Arsenal NEED Aaron Ramsey to step up quickly

Why the Form of Ramsey is So Crucial for Arsenal! by AT

When Aaron Ramsey scored the last-minute winner against Crystal Palace in the first game of the season, we all thought that the Welshman was picking up from where he left off for Arsenal last season. But twelve games in to the season, we can see that Ramsey is one of several Arsenal players who have failed to show up so far this season, an observation that can be backed up by his performance against Manchester United.

By this time last season, the midfielder already had around eight goals in all competitions and was our best player in an Arsenal side that was perched comfortably at the top of the table. In addition to scoring goals, the Welsh international was making them as well. He also provided steel in midfield, orchestrated the play and there were also individual moments of brilliance, as we saw against Norwich City at the Emirates. So where is that Aaron Ramsey this season?

While the most obvious reason for his dip in form will be the long-term injury he suffered at the back-end of last season, he did come back from that very well and even fired the Gunners to victory in the FA Cup final. Perhaps he is feeling the weight of expectation on his shoulders now that the Arsenal fans know what he is capable of. Another potential reason could be that he may have been given more defensive responsiblity considering the make-shift back-four that Arsene Wenger is forced to put out because of the injuries.

But whatever the reason for his dip in form, the Arsenal boss has to find a way to get the best out of Aaron. I firmly believe that any potential success this season will depend significantly on whether the Welshman can back to his best and produce the performances that we know he is capable of. Without a doubt, Rambo is one of our most important players and if we can get him firing again, it will go a long way in getting the Gunners to start firing again.

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  1. Ramsey needs to step up the most, but also Jack and Cazorla.

    To be fair, Man U only had one shot on us with a counter. Before that our defense was holding their ground. Our wings of Sanchez and Ox have been playing well, Welbz has been doing decent, and Arteta has been playing better. But that midfield presence is so inconsistent and lacks cohesiveness. No plan at all. Wenger to blame yes, but its up to our gunners to deliver. And that means Ramsey, Jack, and Cazorla have gotta step up.

    1. When Jack was off the game was over, he is not playing that bad. Ramseys and Cazorlas form in other words are a diff matter. Santi has become to old and to slow, and Ramsey has become simple selfish.

      1. I wanna specially thank Mr Lean and Muff (and every other unrelenting gunner) for boldly campaigning publicly against His Royal Dumbnesss and his stooges (mainly the functionally sterile board).

        Wenger should just leave Arsenal now or at the end of this season, not matter what happens. The truth is that he has done more harm than good. The whole situation is terribly embarrassing.

        I used to think wishing we don’t make top 4 was a very bad idea, but now I’m really come to realise it’s the perfect wish becuz top for is the sole fundamental objective of the board and Wenger. If he doesn’t make top 4, then and then only will Wenger either realise it’s time to leave, or they board members will come to their sense. But those fellas are damn strange, they could make Euorpa League their primary aim (not to win it but just to qualify).

    2. Is there any good news about wenger been sack?……let’s make emirate a living hell for Wenger on tuesday CL match….let worst come to worst cos enough is enough arsenal are never loser and Wenger won’t make us look like one…Wenger must Go

    1. He had a dozen good games last season before suffering his annual injury problems.

      He is as far from “world class” as you can get – this season has proven that.

      The only player approaching world class at Arsenal is Sanchez and he will be gone this time next season…

      1. sanchez is not approaching world class- he is world class
        yesterday was him after two 90 min internationals, two 15 hour flights in a week!

        alot of our players are quality- its just wenger cant motivate them- or use them efficently.

        same as last year.

        1. Agreed with muffdiver. The Wenger effect.

          We could buy Messi and Ronaldo and watch them deteriorate to shadows of what they are now. What has happened to Cazorla, Özil, Ramsey and especially Wilshere? I’d add Podolski to the list but when was the last time he played 3 consecutive games? During his first season Podolski scored 16 and assisted almost another 16. Campbell – haven’t been given a single chance.

          1. Cazorla, Ramsey, Jack, Ozil, Poldi – We’ve seen them all at their greatest. So to see their tattered form on the pitch game after game is just killing us softly.

  2. And you guys who have been hating him have to admit – our midfield looks better with Ozil at CAM.

    1. Özil would’ve probably failed at finishing the 5 yard chance Jack bobbled last night as well but instead he would’ve given the pass to Sanchez for a tap in.

      Still can’t get that chance out of my head, the failure and the reaction of Sanchez. Would’ve been totally different game.

