Arsenal need Cazorla to do his Man City job on Man United

Unless Arsene Wenger has a brain freeze or Santi Cazorla joins the Arsenal injury list, the Spaniard will be directing proceedings for the Gunners against Manchester United today from his now customary role in the centre of midfield.

And while I would not say that he has been poor at it this season, because the stats tell you that he is passing and creating chances more often than any other player in the Premier League, the little magician has not had quite the same influence for us.

Perhaps that is because the players around him have not been on top form and Cazorla can only do so much. I´m sure that he will start scoring and providing more assists and that is not the area of his game that really concerns me. What I want to see from Santi is some more bite. And if I was Wenger I would be demanding it of him, especially with the option of the tenacious Aaron Ramsey for the role.

Central midfield is a key position and you have to have some defensive bite to go with the play making. I know that Cazorla is not seen that way by most people but he can do it. Remember our away win at Man City last season? Yes Francis Coquelin did a great job and made a name for himself in that game but Cazorla was right there with him, breaking up play and never giving the likes of Silva and Toure a second on the ball.

If he does that again today then Arsenal will beat Man United. If he doesn´t….who knows?

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  1. Santi needs to step up, focus, put out all the stops and give us his total best today, this game is crucial and we need him to come out with all guns firing! Coyg!

  2. Everyone has to defend today, whoever is starting, they should know that you should be up for your teammates no matter what…

    Feeling a bit nervous but am sure Gunners giving a fight is a key to the match….

  3. Actually for that kind of performance, you need to have Cazorla and Ramsey, reason being Cazorla can focus on his attack, as well as Ramsey can provide that physical presence combating with Schniederlin.

    Don’t know what kind of game we are gonna play, but whatever they do, they should give their 100%

    #COYG #Go_Gunners

  4. 100% of a club includes the players and the manager so you are lying.
    If you have nothing constructive to say then it is best to say nothing.

    1. Supporting a club also means wanting what’s best for the club

      If he feels that replacing the manager is best for the club, I don’t see anything wrong with that or hypocritical

      Newcastle fans have for years wanted Ashley out but that doesn’t mean they don’t support the club because they want a new owner. Sooner or later they will probably want McClaren out again That won’t mean they don’t support the club

      1. Your mixing up the word supporting with disrespecting. I think our most successful manager ever deserves better than the utter stupidness of a small minority over a keyboard. People can want someone new, that’s not a problem, it’s how they portray this is what is totally out of order and is sounding nothing like an AFC supporter.

        1. What is the point in keeping Wenger? And what is this so called true Arsenal supporter you are tllk about?

          Stupid, nahhh. Minorety, yea you wish.

      2. Too many Gooners want rid of Wenger but you need to be careful what you wish for. The last thing we need is a merry-go-round of managers like at the Spuds, Loserpool or Chavski.

    1. I hear you.
      I have prepared myself well after these two ucl disasters.
      I have put a piece of paper that says “arsenal 3-manu 1” on the left tip corner of my tv.

  5. Gutted to know tht kos is injured. Hec-Gab-Kos-Monreal would hv been the most ideal setup at the back.
    Utd used to rely on sending overhead balls into the box for fellani n rooney to create threats, but now they’ve got Martial n an in-form Young who can both dribble so we’ll need ramsey to fall back frequently.
    Imo the best game plan is to park the bus n attack on counters. With the pace of sanchez n walcott, cazorl n ozil’s precise pass, we can defo tear their defence apart on counter attacks. Chances will be limited so our strikers need to be clinical in front of goal. I really dont mind to see chelski’s fans mocking us for parking the bus to win 3 points out of this game. We gotta learn to win ugly anyway if we really wanna be seen as a genuine title contender.

  6. Man. Moro has turned into full Deluded. LOL. Tops Wenger to be honest. The manager is guilty, true on that. Who is responsible at Arsenal i wonder?

  7. Wenger logic of support. Smart enough to spend money on Arsenal, but stupid enough not to question the clubs poletics. Perfect fans.

    You guys are surely bananas. I wonder if you guys are even into football at all. Or is Arsenal a card game or bingo game to you, where you simple can find your self wasting your time with it?

    Fotball without pride and kamfgeist, is like the S***y Anne Hathaway without eyebrows. loool.

  8. Who knows?
    I think everybody knows what will happen ?

    It’s not just Cazorla, who we are relying on,
    We need all our player’s to turn up and be fully focused on winning this one.
    We need an early goal, to make utd play into our hands,
    Otherwise they will just sit back and counter attack us and score against the run of play..just like last year,
    A win for us will have more value than just 3pts points,
    We really do need this and I hope that the players are up for the fight, they owe that to the fan’s as well as themselves.

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