Arsenal need complete change – Top to bottom

I wanted to believe that something might change, but honestly seeing our performances, I knew we were finished before the game started. The look on the players faces says it all. You see a bunch of people, who’ve landed the contracts of their lives here and they literally don’t care at all. The shirt means nothing to them. This eventually reflects the results, the mood and the fans.

Which player on this team relates to you in any way? I wouldn’t mind seeing everybody gone. Not a single one of them will be missed. We don’t have one player who has the ex factor. Alexis was the last one at the club and we shunted him out, because he had a fighting spirit. He could do something on his own and make the crowd jump off it’s seats. We are away and we need a result, and we drop our 350k/week player out of the squad. What does that tell you?

We know the players are a joke, because they’ve been a joke for years in a row, but the manager? What on earth is he doing? The only player who played with passion this season was Ramsey and he has most likely already played his last game for us. We lack leaders, characters, people who can take responsibility.

We have the third highest wage bill. I thought we hired people to deal with contracts. We started the season with a 3 man team to not allow one person all the power like Wenger, but in the end we are back to square one and two out of the three are out, including the man who picked the manager in the end. How on earth will you move forward with Iwobi, Mustafi, Mkhitaryan and Ainsley Maitland-Niles? What is the last one doing on a yellow card, with a mindless tackle? Not that we would’ve won with 11 men, because we were second best all day long, but this goes beyond schoolboy defending.

Sokratis said the players are not stupid, but they are. They show it on the pitch for the whole world to see. We might have 3 more points this season, but overall, has something really changed compared to last one? The painful truth is no. Remember that last season meant Wenger got sacked. Emery should be too, if we’re judging by the same standards. And I hear people from the club coming out with the ambition for us to be the best in the world. What are you smoking at the Emirates indeed? How do we plan to be the best with 45 million to spend?

We were gifted a lot of chances. At the end one makes his own fate and we chose to die in shame rather than take on an opportunity. Do you see why Overmars doesn’t want to return? Where are Henry, Bergkamp and Vieira? They are a distant memory of what this club once was. Now only the name has remained the same.

We should’ve appointed a manager who would change our style. I would take Jose Mourinho right now. I was afraid to say it, but it can’t be any worse and I’d just love to have someone who would take a rip at those players. Drop them and play the kids. They’ve been safe for far too long. They make me feel so bad I just want them gone on a personal level. If I knew the situation would be as it is now, I wouldn’t really care if we had Wenger still here. At least while he was here I truly didn’t care. I felt angry for a second, then I just knew that it’s exactly the same as usual and stopped bothering.

The reason Usmanov left, was because he knew, that even owning shares at the club won’t help. We don’t need change anymore. We need a rebirth like a phoenix. We need a complete change of philosophy from the way that we run as a football club, to the players on the pitch, and even the fans on the stands. We need a new owner, but it won’t happen.

Unlike the people who shame this club every day, I’d like to apologize. To the fair readers of this site, who’ve beared with my articles. I’m sorry for wasting your time, because I truly believed we might change, but in a system where everything is rotten from top to bottom, change is not possible. It’s easy to say, forget what happen and focus on the future, but the reason we’re here is we always forget. This is why we will be reminded on the football pitch in every game.

We will not win the Europa league. Even if luck strikes and we do, it’d just be a huge paper over the grand canyon. The world is not a fairy-tale. The strongest survive. We are weak and our idea is not to survive, it is to feed Stan K. Congratulations on a job well done again. He bought the shares of Usmanov on a LOAN! One that the club will have to pay for itself. A club that needs at least 200 million spend to repair the damage.

I’m sorry again, for banging on this drum, but worry not, I will not be doing this anymore. It’s pointless. We will never have every fan bring a Kronke/Emery out banner at the stadium and thus so we’ll be stuck like this forever. We don’t have an Obi-Wan-Kenobi figure, whose our only hope. We brought this upon ourselves and we deserve it. For being quiet and allowing things to go out of control. Now we must suffer.

I’m finished with this. Will I return? You can find the same answer in the question “Do those players have the balls to play under pressure?”. We all know that one.

