Arsenal need character and tactical flexability tonight

Tactics and Character needed by RPK

With Arsenal set to face the Champions of Europe, Barcelona, what it really provides us is a real test of character and tactical flexibility.

Arsenal and Wenger have come up with it in recent years, and the most recent being the home game against Bayern. However, this is an entirely different preposition. Arsenal having lost in the same round for the last 5 years, and having been handed a very tough tie, may want to prove a point. When we observe Arsene Wenger’s press conference, he was very clear on one thing – “We have conceded too many goals at home and made it difficult to progress”. So Wenger may take a leaf out of the home tie against Bayern in the Group Stage earlier this season.

However, we had a different game plan with Cazorla and Coquelin playing in the middle and Ramsey playing wide. Walcott played as a striker and stretched the opposition defense at every possible opportunity. But with Cazorla still not fit and Walcott now coming on from bench, it may mean we might not see a similar style. However, I think we should slightly tweak our formation to suit this match to 4-3-3 and close the gaps between the lines. Elneny, Le Coq and Ramsey will be the three in the middle with Ox/Campbell, Oz and Sanchez the front three. The advantage with this set-up will be Elneny and Coq may have a better chance of protecting the back four.

Also we can deploy one of the three to mark Busquets, who really drives the rhythm of the away team. Even though, this team can not be compared to the days when Xavi played, they still boast quite a strong number of passes per game when compared to other top teams around Europe. Moreover, Ozil may play close to their defence and make those telling passes with Alexis, Ramsey and Ox/Campbell making runs on either flanks.

Having Elneny and Coquelin, will ensure there are enough bodies at the back and both of them can make a tackle or two when required. Also Elneny looks comfortable with the ball at his feet and looks to have a good array of passes in his armory. However, if the need comes, Wenger may bring upon Giroud, Welbeck or Walcott from bench and change the tactical approach.

Having said this, I still feel it will take quite an effort and some luck going our way to get a positive result.

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  1. Come on boys ???
    Need 100% from everybody and see
    where we stand !!

    Buzzing now man prepare the poison
    Punch ??

  2. Gooners! Tomorrow we need you more than ever as our 12th man against the UEFA Champions League cup holder at the ‪#‎Emirates‬. ?? Scream, support and encourage us over 90 minutes in every tackle and every situation. ????
    We already showed that against Bayern Munich – now we have to repeat such a performance on the pitch with your support from the stands!!! COME ON YOU GUNNERS AND YOU GOONERS!???⚽ ‪#‎AFCvFCB‬ ‪#‎YaGunnersYa‬ ‪#‎BeTheDifference‬ ‪#‎UCL‬ Arsenal

    Mesut Ozils message to every Gooner on the planet. If you are lucky enough to be there tonight please please make that place rock!

  3. I wouldn’t have minded seeing a line like this below:

    Bellrin Mert Kos Monreal
    Coq Elneny
    Welbeck Ozil Sanchez

    Risky yes but Elneny and Welbeck look pretty decent atm

    1. Weeell, Elneny has done nothing to start ahead of him to be honest. Against Hull he was too scared to go forward, constantly muscled out, I can only imagine how he would fare against Barcelona.

      His time will come but not against Barcelona.

      1. Indeed. I thought he was too cautious. If he can’t play freely against Hull, how would he play against MSN? LoL

          1. Agreed Fatboy – most of the more effective holding CMs are notable for not being flashy and by their ability to keep it simple. Aaron take note!!!!!

  4. Rajesh, it will be criminal if all of Giroud, Welbeck and Walcott are dropped to the bench. It could even be deemed a treasonable felony for which the General Officer Commanding(GOC) of the Arsenal Armed forces, Field Marshal Arsene Wenger could be court marshal by the Arsenal Board.

    Arsenal will be ruthlessly devastated in their game against the Barca’s MSN front runners at the Ems tonight as the Gunners look to out played the Catalonia club side in the game and beat them by 3 goals nil.

  5. I suggested a similar line-up in the previous thread- although with Giroud up front.

    I agree – Elneny is a risky, not totally known entity. But having 2 great tacklers in the defensive midfield is definitely the way to go in my opinion. And from everything Ive seen of Elneny- he’s good at passing out, and even dribbling forward when given the chance.

    Lets play to win the tie, not just the match. Close them out at the back – and we have a real chance of going through over the two legs.

    0-0 is so much better than 3-3 for example! And if we can get a cheeky goal- which we know we are capable of, even against the mighty Barca – then its really game on!


  6. Calm down guys, we are only playing against barcelona and not against God. I don’t get the way some of u here keep explaining to us on why Barca is gonna burn us. Remember in 2003/2004, our invincible were eliminated by Chelsea. Nobody saw that coming. I still think we got a chance so long as Ref isn’t biased. Maybe to night, the ref will give Cech Red card for clearing the ball. Lol. (Remember Van Persie’s red card?)

    1. Messi is playing, so in football terms we are playing God.

      that said we can win, if tactics are spot on, the right players are chosen for the right position and everyone gives maximum effort, stays calm and doesn’t get sent off!!!!!;0

  7. Whosoever d manager pick should put is 100%, we should avoid uneccessary mistake, we must respect them though but not too much.

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