Arsenal need a total rebuild to regain our Quest For Excellence

It’s time for Arsenal to rip away the proverbial band-aid by Vieira Lyn

I hate to admit it but the only way to truly resurrect our once proud franchise is for us to lose at such an alarming rate that there appears no other choice but to clean house. It’s clear now that only under the most extreme of circumstances will we ever rid ourselves of Wenger’s antiquated, uninspiring and highly dysfunctional regime. Unfortunately, it might take a year or two of finishing outside of European qualification to convince Kroenke to ultimately sell his stake and simply walk away with an undeserved but sizable profit, but that can’t deter us. Whatever it takes must be done. We can’t “Wengerize” our exit strategy, so no dithering, half measures or the usual lame excuses, we must be willing to lose to win. It’s time for us to rip away the proverbial band-aid and truly fix that which ails us before we can finally start to heal.

Above all this we will need the backing of our billionaire “friends”. Only a true fan with the deepest of pockets could undertake an overhaul ten years in the making. For this to work they must have skin in the game or they need not apply. Whether it means paying a bit above ask from time to time to secure the necessary talent or through their willingness to sink their own vast resources into the reclamation project, our next owner must do everything within their powers to prove that they place winning over the bottom-line. No longer can our club be the plaything of the uber-rich or a footnote in a billionaire’s banking portfolio, so any new regime must not only conduct themselves with the sort of transparency that befits one of the greatest clubs in the world, they must likewise treat our more than generous fan-base with the respect they deserve.

To ensure this eventuality the new executive branch must be willing to scour the footballing landscape to find a manager of Pep’s caliber and provide him with the necessary financial backing to compete at the highest of levels. Now there will be some who will baulk at this notion, but we must resist their largely selfish objections or we will continue to be mired in the general malaise that has long stifled this club. I get it though, few like change, especially when it involves a fairly massive “rebuilding” project that relies heavily on the fans continuing to pay top dollar for an inferior product, but to be quite honest that is what we’ve been doing since our move to the Emirates.

As it stands this club lacks the direction and spine necessary to properly navigate the incredibly competitive and increasingly complex footballing world. Player contracts and all that implies, negotiating multi-million dollar marketing deals in this ever-changing technological age, developing a highly enjoyable brand of football then acquiring only those players whom best fit that system, establishing a world-class junior academy to provide some much-needed financial balance and cultivating an environment that always strives for excellence and holds those who fail to meet this standard accountable, all are important aspects of a successful footballing organization and we have failed miserably in most of these departments for some time now.

When it comes to all things contract-related we are an unmitigated disaster, our failure to sign our most viable stars before entering their final year makes our managerial team look like buffoons, which is an all too familiar refrain since Dein’s departure. I could literally write for days about the ineptitude of this club when it comes to their handling of player contracts, which seems so incredibly bizarre for a club that has had the same man in charge for more than two decades. Overpaying bench players, continuing to pay oft-injured players, the mishandling of the transfer market on a seemingly annual basis, the countless stories of who Wenger could have signed for peanuts but inexplicably failed to do so, and our inability to maximize their return on any player when it comes time to sell, are just a few of the ways our current regime has continually dropped the ball.

As for our marketing department, there is no doubt that we provide an incredibly attractive option for any company looking to splash big cash on advertising. Very few clubs have the international cache of the Arsenal brand yet every time we cut a deal we seem to come up short, especially in comparison to our closest rivals. There are few places on earth you can go and not see an Arsenal jersey yet we continually fail to strike the kind of deal befitting a club of our ilk. Maybe this is all part and parcel with the ridiculous facade the higher-ups have been selling us for years about how we are a “small” club who can’t compete with the big boys.(you do realize that Kroenke not only owns numerous professional sports teams but is likewise married to one of the Walton daughters, heiress to the Wal-Mart fortune) If you can’t secure better deals with a club that easily sells out stadiums throughout the world, you shouldn’t be in the marketing business.

