Arsenal need extra time but SHOULD seal deal for Welbeck

Well Arsenal fans, how much did we enjoy that transfer deadline day? About as much as the first visit to meet your girlfriends parents or maybe the last time you went to A and E and had to sit all night to see a stressed out nurse to have splinters of glass picked out of your buttocks maybe.

And it is still not over as the deal, the only one we have, for Danny Welbeck from Man United has been held up and Arsenal have asked and been given an extension to get the transfer done and dusted. I am not staying up any longer, no way, but as long as Welbeck is a Gunner by tomorrow it will not have been a complete disaster in my opinion.

I do have to wonder, though, what happened to the defensive midfielder and centre back that we were after. Wenger himself admitted last week that we were short at the back so I am struggling to understand why we didn’t sign anyone in those areas, especially as the club was supposed to have more dough than Warburtons.

I really hope that Wenger can say at the end of the season that he proved all his doubters wrong as he parades the Premier League trophy, but I have my doubts. How about you guys?

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  1. No deal is done yet. Manure said they could not sign Falcao during the transfer window. See what gives. There is paperwork to be done so hang on tight.

    1. hang on tight ? for danny welbeck?
      speak for yourself man.

      i wont even hang on loosely , f*ck hanging. hate that word. even the concept….

      1. Don’t see the point in signing Welbeck. Would rather we used Joel Campbell.

        Hopefully we’re saving our pennies for Reus in January…

        Sometimes dreams do come true…
        But very rarely as an Arsenal fan.

        Can’t believe we still haven’t got a defensive midfielder.

        How is it not blatantly obvious to Wenger that we have needed one since Song left?

        Our tactics also need an overhaul. Same thing each game. Boring to watch, predictable and easy to beat.

        Scouting network also needs sorting, as does the medical team.

        So much wrong at our beloved club at the moment that it’s actually depressing.

        Sort it out Wenger or get out.

        I still can’t help but believe in you though.


        1. wenger just gave chelsea the league without even putting up a fight.

          i dont understand it

          last year he did the same thing why?

          1. I think Wenger had already handed the league to Chelsea.

            Wenger just handed 3 or 4 teams the ability to knock Arsenal out of their 4th place trophy chase.

          2. Welbeck may not be the super star signing we wanted but let’s give d guy a chance if he does..look what Rodgers did to Sturrige..y don’t u guys think Wenger can’t do the same with Welbeck..let’s trust Wenger on this one…Gunners forever!!!

            1. As wenger said… “We are very active, but you have to trust us”…
              To me that sounds like “We will buy someone and you may not like who it is, but trust us to make it work”…. Or maybe I’m just over thinking things!

              I’m in no way going out there defending Wenger, I just think that Wellbecl could work out to be a good signing, he just needs time on the pitch.
              He’s 23…

      2. This deal is a discrace and makes a mockery of any claim that we are title contenders. Welbeck is a useless waste of space and if any of you had been asked, prior to his being linked to Arsenal, you would have said the same. His goalscoring rate is 29 in 142 appearences – this lags a long way behind a certain Nik Bendtner…..

        For the money we paid for this sack of crap, we could have done the Falcao loan ourselves, had Remy or Balotelli. If its just cover for Giroud, I would have also been happy to sign Negredo on loan like Valencia have.

        He isnt even as good as the options we already have. I was at the Leicester game and agredd Sanago is terrible, but its Wenger’s fault his playing, while Campbell and Podolski are sitting on the bench. While I’m at it, its also disrespectful to the club to see a player like Rosicky who never fails to give 100% stuck on the bench, while Ozil strolls around giving the ball away every other touch he gets and crying everytime somebody has the audicity to tackle him.

        When we get smashed by Utd and Falcao scores, I hope Wenger remembers he paid for him to go there……

        1. I’m a bit 50/50 on your view on Wellbeck, I think he may be alright with us, if he gets more game time.
          But, I COMPLETELY agree with you regarding Rosicky! Ozil seems like he is moaning on the pitch these days! Although, granted he is being played out of position…

      3. If there was ever proof of the Arsenal fan’s obsession and over reactions with transfers it was yesterday.
        When we signed Sanchez, we could “seriously challenge for the title and champions league”. Fast forward, we sign Welbeck and suddenly we’re going to “miss out on top 4 and Wenger has to leave”.

        When Welbeck was at Man U, all the Arsenal fans screaming for a striker quoted Welbeck in saying Man U have 4 quality strikers and we don’t, then he signs for Arsenal and not only is he not a quality striker anymore, but people are actually saying he’s now terrible.

        Clueless. Anyone that knows football knows how good Welbeck is, he isn’t blockbuster and I would’ve preferred Falcao, but I’ll take Welbeck any day of the week. A striker who is quick and works hard will be a massive boost for us. Key word also is STRIKER, don’t tell me he hasn’t scored enough when Man U played him on the wing.

        Good luck Danny, I’ll be routing for you from the start. #AFCforlife

    2. this weekend we had 1 Defensive option on the bench, chambers.
      we’re light on CDM if we play chambers there we wont have any CB onn the bench, AND WE SOLD MIQUEL??
      who’s not the best but is back up…
      so what now?? we have isaac hydan
      but i dont understand how you cant spend 5 million on a decent back up CB or decent back up cdm
      i dont understand our transfer policy……………………
      pisses me off sooo muchhh

      1. Last season AFC were already lucky with few CB injuries/suspensions.

        Chambers covers Jenks RB backup role and the Sagna CB backup role.

        This means there is NO replacement for Verm.

        Just a few mil would get a decent backup CB.

        GROSS INCOMPETENCE from Wenger.

        1. Bellerin covers the RB. That makes Chambers the backup of TVM.

          I would like to see Isaac Hayden to be promoted as our 4th CD. Chambers can do it at 19 so why not Isaac one of our best youth prospects.