Hope you all have a happy summer. I’ll try and focus on bigger and better things than Arsenal. Football has wasted too much of my life for nothing. Hopefully everyone of you has something better to do too.



      1. We have too many coasters at the club. They can impress any new manager that comes in but eventually they’ll go back to old ways. The only way the club moves forward is to weed them out. If we can’t sell them, we demote them to reserves until their contracts expire. The white ones down the road show that you Do Not need to overpay your footballers to achieve success..

      2. ArsenalWhy…nothing surprises me with this team anymore… I really don’t like this defeatist attitude all the players have… I know we’re short of leaders but come on! Play for pride!! We’re just known as that mentally weak team that can’t win away from home! Nothing to shout home about is it??

        1. You’re right! It sucks to be known as the team with weak mentality that can be pushed around in the league. But lose 3 games though:(

  1. I absolutely agree with the comments made. A number of very good points have been made ( notably the poor quality of players that Wenger left behind). We are a shambolic embarrassment of a football club. Spineless over-paid players, over-rated manager, greedy owners. We have now become a laughing stock. Put into prosective that we have been comprehensively beaten by Crystal Palace, Woves and Leicester, sums up where we are in standing in the English game. The club needs considerable investment ( which will not be forthcoming), a complete change in mind set ( and owners ) and total overhaul of the playing staff. Have we really progressed in the year ? Absolutely not. Does Kroneke care ? No, so long as cash keeps rolling in.

  2. this is not Fifa19…for players, one cant change from top to bottom is 1 season

    for kroneke, hes the owner unless the fans keen to buy the club…theres no way one can change it

    Arsenal has been in self-sustaining mode for years…fans can support another club if they are not happy with this

    1. What a ridiculous comment
      Fans have been loyal to the club are allowed an opinion otherwise they may as well be sheep.
      When you constantly pay the highest ticket prices and get less than equal effort back it infuriates you

      This club is ripping off its fans it doesn’t mean you don’t still love arsenal however, loving the owners and players is a different game.
      The minimum requirement of any club is to provide entertainment have they done that ?
      We havnt always won and that’s football but we want to compete not just pretend

      1. Am sure John Ibrahim doesn’t by tickets. Or he just simply like mediocrity. That is why it can be difficult to argue with some people because you think you are on the same page, after arguing for a while one will then realised that everyone is on different pages. Tell the owner of the club that those who doesn’t like the state of the club now can leave and you watch how they will react. People pay money (small or big, tv accesses, watch adverts, miss working hours) just to get entertained by a football club they support and you telling them how to behave is just extremely annoying. Speak for yourself and don’t tell others what to do or how to behave.

  3. A bit harsh on Emery bud, but the rest i agree with I think Laccazette puts in a shift when he plays
    but not much support for him, maybe he has given up now also.
    These players really are poor and even if we were in a relegation battle they would not get out of it because they lack leadership and fight, if Emery goes I would like to see a leader and fighter as coach, namely “Patrick Vierra”, but added to this we need a new owner and board ultimately the buck stops with them and they are as weak as the players, Just Businessmen making loads of money off the backs of the loyal fans of this great club shame on them, the only way to get rid of them is to stop going and support them from your armchairs, the only reason wenger got the boot was because of empty seats.

    1. I suggested Viera when Wenger left purely because he was Arsenal through and through. He was also a leader and a great player who would have got instant respect from all the players.

      It’s probably too soon to form a real opinion on Emery but I fear, like Wenger, he lacks motivational skills which Viera has in abundance. It might yet happen if our bad patch continues.

      The future does look depressing but things can change quickly in football especially if the club starts losing value and Kroenke decides to cut and run. I’m not holding my breath though!!!