When it comes to the brand of football on offer at the Emirates there are many who foolishly believe that there is no one in the world who could duplicate, or even better, what Wenger has brought to the table. Of course anyone with any knowledge about the footballing world outside of North London knows that this is simply untrue. Having a philosophy based on providing attractive football isn’t the sole providence of Arsene Wenger, as many clubs provide their fans with attractive options, some even do so without spending astronomical sums. There is an art to developing a system of this nature, a fact we saw firsthand when we were still at the Highbury under the tutelage of a young, more inspired Wenger and the steady hands of David Dein. Unfortunately our success led to the arrival of the middling bloodsucker Kroenke and that was when the number-crunchers invaded our team and devised a formula that maximized profits with little to no concern for truly competing at the highest levels, thus the emergence of the Wenger Cup.

As for our academy, I can’t think of the last time we developed a player of any real consequence. False hope and pipe dreams are all we can seem to muster from within our junior ranks. Our failure to properly nurture this facet of our club is largely indicative of our growing problems since Dein’s departure and Wenger’s increasingly monopolized power over all things Arsenal. No one individual can properly oversee everything, especially in this day and age, without certain areas suffering as a result of this obvious shortsightedness. Just think of how many prospects Wenger has gushed about over the past 10 years that never even cracked our first team, even for a cup of coffee, then disappeared into the ether without even a simple explanation. So either our self-described genius has lost his eye for talent or he has simply spread himself so thin that important aspects of the club are largely ignored, or even worse, forgotten altogether. Either way, the fault falls squarely on Wenger.

Finally, and most disappointingly, our quest for excellence ended some years ago. Oftentimes when it becomes clear that those in charge have lowered their expectations, this mindset invariably permeates the clubhouse. No longer convinced by the same rhetoric being spewed by the usual talking heads, the player’s loyalties tend to shift from club success to personal gain, which should come as no surprise to anyone as they are simply mirroring the behaviours of those in charge. Unfortunately this has contributed greatly to the cyclical nightmare we’ve been experiencing for some time now. Unwilling to make the necessary financial push, those with higher aspirations simply move on to greener pastures. In the last 10-12 years we’ve witnessed it firsthand on 3 separate occasions, first with Cesc and Nasri, then with RVP and currently with Ozil and Sanchez. All of which, I believe, were only possible because of the philosophical shift that occurred following our parting of ways with perhaps our greatest player ever, Henry. In each case the club chose their own self-interests over making the necessary financial commitment. In fact in every instance they even employed slanderous and deceptive practices by using the media to plant negative seeds about each of the players in question to rally support for their subsequent removal; it’s important to note that all the aforementioned players have won the PL and/or Champion’s League since their departure from our club.

The bottom-line is the move from the Highbury was based on lies, it’s clear to see that what was supposed to be a necessary evil to compete at the highest levels, was in fact an elaborate ruse concocted by the filthy rich as a means to increase their wealth at our expense. Even more despicable is the way that they have used our fiercely loyal nature to divide us fans so that we don’t focus all our attentions on the real task at hand, ridding ourselves of the clearly incompetent manager and our bloodsucking owner. I can only hope that in the new year we will find a way to come together so that we can finally rid ourselves of the cancerous elements that have kidnapped our once proud club.

Vieira Lyn


  1. Innit says:

    Absolutely. Wenger has brought this down on us and himself by his dithering on transfers, not signing enough top players and giving far too much faith in players who are simply not good enough.

    We will lose Ozil and Alexis
    Our central midfielders are not good enough ie not creative enough or defensive minded ie Xhaka, Eleny, Coquelin. Cazorla most likely won’t come back and haven’t replaced Viera yet.
    We need at least 1 more Top CD. Monreal is not a CD. Chambers/holding aren’t there yet
    I Think we need at least 4 to 5 new signings
    Forward, CAM, DM, Box2Box and CD

    1. Nayr says:

      amazing article.

    2. Vlad says:

      CD? Do we need a DVD as well?

  2. kev says:

    JUST IN:News coming in is that Arsenal have bid £42.5m for Bordeaux Brazilian forward Malcolm.Bordeaux however want £48m but we’re still likely to negotiate with them.
    I also brought to you several months ago that Arsenal were working hard to secure the pre-contract signing of Jose Gimenez.However,there’s been no news on that one and I’ll keep you in touch.

    1. jon fox says:

      Where would Sky news be without your inside knowledge!

    2. gotanidea says:

      You cannot trust Metro news. I predict Arsenal would approach the expiring contract rebels, to get much cheaper prices, such as De Vrij, Herrera, Blind, Can, etc.