      Ramsey should hit the bench for few matches, that is if we would be a respectable club, but who can we replace him with? Flamini? Diaby? Jesus we have players playing worse than QPR but they are guaranteed to start because WE HAVE NOBODY to replace them.

    2. shutup. All our midfielders have been horrible this season, INCLUDING Ozil. So tired of the blame game to see whose been worse when they have all been below standard.

      1. hell yeah @RSH, no doubt about that! But our creativity in the middle is gone, like a cellular device dropped in a toilet. I think Ozil would be our best bet at solving that problem.

        Alas, everyone is entitled to their opinion. Still waiting for my guy @goonster to show up.

    3. We had him all last season and we were conceding in 6’s , 5’s and 3’s against the likes of City, Chelsea, Liverpool and Everton.

      1. But he created 22% of our chances.
        No team was more reliant on one player to create chances.
        And he only played 20 odd games.
        Hate him all you want but creativity drops without him thats a FACT.

        1. @th14.. Hahahaha. Pleaseeee….

          And I don’t hate him, I just can’t get the hype, he has been the most disappointing big signing ever. The excuses are what gets on my nerves, that’s it.

          May be I expect too much, but for £42 million and £150,000 a week and we get that?

          Anyways… smh.

  3. Trying to figure out what our lineup is gonna be against BVB. Surely Rambo should be dropped a couple games, but if Jack is hurt that means he has to start. So like the article says, Aaron you need to step up. And you need to step up quickly.

    1. He doesn’t have to start. Thomas Rocisky could start. Since Wenger has ignored him for virtually the whole season at least he’d be fresh.

    1. Such a shame Giroud goes scoring a cracker when no one cares anymore. Now he will probably go missing for few matches, just enough to gain the hate again.

      By the looks of Liverpool and Tottenham of how horrible they look, we have finally degraded to their level.

    2. Wellbeck can play on the left wing. His pace can cause problems there. But then again anyone who watches our games can see except for AW. # Wengerout!!

  4. Bullocks! Why is Ramsey played week in and out to regain his form, while others rot on the bench. Where’s the fairness in that. Podolski is left out because he is vocal about what is going on! Wenger needs him but he won’t play him. Because Podolski has two things on his mind proving Wenger wrong and and sending out a come get me plea to clubs out there. Wenger has lost his players trust me there is no cohesion in the Arsenal camp all is not well and the result is the favorites get to play and the rest must rot. It is poor Management .It does not matter who we sign cause Wenger does not know what rotation mean and how to use his resources. Now before some AKB come here and talk about injuries please note that we have this problem for years injuries or not. Apparently the old fart is obsessed with playing like Barcelona. Does he not know that if you wanna play like them you need players like them. They have Messi Iniesta Neymar etc. So what is he trying to prove? You can build a machine like Barcelona without spending the money. If he can only stop his obsession and concentrate on what’s best for us. Like other Managers who try and prove Barca wrong and that their tactics are best. No ! Not Wenger he threw away His winning formula and now is too stubborn to admit he made a mistake. No he goes one step further, he insists you don’t need a DM in your team. This man…. This man…. Damn!!

    1. Sad thing is Man utd is in our spot! So we should be looking up not down guys. Worst is Southampton and West ham.

    2. since we can’t win our own matches, we gotta rely on others to lose theirs as well. Keep it up liverpool, keep it up!

  5. Thank god Liverpool are worse than we are, maureen must be laughing his socks off, he going to win the prem whilst wearing a pointy hat and playing a penny whistle, rafa be back in liverpool before xmas day!

    1. Arsenal 1 – 2 Man United.
      I hope Wenger stays for 16 more years. As a proud akb, I can’t wait for our next loss. And then the loss after our next loss and then the loss after the loss after our next loss. Why don’t we just lose all our remaining games and get relegated to the championship so that we can win the league? In Wenger I trust. AKB’s for LIFE!!

  6. Get real,
    Ramsey isn’t Messi or Ronaldo.
    When 80% of our team isn’t playing up to standards,
    you can’t point your finger at one player to carry the team.

    The problem is and always has been Wenger’s lack of tactics and his failure to strengthen the squad in the areas that were most needed.