  4. I have to question Emery and his tactics.
    Most of our players aren’t built for it.
    I mean play out from the back surely?
    How many of our defenders are able to keep the ball at their feet?In fact how many of our players can keep the ball at their feet?
    Very few.
    Playing aubameyang on the wing?
    Aubameyang has very poor footwork playing him on the wing neutralizes him completely he can do nothing from there. All he does is drift inside and try to put himself into goal scoring positions.
    Aubameyang is a goal poacher and if you can’t play him to his strengths then don’t play him at all
    Also what kind of players do you sorround lacazette with?
    He is not the type of striker that makes movement in the box? You don’t spray passes for him to chase?
    No you find him where he is.He creates chances for himself?
    With the squad that we have we don’t have ball players.So you don’t expect them do have so much use for possession.
    These players are built for the counter go direct
    And not flatter with opposition players .
    That’s when they can be at their very best.
    Maybe a manager of ranieri Calibre can be more efficient than emery

    1. What we need is to have a manager whose tactics are like Liverpool Dortmund real Madrid and Conte’s Chelsea. Having players always on the move.
      Not the conservative approach by Emery.
      Players like Mikki auba sokratis xhaka and kolasinac would thrive in that system

      1. Sorry, but I haven’t seen the players mentioned demonstrate this ability consistently. Jurgen Klopp didn’t have immediate success at Liverpool and has spent considerably in the transfer market to make Liverpool competitive others have said, Liverpool are yet to win a trophy under Klopp. As for Conte after his successful first season, after the players had downed tools on Mourinho, Conte suffered the same fate.
        Kroenke and the board have to support Emery in the transfer market, so that underperforming players can be shipped out and remaining players taken out of their comfort zone. If the coach is sacrificed and these underperforming players supported, the only way for Arsenal will be a fall down the table. Everton, Leicester City, Watford and Wolves, as well as others below the so called top six will strengthen for next season.

        1. I agree they should be shipped out but what other club would have them that’s probably why we ended up with them!

  5. Yes but it will take a few seasons to accomplish. Impossible to do it in one summer

    Also we have the Kroenke problem

  6. Unai has done exceptionally well so far, no one expected us to be where we are right now. Of the top six, he has poorest set of players and to be where we are Unai has done his best.Give the same squad to Klop or Guardiola, both cant perform a miracle so let us be objective rather than just criticise.We are all hurt by poor performances of late but that is due to average players .Can Iwob, Mikh,Ozil,Mustafi,Niles,Sead,Papa get on the team sheet of any top six side? Never, so what we need most is support from the board and huge investment in the squad. Currently we have been told Unai will be given about $50m, so what can you buy from such an amount even if you sell some players.
    We have the right manager but wrong investor(Stan) who has little interest in the club so long its making money for him and if this doesn’t change, I’m afraid we are headed for disaster and there is no single manager on the planet who can do better than Unai with the current squad.

    1. @Sydney-I believe you are both right in most of what you say and wrong with some.These past four performances really show the Calibre of the players more than Emery.What did Leicester have to play for yesterday.Just pride and nothing else.We had a Top 4 spot to aim for as well as a possible third place-However unlikely that looks.We seemed beaten before the game even kicked off.
      I have questioned Emery countless times this season but I am more convinced than ever it is the squad of players he inherited that should be looked at as opposed to the Manager himself.
      Fourth place minimum was ours for the taking up to last week but THREE DEFEATS IN A ROW has most likely seen us blow the opportunity we had.
      I actually feel Emery completely misjudged the ability of the vast majority of this current squad.Any Manager coming in would have struggled and the fact he kept us there or thereabouts up until the final 6 games is a credit to him.
      Two wins now and we will still most likely only get fifth.Its an improvement on the last two seasons points wise but not in performances.
      Kronke MUST NOW BE ACCOUNTABLE as to where we go from here.If we don’t win the Europa Cup (which I believe we will) then another season of EL will mean a lower amount for transfers.This is not acceptable and Kronke knows this.Its what he does at the end of the season re Transfer Funds which will show him in his true light.

      1. I totally agree with you @Phil. The last three games have simply shown how weak these players are mentally. How can you lose 3 consecutive matches when you’ve been handed an advantage for top 4. I’m of the opinion that we bring on some of the youth players to see out the last matches, they can’t be any worse than the likes of Mhki, Mustafi & Iwobi.
        I have completely lost faith in most of the senior players, let’s try our luck with the youth. We need to unite as fans and find a way of getting rid of Kroenke. We will never see any substantial achievements with this American devil in our club. I will never stop supporting & cheering Arsenal but I’ll never spend my hard earned money on the Kroenke’s until I see change.