      1. kev says:

        It’s not Metro or Sky.I don’t follow them.Why follow them there are more faster and reliable sources?I keep saying inside info is twice as fast as mediaThey are never on.par in terms of speed so this is ahead of time.People will doubt me but Arsenal is so poor with transfers that it makes inside people look bad.All other info from othrr clubs is always spot on because they get it done but I support ArsenalWith us, it’s today and no tomorrow.I bring you all the twist and turns.Arsenal have bid £42.5m for Malcolm and I was told several months ago that they were working hard to sign Jose Gimenez to a pre-contract in January.
        I’ll also update on the Sanchez and Ozil situation as time goes on.

        1. gotanidea says:

          Not too excited of Malcom, but hoping for Gimenez, Rafinha, Sergi Roberto, Draxler, Goretzka and Seri 😛

        2. Ivan says:

          @ kev
          I admire your balls to say this so up front. It this happens then we will all believe what you say going forward. If they don’t happen then we will know you are full of BS.

    3. McLovin says:

      There were news while back that Gimenez has contract until 2020. If I remember correctly player himself verified this via Twitter. also updated this after the news.

    4. Arnold Ngereza says:

      I hope you are right on this mate, Malcom is a gem!! also we need Lean bailey, Guedes and probably Mahrez and if we could Nabl Fekir

  3. kev says:

    Coquelin is a DM and not a CM but I rate him very highly.He is very limited but when asked to defend he’s excellent.I say this because I watch the DM’s of other teams.He’s not good enough to start unless played with a very good and consistent CM.I feel he would be a very good back up to a DM who can attackand defend very well.That’s what we really lack.

    1. Ivan says:

      I agree. It is once again down to playing players in their best position.

  4. jon fox says:

    Congratulations on writing definitely the best expressed and authoritative article I have ever read on ANY Arsenal site. You will I believe find many who agree but will also find those head in the sand dullards who flatly refuse to see the home truths which you have so superbly outlined. These dullards are the folk we, all who despise the present regime, have to convince to help us in our important social campaign to rid the club of these cancerous people; Kroenke, Wenger, Gazidis and most of the board. I would only keep Ken Friar. The club needs a total clean out, as you say so well.

    1. pires says:

      your new manager you to name him for yourself, will you give the necessary funds to buy players .And by necessary funds i mean in the same level as city chelsea and man.

      1. pires says:

        “you have to name”

        1. pires says:

          even mourinhoo is moaning about money after he has spent THREE TIMES the amount of money Wenger has spendin two years.

          1. Ivan says:

            @pires What are you talking about?
            Your dinosaur is a crap mananger pure and simple. What is he good at apart from collecting his massive salary?
            I am not sure of your age but it is normally older people who don’t like change and I think that you are in your 30’s not 80’s. Don’t be so frighted of change. Change is often a good thing. It was good when the dinosaur first came to Arsenal over 20 years ago and now we need change once more.

          2. jon fox says:

            Who is this “pires” guy, who seems to be Wengers agent or perhaps best mate. It doesn’t help him that his grasp of English is so tenuous. That , of course, is hardly his fault but being stupid and blind to reality certainly is.

          3. pires says:

            the stupidity is to wich your favorite club a catastrophe in order to sack It’s manager.As for your english comment they should may be nominate you to the nobel prize… cause in foot ball you have no brain

          4. pires says:

            he won you TEN major trophies.

          5. Ivan says:

            To repeat your dinosaur is a crap mananger pure and simple. What is he good at apart from collecting his massive salary? You keep referring to 15 years ago.
            As I said before I am not sure of your age but it is normally older people who don’t like change and I think that you are in your 30’s not 80’s. Don’t be so frighted of change. Change is often a good thing. In the normal workplace it has been proven through studies that people are most effective in their job between 6 months and 3 years. After that they should move on as they get worse. We’ve all seen people who stay in a job for 10 years or more and end up a laughing stock behind their backs. Your man is no different. He had a good run and now needs to get out.

          6. pires says:

            i have a gift for you: Ferguson who were bad after 3 years (lol) has congratulate wenger for his record .

          7. Ivan says:

            And again you are unable to give a cogent argument. I gave you credit a couple of sdays ago for being intelligent even though you are an AKB. I was wrong, you are incapable of rational thought only parrotting ill thought out statements.