      1. It will never happen this summer, nor will it happen in the summer after. There are 3 solid reasons to believe that Wenger will run out his contract.
        1. He loves the Arsenal, but not so much as to abandon a juicy 8M per year contract half way in. He is a human like us. He is in the labour force. He is not Santa FFS!
        2. The board has got no idea how to survive without Wenger. They are extremely satisfied with the model he is running for them. They are sh*t scared of. life without Wenger. They will offer him a new contract after the expiration of the current one.
        3. There exist a sizeable number of the fanbase that are satisfied (even happy!) with everything as it is with the club right now. Among these, are those who see Wenger as the eternal saviour of this club. Those who believes that the whole world (refs, media, climate change) is against us, because we (led by Arsene Wenger) are the only club doing things the right way.

        1. Totally agree.The problem at the movement we are crap but the other teams like Liverpool are worse.We would have to finish mid table for the board to sack Wenger.It is so sad that we have a talented squad but no manager who can create a team.When will this pain end?Oh what has happened to Diaby?

    1. @mr lean
      You would like it to be so simple.
      I have faith in him to pull us through this season. Am not an advocate of the knee jerk reaction for throwing him to the lions asap. Too many factors involved…
      Yeah, I like the guy. But I’ve liked the club longer and when he goes he will be missed. AFC will live on though and I’ll still be a supporter.
      You do not get to set the bar on who is a “Gooner” or not. Nor does the dogma and frenzy with which you and yours aspire to create…
      “I will choose the path thats clear. I will choose freewill”

      1. YESS!!
        I am with you NY_Gunner. I finally see the light…don’t believe me or don’t believe me. Wenger will pull us through. Lets go rally at London colney and get them to extend Wenger’s contract for 10 more years.

        1. @ks-gunner
          You sound more than a bit upset because you cant muster up the will power to set it free.

      2. Pull us through what ?

        12 games played, 15 points off the leaders.

        One fit centre back and two strikers who cannot kick a ball between two white posts twenty feet apart.

        Getting shot of Wenger now would have no different an effect on our season – its over already in case you hadn’t noticed.

        A “knee jerk” reaction could be no worse than what we are suffering now.

        What a complete and utter disaster of a season – I struggle to think of any positives to take from it.

        The sooner he is gone the better..

      3. Are you serious the guy has had 10years, yes 10 years to pull it round.He will never NEVER NEVER win the title ever again.Can’t you see that

    1. then Wenger gets us 4th place and everything is all peachy again in No-Ambition Football Club. Happens every season :/

  7. Wenger out wenger out start a campaign guys, a serious campaign just like in politics to get rid of wenger.. Come on AOB guys start this and say this every where on facebook twitter etc ..

  8. What for me is most shameful, is the report of stewards chasing away from the stadium, fans with ‘Wenger Out’ banners.
    Maybe I can understand chasing out a fan for acting in an “unruly” manner. But what’s with the confiscating of banners, when they clearly do not contain swear words or racist language?
    Is this a dictatorship regime they are running?

    1. Freedom of speech does not apply at the emirates with the stewards confiscating posters and banners,just made me more determined for my next visit !

        1. Respect your view mate even though do not agree with you most of the time on Wenger but at the end of the day we all have one common thing the love of our great club.

          1. @mr lean
            As I respect yours as well Mr lean.
            Our club is in chaos at the moment, or so it would seem. But I am not about to wish further turmoil on it by hoping that we lose our ECL spot or something like minded, just to prove a point.
            IF sacking Aw is for the good of the club, then so be it. But while he’s gaffer at AFC I’ll put my trust in him just as I do every player wearing RED&WHITE. Regardless of my personal opinion of them or their abilities.
            Much respect…

      1. But it’s the same one here..

        Just say anything positive about Wenger and you will be swore at and called names.

        Say anything about Ozil and this whole site goes into meltdown.

        So freedom of speech when it suits you is hypocritical..

  9. Benteke had a fantastik year but he is not worldclass. Michu had a fantastic year but he is not worldclass. Sterling had a fantastic year but he is not worldclass. Ramsey had a half decend year and he is not worldclass.

    The problems with us fans is that we overrate our players and manager a lot. People tend to say dont moan and dont betch, but this blind believe in everything we face will catch us everytime.

    I want a manager who has the guts to bench players for the sake of them not performming well. I want a manager who yells, gets angry and throws with things at players bec of them not doing their best.

    Under Wenger we will never win again.

    1. Honest post @Ks-Gunner.

      I still have faith in Ramsey. I still have faith in Arsene (yes, I know it’s blind).
      But I recognize that Wenger’s team for the past couple of years has always lacked ruthless efficiency. And a team is a reflection of its manager. So yeah, Wenger lacks ruthlessness. Do I expect to see him rediscover this ruthless drive and hunger for winning games. NO!