          1. You are “hoping” Bellerin and Hayden are ready. Champions don’t cover their defense with “hope.”

            Chambers age has NOTHING to do with Hayden’s readiness or not. Hayden may NEVER be ready – we don’t know how he will progress or even if he will be ready to play at the top level. Here again, it is not smart to cover things with hope.

            A few seasons back Arsenal had all 4 FBs and 1 CB injured at the same time. There were enough players to cover the losses then. Not now. Not by a long shot.

          2. What do you mean hope? He already is our 4th choice CB by default – There are no more CBs at the club!!

            Good work Arsene…

      2. I think the problem with most CBs we have been linked to is that they want first team football. They get that at lower ranked teams whilst also getting the same pay package as they would whilst sitting on the arsenal bench. It is hard to replace KOS/Mert as they work so well.

        What CB was realistically available to be a replacement of Mert. Hummels? I think he is great but he is not available.

        1. Want proof that there are no decent CBs out there – look at United, if they can’t get one then it is pretty dire out there.

        2. This is the most ridiculous thing I ever heard. Suddenly there are NO CBs in all the world? Nonsense.

          How is it that every other club on the planet can get CB backups? How did AFC do it in the past?

          Wenger did not get done what every other club was able to get done and if he was not able to do it he should not have sold Verm.

          1. How did United with all their millions fail in replacing Rio and Vidic in thief primes. You go from those two in UNITEDS glory years to Rojo and Jones….ouch.

            1. I guess one bit of incompetence does not negate the possibility that another bit of incompetence could also happen somewhere in the world.

    3. welbeck what?????????16m….how much was remy? or balotelli? how much could the swansea striker cost us?? this guy has totally lost it. no defensive midfielder(arteta can’t b solid enuff, flamini moving red card on good at fouling), he wanted to pay 37m for carvalo yet he could have gotten song @10m is he intrested in the teams progress at all or just promoting french players while he leaves the likes of campbell, podolski, rosicky on the bench as sanogo gets game time and the team suffers.

    1. As much as the kid doesn’t like the socks, he still needs them, just like we need a striker.

      Welbeck will have to do, but Wenger needs to stop shopping at Primark!!

      1. you try spending 16 million at primark

        wilfred bony at 19 million
        who scored 25 goals last season was so obvious
        no actually danny welbeck with like 3 goals in a season at 16 mill makes more sense

        1. You forgot that Wenger doesn’t like to make obvious decisions. Bony would have been perfect.

          Wenger has an obsession with proving people wrong so im a not surprised he would try to revive the career of a failing striker.

          I hope he proves me wrong

          1. sadly i think u r right, and i was wrong,
            he has this thing that happened 15 years ago with Hnery and he got stuck in it, he wants to do it again,,,frankly sad,
            sad sad sad

      2. Thats far out dude hahaha, me like. We will get a cb at least surely. I am not happy about the welbeck transfer, it gets sickening that we constantly display an inability to sign “the best”. Socks are cool and all, but when I was 5, I wanted spiderman socks, not just simple plain socks. There is what we want and what we need, but generally speaking, we need what we want in order to progress, the last 9 years we had what we needed, we didnt progress very much at all, but we did ok, top 4, cup and a shield. (YAY) We could maybe grab ourselves another cup this time round with a bit of luck on our side, but realistically why should this season be any different than the recent others if we dont progress. I think part of the problem is that Wenger is happy with plain socks, if we get top 4 then that is fine, we survived! I would like to see us excel. We may all have different opinions on what success for Arsenal actually is, but it would be great to really know wengers goals, what he deems as personal success, then we know what to expect, easier to judge him. We probably will have to wait another 5 to 10 years to read all about it though. Falcao would have been nice man, it really would have been, but we are where we are so lets hope welbeck was a stroke of genius. If we dont buy any defensive players by end of window, I will eat my own teeth coz I must have gone crazy or something! Its gonna be ok though right? It’s not as if wenger cant count? Seems to be able to add up the numbers in his bank account ok…

        1. Wenger does want to win the league. He always has, but he wants to do it spending as little as possible. His problem is his pride.

        1. ahah thats the crap he sells us right? i wanna see his faced ended up shaped like a croissant that will teach him the french boo sack

  2. im disgusted by this signing and everything it represents, lack of ambition , clear lack of ideas if they really think welbeck a striker who NEVER SCORES is worth the same as balotelli or 6m more than remy just because hes english …. ive always loved wenger but now we as arsenal fans need to do soething … #WENGER OUT

    1. So……….. what happened to all that cash Wenger claimed he had for signings?? I’ll bet he gets a bonus for acting so economically in the transfer window.

    1. Let’s all hope for a power cut and the phone network to go down…jeez I’d even shoot down pigeons if it meant this transfers paperwork could be stopped

    1. United? What about Everton and Spuds – they have better/deeper squads than us. I think we will struggle for goals the whole year (even when Giroud returns, he’ll need 2-3 weeks to gain fitness and hopefully, form). We’ll be extremely lucky to finish 4th, or 5th or 6th this year. I simply can’t believe it.

      1. Please highlight how the following Arsenal players would find problems getting into Everton or The spuds squad.


        Btw – the Spuds bid on Welbeck as well…

        1. How many years have they been saying we won’t get Champions League now? But still every year we are there. Pessimistic arseholes.

  3. Disappointed. Very disappointed. I’ve gone from thinking we’d get 2nd/3rd place to thinking we’ll struggle to finish 5th in the space of a week.

  4. Would like to say massive thanks to the talisman of quality banter throughout the transfer window. The mighty legend himself zigic. His legendary hold up play is a miss for us all.

