enough midfield, but the strikers do enough to cover up what is wrong at times.


When I look at Chelsea their whole team is individually strong and each position is strong. They have Kai Havertz, Mason Mount and Timo Werner and have just added Romelu Lukaku to their ranks.


So when you look at Arsenal, no offence to the players, but we are not that strong in goal, at times our defence is worrying, the midfield is not consistent and the strikers; well if you don’t have goals you very rarely win games and so herein lies our problem. 


The whole team needs a transformation or a change of attitude and tactics, but either way something needs to change and change quick because if we continue how we are we will no longer be considered one of the top teams in the Premier League and I really don’t want to live to see that day!


Shenel Osman



  1. Abu lacca and pepe show scare the hell out of defences.however its not working, either the wrong combo of players together, poor creativity behind them or poor tactics. I honestly think its a mix of them all and its down to Arteta to change that to get the gunners firing again!

    1. Very true, Gunnerdev! We have the guys to do it but it’s what happens before the ball gets to them. The build up play is slow, laboured and predictable. By the time the forwards get the ball they are closed down or out of position. It must be confidence zapping for a striker! If MA can’t sort it out quickly, this season will replicate last season for sure.

  2. Arsenal need new coach 1st…
    Wenger had far inferior team than MA still his football and tactics were far superior than MA
    Missing on top 4 was failure in Wenger era and we would think it will be an achievement if MA gets top 6 even with this superior team compared to Wenger’s team..
    Winning like Chequebook manager is too easy like Pep but playing good football with limited budget is very difficult…
    How Aubameyang and Lacazzett were able to perform better under Wenger even when they were playing together…
    Wenger started playing Aubameyang as LW and Lacazzett as CF but still Aubameyang was flourishing and scoring goals…
    The problem with MA is, he has only one tactic, go byline and cross the ball 1000 times in box…
    Nowadays non league side would even defend these crosses all day…
    His team never look trying something new…
    That’s really frustrating…
    Even if you change all 11 players still MA’s tactic will be same because he lack footballing brain.. He will fail then also

    1. Your opinion mate! Good it remains for yourself!!
      Mikel within 6 months won the FA, in case you seem to have a forgetful memory. It took some 9 years for Wenger to win silverware again. Maybe fans enjoyed the UCL hidings we got over those 20 years never winning it, just grabing the participation fee and gate collections, with no intent to win it. And used that money for some poor poor and terrible signings that has led us to the abyss today. Good that Mikel is changing that.
      If you think that Laca’s 50 goals from 128 matches (including a year without an away goal plus he had the “world’s greatest assist king” too behind him) will take you for a top 4, keep dreaming mate! No wonder Wenger fell from top 4 to top 6 and Unai to midtable when he was unfortunately sent off. Auba returned 64 off 114 games. Harry Kane 166 goals from 245 games.Sergio Aguero 184 goals from 275 games. These are real men not some jokers on the training pitch. we need a more lethal strike force to convert the chances created. I trust Mikel will do the needful.

      1. At least we were getting into UCL under Wenger and yes Wenger one EPL in his 1st year
        Keep that in mind

  3. I believe we still have the best set of CF in the league. It’s more a case of tactics and what is happening behind them.

      1. HH, How can you possible agree that we have the best set of CF’s in the league? That is precisely why I SAY YOU ARE NOT A REALIST!
        You are once again fooling yourself. It is laughably inaccurate to claim as you do! Sigh!

        1. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang was on fire from the first minute he put on an Arsenal shirt and didn’t need the adjusting period nonsense scoring on his debut and went on to score 13 goals in 10 matches in half a season, with Wenger leaving not affecting him at all.

          He went on to win the golden boot the following season and missing it by just one goal the season after while there were a lot of negative things going in the background with Emery sacking and all. In one of the difficult moments in club recent history he carried the club by his shoulders and even single handedly winning it the FA Cup.

          He did it all when the team was said to be starved of creativity.

          Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is the best striker in the EPL. It is lack of tactics like Nifty said that is ruining him just like it is ruining a lot of players under Arteta.

          1. HH Sorry for not understanding you were writing about the long ago past. LIKE ALL OF US, I assumed you would be taling about the present, like the rest of us.
            Sorry then to have mistaken your post for that of someone who was speaking of the present, not the past.


          2. jon, let’s be honest, Aubameyang has only had one bad season, which was the last one 2020/21. His other seasons at Arsenal, he was competing for the “Golden Boot”.

  4. “I believe we still have the best set of CF in the league”. Rubbish. Our forwards didn,t score in pre-season matches even though they had 100% chances, especially Aubameyang has totally lost his goalscoring ability.

  5. Even if you give Messi Ronaldo and Neymar to Arteta he will soon convert them into Willian..🤣🤣🤣

    1. This is the most childish comment I’ve had the misfortune of reading, in ages. Used to love JA. Twitter is my go to now because of daft statements letting this page down.

      1. Agree with you to a point but surely you have come across far more immature stupidity on Twitter? Having said that, nothing tops the idiots on AFTV😱

          As evidence on JA alone, simply scroll up to the posts…….!

  6. @ Loose Cannon, I guess your type are from Noah’s time, people who refused to accept the Gospel before the Great Flood, You’re disillusioned as the Fraud you’re supporting, even a Blind Man knew Arteta got nothing upstairs, It’s a shame on u backing a crook like Arteta. I hope you see the light sooner

  7. We have a good strike force in Auba, Saka, Laca and Martinelli and Pepe. The question is as to how they jell well together as a team, the tactics employed and about the supply line behind them. As for Chelsea and Liverpool, Chelsea have the oil money to simply buy whatever and whoever they want but I appreciate Liverpool. Klopp has really built a team over the years without excessive spending and it is his game intelligence and planning that has made Liverpool into European and PL Champions.

  8. Shenel, If your final line is at all true then right now you must prefer to be dead. No other possible expanation!

    Either you are not telling the truth OR you prefer death right now. And once you are dead there is no coming back, not on Earth anyway!

    We ARE still one of the top clubs but only a self fooler could possibly claim that right NOW we are one of the “top teams”(your words, not mine! ) as you appear to think we are.
    For say the top two or three places, I would stretch a point for your hyped rhetoric. But eighth place last season is NOT top. Is it!!

    Or 17th place right now, if we are being pedantic!

  9. Until Arteta addresses the midfield which striker we have doesn’t matter.

    Xhaka doesn’t create (4 years and 3 managers as evidence) poor tactics, and a manager who refuses or is unable to play to the strengths of players.

    More excuses for a checkbook manager who so far isn’t good with spending money on players either.

    1. a simply stated, undeniably accurate account of our current state of affairs…Cheers Durand

    2. Durand, totally agree with you and GunneRay, that it is the midfield that is the problem. Slow ball recovery, slow ball progression because of sidewards and backwards passing, poor passing into space and channels and lack of goal scoring productivity. ESR and Odegaard are not enough with Kolonga and Xhaka back ups. Aouar or Ascensio and Bissouma or Guimaraes are required to upgrade the midfield.
      It is difficult for a forward line to score, if the midfield don’t get on top and are not playing on the front foot providing opportunities.

  10. Aubameyang would start in any of the top European times right now.

    We’re/Arteta is using him wrongly.

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