          8. pires says:

            who are you to judge intelligence of people who disagre with you. we have to respect each other cause we are loving the same club .as for the “argument” my point is to receive the congratultion of a legend like ferguson may force to respect the … “dinosaur”

          9. Ivan says:

            @ pires
            For some reason there is no reply option to your post at this time.
            Anyway it is not about intelligence based on whether you agree with me or not my comment is based on the content of your replies.

  5. Crispen says:

    More factless opinions from the writer.. Which team holds more/better kids from their junior teams than arsenal. What a bunch of B. S.

    1. gotanidea says:

      In France, Monaco produced Mbappe and Kurzawa. Lyon had Lacazette and Martial.

      In England, Sterling came from Liverpool academy. Kane is from Tottenham and Rashford is from Manchester United.

      Arsenal’s last world class homegrown player that won many major trophies is Ashley Cole. After managing the same team for more than twenty years, Arsenal and Wenger still cannot initialize a better youth development system like the La Masia.

      1. pires says:

        so you add ALL the ACADIMIES of the contry and compare it to arsenal …irrelevant. Rashford and sterling has done nothing yet

        1. pires says:

          we have iwobi, coquelin bellirin maitland coming from the académie PLUS eddie nkathia

          1. Simon Says says:

            Iwobi and co have all really pushed on since they reached the first team haven’t they?! maybe the issue isn’t the academy, maybe they reach the first team and their progression stops?

          2. jon fox says:

            You really are incredibly irritating . You refuse to see commonsense on any subject. Can you not see that by attacking Wenger, Kroenke etc we are not criticising the club? We are criticising the things harming OUR club. I say you need a complete re-think on how you perceive WHAT exactly ARSENAL IS. T IS NOT THE PRESENT CUSTODIANS. T IS GENERATIONS OF LOYAL FANS, MOST NOW DEAD, plus countless great players from the long ago, some time ago and recent past. It is a decent and honourable way of behaving abd doing things. It is being innovative and future seeing/thinking and planning for such , way before other , lesser clubs. It is all thjose things and much more, all decent all wholesome and all badmirable and glorious. IT IS NOT and never will be the present unworthy and inept regime. They are not worthy to be true Arsenal people. Please re think , but clearly with facts behind you, not a silly “loyalty” to those who, WRONGLY you think to be Arsenal. You, I and all of us are far more the real Arsenal than these creeps and clowns. DON’T DEFEND THE WRONG PEOPLE!

          3. pires says:

            i respect your love of the club,even if it’s a nihilistic manner( if you’r that expert in english you must understand what nihilism means) and a sadic one ,frankly ,But you cannot deny that the stupid protest of the so called w.o.b last year made the atmosphere around the club toxic and are partly responsible of thedropout of the Champions league

          4. jon fox says:

            So we have and all of them world beaters too, eh? How remiss of us not to notice and thank you for putting us right! And gotanidea’s comment about Ashley Cole was so true. Nothing since at top level, Even Jack has had a disappointing first half career, mostly due to injuries

      2. Fola says:

        Arsenal gave Walcott, wilshere, iwobi, Maitlandniles, bellerin, Fabregas, Van Persie, the breakthrough. Let’s give some credit where its due.
        All the Harry kanes and Sterlings etc have not also won anything with their parent clubs.

  6. gotanidea says:

    Excellent observation, author. I predict a sixth or seventh position and a trophiless would be enough for the board to dethrone Wenger, since they have got Sanllehi, Mislintat, Lehmann and Mertesacker.

  7. Me says:

    Well its not ever going to happen.
    So this article was a complete waste of time.
    Wenger will sign another long term deal.
    Kroenke will remain at the club.
    There will be F*ck all investment as there was last summer
    And Arsenal will sink further down the league.
    That is the way it is and will remain until the glorious day when fate decides when Wenger “retires”
    All this talk of rebuilding, investment and ambition is just garbage and everyone knows it..

  8. AndersS says:

    Thank you author.
    It is really sad, that we have to wait for the Wenger/kroenke disaster to be full blown, before we can hope for a resurrection, but that, as you write, seems to be the situation. It will soon be apparent, that top 4 is as good of out reach already 2-3 months before the end of the season. This will be a new low, and we can only hope that it will also show in the income sources (attendance, merchandise and sponsors). Then there may finally be some action taken.