  5. There is one deal am waiting for- to hear that Wenger is loaned till this time next year. Will it happened? Someone should let me know so that I can go to bed. I was on yutube to console myself. Danny W. seems to be better than our second choice. Just consolation.

  6. We are stronger than last
    year no doubt.
    Up front we have added Campbell
    Sanchez and Wellbeck and have a fit Podolski
    and Chamberlain with Walcott back soon.
    With Chambers we are better in
    defence because Vermaelen hardly played.
    Strange we did not sign another CB
    as cover but Wenger must have faith in
    Hayden and the other u21’s to step up.
    We have the Jan window to reassess
    and do some business if need be.
    Overall a decent transfer window.

    1. What are you on? I want the same thing, weed? Xanax? Valium? Extacy?
      Whatever it is please share! I too want too see the world as I wNt it to be, not as it is!

        1. Thanks Muff .
          Been a long window
          everyone’s techy.
          Its not what I expected
          either. It is what it is.
          I have to do what you said
          you would do, be frustrated
          but support the team any way.
          What else can a supporter do?

    2. Disagree. I think we are weaker with Giroud on bench. For this year, Debuchy is not as good as Sagna. (On the plus side Monreal is playing much better.) Sanchez is better than Wolcott so until Theo returns we’re better on the right flank. But the biggest components: Arteta older, Flamini older (and even more prone to cards), Rosicky, Cazola older, Ozil appears lost especially on the flank. Even more important, Cleski and MC are much better/deeper, and Liverpool is stronger except in one position – we’ll have to wait to see how Balotelli for Suarez works but right now they have a better squad than us as well.

      1. Only player from Liverpool I’d take into our starting 11 is Sturridge. We have a better starting 11 than they do, but we are horribly short of defenders in terms of squad depth.

          1. You almost speak as if you WANT Liverpool to roll us….are you a fan? Plenty of time venting energy after the two clubs meet. You think Pool fans spouted off like that heading into our fixtures for the last three seasons?

      2. How is Sagna better then Debuchy? You say Arteta and co are a year older…that doesn’t apply to Sagna? Why? Because City have him a crazy wage? Who started at the World Cup? Debuchy or Sagna?

        TV5 vs. Chambers….based on recent for who is better? Who is younger?

        Technically Cazorla has hit his prime year.

        Would Henderson upseed Ramsey on your team?

        What about our starting backs? Glen Johnson? Really???

        Our bench this year features the likes of Podolski, Wilshere, Ox, Rosicky….vs. Basically Southhampton. Llama or Wilshere….

        Would Coutihno upseed Cazorla or Ozil?

        Would Sterling play over Sanchez?

        I’m disappointed in this transfer. Wenger screwed up…but now a lot of you are owing overboard….

    3. 1. While Arsenal may be a bit “stronger” than last season – but most transfers were just replacing players who departed. ALL the other top clubs have upgraded far more. If Arsenal were a bit short last season, this season they are waaaaaaay behind.

      2. Defensively Arsenal are weaker than last season. Last season there was a CB shortage – worse now. Debuchy only plays RB and cannot defend like Sagna. I hope Chambers can play 2 positions simultaneously.

      1. Devils advocate.

        Man United needed to strengthen their midfield and back like Arsenal needed to strengthen up front. Di Maria is nice and Falcao is a nice addition but how did United replace players like Vidic and Rio in their prime? Rojo, Jones? LOL…what about mid field? Mata and Di Maria are not natural box to box mid’s like Ramsey, Wilshere.

        Liverpool. They’ve added numbers. Losing Suarez is huge. Adding Mario is a wild card, he wasn’t world class at Milan. Llama, and the rest of Southhampton players are maybes at best case.

        Man City. Fernando is depth for Fernadinho. Yaya is a year older. Back four is stronger…but this team is aging.

        Chelsea. Hate to day it the class of the EPL. Strong in every position. The total package.

        But this nonsense of the worst window ever…it’s rubbish, Wenger screwed up but the team is in fact better. RIGHT after the FA cup win if I told you we were getting Alexis, Debuchy, Ospina, Chambers and Welbeck in one window you’d call me a liar.

        1. They have a word for all of your protestations. It is called rationalization. It may make sleep better, but it does not change reality.

          Other clubs have upgraded. Arsenal have not.

          1. No it’s called balance and looking at things objectively.

            Man City lost to Stoke at home. But they’re light years ahead of us.

            Man United have less points then a triangle. They’ve lost at home to Swansea and the team is clearly a mess.

            Objectively speaking Wenger screwed up ńot getting a CDM and CB. But you’ve had your chin down for so long you have stepped beyond the limits of reality.

            1. @Bomber: when Pool streamrolled us last season they had these same set of players and Suarez even didn’t score in that match. When will you understand that it is not always individual players but the connection between them that is important. Pool may not have the better squad than arsenal – thats a separate debate altogether but every player is a workhorse..there are no free loaders and they work their socks off in each game- plus the manager has he right players playing in the right positions that sure makes a hell lot of a difference! whether u like it or not following 3 are facts: 1. Irrespective of what happened, we will all back our team to the hilt 2. Wenger needs to go at the end of the season. 3. We will fight for the 4th spot again !

  7. I just can’t believe how badly this transfer window has ended.. Wenger tried to sign Higuain and Suarez last year, he knew we needed a striker then. January came, the fans were still crying out for a striker. The sun me has now come and gone, Danny Welbeck is the best he can give us? Are you serious??? That’s not even mentioning the clear lack of defensive depth and no quality holding midfielder.

    I’ve always supported Wenger, but if we finish 5th or lose heavily this season to Chelsea, Man City or even Liverpool this season, I’m not sure I want him to continue. Our only hope is that Alexis becomes the new Agüero this season.