      1. Don’t say anything like that about Wenger… It is a “Wenger out right now campaign”. Get on the bandwagon.

  10. with AOC in this form destroying all defences,sanchez also,i think that we could do like chelsea or better if only we had a good DM like Diame,schneiderlin,wanyama,kondogbia,imbula…And A Good CB to pair with monreal who is better than per or koscielny.offensively we can do better if we play smart bcoz we have all to put 3,4,5… goals per game.for me in january if wenger want top 4 he has to buy two good CB why not Reid, Caulker or why not go with 40-50 M For Varane And Solve Our Defence Problems And Destroy Teams In EPl.God Save Us!

  11. Ramsey, Cazorla, Jack played…
    Ramsey and Cazorla played, Jack came on as a sub
    Cazorla and Jack played, Ramsey came on as a sub
    Yesterday Ramsey and Jack played, Cazorla come on as a sub

    Welbeck started almost every game since joining us.

    What kind of f__king rotation is that? Can you just stop your f__king British core experiment and favoritism and start playing the bench players, WENGER???

    You know why you fail so badly this season WENGER? Because we never had a team and you just start your usual 11 game after game, week after week, and bring in the other 2 or 3 favorites as a sub and that is it. Technically we only have 14 players.

  12. Don’t worry Wengers ‘special’ players are guaranteed to get up to 5, 10 or 15 games so they are up to speed even if it be for one game. Other players are given at max 2 games to show their worth, if they are given a chance in the first place that is.

  13. Come on already! we have AVG players at best playing in our starting XI with the exception of Sanchez and Ozil.

  14. Ramsey just seems to have been a one season wonder…

    Our players are just weak mentally. They have a good season and then you think they are going to push on from then, but they don’t..

    Cazorla had very good first season, he has been terrible since then..

    Ramsey had a very good last season but he has not pushed on.

    Wilshere was amazing with Cesc in but has just regressed ever since..

    Ozil has done nothing all since joining.

    The Ox hit and miss..

    Arteta does the best he can in a foreign position.

    Flamini is just one of those players that can’t believe their luck that they are professional footballers.

    Our midfielders need to start earning their wages consistently for once.

  15. Sorry fellas, I may be a dumb yank in your collective eyes but I see an over the hill manager
    presiding over an average @ best squad(current team)

    WS…talented but the mindset of a petulant child
    KG….worlds of ability but injury prone and soft
    PER…slowest CB in the world, simy not good enough
    NACHO…average Premier League LB, less than average CB. Works hard, and played out of position, but simply not good enough.
    CC…..young stud, but reckless @ times. Love his heart, unlimited future potential
    MA…..Great hair, never will be an effective DM
    AR….needs to quit reading the press clippings and simplify his game. You aint Messi bud, not even a top ten Premier league midfielder
    JW….glass Joe of the premier league, overhyped adopted child of Wenger. Cant recall the last time he made a difference in an Arsenal jersey
    AOC….been better as of late, but yet to reach his extraordinary potential.
    AS…World F*****G Class
    DW……has everything a modern footballer could want but is simply to ineffective and drifts in and out of games.

    An AVERAGE squad @ best

  16. I went to the game yesterday and I tell you what, upon the final whistle the atmosphere in the ground turned very hostile, I go to more or less every game and that was one of the angriest reactions from the fans that I’ve seen.

    1. I was in the north bank and the twelve pins after the game lots of fed up and unhappy Gooners but most not prepared to do anything about it,quick to moan but slow to take action !

  17. Why rave when its u social media freaks and the media that have killed him.The guy had a cool head and am sure his mind was on football.
    The day u started calling him the next big thing in football
    comparing him with Messi,
    blindly arguing that he is better than Bale is when he lost it.
    He started tatoos and spending more time in the mirror than on the pitch!
    Now u are ready to take the innocent boy to the guillotine!

  18. OK Arsenal is not doing too well this season problems all over the pitch
    SO I thought I would give a bit of persecutive

    This is the Tiltle winning Arsenal side with Bergkamp Henry Pirès Vieira Wiltord you know the team we all look back on and wish we still had. the final that day ended much like many this season. and several times you will hear what we hear so much that Arsenal dominated much of the game yet lose. And one of the goals was of all people Veira getting caught on the ball

  19. Ramsey needs to play at his rightful position first…
    The all team is set up for Wilshere…!!! Just does not make sense… He is our worse midfielder.

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