  7. True supporters stand by their team through thick and thin. I hate seeing statements by people that claim to be supporters who simply whinge and complain about everything. All you do is destroy player morale.
    No footballer takes the field hoping, or even expecting, to have a bad game but it does happen, they’re human. When it happens the best way to rebuild is as a unit, management, players and fans can do it together providing they remain positive.

    1. Dave, Arsenal current arsenal squad are very lazy and careless, they don’t even play with zeal, except Ramsey, Socrates and Lacazzet.

  8. I have been on record since Wenger’s last decade that Arsenal need a massive surgery to be competitive once more.We need to get rid of Mustafi, Mikh, Ozil, Welbeck, Monreal, Elneny, and either of Papa or Kolscieny etc and replace them with top quality center back, midfielder, left back and a winger. If only Unai will be supported by the board in the summer transfer window Im pretty sure he will come up with a good team capable of competing for top honors.

  9. emery would have to literally kick some players out of this club given that no one would take them. Its clear that emery has squeezed everything he could get out of that squad and that clearly not enough for even top 4. Emery is no saint and he has made mistakes but not even klopp, pep or pochechino could get that crap squad to be better.

    Wenger looked after them like a father and gave them creative freedom to express themselves and players failed HORRIBLY. Emery was more strict and played a more direct style with more restrictions and the players still failed HORRIBLY. I used to think that wenger leniency and protective side was the cause of this squad lack of backbone and courage but it turns out most of them don’t have the balls to play at arsenal. Its not the coaches who are the problem its that damn shit squad.

    1. ?they have now shown lack of commitment and pride and failure when the pressure is on under two managers.

  10. … Another moaning article. Some of the fans here need to be realistic. We don’t have the funds Other big clubs in the premier league and will never have it. We can’t just change everything within a season. This is a new coach with a different style of play which clearly our players cannot put to effect. The way out of this mess is patience. We have to see through this season. A number of players will leave and new ones will be added, and that will continue until the coach has drilled into his new team what he wants and what he expects of them.

    ……You want to sack Emery and employ Mourinho to come do what exactly? Mourinho had better players than we did and yet he was sacked and you want him to perform magic with a dead squad. This is laughable. Which top coach will come to Arsenal with a transfer budget of 50m? Like I once posted here, I come here to laugh.

    1. I thought the move from Highbury was meant to bring us up to the level of the top clubs in europe and the funds to be able to do, I think the fans have been sadly misguided.

  11. Well said James.The writer’s comments concerning AMN are utter nonsense.He was the victim of a cheating player and an incompetent referee.As far as getting rid of him, he would attract more interest from Premier League teams than any other player in our squad if he were transfer listed.Our main problems lie in the absence of real quality defenders, as exemplified by the nature of Leicester’s second goal for which Kocielney and Socratic should be ashamed.

    1. Fully agree about AMN. Probably the best Academy prospect since Ashley Cole and Chelsea would snap him up if he was available.

  12. I stopped reading when you mentioned Mourinho,

    You are going on a crazy rant I understand, but clearly you don’t understand what we need if you mention that wicked old man Mourinho.

    Calm down, we need the players

  13. It’s not Wenger, emery or the board fault for what’s currently happening to this club… it’s the owner who doesn’t care about football (they call it soccer in his country) and it’s not their number one sport either.. I don’t think he even knows the rules and regulations of the game, for him not watching any or most of our matches shows he doesn’t have passion for the sport and no love for the club, all he cares about his money that the clubs generate into his pocket annually.. he care less he is a business man so the best way to deal with a man of such that doesn’t care about this club is to boycott home matches, we can all stay home and watch from home instead of going to the emirate this is the best way to fight Kroenke cos nothing will ever change if he remain the head. Please let start a campaign against him. He can leave our club and find a lesser club or invest in some other sport. Without this change you will keep blaming coaches, manager and the players for the next two decades if he still remains the owner.

  14. Arsenal lack quality players and I don’t blame Emery because he inherited most of Wenger’s players but he has the chance to fix that problem this coming summer – Raul in charge will be very very interesting and I hope he implements that Barcelona or Madrid of not shielding mediocre players we have enough guys!1

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