    1. couldnt agree more its absolute disgracefull and the amount of moron fans convincing themselves its a good is unreal ! why we need a man u reject who NEVER SCORES is beyond me ! THANKS WENGER BUT NOW ITS TIME TO LEAVE ! #WENGEROUT

    1. Nothing. Window closed 40 mins ago. We’re stuck with what we’ve got until January, only Welbeck can join us now.

  8. You cannot teach this kind of incompetence – it must come naturally.

    Arsenal were short a CB last season. This season the shortage is criminal. It is one thing not to upgrade your team, but even the lowliest E. Euro semi-pro squad has CB backups.

  9. Lol Man City fans upset that they let Negredo go on loan, fearing a predictable injury to Aguero, leaving them with “only” Dzeko and Jovetic for 4 competitions. Rich men problems.

  10. I’m so disgusted

    I feel lied to or Wenger was to miserly in his offers

    I feel so depressed

    I hope I’m wrong but I don’t see us finishing in the top 3 let alone winning

  11. Worse part is this is a permanent deal. So for the next couple seasons, Giroud, Welbeck, Sanogoals will be our strike force.

  12. Alderweireld off to S’oton.

    That was our last defensive reinforcement hope

    Gone just like Manolas, Falcao, Remy, Balotelli etc

  13. Goes to show our acceptance of mediocrity and the fact that Wenger will never change. people are actually happy over the wlbeck signing and that is why this club will never move forward

    1. ITS DISGUSTING wenger needs to leave as we will not progress with someone who bargain hunts and never addresses the problems we have as hes too stubborn and money pinching ! RIDICULOUS , im ASHAMED to be a gooner right now

      1. The postions we have needed to fill for the past 2-3 years still havnt been filled. Chelsea on the other hand saw the weaknesses adressed them and are now top of the league playing good football. Right now there is no difference between the way we play and the way stoke play except stoke actually got a result away from home against a big club. If Wenger fails this year he needs to go and we need to bring in either simione or plopped. Preferably simione because that man demansds his players to go to war and give it everything every single game, something Wenger cannot do

  14. No I’ve been out and just got home from what I can see we have signed no CB or DM player, we are trying to get a deal done for Welbeck, is this correct?
    If so I am in shock and disgusted. Meanwhile Ivan and Arsene are counting their money from Puma, Fab, Vela and TV5 sales!
    I want in fact demand an explanation!
    #don’t buy Arsenal merchandise
    Oh also if Welbeck comes lets not get on his case as it’s not his fault Wengers incompetent and deluded!

  15. I know WELBECK is better than nothing but for real? Welbeck for real?

    We still have Arteta and Flamini as our DMs?

    Mert is making me nervous this season, he just looks off the pace, he was dropped by Germany in the world cup too..

    I would have welcomed a DM or CB ahead of Welbeck….

  16. As long there are fans that are cheering that we finished 4th then we will be getting Welbecks and Sanogos…

  17. absolutely disgraceful the lack of ambition and intelligence shown in signing yet another player who cannot score who is also a man u reject ?? never been soo ashamed to be an arsenal fan and frankly i feel like now is the time wenger should go ! you can all try and convince yourselves he will become a better player here but at the end of the season we struggle to make top four and take a few more beatings i should hope youll finally see that wenger is now too stubborn too lead us too success… thanks for everything that youve done but please move into only coaching and allow another manager to come in and handle transfers as you clearly do not know whats needed in order for us to compete !!

    1. No it will mean sanogo can drop to the u21s, to find his scoring touch.

      For all the moaners on here on 3 players had a better non penalty goals per min ratio than welbeck that was aguero, suarez and sturridge.

      Welbeck is a good athlete, quick, an English player who is well liked by his fellow pros. He carry no baggage has winners medals was really rated by ferguson and has decent international rate. Give they guy a break, once girouds fit we will have this as our champions league squad

      attacking options
      Walcott welbeck sanchez
      Campbell giroud chamberlain
      Gnabry sanogo podolski
      Akpom iwobi

      Our midfield
      Ramsey ozil wilshire
      Flamini cazorla arteta
      Diaby rosicky coquelin
      Jebb kamara

      Debuchy mertesacker koscielny gibbs
      Bellerin chambers hayden ormonde-ottewill

      Szczesney, ospina, martinez, vickers, huddart

      Until giroud is fit wenger can include one of ajayi, pleguezuelo, galindo, zelalem crowley, macey or iliev

      Hopefully he will give ajayi the nod as I think we might need another Cb whilst all the other outfield players, bar galindo can play in the youth champions league

    1. dont give a hoot if we dont get Welbeck or not so news is indifferent to me. If anything this means Joel Campbell gets a shout upfront.

  18. A suck arse deadline day but at least we got Sanchez and tbh Welbeck is at least an upgrade on Sanogo………but we’ll have to see how it goes 😐

  19. We might detest Mourinho but at least that guy is competitive, if he detects that a certain position is lacking, he goes full on to address it..

    Our Wenger on the other side is the most laid back manager ever, even if he is the one that should be trying his best to get to the level that his counterparts are at.. Those guys have been winning trophies for seasons but this only makes them more hungry for more..

    Wenger is so laid back you would think he has won everything…

  20. Does anyone have an idea when he lands back ? I am happy to go and ask him a few questions about the charity game, the Pope, his dinner in Rome , basically everything that he did on transfer deadline day.

  21. Fook it, I’m off to buy a Swansea FC shirt!
    Feel sorry for the players and season ticket buyers.

    P.S. Diame to Hull for 3.2m, not good enough Arsene? Diame, Tiote, I’d have taken either at this stage.
    Khedira, Schneiderlin, Kondogbia, Gustavo, Carvalho???? Not like you didn’t have a choice Wenger you fool.