  9. Me says:

    What a load of rubbish.
    Nothing is going to change any time soon.
    Wenger is going to be here a long long time because he has the backing of the owner.
    It would not surprise me if he clung on to be the first manager to make it 30 years at the same club.
    Ambition doesn’t even register on the radar screen for silent stan
    And your opinions matter even less…
    The only way forward is to stop attending games.
    But the trouble with that is the average paying fan is not the brightest of sparks…

    1. Ivan says:

      You are so right. I wish you were wrong but you are spot on.

  10. pires says:

    whiching your club the worst of fates to sack IT’S manger is an absolute disgrace and a nihilistic way of think

  11. Midkemma says:

    Did the author consider the changes at AFC recently?
    The fact we got Barca guy Raul in as DoO? Helping to ensure the manager gets his target, doesn’t pick targets either, just gets who he is asked to.

    This is a huge change, we have not had someone in who can make transfers happen since Dein left, this is a step we have needed for over a decade now.

    When Dein left us, AFC was looking and a DoF title was mentioned on the AFC website, Gazidis was hired from the states (no Football experience, just so called soccer) and since then we have been buying average players to fill out the numbers, in hope of some coming good. This is the tactics used by promoted clubs who can’t afford top players, buy a few of them at cheaper rates and hope one or 2 of them is good enough to make it a good transfer window.

    Wenger likes his marquee signings, he loved beating RM to get Pires, he enjoyed getting Nasri after he had signed a new deal to force buying clubs to bid more.

    If Wenger couldn’t force the board into spending then how would someone like Pep?
    Our record signings have been players that Wenger has pushed for, not what the board was pushing for.

    Silent Stan was being Silent, he wasn’t saying no, he was keeping quiet.
    Simple fact is, AFC spends what they make, what they make has been lacking compared to other top clubs, heck AFC has been dropping the volume of sponsorship deals.

    We need someone who can get us good sponsors. Raul from Barca looks like he could do this with his connections.
    We need someone who will just get a transfer target. Raul again looks like that guy.

    We need to spot gems before they cost £200 million… Sven has been hired.

    UTD was bought under much worse conditions and look at how they picked up once Ed Woodward gained more influence at the club;
    “In 2007, Woodward was given charge of the commercial and media operations of Manchester United. It was in this role that Woodward is credited for United’s success in tying up lucrative sponsorship deals with companies around the world. In 2005, the club’s commercial revenue was £48.7 million. In 2012, it stood at £117.6 million.
    Woodward was appointed to the board of directors and named executive vice-chairman of Manchester United in 2012. After the retirement of CEO David Gill the following year, Woodward was promoted to the top operational role at Old Trafford in a restructuring of the club’s boardroom.”

    After Gill left and Woodward took charge, he ensured that UTD could spend and spend they did, Pogba wasn’t a cheap buy!

    That wasn’t the owner saying they need to spend, that was the owner looking to hire the best they could and Woodward repaid them by increasing income and although increased spending, UTD still earn a TON!

    1. Ivan says:

      Wenger is allowed to spend all club profits less Evil Stan’s cut. Wenger has 100% control after that. Nobody else has any say in the process.

      1. Midkemma says:

        So explain the obvious change in AFC transfer policy after Gazidis took charge as CEO?

        1st transfer that happened with Gazidis at Arsenal was within a few months and it was Arshavin for a rumored record fee, was that Gazidis who came in and said we need Arshavin or Wenger pushed to get?

        I honestly do not know, this is the very 1st transfer that happened after Gazidis joined and I am of the opinion that it was Wenger who pushed for this and Arshavin didn’t go on to become a massive player for years did he… I do not know though and I doubt any ‘joe bloggs’ like me or you would know the truth.

        So I am of the opinion that the very 1st transfer Gazidis witnessed first hand at Arsenal was Wenger spending a record transfer fee for a flop.

        This very site many years ago done an article which suggested Gazidis indicated that Wenger was clueless about transfer fees. This can be taken to indicate he bids too low or too high, I argue that Gazidis thought Wengers valuation has been too high considering the 1st impression he had.

        I will also point to the following season and that summer window seen AFC spend little per player, we bought a few players but non for ‘big money’.

        We did not break that record for how long????

