Arsenal need Aubameyang back in form to win the Europa League

We Need Aubameyang to Win the Europa League

It really comes down to it, doesn’t it? For all of Saka’s adeptness, Odegaard’s technique, Smith-Rowe’s mobility and Lacazette’s one-touch football, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is still the most dangerous attacker at the club. His goal record is outstanding and undeniable. His general play has more doubts surrounding it.

The truth is that if football was all about retaining possession, Aubameyang would never play for Mikel Arteta again, but football is singularly about goals, so it boils down to that and nothing else, especially if you don’t have another reliable goalscorer.

The knockout games of cup competitions only worsen the situation. A goal is always worth its weight in gold. And Aubameyang has gold dust in his boots. His record says it all: we have a better chance of winning the Europa League with him than not. The Gabonese is yet indispensable to us. 100 goal contributions in 140 games say it all. There’s nobody at the club that comes close to that.

We need to have him in form and firing for the crucial run-in to this season. If we have Aubameyang’s goals, everything is possible. Hopefully, our captain will be up for it.

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  1. Whatever has caused Aubamayang to hit such a slump of lately, I hope it’s not going to persist. However, given the lack of effort and invention in his game, it looks like it could well persist for some time yet! At times he doesn’t seem interested at all and his efforts whether that be attempts at pressing and closing appear very half hearted. For the best part he is placed in an advanced position on the right wing, quite close to the touchline where he tries to finesse his way into the box and get a speculative shot off. It’s only worked twice at Leeds and Olympiacos. And I think at Leeds, the goalie got his hand to the low shot but was just unable to keep it out. At the moment, this seems the only trick in Aubamayang’s bag and it all too evident to the opposition who are happy to see him stuck out wide. I don’t see the point of trying to prove you’re a prolific striker if you’re never in the box and if you’re not trying to create your own fortune by being more creative and forceful. I know a lot of fans bemoan lacazette but he always tries to be in or around the box and making a nuisance of himself. Willing to pit himself against sturdy, canny defenders and on occasion, being rewarded for his efforts. If with a direct goal the with a moment of 0lay that led to a goal or put us on the front foot. Aubamayang needs to find some of the fight and determination of lacazette, Saka, Oedegard and start to make things happen, create his own good fortune. His got to stop feeling sorry for himself and start to look interested. At the moment he’s a shadow of his former self and only he can do anything about it !

    1. Your last two sentences sum up the situation. His interview as captain after a defeat earlier in the season raised alarm bells for me. It bordered on pathetic which some put down to possibly having mental health issues. That may or may not be true but it was hardly the response I expected from the captain. Even though goals have been going in since that time Auba needs to get his head together quickly

      1. 👍 👍 He needs to get his head out of his arse and commit fully to the Club paying his substantial wages and his team mates.
        SueP he should be relieved of the captaincy, (for which he is unfit) to concentrate on his own game.

    2. Lt Dan, You have hit the nail on the head in your comments What Auba lacks is desire,heart, will to win. No one who watches and then realistaically interprets what their eyes have just seen can deny this truth.

      Without heart, no player ever proves good value over time, no matter how talented he may be.

      Lack of heart and lack of desire, indeed lack of character and of moral compass was what let OZIL DOWN. Auba is fast going down the same dismal route.

  2. Aubameyang doesn’t deserve to captain a team which has 80% fighters. He is a bad leader. Doesn’t talk, doesn’t vibe, just cold.
    As a striker that is not skillful, he is playing in a very sensitive position, he can’t pass the ball. He is like Falcao, Diego simeone said HE IS NOT INTELLIGENT.
    Now, he should know his strengths. He should be in the box always.
    When laca played as a sole striker against Tottenham, he was everywhere, making the 1 touch or 2nd touch passes. Middle, left, right. The defense couldn’t contain him. Laca has a better goal instinct. He reads play, holds up play, connects with the teammates, contest for balls and gives a 100%. Auba isn’t better than Laca last season. Auba had more playing time.

  3. “Arsenal need Aubamayang back in form to win the Europa League”
    Sadly, i do not think this is going to happen. Auba looks psychologically messed up, and for him to return to form, Arsenal need to achieve without him, to lessen the burden put on him. The expectations of the club, manager, and fans has weighed him down. Arteta should have realised this after the first few games. Arteta’s failure to a swift response to the form of Auba, Willian and Nketiah has cost us the season and prolonged their recovery.

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