  22. Alright b***hes. Time to put on your big girl pants, pull out the tampon and screw ya wigs on, tight.
    If the man(AW) has faith in the guys to get the job done, we should also.

    1. Loving the resolve, we’ll see but I truly believe we were 3 players short of the title. What a missed opportunity…

  23. hello guys i just came home from the training, i aim to join arsenal in january… my proof that nothing is impossible is olivier giroud, yaya sanogo and danny welbeck… i am aiming for striking role you should start also for another roles…. its gonna be tought for wenger who he is gonna buy but cheer up lads, you know that he is always bring quality…

    1. You’re too old and your CV says you played winger. We need an out-and-out striker with world class hold up play, sorry.

      1. ok i understand that competition for the striking roll is to hard for me since you have these world class players in that roll, but i am also a good goalkeeper… you know when i was a postman when i deliver a new newspapers in front of the people houses, people shooting at me with old ones and i catch them all…

  24. @jimbean. Wenger goes on a charity event on deadline day, wtf!!
    Really someone needs to ask this fool what he’s playing at, disrespectful to us the fans and the name of our beloved club.

  25. Worst Transfer window ever, I feel so sick and Wenger you SOB…..blah F*****G blah. How many
    Tampons are needed for this gaggle of chicks posing as Arsenal zealots.

    The way i score it,
    SANCHEZ…..Great signing
    WELBECK….Underated pick and instantly brings speed, work rate and big game experience to the squad, FALCAO? Seriously u cant all be that dense. Borrow him for nearly 25M a year with a surgically repaired knee…brilliant
    CHAMBERS……19 and raw but noone can question his future ceiling and immediate versatility. Captain material years down the road.
    DEBUCHY…..Seasoned EPL vet that is a more than suitable replacement for Sagna. Provides a tenacity and work rate that desperately needs to permeate the entire roster. Plus Sagna looked his normal average self in a losing effort against the Orks this past Saturday.
    OSPINA…….World Cup star that provides wonderful competition for WS, great bargain for the price in a much needed position.

    I will concede to the cynics that not adding a DM and a quality CB is disappointing and perplexingly negligent by AW, but is it such a surprise consideting Le Profs love affair with MA hair and his steadfast reliance on Monreals, Flaminis and Chambers versatility on the back line?

    I said my piece, love ya as my brothets, but please flame on.

    1. I had to scroll way down this thread to you to find some sense. Well done. Feeling pretty lonely on here tonight – lot of hot air, tantrums and beer talk no doubt. The most gobsmacking event today was Phil Neville, Danny Murphy and Jason Roberts all saying we have made the signing of the day. I will normally tell pundits to f**k off and die but I was genuinely struck by how effusive they were about Welbeck. Hopefully the abuse-artists, doom-mongers and nappy-fillers on here will focus their anger on anyone that takes their fancy other than Danny Welbeck. Don’t listen to anyone on here who rubbishes him, it is all tantrum led on the back of not getting Falcao or Cavani. Hope your mums and dads get it right at Christmas – f**k knows what will happen if they don’t get you what you want. He scores when he starts (20 in 53 starts for MU is not shabby when only played sporadically, out of position) and will score more when played frequently in his proper position. He is quick, strong, has technical ability and big game experience. His energy alone should be welcomed in our present team. Gun him down when he flops not before. I’ll say now he will be a big success and a fan favourite in a short space of time and I will be hanging around to shoot down all the angry flip-floppers who pop up later down the line with a revisionist theory. And for all those that say worst transfer ever for Arsenal you are plain nuts. And for all of you who claim to have been lied to – tell me the lie.

  26. Welbeck deal is completed but I’ve still not heard anything official on Falcao to united.

    Welbeck can be turned into a great player buy Wenger I have a feeling.

    Still wish we’d solidified a strong DM like Kondogbia.

    1. @chizzytheace
      It says you ain’t payin attention. RVP is out injured waiting for an op. And Falcow ain’t signed yet. Plus Sanogo has scored goals. 4 to be exact…
      And for real dude Balotelli and Lambert? lmfao…

    2. It tells me you are being a little disingenuous, why include Schurrle and not Sanchez or Walcott? I take it you would have applauded Wenger if we bought Lambert and Remy instead of Sanchez and Welbeck. Yeah right. I am scared to death of Aguero – I won’t lie but wtf – not as if he was an option and injury prone as f**k. And City’s striking options have just been reduced by 1 and for a team that plays 2 up front looking , dare I say it, a little thin. RvP is on his last legs, literally and metaphorically. Costa has made a brilliant start – nothing more, nothing less – to quote Winston Wolfe “lets not all suck each others d**ks just yet”.

  27. Has it occurred to anybody that maybe Wenger was in Rome because he’s upset with the board promising funds for transfers and not delivering in the end? “F*ck you, sort the deals out yourself, I’m going to bang me some Italian chicks.”

    That being said, f*ck transfers, f*ck deadline day, f*ck you all, and f*ck me. Good night.

  28. Looks like striker situation kind of sorted. Would love to have seen Bony instead of Welbeck.

    DM is Arteta/Flamini/Coquelin (he has not been loaned out).

    Defense we are in dire need. Can’t believe we can’t find 4th CB. Looks like we are promoting Isaac Hayden or Pleguezuelo to that post. I see Bellerin as a good backup RB.

    Lets not over play Chambers and use hem only for CB and maybe DM positions.

