Arsenal need confidence – but where can we find it?

Emery talks about confidence, the fans support and adapting to Leicester City

The Arsenal boss Unai Emery was in a talkative mood at Friday’s press conference ahead of Sunday’s Premier League clash with Leicester City and in all fairness, did not duck any of the difficult questions. The boss admits that confidence is the priority, that it has to be recovered, and that is a step by step process.

“The first target is to recover our confidence. We can build on this confidence each minute, each hour, each day, each week – and above all we’re training and we’re looking for a big performance for the three points” Emery said.

But it is not just about confidence, Emery wants the fans to get behind the team and stressed the importance of being together and to feel a connection saying,

“I think it’s very important to be together and to feel a connection with our supporters. We’re doing all we can in training and in each match we’re playing. Sunday is a big match to show them our good spirit and also our wish to win the three points against Leicester”

Emery highlighted the threat that Leicester City poses and that we must first and foremost be fully prepared, however, he also said we must also adapt to their game.

“Each team is very difficult home and away. It’s our preparation with respect but also thinking about how we can fight to battle them. Individually for Sunday the first target is to think in our capacity and be consistent defensively and offensively. We need to adapt to them, but I think both are very important. We need to prepare ourselves and also adapt for them”

Emery is of course right, confidence is the priority, without that we are beaten before the game even starts but I am not sure he needed to reiterate the importance of the fans support, we always support the team and it is the team that is letting us down.

I am also not sure about adapting to Leicester’s game, they should be the ones adapting to our game, we have to pressure them, put them on the back foot and make them change their game and not the other way around.

Emery says all the right things but in all honesty, his words are starting to come across more as soundbites than instilling confidence.

Does he have enough time to get the players confident again?


  1. “We need to adapt to them, but I think both are very important. We need to prepare ourselves and also adapt for them”
    ??shouldnt Leicester be the ones adapting to our game plan? You ever seen City, or Barcelona adapting to a lower table team’s plan?? Brace yourself, Sunday will be another tough ride, the only reason I blame Emery for our position today is because of the stupid gamble he took last week Sunday against Palace, those three points were very important, but he chose a team so weak and lost the points all because he was thinking ahead of the Wolves game, rested players for the wolves game, the same players he rested decided to fvck us up on Wednesday(All blame goes to everyone of em). We lost six valuable points when we should’ve been out of reach by now. Again we’re planning to adapt to Leicester on Sunday when it should be the other way round

    1. That is why we have being struggling away from home. He said similar thing about Everton, CP and Wolves games, the outcome of those adaptations is 9 points lost. And he still talking about it. Someone should tell him goals win you games and you can only score goals if you attack, attack, and attack and attacking happens to be our strength. Watching Liverpool game, they score 2 goals in 23 minutes yet they don’t slow down in the end they scored 3 more. All this sideways passing and backwards passing in order to control the game doesn’t work anymore, you need goals to control the game.

      1. Novella be careful with how you write the truth, soon you’ll be called names and labelled as a plastic fan who wants him out.
        I really don’t see Liverpool trying to control games or City trying to control games, whenever they’re on, they’re looking for goals, get the ball and aim for the opponent’s box.
        Down here at Arsenal, pass and pass and pass and call it control, go one goal down, keep on passing and passing

        1. Emery is trying to rotate the squad. Unfortunately, the depth of the squad is so poor (In terms of quality) he’s pretty screwed anyway!

          I don’t blame him completely and I will leave judgement until the end of the season. But, I swear to god the club had better spend well over the summer because we need to ship out at least 4 to 5 and bring in quality!!!

    2. Eddie this is why I am angry with people who keep saying our players are not good, they are dead woods, they don’t have skills, stamina, mentality. It is our manger’s method that brings the worst out of the players. Yes they make mistakes but emery’s method is not good enough to prevent or cover for the mistakes. We are afraid of our opponents instead of them fearing what we can do with the ball. How many players are some hoping we will change? The whole team? Teams make us look less than ordinary because they know we are coming with fear in our minds. I hope we have a result against Leicester.

      1. Pat, I am sick of that excuse also, that all our players are bad and that we should be happy we are where we are right now, all sorts of búllshít talk, you’ll never hear the end of it

  2. It’s not confidence we need. Confidence comes after winning matches. Liverpool and City have both confidence and belief.

    We need to work our butts off and believe that we have the quality to beat Leicester.
    Emery also needs to give a hell of a pre-match speech ( and probably a halftime one also) to the players to knock some sense into them.

    We have no right to be “confident”

  3. I really dont care about top 4. I need the europa league. I need trophies. If top 4 qualifies u for champions league and the europa does the same so what the stress. There is no title for top 4. So pls loose to leicester but demolish valencia……… Its like the boys are already thinking in my direction. Lol did u ever think we would demolish napoli?… Food for thought?

  4. The truth is that nothing much more can change this season. Hopefully we’ll get rid of the majority (hopefully all) of the deadwood in the summer, and we’ll then start seeing a different Arsenal. This isn’t Emery’s team yet, but I am amazed at how much he has squeezed out of these players.

    If you told me at the beginning of the season we’d be one point off 4th with 3 games to go, and in the EL semi-finals, I wouldn’t have believed you! We have been poor of late, but overall, he’s done a very good job so far.

    1. What has he “squeezed out”?

      This team finished 6th last season with the 2nd best home record (15 wins, 2 draws and 2 loses) and a bad away record. This season, results are almost identical. If anything he has just produced what they did last season and all this nonsense of he had done “amazing”, a “miracle” and “squeezed out” are just against the facts and narratives to support a bias.

      The team has been less creative though more clinical than last season, worse defensively than last season and lacking in identity. Enough of the excuses made for Emery.

      I am afraid that once majority of the first 11 are signings under Emery, this team would even be worse in terms of identity and creativity. I watched Lauren Blanc’s PSG and that was a fantastic team that could play anyone off the pack. In came Emery and despite adding Neymar and Mbape, PSG became weaker especially in midfield. Blanc’s midfield was very cohesive and good passers built around Matuidi and Verati. Emery’s PSG couldn’t do that midfield play. Same has happened at Arsenal already. Even last season, at least at home, Arsenal’s midfield was still very good but this season, I have seen Watford, Everton, Wolves dominate Arsenal at the Emirates.

      Emery is no where near the ability of Wenger. It’s a fact not an opinion.

      1. So ozil becomes our beating stick as the manager is an Europa league genius they say. Don’t even bother to mention that he won it 3 times because he finished low in his champions league group and could not make second round on two occasions. I guess that’s where we are headed.

        1. TW14-TH14, yes Arsenal finished 6th last season, but how many points behind the Champions League places?
          How many coach/managers could have come in after the great Arsene Wenger and kept Arsenal competitive? Just look at Manchester United post Sir Alex Ferguson and the transfer funds they have spent.
          These players (in the majority) failed under Arsene Wenger in his last 2 seasons and are continuing to fail in the same areas of performance under pressure, physical and mental toughness and failing to turn up in away games under Unai Emery.
          It is time the players faced responsibility; however the coach’s final motivational tool is to drop them and replace with someone else. But who, given the lack of squad depth?

      2. Tw14TH14, and we bought Torreira, Leno, Guendouzii, etc, better team than end of last season. I think what some fans will give Emery is bespoke players. Turn out everyone go to the market and pick 24. All tailor made for him.

    1. We should be ashamed we conceded the same number of goals as the worst team in premiership this season at anfield ☹️☹️☹️

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