        Before Arshavin there was Nasri, a player who had signed a new deal with his previous club to help ensure they got a fair price for him, he shown some decency and it cost AFC more to buy him.
        Talking about Nasri, he did come out and say that Wenger told him he was staying and then the board called him up and told him he had been sold. Not like Nasri pushed to leave but the fan base turned on him because he forced his way to City after a good season.
        Nobody questioned Gazidis but blamed Wenger for selling him for UCL money.

        That pattern is different to failing last year for Lacazette, previously AFC had paid what was required, with Lacazette AFC didn’t at first, pushed for a bargain.

        Same issue with Cazorla, luckily, like Lacazette, we did get him later.

        Not like Nasri…
        Not like Henry…
        Not like Pires…
        Shall I go on and list when AFC did pay to get the player without haggling like a penny pincher?

        One thing in common will be that Gazidis was not at Arsenal.

        I do not wish to sound like a AKB, I am a Arsenal supporter. I get upset at the tactics and subs like the rest and I do blame Wenger for that. I do get frustrated in transfer windows but I blame the board for that.

        I do not blindly blame Wenger for 100% of the troubles we have.

        Or will you dismiss everything I said and not look into our transfers when Gazidis joined?
        Easier to just blame Wenger right?

        How about easier to blame the next manager than recognise Gazidis isn’t good enough?

        Fingers crossed the new DoO will ensure that the next manager has someone who can get targets for him and ensure there is more funds being generated to spend on getting those players.

        The thing Gazidis was hired to do!

        1. Ivan says:

          Firstly can I just genuinely say that over the last few months although I may disagree with your views on occasion I often agree with them and even when I don’t I still respect your right to hold a different view even when my writing style may seem like I do not and that it is nice to read some intelligent writing (like I say although I do not always agree with the views).
          Straight on to Gadzidis my opinion is he is way overpaid and does not seem able to negotiate good commercial deals. Whatever his involvement in the transfer deals I am willing to believe it is poor too.
          As for say so on trasfers I understand that the board give Wenger a sum to work within (the AST have believe it to be around £75 mil per year) plus sales and it is up to Wenger who that is spent on. He worked very closely with Dick Law and between them they decided how much each player was worth in the total deal (
          As for specfics on your above Nasri wanted to leave for more money at City pure and simple. Not Wengers fault. There are others who pushed to leave because of money or wanted a crack at trophies (Clichy, Adebayor, RVP or The Ox for example) and they were not Wenger decisions.
          However nobody joins Arsenal unless Wenger wants them to join. He has 100% control. He has had some good ones such as Cazorla (the best one since the glory days) as well as Ozil and Sanchez but we have also seen some dreadful buys from him such as Arshavin, Gervinho, Xhaka, Chamakh and Sanogo. He made plenty of poor buys pre Gadzidis too.
          Llike you I always wish for the best although I still fear the worst.
          Anyway Happy New Year to you.

        2. jon fox says:

          It is just possible wouldn’t you say that both Gazidis and Wenger are rubbish at their jobs. You make some fair points but Wenger ris far more at fault on so much more than you believe. Tactics, shape, picking wrong players in wrong positions., constant injuries , lack of attention to defence, no evident defensive coaching. None of these are down to Gazidis, who I agree is useless, but they ARE ALL Wengers fault.

  12. Gab Udie says:

    In as much as we have to like the club as fans, when things are going wrong we have every right to complain. Although some of are not on the position to watch games in the stadium, we still contributes to TV moneys by paying subscription. we are tired of Arsene Wenger. Giving the same excuse every year. His very sight alone irritates some us. Until he is changed the club can’t move forward again.

  13. Colin says:

    To the author of this article ,coming from me may not mean anything to you ,but I’ll say it anyway,you deserve a standing ovation for an exceptional piece of work ,big respect to you,please keep up the good work,all true fans must read this piece.

  14. Naghar says:

    To the author
    Could you please give yourself a big hug on behalf true arsenal fun.
    well done and thank you

  15. Mehmet says:

    Vieira Lyn Article is one of the best I have read,well done, only the fans can force kroenke out,mass protests and hit them where it hurts ( financially)don’t bye season tickets or shirts, it’s all about profit not football anymore at arsenal, let there shares crash and see how these sharks sell and get out, together we can do it,

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