    Winter Transfer CB and DM needed

  29. The Last time Arsenal won the Premiership was the 2003-2004 season. It will be a long time before we win it again because of Wengers reluctant to buy Quality players instead of middle of the road players. Wenger is a CHEAP MAN he bangs on about Quality but has no intention of buying Quality Players. Arsenal will never win the Premiership as long as he is
    in charge.
    Wenger must go his style of management is outdated. By the way did you know on deadline day Wenger took himself of to ITALY to referee a football match. Every other Premiership Manager was at his desk looking to do business not Wenger. What does this tell you he is a Manager with no Ambition for Arsenal. WENGER OUT. Otherwise we will have to wait till 2044 to win the Premiership. That gives Wenger 30 more years so he should be dead by then.

    1. Did you mean “Arsenal will never AGAIN win the Premiership as long as he is in charge”. And yes every man women and child on planet earth knew Wenger was in Rome today, and about 10 hours ago at that. Catch up. And stop making things up, you tend to get found out, every PL manager at his desk, LOL, just how do you know that. And what do they do at their desks? Wenger has a phone allegedly – or does he need to be sat at his desk looking at it waiting for it to ring? Rodgers, Martinez and half a dozen others were obviously having a crafty one under the desk because they did sod all today. Wenger got a signing done from a football pitch in Rome how cool is that?

  30. Former Liverpool midfielder Danny Murphy
    BBC Sport
    Welbeck latest
    Posted at 00:02
    “Danny Welbeck to Arsenal will be the signing of the day. Any Arsenal fans worried. . . don’t be. He has a point to prove to so many people but he will be so hungry to do well.”

    1. I mentioned that above Tas – but wasting your breath here tonight. Phil Neville and Jason Roberts were equally enthusiastic – never heard such positivity from a pundit about Arsenal, then down to earth when you come on here.

  31. I’d take Welbeck over Balotelli any day of the week.

    Welbeck is a very versatile player and much underrated.

    I only hope he gets a decent run in the team and is not left to fester on the bench..

  32. utd are going for true goal scorers….RVP, Falcao etc…

    while we are going for rejects, B and C graders…..

    no wonder we are not winning….

    1. Haaaaafiiiizzzzzz
      Where you been hiding
      last couple of hours man
      Doing some last minute
      transfer deals?
      Got us a DM yet 🙂

  33. @ny-gunner. Normally I support the team and Wenger but fook that!
    It’s not about Arsene thinking the players are good enough, it’s about squad depth and improving to compete for the title with injuries that will come we are now looking at Europa league contention.
    And Wenger fooks off out of country, rub our faces in it why not!

  34. How was deadline day poker Arsene! It looks like they took you, and along with you our beloved Arsenal directly to the “fight for 4th until the last week” table with Everton, and Spurs

  35. I don’t know we need a center forward we get one who does a better job of it than anyone we have fit atm.
    So its good news for me as I think welbeck wasn’t given a real chance at utd given the forwards they have but here with Arsenal for now he will be the main forward and given until Giroud is back and I think he will surprise us.
    I’ve seen him playing a good fee times and he puts the effort in which a few of our players could learn from him.
    All in all I’ll be glad if we get him and I think he will win us more points than Sanogo will.

    1. I agree. Welbeck will help. But Wenger completely ignored the remaining deficiencies. DM, CB backup. and finding a top LW player he actually will use.

  36. Now I want to see some improvement from some players, namely Podolski, Wilshere, ozil, Cazorla, The Ox..

    I want to DIABY to prove his fitness or be sold, we just can’t keep carrying him and wasting that position..

    Podolski has got to concentrate more on his football ahead of Social Media.. He is getting paid £100,000 a week and he has done fck all to justify that much money..

    He is a nice guy who is likable but being a nice guy is not enough anymore, we need him to step up or be moved on in January…

    I am p*ssed off about this window, and these players we currently have are the reason Wenger has not strengthened. No more excuses about so and so should not be played in certain positions because they are not good at tracking back and defending.. Fight for the team..

    1. I think AW thinks he is ARSENAL?? we have a good base of players but I could get rid of 13 yep 13 coz there not good enough for div 3
      Song ? Why did he not loan him back for cover it’s mind blowing I just don’t no what to say anymore

    2. I understand your frustration but……. You have a whole pile full of “want.” Championship-caliber teams don’t build their teams on “want” and “hope.” They use “can” and “do.”

  37. I really don’t get the negativity! We have actually had a relatively good Window. Sanchez, Welbeck, Chamber, Ospina and Debuchy are very good and shrewd signings. We have covered the areas where we have lost player, with players that may well be better than what left! Yes maybe we could have got a CDM but bear in mind we still have Arteta and Flamini, and Chambers can play there. We addressed the lack of pace at both the back and the front, and we didn’t over spend and over indulge like Tottenham did, and like Liverpool look like they have.

    1. We have only 6 players who can play defense in the team. 6 instead of the usual 8 or at least the 7 we had last year. We are short on players and a transfer window is toke sure that you get your short areas taken care of.

      1. Well last time I looked we had debuchy chambers bellerin ajayi hayden mertesacker koscielny monreal gibbs ormonde-ottewill moore pleguezuelo coquelin and flamini that can all play in defence. Sure some of those are midfielders, and quite a few are 17-21 years old. Wenger will probably now confirm the promotion of bellerin too the squad, thus giving us 7 the same as last season. But tomorrow look carefully at Chelseas squad how many defenders do they actually have? Man city have had to frantically sell players off tonight. As have Liverpool, spurs and united. Indeed even arsenal have had to move 2 players on to meet the champions league regulations, they will also have to delist some to accommodate welbeck, Walcott and ospina who were not in the champions league squad before.

    2. Agreed! It’s been a decent window in real terms. Not a FIFA 14 window like Man U, but a decent window nonetheless.

  38. 6 defenders to cover 4 positions. bloody hell
    no defensive midfielder

    50 million in the bank not spent
    highest prices in europe to watch our club


    1. Remember a few seasons back AFC had 4 FBs and 1 CB injured at the same time. Imagine if that happened now. 1 Defender left to cover 4 positions. Arsenal would be trying to beat Chelsea and ManCity with a reserve squad.

    1. @Gigi2.
      You can say you got
      fooled by Wenger.
      Really? (embarrassing) 🙂
      Don’t say Muff and Rock
      were right hell no we won’t
      hear the end of it now 🙂 🙂 🙂

  39. Wenger and the Arsenal Board have become very comfortable with finishing 4th and getting Champions league money for the past 16/17 years. So the money rolled in from this. We were promised change this season after the FA Cup win but that has not happened they only replaced players who left bar Alexis. So for real change Arsenal need to get their butt’s kicked this season and fail to get that 4th place , NO Money Wenger is moved on a change at board level. A total rebuild with TOP class Quality Players brought in. I had a dream that
    Harry Redknapp was the Arsenal Manager and he bought 3 TOP TOP class Strikers if only.

  40. Well I did advocate for Wenger to be given up to 11pm and very little happened.

    CF and DM positions ignored, I don’t agree with the striker choice but the lad need a chance…if we get nowhere this season and are booted out of the ECL the AFC fans should collectively sue the club to be compensated…that would make them change their tune.

    I decided not to buy any tickets when Cesc went to Chelsea, I did not buy any merchandise and will keep to this decision until the next transfer window.

  41. I am satisfied with the
    overall window but…
    The injury to Giroud altered
    the plans. Should it have though?
    The 16 mill for Danny W was probably
    earmarked for the purchase
    of a top central defender.
    So why did we buy a striker instead?
    Sanchez is what Wenger calls a “modern” striker.
    Campbell is back and Sanogo is supposed
    to one of Wengers hidden gems.
    Walcott Ramsey Cazorla Chamberlain
    Podolski Gnabry have aspirations of being strikers
    while Giroud is back in 4 months. 10 options.
    So why not get in another DM/CB?
    Honestly I don’t know but twill be interesting
    to hear the gaffers take on this when he returns
    from his investiture as the new Pope 🙂
    Is that story of the Rome visit even true?

    1. The purchase of Welbeck was Wenger’s admission that even he did not believe his own words claiming Arsenal had sufficient striker options.

      1. But he was in Rome mohawk and wouldn’t have known anything about Welbeck. Should have been at his desk then we would def gotten a CB/CDM

    2. The thing is Sanchez doesn’t have the physicallity to handle english CBs, neither does Campbell, who I personally think is a replacement for the aging Podolski on the LW, not and ST. Sanogo was our only true ST, so Welbeck is a good signing. I am pretty sure Wenger has been looking at Welbeck for a while because these rumours were flying around for a couple of years, there were rumours of him being included in the Van Persie deal. In fact Fergie had to dismiss them and said that Welbeck was the future of UTD.

      What worries me is that we let Miquel go, and didn’t really replace him. Chambers is the replacement for Vermaelen, but who’s our 4thCB? Still this is a very good thing for young English players! Welcome Welbeck!

  42. I’m convinced someone cursed us after our Invincible’s season to ensure we never reach top heights anymore. And instead be reduced to nearly men.

  43. I am quite glad in getting Danny from Manu, however very disappointed with wenger and is attitude for the latter part of this window.

    We have already seen signs of how difficult the season will be, while last season we were handed the trophy, which we declined in january from not buying what we needed to finish.

    This season we have seen a lot of injuries to our defensive area, which i consider to be a warning of whats to come later on in the season, we should have added an experience center half and a Defensive midfielder, now all arsenal game will lie and a knife edge especial when we see a defensive player go down,.

    Although i may just coach high school football wenger tactics and players used have to be question

    1. Your coaching experience absolutely makes you qualified to question Wenger’s tactics. Even the average knowledgeable fan can see the tactical problems. Remember, most analysts have also recognized the problems. You are not alone.

  44. Despite Wenger’s ridiculous words claiming Arsenal had a strong striker force to cover Giroud’s absence, his desperate last minute actions were a clear admission he did not believe his own rhetoric.

    1. Yes yr right Hawk.
      10 options at least
      May be the weak ones will
      be traded in subsequent windows.
      If they won’t go though we might
      end up with more expensive dead wood.

  45. This has been a decent window BUT once again Wenger has failed to put us over the finishing line. He has done just enough for us to fight for 4th place. We NEED Walcott, Sanchez, Ozil and Giroud, Ramsey to remain uninjured. In defense, we are a bit short. No big CDM has been signed.

    All we needed was just 3 more players. It was so simple. Lineckar, Parlour, Wright, Venebles, Graham all the fans knew what we needed.

    A pathetic ending to a very promising window

    Very sad.

    I just hope that by January we are at least in the top 4

  46. I am so furious with Wenger he treats the fans with total contempt. This could have been a good year for Arsenal but he refuses to buy players we really need and then with pure arrogance he plays them in there wrong positions.

    Why not buy the right player for the correct position, why not play the player in the position he is best at. No Your highness Wenger knows everything.

    Well it is great to see that rumours have it that he is at a charity game in Rome on the transfer deadline day.
    What ever the case I have said it before if we this year come 4th it will be a miracle and if we don’t come in the top four Wenger must go because for a club like Arsenal to only win once in 9 years is a disgrace and the manager should take full responsibility for what he has done.

    Most clubs would have sacked him by now. He is to mean to keep up with the game.
    What I would like to know is when Manchester etc can spend over 200 million were does fair play rules kick in, it seems to me that it is all talk but no substance.

    Arsenal please if Wenger cannot deliver a striker of great quality a central midfield play and play them in the correct positions get rid him.
    How long is it going to take people to relies that he is useless and that when he came to Arsenal he inherited a great team.
    He is not a winner and never will be coming 4th is great for him.

    This time last year we were in top position and last that position after Christmas this year we are already falling behind our main opposition and in 1/2 games it will be to late.

    Does this Arrogant idiot really know what he is doing so far his team selection has been terrible and tactics non existence.

    Time for the board of Directors to wake up and really work out if his achievements are so great.


  47. Michael said Arsenal might finish outside the top 4 this season. I laughed at him. After today i’m starting to wonder if he’s on to something.

  48. Best deals of the day go to Hull with Diame, Abel Hernandez and Ben Arfa….superb business and I would have loved this trio at AFC just to add a DM, a good striker and depth.

  49. I am so furious with Wenger he treats the fans with total contempt. This could have been a good year for Arsenal but he refuses to buy players we really need and then with pure arrogance he plays them in there wrong positions.

    Why not buy the right player for the correct position, why not play the player in the position he is best at. No Your highness Wenger knows everything.

    Well it is great to see that rumours have it that he is at a charity game in Rome on the transfer deadline day.
    What ever the case I have said it before if we this year come 4th it will be a miracle and if we don’t come in the top four Wenger must go because for a club like Arsenal to only win once in 9 years is a disgrace and the manager should take full responsibility for what he has done.

    Most clubs would have sacked him by now. He is to mean to keep up with the game.
    What I would like to know is when Manchester etc can spend over 200 million were does fair play rules kick in, it seems to me that it is all talk but no substance.

    Arsenal please if Wenger cannot deliver a striker of great quality a central midfield play and play them in the correct positions get rid him.
    How long is it going to take people to relies that he is useless and that when he came to Arsenal he inherited a great team.
    He is not a winner and never will be coming 4th is great for him.

    This time last year we were in top position and last that position after Christmas this year we are already falling behind our main opposition and in 1/2 games it will be to late.

    Does this Arrogant idiot really know what he is doing so far his team selection has been terrible and tactics non existence.

    Time for the board of Directors to wake up and really work out if his achievements are so great.

    I THINK NOT.!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. Let’s try and be positive. No one at Chelsea rated Sturridge so when he was sold to ‘pool I think he would have been determined to prove them wrong. And he has. Welbeck is in the identical position so I think he also will have a fierce determination to prove to Man U what they have lost. And remember Man U are not always correct about a player’s ability – I bet they wish they still had Pogba!

    1. rodgers better manager than Wenger though. Lets be honest, Wenger cannot get the best out of players anymore while Brendan seems to be able to do exactly that. If Balo becomes a hit at liverpool i would still have no regrets because i know at Arsenal wenger would let him do whatever he wants and not unlock his full potential. hes just not the same manager he used to be.

  51. I am actually not so disappointed with Welbeck because I did not expect Wenger to do anything with the striker problem.

    It is all the other very obvious deficiencies that bother me.

    Everyone in the world could see Arsenal need a DM – not Wenger
    Everyone in the world could see Arsenal are way short at CB – not Wenger.
    Everyone in the world could see Wenger is unwilling to use his existing L.Wingers but will not find one he will use.

    You cannot wish these problems away.

  52. I find it hard to believe that Wenger is as naive as we think he is. It just makes no sense. Is it possible that he wanted numerous players and he just wasn’t given the green light to sign them? We really don’t know, so I’m going to calm down and not point the finger directly at him for the lack of transfer ambition just yet. I’ll wait for more facts as to why we refused to fix our DM and CB problems.

    Wenger is responsible for the lineup and tactics, so I have no problem continuing to criticize his poor choices and lack of creativity.

    Regardless, none of this chaos is the fault of Danny Welbeck. He is excited to come to Arsenal to make a difference so I will welcome him with open arms when he arrives. He knows how to play in the premiership and in big matches so I’m not worried about the learning curve.

  53. Welbeck the only late addition..surprised really after the noises AW made about defensive cover etc.
    Ah well, perhaps our miracle man Shad Forsythe has fixed Diaby for good and he won’t break again! Wow! that would be a new signing.

    Ryo signed a new deal as well…hmmm…that was strange. Late Japanese blossom maybe?

  54. What “serious actions” are you proposing? LOL. Honest advice, you’re not important mate, chill out.

  55. I think the 9 years without trophies and money to buy players has affected wenger, the FA cup triumph seemed to have awaken his desire to win again. However now i wonder if he has had a regression.
    First he tell us when Vermaelen leaves he will find a replacement immediately, i guarantee will not be so lucky with defensive injuries like last season, especial the workload of Kos and Mert, wenger again gambling on Diaby( with is a great player when not injured) , Flamini and Arteta which do not put fear in the opposition whether by. pace, size, strength or positional sense.

    Our forward line is much better than last season, but always seems to be given a handicap, by wenger playing ozil, wilshere and Cazorla all at once or two together, grant you cazorla is improving defensively, but when we play all three we miss out defensively, we have a soft middle and our opposition knows it, therefore we are giving all an edge before we even play

    Questions have to be ask why campbell not playing, does he need time to acclimatise, but sanchez , ozil when he came would have need that time, but they are starting, he wants to slowly integrate him in the squad REALLY, to tell the truth if campbell had gone in the window i would have been happy for him, because the favoritism he shows for some players definitely shows the bias and its not improving the squad play

  56. Welbeck will be great for Arsenal. who else would complement our forwards. balotelli is no different from giroud or sanogo, cavani is way out o our reach, falcao, stop dreaming. welbeck is versatile and can play both as a left winger and CF. he brings something different to our team, much of what sturridge and sterling give to liverpool.

    the only mistake wenger did is get a CB and DM, there are many DMs out there who would be an addition or improvement to arteta and Flame, players like wanyama or tiote who would come at a decent price or even cavalho or gustavo.

    lets continue supporting Arsenal. COYG!

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